Lionel Messi - The Drama of Argentina

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26 Out 2022



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SgtSnowballs Mês atrás
He is now, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest player to ever live!
Oleg Danzig
Oleg Danzig Dia atrás
Ze legendz never die!!
Neeru Verma
Neeru Verma 2 dias atrás
@Y u by golden ball I mean wc best player 😎 And also Ballon dor 2013?
Y u
Y u 2 dias atrás
@Neeru Verma Don't even get me started on the 'golden ball', the most useless award in sport nowdays as it doesn't represent any statistics, majority opinion or common sense at all. In 2010 they straight up robbed Sneijder and gave award to Messi who did absolutely nothing and achieved nothing at that tournament.
Neeru Verma
Neeru Verma 4 dias atrás
@Y u two world cup golden balls? Does Pele have them?
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada 6 dias atrás
@Gandalf Thewhite as a show man I agree with you but the goat is messi
Aaron Lauretani
Aaron Lauretani Mês atrás
He didn't just play for a World Cup-winning team; he led it. He was there every step of the way doing what he needed to do: setting up chances, hitting key penalties, making brilliant passes, and scoring goals. He silenced any remaining critics who said he couldn't produce for the national team.
Cici Brandt
Cici Brandt 2 dias atrás
Messi is a legend and the greatest player ever in soccer ball ⚽ and the king of king 👑 Messi the 🐐🐐🐐 and on 🔥🔥🔥 watching you from USA 🇺🇲🇺🇲 God bless you Messi 🙏❤️🕊️
Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara 21 dia atrás
@MiniiNinja Exactly, but the Ronaldo Fans were saying "international trophy". I remember they took some 3rd Place Teams, and they were Lucky that Wales Upset Belgium in the Quarter Finals. Ronaldo didn't play well at all that tournament, Edèr carried them in the Finals vs France.
MiniiNinja 21 dia atrás
@Thomas Sankara That's such a big joke. They literally qualified in groups from third place, had a run of Wales, Croatia and Poland to finals and Ronaldo literally didn't play that final. To compare that to Messi 2014 is funny.
yes 22 dias atrás
Ronaldo's euros wasn't even that good,the only slightly decent team he played against was Croatia where he made an assist and that's it, then he played Poland and Wales.
Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara Mês atrás
I was telling people Messi's World Cup Finals appearance in 2014 was more impressive than Ronaldo's 2016 EURO campaign and I was called a bitter hater even though I love both players. Glad to feel vindicated.
Patrick Armand
Patrick Armand Mês atrás
Messi was already the greatest footballer of all time before the World Cup. But the explosion of joy across the entire world at his World Cup triumph suggests he may be the greatest sportsperson of all time. Of course, you cannot compare achievements and skills in different sports. But to see tens of thousands of people flocking to the streets from New York to Miami, from India to Indonesia, from Bangladesh to Sydney, from Qatar to Israel, from great rivals Brazil to Madrid, all celebrating wildly as if their own country had won, this has never been seen before in any sport. The most Instagram likes in history. This great humble man has truly transcended country, race, language and religion to unite the world as one
Fatimah Onike
Fatimah Onike 9 dias atrás
DJ Mitch_Beatz
DJ Mitch_Beatz 12 dias atrás
The_EagleBearer Mês atrás
The little man has a big heart It shows hard work pays off, and never give up
Suman Singha
Suman Singha 20 dias atrás
you are right
ruta Mês atrás
Just sad to hear this and see those who doubted his integrity and hard work. This man brings so much joy to so many people around the world.
Master K
Master K 18 dias atrás
Ikr people are stupid
Robert Downey Senior
No more debate. No more comparison. Messi has made history. The most decorated footballer of all time. Nobody comes close to what this man has achieved on the pitch. He has ascended to the level of demigod. He has nothing more to prove to anybody anymore. Thank you for everything you have shown us Leo. ❤️ You will be remembered for generations to come.
Bry 7 dias atrás
@Enrique spot on
Enrique 7 dias atrás
@Bry I couldn't agree with you more !! You're absolutely right But the unfortunately reality and disenchanting truth about all this clowns comparisons are the global media negligence to keep feeding and milking every single opportunity to profit from misleading what should be the real sportsmanship merit's and values.
