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Check out the top 6 most unusual calls, including two kids who were caught driving their parents' stolen motorcycle, and one man reported to be passed out in his car holding a beer can.
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.

A\u0026E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality or groundbreaking documentary, A\u0026E makes entertainment an art form. Visit us at for more info.

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7 Fev 2020



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Comentários 0
Powerful Hora atrás
Never go into a hole like that. Could be filled with gas,, you could pass out and die
Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler 4 horas atrás
1:43 🎂 🎂
Nick S
Nick S 5 horas atrás
The officer seems like a nice guy and all but trying to lift a square cover out of a square drain while standing in the middle means he probably failed all his trigonometry classes.
Johnathon Waggoner
Johnathon Waggoner 7 horas atrás
I know a kid who called 911 to play with the rescue heros team and the cops didn’t get mad.
The Toaster Clan!
The Toaster Clan! 6 horas atrás
Because the caller was a kid. They don't know any better
x Shiva
x Shiva 15 horas atrás
4:45 awake him with the taser:D
Very Short Gaming Clips
Very Short Gaming Clips 19 horas atrás
I was so surprised to see my city in here I feel famous. It was Salinas CA
I HATE WHITEY 22 horas atrás
That Rhode Island cop's uniform looks very fascist to me.
stacy willis
stacy willis Dia atrás
What’s this guy going through in the car
Rachelle Beyer
Rachelle Beyer Dia atrás
The cop in the first one was wearing the TIGHTEST uniform. How does he even move around in that thing. It’s comical tbh. And the dad in the first one looks like his kids 15 year old older brother, not his father. I couldn’t understand what the heck was going on.
armaan gill
armaan gill Dia atrás
This is the first video where the thumbnail isn't the last clip instead the it's the first I'm surprised
Baby Lui
Baby Lui Dia atrás
I don’t get it? So if you buy something and you have no idea it’s stolen and if you get stopped you pay the price?
rollerboogie 2 dias atrás
Wait that motorcycle dude was the dad? I thought he was 14
dxniel 2 dias atrás
Police officer be lookin like Dom toretto 🗿
Derp Derpington
Derp Derpington 2 dias atrás
03:37 this guy's face says it all. Phahaha
Elizabeth Serenity
Elizabeth Serenity 2 dias atrás
"You want the good news or the bad news?" "K there's no good news"
6mojo 2 dias atrás
Hope these two don’t make any more kidiots
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom 2 dias atrás
Wait, that third kid was the other two kids' dad?
Fredo Merks
Fredo Merks 2 dias atrás
7:41 that’s s8 outta Super Bad, the way the cops were talking 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Utpal Sahu
Utpal Sahu 2 dias atrás
16:16 size matter 😂😂😂
Question gaming
Question gaming 2 dias atrás
Why there is a camera man on job 😒 sheirf will be responsible if something happens to him
Jaelyn Davis
Jaelyn Davis 2 dias atrás
Yeah Yeah morning I love love ❤️
Shanti Joseph Doss
Shanti Joseph Doss 2 dias atrás
Humanity restored
Gayathri Senarathne
Gayathri Senarathne 2 dias atrás
Have a seat boys......"On the ground?" 😆😆
Sarah Cavanaugh
Sarah Cavanaugh 2 dias atrás
Thank you for your service and community too
Anonymous 2 dias atrás
That officer couldn't lift that storm drain thing, but a couple of kids lifted it like it was nothing. Must have been pretty embarrassing for him 😅
Carmine Vittorio
Carmine Vittorio 2 dias atrás
Dude for sure stabbed himself to avoid a DUI. Either really smart or really dumb.
Andrew Nitzkoski
Andrew Nitzkoski 2 dias atrás
Breast test
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas 3 dias atrás
officer dump truck
Abu ADAM 3 dias atrás
if the kids were black ......?
Myles S
Myles S 3 dias atrás
2:03 That literally isn’t legal. There’s no SOLID PROOF he “stole it”.
