Logic - No Pressure Freestyle

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See Logic on tour with JID and YBN Cordae

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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 7 696
Reflex 8 horas atrás
"Small artist but big dreams come see my latest music video, and I guarantee you won't regret it"
Ksopas8 Your mom
Ksopas8 Your mom 9 horas atrás
getting major “lost in translation” vibes here
Gargantuan Monstrosity
Gargantuan Monstrosity 10 horas atrás
I forgot he’s been beefing up, threw me off.
gdixonfitness 10 horas atrás
congrats Mr.Robert!
justin21491 15 horas atrás
DJ throw down too? got them fight shorts on.
yazeed bdeer
yazeed bdeer 20 horas atrás
When will the album drop ???
VaL 0
VaL 0 23 horas atrás
Little Bobby: Dad, you know why im the greatest alive? Logic: *ah shit, here we go again* *beats starts playing*
ryry 45
ryry 45 5 horas atrás
Hell yeah
Christian Olalde
Christian Olalde 11 horas atrás
This is an underrated comment
Sheperino Gaming
Sheperino Gaming Dia atrás
This album gonna be UP meets YSIV
ajayi ayomide
ajayi ayomide Dia atrás
Logic does this with so much flair 😂😂🔥🙏
ChrisCryo Dia atrás
Under Pressure Sequel?
Negative /LM10
Negative /LM10 Dia atrás
He better meet all the high expectations if he makes a under pressure sequel. Cuz imo, Under Pressure is amazing. Hopefully he can bounce back because his 2 or so albums were not that good
pia alvarez
pia alvarez Dia atrás
Im Flowseidon
Im Flowseidon Dia atrás
"diacritical lifesyle, I'm always over C's, hurricane bobby in the studio blowing trees" over seas = over C's Bobby you're a fuckin genius bro, I love it
Noah Knickerbocker
Hurricane Dorian: Am I a joke to you?.. Bobby: Yes "Hurricane bobby"
Like MPC Akai, who I named William after because I get Bills from these beats ... sheesh
Shura Beats [Noble Ent]
This is nice so far...
KonsciousKoonKiller 22
Dang didn't Kendrick just recently announce he's having a kid too? Wow this guy really does copy Kdot Haha jk
race brooks
race brooks 2 dias atrás
wow is all i got to say
Tubbymakesnoize 2 dias atrás
Can't stop watching it and all the others. Thank you #rattpack and logic, he's my biggest inspiration! I even made my first piece of content of by remixing one of my favourite songs by him, if anyone gave it just once chance it would mean a lot. Anyways have a phenomenal rest of your day or night!! I can't wait for no pressure and cograts to bobby for the baby 😊😊
Adnan A
Adnan A 2 dias atrás
Logic’s keeping the old school flow alive
Culture Eye
Culture Eye 2 dias atrás
not feeling it damn
Blank _
Blank _ 2 dias atrás
Is logic having a baby?
Blank _
Blank _ 2 dias atrás
Plz make the album dope
dan kwt
dan kwt 2 dias atrás
Aruøsu 2 dias atrás
so i guess there is no more gaming videos. oof
mrleomovies 2 dias atrás
The Pharcyde + Logic!? Fuck yeah!!!
MJD 2 dias atrás
Growing Pains IV is coming :)
Julian Oropeza
Julian Oropeza 2 dias atrás
And fuck tmz, they aint gettn the scoop on that shit lol
Jacob JacobJacob
Jacob JacobJacob 2 dias atrás
so much word play and so many puns and lyrics going over my head
chad burgess
chad burgess 2 dias atrás
Gets divorced, knocks up random
craig 2 dias atrás
I like logic and much respect to his success. But, he rhymes very obvious words. It's very cat, bat, hat shit. Lyrical, miracle, spiritual, individual
unclear v.