Netaji-The British Slayer
@Ron Bonora haha dude evn hellas verona won the serie a ,and they didnt need maradona to win it lmfaoooooo
Mustafa Mês atrás
@Pamit Sharma But messi didn't won 3 world cups, Pele did :)
Who Cares
Who Cares Mês atrás
@Mustafa 🤡
Reginaldo Kabê
Reginaldo Kabê Mês atrás
Cara! O Messi joga demais! Mereceu ganhar uma copa do mundo com a seleção Argentina!
Vkash Poudel
Vkash Poudel Mês atrás
SHAME on Argentinian citizens for having such a skillful player and not respecting GOAT's morals. What a shame. See how much respect he has earned year by year, challenging him to lose or win his true fans are always on his side and respect his morals.
Jayney 6 dias atrás
Not all argentinians tho. The ones who criticized him were the shit reporters and the older generation who always praised maradona. When in 2016 Messi wanted to leave the national team, lots of ppl started writing letters, and in general sending messages to him so he doesnt leave the team. That is why he came bck
Abigail 11 dias atrás
journalists are the first enemy of our team
Master K
Master K 18 dias atrás
Dripta Haldar
Dripta Haldar Mês atrás
Many people are now recognising him as the greatest as he won the cup, for us for true Leo fans he was the greatest is the greatest and will be the greatest no matter of his trophy cabinet. His game what gives us the happiness and now he is the world champion. You deserve it god you really do.
Jewel14 Mês atrás
I automatically got goosebumps seeing the young Messi dating with the ball in field 😂 OMG... He's insane. The real GOAT. 🥰💙🇦🇷
Sumit Roy
Sumit Roy Mês atrás
Just yesterday he won the world cup!!! He is 35 and played 120 minutes....I hope now nobody ever asked about his dedication, his hardwork and his honesty.
Mustafa Mês atrás
@Joan Lin yes all of them, No matter which team, and no team won the world cup on penalty kicks in recent times, You said its rules, Fine, but its a curse to become SO CALLED Champions of the world on winning penalty kicks :)
Joan Lin
Joan Lin Mês atrás
@MustafaIt is by the rules of the game, he won. Argentina won! Fair and square. Don’t like it? Take it to the tournament committees to change it and good luck. Who are you? Leave us to celebrate, Messi 🐐 earned it!!! Many teams won many trophies based on the same rules in the history of football, are you going to nullify all of them!? #hater 🙄🙄🙄
Mustafa Mês atrás
@Joan Lin winning the match is the best revenge, not the penalty kicks :) Messi has now become an insult to the word CHAMPION becoming one on winning penalty kicks :) Means Nothing,
Joan Lin
Joan Lin Mês atrás
Winning is the best revenge to those haters. Those who burned his shirt had no excuses. If you do not support a person through thin and thick, who are you to talk when he finally triumphed. It’s so easy to join the celebration when someone is winning. It’s when someone is down and out, and you are still believing in him that counts. Look into the mirror… #MessiTheGoat 🐐
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos Mês atrás
@Galaxy note Many players can play consistently play good football with 35. You just dont know them because they are not famous as them. But today's professional sport players, it is no problem to compete at top level in age of 35. Lewy, Modric etc. are no exception. Their quality is just much higher than other's.
Alb E
Alb E Mês atrás
I feel fortunate to live in the time when Messi lives. I traveled from Mexico to Madrid to watch Messi with Barcelona play Getafe and it was money well spent. Gracias Leo Messi.
Kalu and Kona
Kalu and Kona Mês atrás
@monicaisreallycool my own eyes when he was going into the entry to Maracanazinho before match and in other venue that he went to see tennis. Same scenario
Alb E
Alb E Mês atrás
You guys need to read the 3 filters from Socrates before you speak.
