Loaded Baked Potato - You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)

You Suck At Cooking
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Baking-bake a potato on 4 Hundo for 45-50 minutes, or
Micro Bake a potato for 10 minutes, or
Slow Bake a potato for 6 years.
Don't forget to poke those fork holes.
Cut the top open and dig out the nothingness.
Mix the nothing with a whole lot of something:
Butter, cream cheese, cheddar, sour cream, chives, bacon.
Boullion made strong, cumin, cream cheese, cheddar, broccoli
Wangjangle all the stuff together
Then restuff the potatoes
Put some more cheese and chives or bacon on top
Back in the Undo for a few minutes.
More sour cream and chives on top.
If all this sounds like a bit too much, just sprinkle some salt on a raw potato and order a pizza.

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12 Jun 2018

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Comentários 3 400
Lovely Sunshinee
Lovely Sunshinee Dia atrás
Who else always cut their potato’s in a zigzag pattern? Lol
Aayushi Soni
Aayushi Soni Dia atrás
Greeks didn't even Zero, an Indian did
CookieMonster 2 dias atrás
Am I the only one who gets triggered when people don’t use parchment paper on their pans? I like my clean looks like new cookie sheets, okay?!
LeahGotMemes 2 dias atrás
what the fuck
‘syth_Shadowz シ
‘syth_Shadowz シ 3 dias atrás
0:59 no one is gonna talk about how smooth that transition was
PilotFlux 3 dias atrás
imagine reading a book by amy schumer
Tedious person
Tedious person 4 dias atrás
vinstack 5 dias atrás
holy sht myou just killed him dude
dont matter
dont matter 7 dias atrás
Im so fvcking hungry!
Aesthetic vibez
Aesthetic vibez 7 dias atrás
4:14 ASMR
Abigahil Arias
Abigahil Arias 7 dias atrás
With roast beef and chiles verdes tatemados it tastes very good. Believe me, mhm what's your name?! I just realized that I don't know your name. Have you ever told us before? You haven't shown us your face neither! Maybe it's because you don't have a name, or a face. Yeah.
Dorothy Buchanan
Dorothy Buchanan 8 dias atrás
that looks ood and i hate food like that but it looks goood
Galaxy 9 dias atrás
YSAC is like Gordon Ramsay and how to basic had a kid.
Cheater500k 5 dias atrás
@Galaxy used to be at least
Galaxy 6 dias atrás
Cheater500k …he’s not tho.
Cheater500k 6 dias atrás
Exept he turned out vegeterian
Nicholas Nieto
Nicholas Nieto 11 dias atrás
4:13 I was using headphones about to fall asleep and thought someone was about to kill me lmao
The Spider-Man
The Spider-Man 11 dias atrás
POTATO! POTATO! Hello, YSAC! Nice to see you! Glad to have you back with us! We have things we need to tell you If it isn't too much fuss! We really can't forgive you When you cut us into pieces! We wish you hadn't eaten All our nephews and nieces! Mashed, and baked, and fried, and roasted! Sautéed, boiled, and grilled, and toasted! Peeled off all our skin! Dug out all our eyes! Diced us into wedges and you sliced us into fries! We are glad we came to see you! One more thing we must discuss! The final thing we need to say is Please, will you stop eating us?!
Gaming Social
Gaming Social 13 dias atrás
I love you. Marry me.
Chozeh Abaddon
Chozeh Abaddon 14 dias atrás
Nope. YOU suck at cooking. XD
Abseidict 16 dias atrás
Its like water you can put whatever you f###### want
Anata No Senei
Anata No Senei 16 dias atrás
Optional when you take the insides out put them into a ricer for extra tastiness and good texture.
Onandonandomnom 18 dias atrás
My grandpa's ashes could cook better than you
Arpad A Pinter
Arpad A Pinter 18 dias atrás
3:26 When you stare at the abyss, the potato stares back at you
Arpad A Pinter
Arpad A Pinter 18 dias atrás
Does anyone get the reference
IDatPurpleTurtle 19 dias atrás
Did he make his own potato carton at the end
the doctor
the doctor 19 dias atrás
These taste pretty good
123 456
123 456 19 dias atrás
0:41 why are your legs and arms in the wrong place
TechnoBeat MCP
TechnoBeat MCP 20 dias atrás
Loving it, you're funny🤣 but also I love your simple recipes😋😉 Edit: You deserve more subs
Dragon Balla
Dragon Balla 21 dia atrás
Instructions unclear: Went out and a family started me.
Ballisticwaffles The third
Can we all just admire how smooth the edit at 0:57 was?
davion Williams
davion Williams 22 dias atrás
KING KILYE 22 dias atrás
I didn’t know potatoes could be purchased in a container similar to eggs LoL all the ones I ever saw were in a big ol’ bag.
Lightskin. Ariii
Lightskin. Ariii 23 dias atrás
Yooo he is soooo fuckin funny😂😂😂
pumpkin pie
pumpkin pie 23 dias atrás
potatos and mollases
Irrelevant survivor.
Irrelevant survivor. 23 dias atrás
I love you man, I just started watching these and I'm subscribing! Thanks for the enjoyment!
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 23 dias atrás
Thank you :)
Extra Fat Giraffe
Extra Fat Giraffe 23 dias atrás
I want this guy to be at any potluck I go to.
Mr Freddo Renton
Mr Freddo Renton 24 dias atrás
That is not cheddar. Cheddar is a colour that doesn't hurt to look at, like whatever you used for those poor potatoes
DoodleBomb 24 dias atrás
Potato: He protecc He attac but most importantly He make a great snacc
Guy8t4 24 dias atrás
I was like the satire is endless...but @2:42 I eventually bust out laughing 😂
Cowbelly Tv
Cowbelly Tv 25 dias atrás
I thought this was just a massive fever-dream...
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese 26 dias atrás
if you dont stab your tater before microwaving, is gonna splode
Shaded Wolf
Shaded Wolf 26 dias atrás
Funny how potatoes aren’t able to talk, I mean, I’m able to, so why can’t all potatoes?
Jeffry De Leon
Jeffry De Leon 28 dias atrás
Heals 22 hp
Purple Dragon
Purple Dragon 29 dias atrás
I made one of the potato recipes and it's awesome!!!! Really good. I also understand the pain of wanting to throw away the potato of it doesn't come out perfect from scooping out the insides. I literally broke mine in half and then in thirds and then.... Yeah it was unrecognizable.
CG Sidboi
CG Sidboi Mês atrás
Waffle Iron Steakhouse
No u
Detachconex Mês atrás
My take of the video Psycho takes organs stuffs them with food and shove them back in the body
nickey Mês atrás
If u think potatoes are tasteless then you haven't tried normal potatoes. Your potats are filled to the brim with chemicals!
lazy letti
lazy letti Mês atrás
why is this in my recommendded
Gunny Instead Of Funny
I saw his face on the reflection . o shit
daLi demo
daLi demo Mês atrás
i like the little amount of humor you have
one two many
one two many Mês atrás
This video is f****** s*** I meant fantastically supreme
Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel Mês atrás
Wow, those baked potatoes are thicc as my thighs after eating those bad boys
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