LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie

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LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie
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5 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
Elif C
Elif C 11 horas atrás
All I needed was another Heist Movie.
Pamela Castelini
Pamela Castelini 14 horas atrás
ally she’s going to be the main character and she deserves it, she is a great actress and from what I see in the trailer she is doing it so so good!!
hanma baki
hanma baki 21 hora atrás
how many movies are we gonna see about the pandemic many many
corinthianscori 22 horas atrás
Stopped watching halfway; shut up and take my money! I want to see this NOW!
Katie Maz
Katie Maz Dia atrás
imagine if the department stores actually had shut down and small businesses didn't
angelica ogang
angelica ogang Dia atrás
Edgar Allan Poe is an actor here in the Philippines
happycat85 2 dias atrás
really? Reminds a bit of Ocean's 8.... Anne Hathaway... Mindy Kaling.... stealing a diamond? I mean... come on...
Jules Van Almerez
Jules Van Almerez 2 dias atrás
they had me in the first half, ngl
Anca R.
Anca R. 2 dias atrás
Coraline Kaimana
Coraline Kaimana 3 dias atrás
When they ask you to rip off the band aid real quick... 🤦🏽‍♀️
dinar suksma
dinar suksma 3 dias atrás
Marriage story meets fun with dick and jane
limouna Vuitton
limouna Vuitton 4 dias atrás
this is not a movie this a real life documentary at this point
me mo
me mo 5 dias atrás
I'ts a great movie, You should watch it..
Hoperandi skräpkonto
Hoperandi skräpkonto 5 dias atrás
this looks fucking shit
Why we can't resist Anne Hathaway? Answer please!
mikepeytonmusic 5 dias atrás
"For two weeks" Yeah... hate to break it to you buddy...
yağmur iplikçi
yağmur iplikçi 5 dias atrás
Anne is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. Besides, she looks 20.
Sherin Tia
Sherin Tia 5 dias atrás
Anne is an inspiration for all to be in the lime light cos she makes it look so effortless... totally gifted... lovvve watching her...
W. Al Mutairi
W. Al Mutairi 6 dias atrás
Bergdorf Goodman is the most "glamorous" store in the world, not Harrods.
Fejiro Ohanomah
Fejiro Ohanomah 6 dias atrás
I feel like I saw two different movies. I'm intrigued
Muhammad Ahmad Khurram
Haidy 7 dias atrás
when ur so fed up with the lockdown that you don't even want to watch a movie about it..
Viola Blomsterbed
Viola Blomsterbed 7 dias atrás
Somehow making lockdown! Not ok!
snapshootksy 8 dias atrás
this trailer gave me whiplash. i actually can't wait to see this!
11 SZORLOK 9 dias atrás
what is this ???!!!
rꫀꪶꫀꪀtꪶꫀss ꪮρtiꪑisꪑ
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
Ade rollers
Ade rollers 10 dias atrás
This feels like a fanfiction
Bill Lozier
Bill Lozier 10 dias atrás
Looks like Catwoman is back to jewelry heists again. Puuurfect.
Danny lin
Danny lin 10 dias atrás
Omg some of us are living this movie 😳
cesar castro
cesar castro 11 dias atrás
Both are excellent movies stars 🌟 can’t wait to see it.God bless them.
Luneta 11 dias atrás
Cadbury dragon
Cadbury dragon 12 dias atrás
awkward moment when this should promote lockdown regulations but it was probably filmed so unsocially distanced
foleybarbarian 12 dias atrás
well that escalated quickly
Jessamie Yule
Jessamie Yule 13 dias atrás
too soon
Shining Star
Shining Star 13 dias atrás
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ajspeakz 15 dias atrás
They had us in the first half ngl..
The Nerd Gyrl
The Nerd Gyrl 15 dias atrás
bruh Gus what you doing lol
Alice22 16 dias atrás
looks alright but i definitely will not be watching this any time soon. we are still in lockdown here. Isn't the whole point of watching a film escapism from reality for a bit to relax lol?
Pyae Phyo Aung
Pyae Phyo Aung 16 dias atrás
So cool ! Evertime i watch your movies, you (Ann) are better than previous one. Always improving & i love it.
The Monkey Mask
The Monkey Mask 18 dias atrás
Anyone know the name of the soundtrack? ---->This trailer version, i mean.
Harrison Blum
Harrison Blum 18 dias atrás
OMG is this a movie with covid in it. Finally a covid movie. Maybe more can come so covid can leave .
Christy Ann Boggs
Christy Ann Boggs 19 dias atrás
I want some of them mushroom pajamas
Jeffin Kachappilly
Jeffin Kachappilly 19 dias atrás
The movie does no justice to this amazing trailer😣😣
Atashak Gem
Atashak Gem 19 dias atrás
So cheezy
Leena Leena
Leena Leena 20 dias atrás
The movie we all needed
Joana Malagueira
Joana Malagueira 20 dias atrás
i will watch it when lockdown is actually fiction
True Commenter
True Commenter 21 dia atrás
lmao this is Ocean’s 8 but it occurred during the pandemic 😭
Sarah Richy
Sarah Richy 22 dias atrás
this movie is genius.... we all know ever since having to wear a mask didn't it make you feel like a robber especially in the bank
Happy Hacks
Happy Hacks 22 dias atrás
Edgar Allan Poe ???? Mister Edgar Allan Poe? Please report to security....that killed me for sure hahahaha brilliant xD
budd2nd 23 dias atrás
Okay I’m intrigued, do we know it’s release date yet?
