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Watch the official video for Lil Yachty's "Split / Whole Time."
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Split / Whole Time lyrics:
Sipping the peach soda
The niggas inside they gone hide till the heat is over
Sipping the peach soda
The niggas inside they gone hide till the heat is over
Sipping the peach soda
The niggas inside they gone hide till the heat is over
Imma ride till the beat is over
Two chanel bags, same price as my mink sofa
And I move like the King Cobra
Sliming them out dog I didn’t have to think it over
Sipping the peach soda
The niggas inside they gone hide till the heat is over
Imma ride till the beat is over
Two chanel bags, same price as my mink sofa
And I move like the King Cobra
Sliming them out dog I didn’t have to think it over
This lil bitch imma bend her over
After I’m done called the gang, Imma send her over
Im in tune with the UPS
Waiting on packages, Kp gone do the rest
Got some bitches in budapest
Strapped with them K’s, they walk around wearing bullet vests
I need you to do more, but speak less
Youngins gone open (uh)
Young’s gone open them up like some mucinex
Gimme top baby keep the sex
My dick get bigger when I see a money check
Used to didn’t have 100 bands
Now I’m outside with the gang doing the money dance
Imma rush hour road runner
Imma rush hour road runner, like Jackie Chan
My big brother was beatings pans
Lil brother psyched out, he might go shoot your mans
Sunday through sunday
I got them bitches coming in on the runway
Fuck with the fengshui
Break a bitch back like the wood with a sensei
Fold it up Nisei
You wasn’t round at the gym back at Lin Lay
I’m hated the most, I don’t give a damn
I used to swipe for nun through the Skype
Through the night i would eat on the grand slam
Don’t be like me Imma meanie
Still ridin dirty round town like a millionaire
These niggas softer than Build-A-Bear
Penthouse then make her eat with no silverware
Im crackin this bitch like some software
I got her boyfriend on my crosshair
He talking down, phewww go the sound
I’m in New York, need a loft here
Bitch Imma muhfuckin boss here
No, aint no nigga soft here
My niggas down, they came from the town
Pheew, they let it off here
Audemar Piguet, Ice me
Where I be fuckin this Pisces
She wanna beat up a wifey
I like the Piguets, I like the emeralds
Damn them shits look like a Icey
If I’m school check out the IQ
I make more guap then an IT
Shit, nah, whole time niggas hold shit down
Yea, whole time niggas never lie
niggas keep a hundred rounds
Yea, home alone nigga run up on me do them like Macaulay Culkin
250 for the Bentley Coup I aint driving it yet
Lot of my choices, dumb shit
Cant pull up on the block on that dumb shit
My niggas got red on they head
Red on they head on some Trump shit
Im swerving the bourbon down highland
Swerving the whip on some drunk shit
Im not a fighter at all
But I stomp his head, wanted him dead
Wont get offended my conscience
These bitches hang round for the content
It took me way out of context
And youngin go blow like a suntext
Live everywhere like some germex
Just tell my nigga his turn next
Burn that shit down, (plooom)
Bitch I’m a burnup
Yall gotta earn that
Don’t speak on no shit you don’t know about
Before you speak on it go learn that
Fareal, keeping that shit fareal
Three own them two I should kill
Ion even know how to feel
Nah, whole time niggas hold shit down
Yea, whole time niggas never lie
niggas keep a hundred rounds
Yea, home alone nigga run up on me do them like Macaulay Culkin
250 for the Bentley Coup I aint driving leave it park it
#LilYachty #LilBoat3 #SplitWholeTime
Music video by Lil Yachty performing Split/Whole Time. © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.



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Comentários 80
Milán Lázár
Milán Lázár 43 minutos atrás
Akkor gyere 1v1
Kc4l_1519 Hora atrás
Dope island in the sky zone?!?!?!
Hoodd Barbie
Hoodd Barbie 4 horas atrás
This shit definitely fire 🔥
True P.R.Q
True P.R.Q 9 horas atrás
L R 13 horas atrás
I don’t listen to yachty like that but this is hard
Lotus 17 horas atrás
This gets better everytime I listen to it.
Maximus Britz
Maximus Britz 19 horas atrás
baylen levine baby
Isaiah Stuart
Isaiah Stuart 19 horas atrás
Holy shit this fucking beat go crazy
Cole Elder
Cole Elder 20 horas atrás
only here bc baylein
caleb sorrells
caleb sorrells 21 hora atrás
The production budget was at least 20 bucks
Brandon Gordon
Brandon Gordon 23 horas atrás
why does all rap these days sound the same?
Fr0st Dia atrás
I was eating rice... now its fried rice
Roland Rosa
Roland Rosa Dia atrás
Carti has a feature yall , its just the frequency of his baby voice in this one is so high that you can't hear it
Slurp :v
Slurp :v Dia atrás
Shawnlaurenz Dia atrás
Playboi Carti,Chief Keef,Big Sean,Wiz Khalifa and some other artists, I was expecting them in this album cause I saw them in the boat show thought they're gonna collab with Yachty. But i only thought.
Corey Riley
Corey Riley Dia atrás
split definitely wins...
Corey Riley
Corey Riley Dia atrás
hardest out
NinjaOpz Dia atrás
This is when the music vid dosent match the song
X KodenameKole
X KodenameKole 2 dias atrás
Dayside Fait
Dayside Fait 2 dias atrás
Shout out Playboi Carti for carrying this track
xav Ghazni
xav Ghazni 2 dias atrás
FDK Y 3 dias atrás
he do the best beat
Captian Booty
Captian Booty 3 dias atrás
who else saw dopeisland ?
