Logic - No Pressure Freestyle

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See Logic on tour with JID and YBN Cordae

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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Francisco Gill
Francisco Gill Dia atrás
It's crazy how this freestyle has No pressure and Soul Food II fragments
Sinister Chuck Gaming
For everybody saying he ass what do y’all listen to I’m curious.....
Nasty Nate 316
Nasty Nate 316 Dia atrás
Nasty Nate- problems !!!
Max van Dalen
Max van Dalen Dia atrás
The original sample is called Saudade Vem Corrend by Stan Getz, many people have flipped it before.
jobin dallas
jobin dallas 2 dias atrás
he sounds good on a pharcyde beat
• nich •
• nich • 2 dias atrás
He really just leaked his album a year before it dropped...
B T 3 dias atrás
This guy is a proper Emcee, old school boom bap.
PurpleXenos 4 dias atrás
Soul food 2
Cole Beck
Cole Beck 5 dias atrás
“Aight I’m done. That’s it.”
ninjakissedme269 5 dias atrás
do i hear maze?
Mr. C-Dub
Mr. C-Dub 6 dias atrás
Does no one in this comment section realize that he did this with YSIV too?
Ivan 5 dias atrás
New fans probably
Ky'saun James
Ky'saun James 6 dias atrás
Pharcyde Runnin'
No PrEsSuRe
Savage T
Savage T 7 dias atrás
One of the dopest rhymes he has spit, 👍 if you agree!
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 8 dias atrás
area 51 raid live
Echo is A bot
Echo is A bot 8 dias atrás
Mad Decisions
Mad Decisions 9 dias atrás
I truly admit that I first listened to this Freestyle after the release of "No Pressure". But now I cant stop rewatching this!!!!!!!!
7 11
7 11 9 dias atrás
Where is that "Run run run" sound from again sounds familiar
hobosdominecraft1 9 dias atrás
Logic giving us snippets of “No Pressure” a year before is some legendary shit. No one knew what was coming.
no name life
no name life 9 dias atrás
Why isn't this song in Spotify
Tony btw
Tony btw 9 dias atrás
It’s called soul food 2 it’s on Spotify
Ph D
Ph D 9 dias atrás
He needs to stop blaspheming God repeatedly, gosh darn
louis johnson
louis johnson 10 dias atrás
has to be one of the most beautiful tunes of the decade, such a good sample choice
Mudi Mabiriani
Mudi Mabiriani 10 dias atrás
Mudi Mabiriani was Here 😎
Ed Monix
Ed Monix 10 dias atrás
Friendlydoggo2007 10 dias atrás
Anyone else here that was at the stream?
siiiempre laflor
siiiempre laflor 10 dias atrás
Gave us his whole damn album in one verse you are a goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐
ThatGamerGuy 11 dias atrás
Finding out this was just bars from different songs on the album🤯🤯🤯
Love Media
Love Media 11 dias atrás
This freestyle came from GP4 🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥
Atrain 103
Atrain 103 11 dias atrás
Wow about 11 months ago... pretty close to the gestation period
Leo Fitzsimons
Leo Fitzsimons 11 dias atrás
That Intro tho
Linix Eclipz
Linix Eclipz 11 dias atrás
That sample from Juice WRLD 🤤
syaiful haziq syaiful zamani
0:26 - No Pressure 0:50 - Soul Food ll 1:57 - GP4
MansourEntertainment 12 dias atrás
Anyone know the jazz song at the beginning
MansourEntertainment 2 dias atrás
Exo 2025 It is! Thankyou very much , dont know how i didnt see it
Exo 2025
Exo 2025 3 dias atrás
Isn't it in the description?