Aoife Flynn Fallon
Aoife Flynn Fallon 23 dias atrás
What kinda brainstorm meeting did they have where they went from pandemic to heist film?
Interlude Adventures
Interlude Adventures 24 dias atrás
Not quite sure but this feels a bit too much like art imitating life. I am not sure I'm ready yet for such a movie. My PTSD is still too fresh.
Diplan 24 dias atrás
BRACE YOURSELVES!!! Covid movies are coming .
zajaci bobek
zajaci bobek 24 dias atrás
They had us in the first half :D
Yogesh Kumar
Yogesh Kumar 26 dias atrás
You didn't have us in the first Half not gonna lie
Alyssa Aco
Alyssa Aco 26 dias atrás
I'm not emotionally ready to watch a movie about the pandemic yet.. it's not in distant memory yet...
Denise Wilkinson
Denise Wilkinson 27 dias atrás
I heard she is the rudest actor when she is out in public
Pansy Parkinson
Pansy Parkinson 27 dias atrás
this is what a trailer should be. intriguing yet you have no idea what's happening.
Vanessa Isabelle
Vanessa Isabelle 27 dias atrás
finally a movie where i won't be put off by everyone walking around without a mask lmaoooo
anik dhr
anik dhr 28 dias atrás
Anne Hathaway 💕💕💕
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik 28 dias atrás
How many Lockdown / COVID movies will there be ?
The JudderMan
The JudderMan 28 dias atrás
I wish I had someone who lived in my street who announced random poems
Rhetoricalmuse 28 dias atrás
This movie sucked balls.
MOMOもも 28 dias atrás
how many asses do you got?... naise hahaha
Bipasha Datta
Bipasha Datta 29 dias atrás
Mindy Kalling 💜💜
kleine dame
kleine dame 29 dias atrás
I am definitely not ready for movies with COVID in it. NOT Ready.
Rosa Pardilla
Rosa Pardilla 29 dias atrás
Where can i get the black jacket of anne hathaway? Tell me please!😍
Rosa Pardilla
Rosa Pardilla 29 dias atrás
I love her black jacket✔️designer please?
Jal Scott
Jal Scott 29 dias atrás
This trailer really gave away the whole movie. Trash.
Haleigh Walsworth
Haleigh Walsworth Mês atrás
Did she not already make enough money off the jewels she stole in Ocean's 13? Greedy...just greedy.
Keniiciia Lake
Keniiciia Lake Mês atrás
this is really good! the twist to it is amazinggg
Curtis Phillips
Curtis Phillips Mês atrás
Normalizing lockdowns and mask wearing in films is a sign that things are only just getting started. Resist the great reset
Sarawat WivesUnited
“Where is Linda?” “Somewhere in the house” Me: the same thing I tell my mom, I’m somewhere
Katie M
Katie M Mês atrás
Oh ok so this is a movie about living quarenti- oh it's heist film, ok.
Lalu Fernandez
Lalu Fernandez Mês atrás
Daaamnn! Way to turn things around!
Wahyu Guntara
Wahyu Guntara Mês atrás
You have to watch it. Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor are super great here!
Wendy Schwarz
Wendy Schwarz Mês atrás
I'm so excited about this!!
Wait what? Wait!! Who is he?
Megalicious Mês atrás
Is this an Ocean's 8 sequel?
The Other Half of Film
If this movie was coming out in 2030 as a period piece set amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, I might be on board. But the last thing I want to watch is something that reminds me of the last nine months.
Candy B
Candy B Mês atrás
This movie gives me so many ocean's 8 vibes.I can't belive Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling are in this movie, and also Anne Hathaway riding a bike while wearing a leather jacket that reminds me of Lou Miller(Cate Blanchett) in Ocean's 8 👀
r b
r b Mês atrás
Actually will not be watching any movies set during Covid - get enough Zooms irl.
Steven Daniels
Steven Daniels Mês atrás
Hmmn. Ut takes a out two years to make a movie... or more.....yet this movie comes out at the best time.....about lock down and a virus. I need my vaccine.
aTypical ƱᑎҠᑎOѠᑎ
It’s one for the introverts ,’;-P ! I loved it😭🔥
Ermete Trismegiusto
yes, a movie about "lockdown" was missing, but I would call it "lockfuck" subtitle "the biggest piss in the world"
Annika Harding
Annika Harding Mês atrás
Looks terrible. Will not be watching.
happyandconscious Mês atrás
"Mr Edgar allan poe, please report to security" Thats awesome :D
boobooboo Mês atrás
Anything exploiting covid is morally reprehensible right now. I hope nobody watches this pish.
Bluetalon Mês atrás
From the creators of Mr and Mrs Smith
KayBassie Mês atrás
Hold on, they did a movie in 2020 about 2020? Ok I'm intrigued
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Mês atrás
I tried to watch this, but it was awful.
Anna-Lise Mês atrás
I might not have kept watching if I didn’t see the comments but I’m glad I did
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