MyHigh_Gaming 3 dias atrás
Like how the cops work here. Looks very familiar to our german police. Quite, calm and Not kicking doors in when not necessary
theunluckiestzircon 3 dias atrás
im sorry if this is a stupid question, im not educated in this kind of stuff, but why would someone go to jail for receiving stolen property? (if not knowing it was stolen)
Pedro Alexandre
Pedro Alexandre 3 dias atrás
can we talk about how big his left arm is? (1st clip) we got a real hustler here
Belle Sargent
Belle Sargent 3 dias atrás
They need to take the gum from the cop dealing with the drain
Madhempgod 3 dias atrás
Talk about the first call beimg a perfect example of ignorant cops. Dirt bikes aren't motorcyclea and don't require a license. 2 the dude who bought it was conned and your response is to arrest him not the con artist? Wtf is that. Absolutely disgusting how some officers are allowed to operate.
Pacto de Sangre
Pacto de Sangre 3 dias atrás
Thats a state car.
guinnesslv 3 dias atrás
You can't be running. "Huh?" Future scumbags in the making.
Sarmad Baloch
Sarmad Baloch 3 dias atrás
14:46 I guess this guy has korsakoff syndrome ,, caused by thiamine deficiency associated with prolonged alcohol consumption…
Peanut Wars
Peanut Wars 4 dias atrás
I’ve been caught smoking weed by the police like 9 times and they were only not cool about it once and even let us drive away and keep the weed :3 I do live in Washington tho
Jesus Acuna
Jesus Acuna 4 dias atrás
16:48 10-4😂
BlueRingedGamed 4 dias atrás
When the cop arrived with a shotgun i lost it💀
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 4 dias atrás
Dumb dad wait to go letting kids drive the bike of the first video
Ravas Nikite
Ravas Nikite 4 dias atrás
Why does profiling not apply to police? when trying to find suspect?
Soldier boy
Soldier boy 4 dias atrás
Bruh whos scared of cops
mclohan 5 dias atrás
If they really wanted to be “cool” with that honest guy they wouldn’t have ticketed him
mclohan 22 horas atrás
@Madison Galli not true. If it’s under a certain weight it’s at officers discretion to just dispose of it. They aren’t going to let him keep it of course but they absolutely let ppl off with warnings.
Madison Galli
Madison Galli Dia atrás
They can’t just let him go with nothing. They could get in trouble.
Chris 5 dias atrás
it was modelo time
Matheus Cavalcante
Matheus Cavalcante 5 dias atrás
30 bucks wtf
Flyn spaceball
Flyn spaceball 5 dias atrás
i think these people couldn't care less about going to jail. its probably part of their daily life.
Bulbman123 5 dias atrás
Bro I legit thought the dad in the first one was her son XD
Paint the tip red or orange
I live in a too nice of a town, all our beer is 4.5 bad areas, they have one beer that will light you up...smh
Energy Drinks And Cigarettes
The cop with the shotgun looks way to eager to shoot somebody
pain is unbearable
pain is unbearable 5 dias atrás
“Bought the motorcycle for 30 bucks” bruh what????
mary smith
mary smith 5 dias atrás
The whole jogging problematically expect because colt ecologically steer but a sturdy scale. yielding, rude digger
Riley's YouTube Profile.
There are people like this. Hmmmm
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 5 dias atrás
lol 30 bucks for a motorcycle… sounds legit
Ross J MacGregor
Ross J MacGregor 5 dias atrás
Not under arrest; puts him in handcuffs. Sorry but no. You put me in handcuffs you have to arrest me. Otherwise I would refuse.