Carolina Maguire
Carolina Maguire Mês atrás
@elMOTA Having friends from south america is not the same as being south american, also you didn't say you had any argentine friends, do you discriminate against them? My uncle is from argentina and is not racist and neither is his family. So your argument is invalid. Also they way you talk about argentina is kinda racist and kinda of racist to all of south america, i would be nice if you didn't disrespect us
elMOTA Mês atrás
@Carolina Maguire no one likes to work with Argentinians because they are so full of themselves. All others countries get along just fine. I have a lot of friends from chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Uruguay, Brazil. And we make fun of each other. But Argentinians don’t like when someone makes fun of them and they will get super racist. If you haven’t met more than 10 Argentinians just say that. But it’s true they are all racist
Carolina Maguire
Carolina Maguire Mês atrás
@elMOTA also i didnt know that u know what they are thinking🤣🤣
Lavi Lavi
Lavi Lavi Mês atrás
What a Great Player, Great Man, so Humble, an Example for all of us! I think the entire world was praying for his team to win. For Messi to win! God bless you! 🙏🙏🙏❤
E Show
E Show Mês atrás
Yess!! He did it. He brought the World Cup Trophy for Argentina 😍👑
Richie Kehnet
Richie Kehnet Mês atrás
Now Messi has won the World Cup, pls can you make a legendary compilation of his greatness and sovereignty in football. The one video that says it all. Thank you. 🙏
Hari K Dhar
Hari K Dhar 2 meses atrás
"Messi doesn't owe a world cup to Argentina, football owes a world cup to Messi" had me in tears 🥺 Edit: Now he has one 😇
Netaji-The British Slayer
@A M 🤣🤣🤣🤣maradona won it single handedly lmfaooo i forgot football is like tennis .
ANNOYING MOUSE 28 dias atrás
@QFITTY that coach was garbage?
M K Mês atrás
@Gomes Sylvester Australia a big team ? 😂 get out of here the only big teams he played against was the Netherlands and they got lucky the real winner is mbape cr7 son
A M Mês atrás
@Gomes Sylvester yes !!! And also we will rejoice with Jesus for ever and ever if repented and forgiven by him . Amazing !
M K Mês atrás
@Gomes Sylvester who said am crying you muppet haha am Arab and we beat Argentina hahaha they were lucky France so many injuries plus Brazil messed up they could’ve knocked Argentina out but what can I say it was meant to be by Allah so am not mad he deserves it after the passing of Maradona and cRonaldo still top scorer of all time so you go cry
I feel Maradonna's emotional attachment has drove the G.O.A.T to achieve his world cup dream.. Kindly add the world cup moments to this video for epic conclusion...mission accomplished!!
Debasmith Mishra
Debasmith Mishra Mês atrás
Greatest there was, there is & there ever will be !
ZEO 28 dias atrás
❤️🐐 He did it! Messi did it!
Gazi Rifat
Gazi Rifat Mês atrás
Its Like A Dreem, I Can't Believe That, Last Night Messi Has Win The World Cup. 🥹🇦🇷🏆⭐ Vamos Messi. Vamos Argentina. 💙🇦🇷
Yankey Emmanuel
Yankey Emmanuel 3 meses atrás
If he wins the World Cup, it’ll be crazy Edit : Congratulations Messi, you’ve done it 🐐
Aritra Dia atrás
@Ajay mf
skii Mês atrás
He did it
Wanyama Joseph
Wanyama Joseph Mês atrás
He did it at last 🐐 Messi 👑 king of football
Wanyama Joseph
Wanyama Joseph Mês atrás
He did it at last, 🐐 Messi 👑 king of football
Steve Steve
Steve Steve Mês atrás
@Ray 69 and he did lol
Āłî Ľõ
Āłî Ľõ Mês atrás
The greatest of all time👑💔💯
ggrlmon Mês atrás
Now you have the chance to complete this documentary.. ❤❤❤
Eileen Cooper
Eileen Cooper Mês atrás
That’s what I wanted to see. Never mind Ronaldinho. Messi is the best without a doubt. Unbelievable it made me cry. Xx
Erick Vinicius Candido De Moura Coelho
Sou brasileiro espero que veja o comentário, faz um vídeo novamente colocando a copa do mundo
prabowo subianto
prabowo subianto Mês atrás
Sudah dibuat, tapi di hapus oleh youtube..menyedihkan
Diego Ernesto Martínez García
It's over, the debate that should never existed has come to an end. Simply the GOAT.
boogaloo 25 dias atrás
@Demon King time would tell for a youngster like him.
Demon King
Demon King 25 dias atrás
@boogaloo Nah, Mbappe is 2nd place
WilliamVN Mês atrás
@boogaloo don’t worry Cr7 can still be second😢 Maybe third if Mbappe keeps stacking achievement.
WilliamVN Mês atrás
@boogaloo Messi has 7 ballon d’or😂 and about to get his 8.
Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison Mês atrás
@You Tube3344 it's messi pele ronaldo(portugese one) then Maradona
Willy490 Mês atrás
El mejor jugador de toda la historia
Incognito Mês atrás
It’s true there were times where he was the only best performing player within the team. Without him they wouldn’t win.