Pedro Timoteo
Pedro Timoteo 4 dias atrás
Why is lil Yachty slept on my boy be going crazy sometimes
ChocoDizz 4 dias atrás
Damn whole time is a banger
WhosFefe 5 dias atrás
This song hits hard doe
Ben 5 dias atrás
this makes me wanna move to ATL
gwak gwak i will stab u in ur back back
carti finna put his verse on split but the song wit his verse wil be in wlr
J Wallace
J Wallace 5 dias atrás
Youngins uh youngins gon open him up like Mucinex
Moreena CaballeroO
Moreena CaballeroO 5 dias atrás
Vengo de Trueno 💞😂
Wimi 2 dias atrás
Man with many names
Man with many names 5 dias atrás
Hope half of the people who watching this realize the video old cause carti hair ain't black anymore
Crxstian M.
Crxstian M. 5 dias atrás
Italo libonati
Italo libonati 5 dias atrás
Like si vienen por la historia de trueno
Zip Molly
Zip Molly 6 dias atrás
Errbody kno yachty rep BLOOD💉
Quay Productions HD
Quay Productions HD 6 dias atrás
mr ARIS 6 dias atrás
her before 4 m
Roman 6 dias atrás
Song of the summer
Bubble Bass
Bubble Bass 6 dias atrás
Rigo Miranda
Rigo Miranda 6 dias atrás
Brings 2016 vibes
Justin T
Justin T 6 dias atrás
Sick as hell 😎😷🔥💨
Enrique Casas
Enrique Casas 6 dias atrás
Di sh*t hard
Vexverk 7 dias atrás
this goes HARD ASF🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matt 7 dias atrás
This song so fyre, yachty so slept on his last 3 albums (including this) slept on
Therlo Prinsloo
Therlo Prinsloo 7 dias atrás
Whole time goes haarddddd🔥🔥😍
chxxstxxn 7 dias atrás
Here it is
alex 7 dias atrás
Dope and meech bro’s 4L
KOZYKEV 7 dias atrás
This goes!
Max Sultan
Max Sultan 8 dias atrás
Whole lotta red in this 👀👀 yatchy a blood?
Kidd Kasher
Kidd Kasher 8 dias atrás
This video was shot back in 2017
Owam Mazaleni
Owam Mazaleni 8 dias atrás
Hayi kwedini💥🙏
Ricky Dobson
Ricky Dobson 8 dias atrás
Should be on 2k soundtrack 🔥
Allen Quarnell
Allen Quarnell 8 dias atrás
@1:29 bro thats dopeisland
Trent Nixon
Trent Nixon 8 dias atrás
Why carti here just chillin 😂😂
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 8 dias atrás
This hard💯
The Dope Militia
The Dope Militia 9 dias atrás
Underrated generation
The Dope Militia
The Dope Militia 9 dias atrás
And under appreciated
Sayvion Brown
Sayvion Brown 9 dias atrás
Why carti on here partying as if he don’t have things he needs to be taking care of... he need to be dropping wlr
Gary Blossom
Gary Blossom 9 dias atrás
What I would do to have been there 😓
Extream_PLAYZit 9 dias atrás
I’m just here from when he posted the 2 Asian dudes remake dancing to this lmao😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
dude number A
dude number A 9 dias atrás
I think I've been to that trampoline place
DJL 9 dias atrás
Yachty, your album flopped really hard bro. Find your self again just think why did I blow up in 2016.
Gridge 9 dias atrás
Split go hard
AWGE VU 10 dias atrás
Beat dropped harder than my grades
Rudy Corral
Rudy Corral 10 dias atrás
Ik yall saw that man eat shit in the back at 2:03 😂
Andre Naidoo
Andre Naidoo 10 dias atrás
Hardest track of 2020
Super Saiyan Chicken
Super Saiyan Chicken 10 dias atrás
*insert 2 Asian guys dancing with their hands*
SmookyDior 7 dias atrás
Bro i seen the video on tiktok nd lost it now im mad
Young Playboijay
Young Playboijay 10 dias atrás
Was that dope island and meech on mars at the end with blonds hair??
nickolas zago
nickolas zago 10 dias atrás
coronavirus: people will be afraid of me lil yacht: fuck, call 300 people on the recording
RJ Luck
RJ Luck 10 dias atrás
Anyone know the brand Yatchy was wearing in the video
Noah Kinsey
Noah Kinsey 11 dias atrás
When finally see old carti in this music vid he don’t got them gay clothes on🤣🤣
Vuxirs 2 dias atrás
This was from 1 or 2 years ago
Hrishikes 11 dias atrás
Like Macaulay Culkin lol 🤣
Romi Hector
Romi Hector 11 dias atrás
Never gone lol XD
ESSJAYEN 11 dias atrás
That nigga carti there, kmt he should go to the studio and release whole lotta red😭
Akh Sav
Akh Sav 11 dias atrás
I’m hated the most I don’t give a damn. I used to swipe finesse through the Skype through the night I would eat on the grand slam. Real rap
Fled69 _
Fled69 _ 11 dias atrás
Split should've been 3 minutes😔. Drop and extended version
Blitz 11 dias atrás
carti just trynna find his culture
Tape 11 dias atrás
what tee is he wearing in the second part
forthaawin 11 dias atrás
It’s tuff that I saw this on tik tok 😂
frosty saucer
frosty saucer 12 dias atrás
Viki Billue
Viki Billue 12 dias atrás
Viki Billue
Viki Billue 12 dias atrás
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