unclear v. 3 dias atrás
กางเกงดีเจย์ "พยัคฆ์ร้าย คะนองไพร"
Mario Georgiou
Mario Georgiou 3 dias atrás
Nobody: Little Bobby: “I’m biracial”
Mary Ham
Mary Ham 2 horas atrás
Overused but its a good one
Dweeeeeezy09 3 dias atrás
Every time he slips in a Tribe reference I cum a little
Michael Fields
Michael Fields 3 dias atrás
Hold up wait a second here Bobby u know u not gonna just slide that under pressure sequal by the rattpack because we dissect all the words in all your songs don't play like that. Say sike
Cameron Kincaid
Cameron Kincaid 3 dias atrás
Logic representing the DMV!
mason cooper
mason cooper 3 dias atrás
My man's is back at it again
NoJokesyi 84
NoJokesyi 84 3 dias atrás
Hurricane Bobby I'm blowing
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 3 dias atrás
Jay Mortel
Jay Mortel 3 dias atrás
😊 Congratulations
Mark Ballesteros
Mark Ballesteros 3 dias atrás
Yoo....that pharcyde beat is killing me son. I love this shit
Yung_God 3 dias atrás
Fifth anyone else notice the beat is from Juice Wrlds song "make believe"
Mark Ballesteros
Mark Ballesteros 3 dias atrás
Snowwy its a pharcyde beat. Runnin.
Psionic X
Psionic X 3 dias atrás
I don't even care what y'all say, Logic keeps aging like a fine wine.
Jeremy Bedggood
Jeremy Bedggood 4 dias atrás
3:05 "fuck TMZ they can't get the scoop on that shit"😂
Mavo1122 4 dias atrás
All I do is rhyme ...
YAMBAG84 4 dias atrás
What exactly defines a freestyle? I thought it meant complete improvisation off the dome, but I remember on the show Rap City, rappers would just spit their old verses from songs like Three 6 Mafia (Tear Da Club Up Thugs) did. I understand battle rap too. Those are written most of the time except for the rebuttals or whatever they wanna say in case they forget some bars. My point is, I have so many albums that say "freestyle" like from Lil' Wayne and they are clearly written. Is this word just thrown around so much that it has no meaning anymore like Hipster, Nazi, Racist, Troll, Homestyle, Old-Fashioned...Chipotle?
te te
te te 4 dias atrás
The intro Jazz music is so chill. #NoPressure
Mark Ballesteros
Mark Ballesteros 3 dias atrás
Pharcyde. Runnin
freedom panda
freedom panda 4 dias atrás
good song but but not as good as the incurable true story album
Ian Bishop
Ian Bishop 4 dias atrás
Remember that cartoon Bobby’s world?
Murad Ahmed
Murad Ahmed 4 dias atrás
LOGIC WHAT IS THE STAN GETZ SAMPLE THATS USED! I’ve been trying to remember but I can’t.
Stanley Strum
Stanley Strum 2 dias atrás
Saudade Vem Correndo?
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas 4 dias atrás
this beat from wiz khalifa write my name in the clouds
SKD_ Cascade
SKD_ Cascade 3 dias atrás
Anthony Vargas wow ur dumb
Mark Ballesteros
Mark Ballesteros 3 dias atrás
Anthony Vargas its the pharcyde. Runnin
WaruMano 4 dias atrás
Most talented rapper alive hands down. Period.
Nolan Green
Nolan Green 4 dias atrás
Ice cube in my night cap, it was a good day 🔥🔥🔥🔥
CAI Performance Engineering
Love how Logic pays homage to The Pharcyde, by sampling their track (Runnin). With this...1995 will never be forgotten. Niiiice!!!!
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 4 dias atrás
@Logic: you killin it bro! When you coming to Fort Myers, FL?
kimbo moruti
kimbo moruti 4 dias atrás
J Dilla Changed my Life.
Jaekolt 5 dias atrás
Aye this needs to be on Spotify
xSempx 5 dias atrás
Just realized he said “I’m 6:30, killing shit hands down” When it’s 6:30 both hands are down on a clock 🤯
CakerStyle 4 dias atrás
omg, you smart!
Spidy009g 5 dias atrás
Bro logic is the best his kid will be a god at rapping
celeste h
celeste h 5 dias atrás
la música que suena al comienzo es de él?
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