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Welcome to the sleepy lofi hip hop radio. This playlist contains the smoothest lofi hip hop beats, perfect to help you chill or fall asleep 💤
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- 21/02/2020 New beats added
🎨 Illustration by Basile Gouttenoire
🎥 Animation by Nathalie Baraton
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Comentários 80
분홍 ukiyo
분홍 ukiyo 2 dias atrás
why is no one talking about how rude and disgusting some of the chats were? maybe i just came at the wrong time.
K Jz
K Jz 5 dias atrás
What happened???This was one of my favorite stream...came here today to find out it stopped :(
ほぬこ 11 dias atrás
う ん ち
lmao 15 dias atrás
Guy Andrews
Guy Andrews 16 dias atrás
Fuck BRvid for this...
Sherbet Mic
Sherbet Mic 17 dias atrás
What happened
Sr. MS
Sr. MS 29 dias atrás
KidMarvelX 07
KidMarvelX 07 Mês atrás
She stopped
dancing in an elevator
I didn’t even use this for sleep. I just preferred the sound & vibe to it and used it for studying. Hopefully y’all bring this back :(.
Kian Khan
Kian Khan Mês atrás
Get this stream back online I’m begging u
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart Mês atrás
Please bring it back!
Charles Harris
Charles Harris Mês atrás
MadShroomer Mês atrás
the other stream had a link to a new page. Does this one?
Spring trap 1987
Spring trap 1987 Mês atrás
Nooooo yyyyyyy
streams down, was here to check it out
Mary Tere
Mary Tere Mês atrás
The recording is not available, but the sleep/chill live stream is up again! watch?v=DWcJFNfaw9c
Samantha Israel
Samantha Israel Mês atrás
Aidaho7 Mês atrás
It is so sad for me. Helps me a lots. I've survived really hard time in my life and this stream was suits me best and play great role in my back to game. I am missing this girl and cat soooo much. Please anyone know why?
100 subs no vids
100 subs no vids Mês atrás
No one cares about this stream
Sweedis Mês atrás
Это было эпично.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Mês atrás
I went to turn this on the other night to sleep, and it wasn't here. What is wrong with this world? Taking down something everyone loved? That's so cruel
Julia P
Julia P Mês atrás
i'm so sad. i literally found this livestream 2 weeks ago, and now i may never hear it again. thanks for helping me be focused
Rudolfz Mês atrás
Is this down :(
IRRatium Mês atrás
Я русский
MatiP898 MIP
MatiP898 MIP Mês atrás
ass ass and titty
King Cold
King Cold Mês atrás
Legend :))
O Bee
O Bee Mês atrás
This was always better then the other ones... f
Amy The robloxian
Amy The robloxian Mês atrás
Can we just talk about the time on this persons live streams
Richard Scutter
Richard Scutter Mês atrás
If BRvid took this down, they should comment and explain why. If they didn't then ChilledCow should explain why. I sincerely hope they bring this stream back.
Tildachu 755
Tildachu 755 Mês atrás
i’m actually angry at youtube.
Yayak yartu
Yayak yartu Mês atrás
Еееееah man
BOHICA1600 Mês atrás
K.I. Wu
K.I. Wu Mês atrás
unique clone
unique clone Mês atrás
The Zesty Lime098
The Zesty Lime098 Mês atrás
Anyone else unable to watch? And is there a way to solve this issue
rozu Mês atrás
this was 242.833 days long
Jason Shane
Jason Shane Mês atrás
Why tf
Morncreek Mês atrás
I really hope this stream comes back. :(
TNT Yeeter
TNT Yeeter Mês atrás
Rip my sleepy chat u shall be missed
Mitias 29
Mitias 29 Mês atrás
Press F
Peachypie The official
I am so upset I was tired about to fall aleep so I go to chilled cow like I normally do and now it’s just GONE LIKE HOW so now I’m wide awake again and have nothing to listen to to put me to sleep
ExoticJamm Mês atrás
there's more livestreams than just this one, you can probably find a similar one (to be fair not as good but still pretty decent)
Becca Kate
Becca Kate Mês atrás
I am *shooketh*
Fay P
Fay P Mês atrás
Noo:( pls bring it was so relaxing..