Bobby Dong
Bobby Dong 10 dias atrás
Yh same been looking for it too
jsfourdirections 12 dias atrás
Two men here to save the world, no pressure
HXL 12 dias atrás
Dilla beat and logic is amazing
Breach27 12 dias atrás
Am I the only one completely mindblown how, watching this back, he uses lines that are currently in the album? This video when it dropped was a sneak peek to an album he would drop almost a year later (and one of his best albums if I do say so myself). At the time we all just thought it was a dope freestyle, but my mans was 5 steps ahead of us LMAO
DJ Shrek
DJ Shrek 12 dias atrás
Idk it's crazy
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 12 dias atrás
Damn i love how he killed that classic pharcyde beat he was spitting str8 🔥
A. BASH 13 dias atrás
No Pressure he knew all along what his last albums name was going to be. Much love LOGIC
Mattias Milosevski
Mattias Milosevski 13 dias atrás
Damn no pressure b4 we knew abt no pressure
17WARD 13 dias atrás
Biggest mindblown of this for me is this fire actually didn't included in the album (at least on Spotify) :/
DJ Shrek
DJ Shrek 12 dias atrás
Yeah but all the lines are in different songs in the the no pressure album so it they included it it would just be a bunch of lyrics rolled into one best
Emjayy Official
Emjayy Official 13 dias atrás
this is on one of his new songs
R H 13 dias atrás
I'm good, love, enjoy.
Xfiniti 405
Xfiniti 405 13 dias atrás
Damn imma miss you😞
Honestly good content T
Came back after we got this as a real produced record. Beautiful
TrinityM5 13 dias atrás
Who else watching his videos because he retired😢
Wavedash 426
Wavedash 426 13 dias atrás
who remembers every sinlge lyric from this freestyle?
October 13 dias atrás
It's crazy how this free style just comes back in a loop and has so many things in common with the no pressure album. Never thought it would happen like that when I listened to this when it came out a year ago.
SARJ_STONE 13 dias atrás
Well it is named 'No pressure freestyle' 😅
xOzone 13 dias atrás
Who here after no pressure dropped
The LilKing
The LilKing 14 dias atrás
Tell me how I did
Bobby De Sinatra
Bobby De Sinatra 14 dias atrás
If yall wanna hear the whole No Pressure Album just listen to this freestyle
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 14 dias atrás
Aren't these lyrics recycled from tracks on his album? I mean his flow is dope, but I expected a new freestyle
SARJ_STONE 13 dias atrás
@Diego Perez true. I agree.
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 13 dias atrás
@SARJ_STONE The entire freestyle are bars from different songs on the album. Albeit I thought this was a new release when I made my first comment, so I know I'm pretty late.
SARJ_STONE 13 dias atrás
Its a no pressure freestyle 🤦🏼‍♂️, he was working on no pressure for a long time. This was just a preview a year ago
Mike 123
Mike 123 14 dias atrás
representation to give ur family ur time FIRE
PURGE-SZN 14 dias atrás
After the album came out he really put in a bunch of verses from the album in this freestyle, thats wild
Nicholas Baldwin
Nicholas Baldwin 14 dias atrás
little bobby going to watch these when he finds out what BRvid is and be like " damn my dad was/is a bad a$$ " #GOAT!
Nathan Biffle
Nathan Biffle 14 dias atrás
Almost a year later he drops an album called No Pressure 😳😳😳
황호성 14 dias atrás
producing tracks underground like Harriot damn....
Jasiri Batson
Jasiri Batson 14 dias atrás
Anyone here after no pressure album dropped hehe
Phanouvan Phommasak
Phanouvan Phommasak 14 dias atrás
the dj is wearing thai short
CJ Rehv
CJ Rehv 14 dias atrás
at the end he says "alright im done, yeah thats it" and he retired with this album. he told us it was the last one from the start
Freakin Q
Freakin Q 15 dias atrás
The “Alright i’m done, that’s it” at the few last seconds is Logic telling us he’s retiring.
Rhodolite Productions
Rhodolite Productions 15 dias atrás
If you dislike this\, Your moms a hoe. Bobby finally won me over and then he retired. touché
Tony TheTigèr
Tony TheTigèr 15 dias atrás
I just came from Snapchat
prod. william lee
prod. william lee 15 dias atrás
This beat has been awarded as the best freestyle beat, for its simplicity and breaks, which create powerful punchlines:
jesse Rodriguez
jesse Rodriguez 15 dias atrás
Rattpacc all dayboiiiiiii
S.R. Music
S.R. Music 15 dias atrás
Upset that he’s retiring so early , but at least he goes out with a bang instead of fading to the black like a lot of artists , mad respect ✊
CapT’Mc OFFICIEL 15 dias atrás
this is so good after hear the album😥
Mercury Jupiter
Mercury Jupiter 15 dias atrás
Nice to see these bars in the new tracks
EKIA SnIpEzZ 15 dias atrás
Who came back after no pressure dropped?