Shriang Mehra
Shriang Mehra Mês atrás
Maradona was watching from heaven when Argentina won its 3rd world cup trophy 🏆 R.I.P. Maradona. Messi is his successor
Mark Sauce
Mark Sauce Mês atrás
I've seen Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Messi. All GOATS! 🐐 🐐 🐐. Missing only Babe Ruth.
Binay Shrestha
Binay Shrestha Mês atrás
Pele,Maradona and Messi Finally the holy Trinity of football is complete.He has always been the best but for those who had a doubt now there is no more. We grew up listening to Pele and Maradona now we will be the one to tell the tale. Legend is born and we are the witness,we r the lucky ones to be a part of it.
Umar Jongi
Umar Jongi Mês atrás
he did it, he's an all-time great.
Florin Natu
Florin Natu Mês atrás
Best. Ever. Never doubt it. Was never a debate for me since 2004
year 3000
year 3000 Mês atrás
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh Mês atrás
'The Story' doesn't end here... surely he gonna win this world cup #2022...Love from India
Kaca Simonovic
Kaca Simonovic 7 dias atrás
@anwar emritte np brother have a good day
anwar emritte
anwar emritte 7 dias atrás
@Kaca Simonovic sorry mate not meant at u.
Kaca Simonovic
Kaca Simonovic 10 dias atrás
@anwar emritte wtfdym have you texted the wrong person or what
anwar emritte
anwar emritte 10 dias atrás
​@Echo Lazrar in yr dream maybe . In the real world he is world champion
anwar emritte
anwar emritte 10 dias atrás
​@432hz Music Worldwide well u put yourself in the place of God thinking u r too clever🤣
Cannon Wong
Cannon Wong Mês atrás
Lionel Messi, GOAT!.. Vamos Argentina
Luis López :D
Luis López :D Mês atrás
Y ahora Argentina es campeóna del mundo, grande leo messi ❤️
Анастасиади из Аргентины
Well done Messi, well done
Tamilselvan Radhakrishnan
Messi is kind of most versatile artistic foot baller you can see once in 100 years. Don't doubt his abilities. He is simply best artist and emotions in foot ball world.
Deyesh Naidoo
Deyesh Naidoo 2 meses atrás
If he leads Argentina to world cup glory.. it will be the greatest football story ever written... He deserves it And he's done it!!!!
Soren Mês atrás
@FriskyWhisky and what have you done with your life? Leave mama’s basement and take a shower. Bum 🤡
chisom okeke
chisom okeke Mês atrás
@Kalu and Kona u think i care about Messi's personality or personal life??the same way people complain of Ronaldo's character and attitude too,i don't care,who am i to judge???both of us are not perfect either so calm down,we have been following Messi,Ronaldo and other footballers in the football pitch and i would never deviate from that to jump into their lives outside the pitch,is none of my business
Kalu and Kona
Kalu and Kona Mês atrás
@chisom okeke I never said anything about anything else that you are claiming. I'm speaking of facts not some convoluted kool aid that gets passed out to people around the world. No I will never think he's the greatest, I'm not crying because crying is for people who can't do anything about anything. I state(d) facts that's what someone who has full control of their lives does. I understand you are probably from a culture of victimism. Well I am not. I'm from a culture of people who base their lives in objectives. Best of luck to you handing your life to someone(messi) who I can guarantee you that would not respect you if he'd see you on the street. How do I know that? I've worked in London and Rio olympics you do not want to be a fan of Messi.
chisom okeke
chisom okeke Mês atrás
@Kalu and Kona how can u ever believe the 3 penalties were existential when people like u always claim Messi's 7 balon d'or were not deserved but all Ronaldo's was deserved even when he clearly robbed Ribery in 2013 but no complaints from people like u but u have energy to analyze Messis,hypocrites,we have var and u want me to believe that the referee took a bad decision and var never cared to call his attention???Messi has won the world cup so u can cry for all i care or better still go and protest at the court of arbitration(CAS)🤣🤣🤣anything that goes Messi's way is always wrong before people like u,continue complaining
Kalu and Kona
Kalu and Kona Mês atrás
@chisom okeke I'll say to that 3 penalties that were absolutely non existential. A referee winking at the players at the final. So in my own heart I will never see this as a real win. Just like I never saw 1978 or 1986 as a win. BTW I'm not a casual football watcher. I do know my history. Before you go on spewing idolatries to a person who is the greatest antagonist to his own country, team mates and fans.....Beware that there is always someone out there who's a tad more knowledgeable than you.