Jonathan Garcialopez
Rip you are what I listened to on nights I worked and on nights I just couldn’t sleep 💕❤️
The Baconator
The Baconator Mês atrás
EVERYBODY!!!! I COME WITH A SOLUTION!!!!!! JUST GO TO SEARCH, THAN TYPE THIS IN "a l e x - yyyy 24 hours" AND CLIK THE YT MIX it not as good but still.....
Bob Queen Yas
Bob Queen Yas Mês atrás
Rip sleeping lofi girl the music helped me fall asleep every night i will never forget you until i find a better stream than this one (there isn't)
Eduardo Camargo
Eduardo Camargo Mês atrás
Aaaaaa pq n volta??? É bonzão, escutava todos os dias
Tyler Richter
Tyler Richter Mês atrás
I thought the other stream was longer, BUT THIS IS WAY LONGRR
Eliza Perez
Eliza Perez Mês atrás
*ITS OVER 5,000!!*
denise poblete
denise poblete Mês atrás
Que pacho?
Misakiqs Mês atrás
bruh this was the shit that helped me sleep, thanks yt
DzLz Oop
DzLz Oop Mês atrás
When will this be brought back? I loved listening to this to sleep to...
Leowhitelion Mês atrás
Do you think she feeds the cat
Lil Tupac
Lil Tupac Mês atrás
Give this comment a million likes for chill vibes 💯👌🏾
aurvnxia Mês atrás
I really hope this stream will return as well
Lucaneitor Mês atrás
Cuanto dura esta mierda wacho?
brigid corgi is trash
i’m gonna move this from my happy playlist to my sad playlist.
HAN12345678900 N.
HAN12345678900 N. Mês atrás
*I don't think she's sleeping anymore* ....
분홍 ukiyo
분홍 ukiyo 2 dias atrás
Moderator HERETAKETHEMILK some kind of humour you have 😂😂
HAN12345678900 N. She wasn’t sleeping in the first place that was just her dead body that the police discovered after checking her whereabouts and why she has been gone for so long.
MewmewKitty13 Mês atrás
Honestly never commented on anything before but I'm begging to please get this stream back online. I'm glad the study stream is back up but this had a completely different vibe and I use it to sleep all the time! Pleeeeeease bring this back too! 💖
iRomqnce Mês atrás
@konji,. Look on the channel. IT IS BACK. I was just on it.
MewmewKitty13 Mês atrás
It's back!!! For all the ppl wondering where it is, just go to channel and they have started a new stream. 🙏 thank you!!!!!
konji,. Mês atrás
@iRomqnce na its gone
iRomqnce Mês atrás
It's back now. 👍
Satsuma Salanewt
Satsuma Salanewt Mês atrás
BBQChipz Mês atrás
Can't believe I slept for 5828 hours, 48 minutes, and 8 seconds
angelfudge Mês atrás
i really hope this gets put back up, what am i gonna sleep to now :(
scarymovies Mês atrás
Guys chill out she was just hibernating
Ali Mês atrás
I hope this live comes back, I met some really cool people from it. :(
Firulais _sempai
Firulais _sempai Mês atrás
Que paso
Mauricio Montano Espinoza
Maroez Kan
Maroez Kan Mês atrás
aylen xn
aylen xn Mês atrás
Are you kidding me.
Chason Solomon
Chason Solomon Mês atrás
Actually (Please don't argue) i can see why youtube took it down, it had people being sexual in the live chat.
LXRDV1TAL Mês atrás
Iaresatan Mês atrás
What the fuck happened to the best thing to fall asleep to in existence...
Byron Jafeth Vazquez Cuellar
BRvid se a marcado muchas cagadas, cortar esta transmisión a sido una de ellas
Mario Púrpura
Mario Púrpura Mês atrás
IT Андрей - программирование легко!
Hey guys, одна девочка домашка вечно делает, другая в коме 7 месяцев лежит, а другой енот вообще на синтезаторе играет вечно
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez Mês atrás
Friend: Where have you been for the past 8 months? Me: Listening to chilled cow lofi hip hop....duh
Everymations Mês atrás
The end of the stream means she died after being in a coma for 7 months.
Serial Chiller
Serial Chiller Mês atrás
BRvid... :/
Gelora XO
Gelora XO Mês atrás
She's off to work on her homework for the next 6 months :(
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