KingKendrick 15 dias atrás
i'm really glad i didn't listen to this back when it dropped
ka1imba 15 dias atrás
What Logic does is not hard to do. Lol. You people are insane to me.
GenesisnKaidence 15 dias atrás
This how drake is gonna look when he grows up
QuanithTTVYT 15 dias atrás
This is basically the no pressure intro
toxic avenger
toxic avenger 15 dias atrás
Not a single bar was wasted in that freestyle god damn it's like hearing Kobe(rip) died knowing he's retiring
Dominic Decocco
Dominic Decocco 15 dias atrás
Gonna miss this man. When he comes back though, let's all meet here again ♥️
Matt Purcell
Matt Purcell 15 dias atrás
Logics gonna come back like Mike Tyson because he will start to miss the rap game so one day he will come back and destroy it
Natescorruptedmind 15 dias atrás
This dude literally just mixed verses from no pressure on no pressure 😭😭😭🐐
Brian Castro
Brian Castro 16 dias atrás
this shows that the album was not written over t he course of “4 weeks”
tyler7415 16 dias atrás
sampled 'make believe' by juice wrld
tyler7415 15 dias atrás
@Tyrell Crawford fine fine u guys r right
Tyrell Crawford
Tyrell Crawford 15 dias atrás
Lord Siglo that’s what I’m saying lol
Lord Siglo
Lord Siglo 15 dias atrás
tyler7415 this beat is literally older than juice wrld lmao
Lord Siglo
Lord Siglo 15 dias atrás
tyler7415 i hope you are joking lmao
tyler7415 16 dias atrás
Tyrell Crawford nah it’s juice wrlds
devon yé
devon yé 16 dias atrás
2018: makes YSIV free style 2018: drops the album YSIV 2019: makes No Pressure freestyle 2020: drops the album No Pressure wow
OneEco 16 dias atrás
Maunicc 16 dias atrás
you can hear the “5 hooks” beat towards the end. wow
Nathan N
Nathan N 16 dias atrás
How tf did I miss this
publicc_property 16 dias atrás
i've heard that instrumental somewhere...
Nicholas Gonzales
Nicholas Gonzales 16 dias atrás
that sinatra ad lib at the end really wrapped it up nice
El Yams
El Yams 16 dias atrás
Yeah this video loses a lot of value when you realize he used a TON of the verses in the new album lmao
• Not Aidan •
• Not Aidan • 16 dias atrás
Nah, it makes it even better. Because it’s all of the best lines in one watch
DayzAR 16 dias atrás
When you rewatch after listening to the no pressure album, to see how much of his freestyle was written
Coy Leigh
Coy Leigh 16 dias atrás
This aged very well...
Lopaka Omar
Lopaka Omar 16 dias atrás
I feel like he rapped every lyric from the No Pressure album before he even announced it
J A P R 16 dias atrás
all lines are found in verses from no pressure album,, Alright, I'm done That's it, yeah..... He already knew it... ocd
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy 16 dias atrás
Griffin Tock
Griffin Tock 16 dias atrás
Shoutout Germantown
Take Notes
Take Notes 16 dias atrás
Fuck tmz can’t get da scoop on dis one
Da Ron Hill
Da Ron Hill 16 dias atrás
Murdered that shit ☠
oozy 16 dias atrás
soul food 2 verse
ITripp 16 dias atrás
I wish this was In the album
Keyzlockh 16 dias atrás
It is
JOSHUA SLOSSER 16 dias atrás
all i wanna know is whose goddamn voice that is saying Sinatra at 2:14 because that voice is just so smooth
Aron Balk
Aron Balk 16 dias atrás
Yoo that guitar sample is what JuiceWrld used on Make Believe
Rolf son of a shepherd
Rolf son of a shepherd 17 dias atrás
Little did we know he was previewing the sequel to Soul Food...
Melvin Hunter-Williams
Melvin Hunter-Williams 17 dias atrás
Who’s here after his album
Pit Rox
Pit Rox 17 dias atrás
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