Cybεrpunk Mês atrás
This video is great but it would be the greatest story of all time if you redo it and add the 2022 World Cup.
Manu Mês atrás
Messi and the greatest Spanish Latino in the world are the first Ballon d'Or at 22 💪
Nico Thrasher
Nico Thrasher Mês atrás
sir Mês atrás
he did it ❤
Peace .B
Peace .B Mês atrás
There is nothing better than seeing someone's dream come through. Congratulations Messi you did it!!!
Karen Deamat
Karen Deamat Mês atrás
Así es !!! 😍🙌🇦🇷🌎🏆 God bless Messi and Gia bless Argentina !!!!
Young Legendary
Young Legendary Mês atrás
for those saying “messi is better” you really have to ask yourself a different question… “what would ronaldo do if he was on the same team in place of messi” not too many would say messi is so much greater thag ronaldo would nor manage to do well enough to create similar results.
Lilmoebreezy10 1
Lilmoebreezy10 1 Mês atrás
Angel Delgadillo de Lira
Ya solo hay que agregar ... CAMPEON DEL MUNDO 2022
블루 Mês atrás
Sebastian Jaramillo
And today He won the World Cup!!. Absolutely well deserved. Example of How even, the most talented football player ever, had to overcome himself and have persistence for almost 20 years!!!. YOU ARE THE BEST! 🔥🔥🔥
Agreed. Best Cricket Player of All Time (Sachine Tendulkar) has to wait for 6 world cups for being a world champion.
Andi Qalfi Zaputra
Andi Qalfi Zaputra Mês atrás
That Emiliano Martinez save 1 on 1 at the 120th minutes is the BIGGEST CLUTCH SAVE I've ever witnessed. Witness Messi since 2006 play with Lionel Scaloni. Didn't know they will get the 🏆 Together ⭐⭐⭐🇦🇷 😭 , I will miss this World CUP 🏆⚽ 😭, The Best FINAL EVERRRR. THANK YOU 🇶🇦QATAR 2022 🙏
gopi raju
gopi raju Mês atrás
The very first time i heard GOAT word to a person is Messi 🔥🔥 and then VK 🔥🔥
Adrian Nijlo
Adrian Nijlo Mês atrás
please make a movie from the beginning from when he was a little kid until he won the world cup with all the good and bad moments he had at Barcelona Argentina and PSG all his history
kona AD
kona AD Mês atrás
Football king 👑 messi 👑
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz Mês atrás
Y la ganó :') 18/12/22
Owl1 Mês atrás
Emiliano Martinez is a legend. Ever since his arrival the pieces to the puzzle have been put together
Raja Sims
Raja Sims 28 dias atrás
EXACTLY. The missing piece of Messi
Jahongir Muhammadiev
Great and smart coach + Humble captain + Crazy goalkeeper + Players who ready to go to war for their leader = Unstoppable team
JP koleksi
JP koleksi Mês atrás
Mark Mês atrás
Yeahh plus The Young Guns wants to make their own name aswell they are all Hungry to wins it . .... i hope Messi played atleast 1 Copa America with Di Maria ...
itsward Mês atrás
I agree.
Random Guy
Random Guy Mês atrás
Higuain truly was a villain for Argentina
Daddy Mês atrás
Better Man
Better Man Mês atrás
The G.O.A.T
Carlos Henrique Cachoeira
Parabéns Messi!🇧🇷🇦🇷⚽
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan Mês atrás
Messi not only won the WC but also won the heart of the soccer lovers around the world.
Douglas Dias da Silva
Douglas Dias da Silva 5 dias atrás
That sport calls "foorball"
sain 27 dias atrás
Rohan George
Rohan George Mês atrás
Anas Mês atrás
If Maradona was alive, he would be so proud of Messi.
Lucas Tora
Lucas Tora Mês atrás
And Argentine champions world !!!!!! WHIT MESSI ♥
Pro GaMes
Pro GaMes Mês atrás
Nesecitamos otro video ahora que ganó el mundial
Wouva 3 meses atrás
This video reminds me of my ‘Lionel Messi - One Last Shot’ video, only this one is way longer and also better! Incredible work… 20 minutes of this quality is just exceptional! Thank you!