DRAGON X 5 dias atrás
The last one was nice
domaindiego_ TTV
domaindiego_ TTV 5 dias atrás
*Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌
Tuyết Trần Thiền
đúng là cảnh sát mỷ.👍👍👍👍
nick klewei
nick klewei 5 dias atrás
They also do not know the illegality in buying stolen property. They don't tell them that it is stolen. They only selling items, that's all .
nick klewei
nick klewei 5 dias atrás
Kids like that don't know nothing about license, registration, insurance, or ownership. they take everything like skate board. just advise them and consult with their parents. no next time.
Els Michielsen-Stierman
I missing doing it but my medicines are to strong so i can not drive my car now. i´m at 1000mcg fentanyl a day
Hunter schwartz
Hunter schwartz 6 dias atrás
10:27 that is how you act when pulled over
Sorb Life
Sorb Life 6 dias atrás
Future Juggalos
DanderePlays 6 dias atrás
15:25 "I don't know why you need so many condoms in a work car" oh that was golden XD
Skulldiravia 6 dias atrás
Why is it illegal to receive stolen property if you have no prove it was stolen
Richard Harding
Richard Harding 6 dias atrás
kids on a motorbike without license, ut oh ! haha. Seriously, my apt. got broken into, and they barely took a report.
Trstfsrg 6 dias atrás
8:24 that guy started reaching and had me real nervous for his safety. I figured he was innocent and just nervous but everybody in that situation is tense.
Cepler 7 dias atrás
Could have ended for that boy who went to put his phone in his pocket at gun point
lil blyat
lil blyat 7 dias atrás
How is it the guys fault for receiving something he didnt steal
Meme games
Meme games 7 dias atrás
“Do you guys even know what macgyver is?”
Eric and Emily somers
Eric and Emily somers 7 dias atrás
That's a dad lol looked like he was 9
breakit46 7 dias atrás
That last policeman is breaking a wholesome trail for those kids to follow. He showed them alone was no good and that team work would get the job done. Like this Life we have.
turtle with a controller
Jeramiah Wright-Carter
18:38 bro gum gotta be outta flavor
Natsuko Rei
Natsuko Rei 7 dias atrás
The last one was so wholesome omg
mtg_survivalist 7 dias atrás
Kids lucky no one got killed for having an airsoft gun.
Federal Agent
Federal Agent 7 dias atrás
Yea bro my $30 motorcycle here!
Rat with sea monkeys 🐀
Live pd was my favorite show a few years back.... It was the show that made me want to be a detective....
Rimuru♧ 7 dias atrás
Man that police officer gave the nest day of the weed man
Prabin Guragain
Prabin Guragain 7 dias atrás
16:14 Cameraman needs a raise
AQUAMARINE BLUE 8 dias atrás
LB Dozer
LB Dozer 8 dias atrás
Modelo, i wonder if he was mexican?
life wit asia
life wit asia 8 dias atrás
Now if these boys where black they would have broken the bike and arrested them.
Unpredctble 8 dias atrás
That first cop like a Jay Cutler man
💴 blobbo 💷
💴 blobbo 💷 8 dias atrás
Cullen Scott
Cullen Scott 8 dias atrás
You are being a little bit to recover they’re just kids and watch how you’re talking to them.
Ronnie Jacobsen
Ronnie Jacobsen 8 dias atrás
The storm drain one made me smile lol
GizziT RYTP 8 dias atrás
In case you didn't notice, the first cop is ThIcc
Booxsted 8 dias atrás
that cop chewing gum made me mad
Nick 8 dias atrás
buy legit cars n bikes.
KungFuKenny #Ain'tNobodyPrayingForMe
How you gonna lift it up with you standing in the middle
Chase Wick
Chase Wick 9 dias atrás
M Cardinal
M Cardinal 9 dias atrás
You bought a motorcycle for $30 and didnt think it was stolen? They should send him to a 5th grade classroom not jail. Mans stupid.
Gender swap
Gender swap 9 dias atrás
At 1:19 they are lost
Thaddeus Wexler
Thaddeus Wexler 9 dias atrás
Officers put their hand on the trunk of your vehicle to leave fingerprints in case something happens to them.
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