153 Dedi Tamba
153 Dedi Tamba 3 meses atrás
@MagicalMessi may i know where you get the last video ( cbs golazo )? im searching for a full version n i got nothing.
MagicalMessi 3 meses atrás
Thanks a lot and yes, your video is also great!
Saleh Mês atrás
Messi did it Messi won the word cup what a legend
George Romao
George Romao Mês atrás
Thanks Diego Armando Maradona, Messi and Argentina.
Anubhav Pal
Anubhav Pal 17 dias atrás
The story written in the stars. Messi completes Football🐐
Adil Tadmiri El Ammary
الآن يمكنك ان ترقد بسلام يا مارادونا....فقد فاقك ميسي سحرا وروعة ، ولبس ثوب الأسطورة الاوحد للأرجنتين
Saugat Bishwakarma
Saugat Bishwakarma Mês atrás
I'm so happy for him more than Lionel himself .All this time he suffered and today he proved it to the world. Vamos Argentina !
Turts Mês atrás
@Thomas Williamson What??💀
Thomas Williamson
Thomas Williamson Mês atrás
@Turts Aha, I support Liverpool so I watch the prem ... is there anything you love? What emotions do you go through when that thing goes badly? Lucky for you you dont have the emotions of an entire country that are impacted by your actions ... maybe think about things just once from other angles other than money = happy 🙃
Turts Mês atrás
@Ariana Montenegro ohh
Ariana Montenegro
Ariana Montenegro Mês atrás
@Turts in qualifying…
Turts Mês atrás
@Ariana Montenegro they didn't play against Ecuador? I think you mean Netherlands?
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge Mês atrás
Falta la segunda parte ahora
Jakub Mês atrás
First world cup appearance in 2006, took him 5 world cups to finally Win it. Only getting older with more pressure building up, whilst taking all the hate even from his own country. He never gave up that's why he's the Greatest to me, even proved the great Maradona wrong & i'm sure he'd be ecstatic now.
CarliosoGaming !
CarliosoGaming ! Mês atrás
Please update this documentary clipping the rest if the history that we already know with the magic ending
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez Mês atrás
Messi the greatest to play in our generation an haters know it hurts but get over it damn it
NgezpazWorld Q
NgezpazWorld Q Mês atrás
shining_dragon1234 Mês atrás
its just sad that maradona is not here to see the win
Nuno Mio miyet
Nuno Mio miyet Mês atrás
Messi terhebat di dunia. Manusia bola terhebat tiada duanya.
Nkosana H
Nkosana H Mês atrás
Football Gods are smiling kindly on their greatest son. 🙏 Lionel Messi, the Greatest to ever do it. Truly blessed to have watched this man week in week out.
Sq Skywalker
Sq Skywalker 3 meses atrás
I was crying while watching this. Truly the weight he has been carrying is hard to comprehend for others. Now it's the World Cup and he's carrying the dream of millions on his shoulder. I really hope Messi wins the World Cup. He deserves it
surya narayan
surya narayan 13 dias atrás
He won it..crying cheers
surya narayan
surya narayan 13 dias atrás
What Sachin had for restless Indians
Aditya Sailada
Aditya Sailada Mês atrás
He has officially won now 😀
Akash Chakraborty
Akash Chakraborty Mês atrás
And I cried yesterday when he lifted the world cup
P z
P z Mês atrás
He won the world cup
bildoxer89 DIAKHATE
😭 now All cup is done, thanks god,thanks work
Ice Plays
Ice Plays Mês atrás
Good thing he has won it now and rest in peace maradona wth all do respect messi does and surpeaes maradona rip maadona
FengRen Mês atrás
Didnt know messi has such a tough journey before 2021, really happy for him and feel inspired by his story
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 29 dias atrás
Capítulo final argentina campeón del mundo😃🏆🇦🇷
Jose mourinho's stepson
Guys. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the effort that MagicalMessi puts into this videos to create these masterpieces? You are one heck of a creator @MagicalMessi 👏
Qaqaa 2 meses atrás
@thesun collective147😂
thesun collective147
thesun collective147 2 meses atrás
Rohit Chakravarthi
Rohit Chakravarthi 2 meses atrás
Thanks for the comment, really true. He really created a masterpiece.
Edwin Alvarado
Edwin Alvarado 2 meses atrás
been watching this channel for over 5years🔥
Abu N
Abu N 2 meses atrás
Brh I watched more than 3 times This is ❤️
Riyadh Ahammed
Riyadh Ahammed Mês atrás
World champion Goated completed.
OrrDorr Mês atrás
This brought some tears to my eyes, Messi is the man who really deserved this cup. Argentina and Messi lifting the cup was the greatest sport moment EVER in ANY sport, I will remember that moment until the grave and maybe even further. Congratulations Messi the absolute G.O.A.T and Argentina!!!!!! From Finland.
Mustafa Mês atrás
@ivo turi I will, since I have no knowledge about 1990 cup, But how does Referree robbery became relevant in this conversation about a team becoming SO CALLED Champions of the world on winning penalty kicks?
ivo turi
ivo turi Mês atrás
@Mustafa 1990 final. Referee robbery. Look it up
Mustafa Mês atrás
@ivo turi doesn't matter how it feels bcoz penalty kicks has value zero for the match of world cup final :)
ivo turi
ivo turi Mês atrás
@Mustafa you would probably shit your pants and call your mommy on a penalty shootout, you have no idea how it feels to be there hahahahhah
Selma E.
Selma E. Mês atrás
gordiletus fetidoso
Pasindu Maduwantha
Pasindu Maduwantha 26 dias atrás
SHESHIR Mês atrás
Now, He has the world cup. No debate... He is the G.O.A.T
Kashish Jain
Kashish Jain Mês atrás
He won the world cup!!! World Cup deserved Messi 😭
elican2 Mês atrás
Can you finish this movie? I loved every bit of it.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Mês atrás
Claro le tenían que regalar un mundial para que digan que es el mejor, tenían que ser Argentinos!!!
Parama Mês atrás
just 18 months back he was criticised for not having certain trophies such as copa america , finalissima and world cup and my man won all of those in a span less than 2 years.. Do you still even doubt him if he is the GOAT
Roshan Davis
Roshan Davis Mês atrás
Who all watching this now with tears rolled down your eyes! Feel very good to see this after winning this World Cup isn't it? Hats off to you Messi for your absolute determination and self-discipline! True Legend! 🙏♥🥲
Zahra baig
Zahra baig Mês atrás
@lopez jonathan He should be written down in history so the future gen could know what a GOAT player he is.
Samuel Baje
Samuel Baje Mês atrás
@Tamem Salah y'all won 2018. cheer up
lopez jonathan
lopez jonathan Mês atrás
I cried a lot when he won the worldcup. An incredible tournamenr, messi is number one, the best player all the time. His career and lifer should be printed into a book
Safaa Youhana
Safaa Youhana Mês atrás
Yes bro, I am over the stars now❤
Bryan José
Bryan José Mês atrás
me brother 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt Mês atrás
Guys yall need to remember Argentina was 36 games unbeaten until just recently. Its not by luck they are the world champions.
Armynyus Mês atrás
The best argument why it had to be like this was given by the goat himself: "This is a real role model for the kids. It's life. Stumble, get up again, try harder. Repeat." That's the recipe for success in life.
Abdurehim Gumataw
Abdurehim Gumataw Mês atrás
Where are the Haters ? Who is now greatest player all of time ? Who is the GOAT ? The only one Leonel Messi !!! From Ethiopia
Night King
Night King Mês atrás
Dream came true.
Controverzial vfgfh
i feel like crying and im not even from argentina, im from colombia actually but this guy man he is the best footballer ever
🔰HØLÁ Buddy BølTA 🏆
Made it finals 🥶🇦🇷 Let's go I'm Argentina fan from india
Juan Acosta
Juan Acosta Mês atrás
Me too 😢 I’m Mexican Messi all the way
anndy meendieeta
anndy meendieeta Mês atrás
Fellow Mexican here, I want Messi to win this World Cup sooo bad 😭
Vinay Mês atrás
I'm from India... And his story is so inspiring (GOAT) .. Rooting for him and his team in this World Cup..
Lola Mês atrás
Yeah, I'm from Italy and I'm rooting for him. He is just so passionate and hard-working that you have just to admire him
Alexandre Cestari
Alexandre Cestari Mês atrás
Parabéns Argentina 🏆🏆🏆⚽🥇🙋🏻‍♂️🇧🇷
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