Lil Mosey's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle

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Lil Mosey started from scratch and details how he rolls now in his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle.
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Video directed by @travissatten
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17 Jul 2019

xxl freshmanxxl freshmen2019 xxl freshman2019 xxl freshmenrapperraphip-hoplil moseylil mosey rapperlil mosey freestyle



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Comentários 5 203
XXL Mês atrás
Did Lil Mosey kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?
Arrow Gaming
Arrow Gaming 19 dias atrás
Saw there was 499 replies. Don’t really got shit to say just had the urge to be the 500th comment
Dejah Reed
Dejah Reed 19 dias atrás
Nope better with melodies
J Miles Clone
J Miles Clone 19 dias atrás
Nah. He’s pretty bad.
Kurdt Cobain
Kurdt Cobain 19 dias atrás
The only one do that spontan
LoganLope 19 dias atrás
His career*
Janis Flores
Janis Flores 2 horas atrás
Reezyyy. Dia atrás
this nigga over polo G? y’all trippin 💀
500 subscribers with no videos
is this Kodak black or lil mosey?
XxAdam_10 Xx
XxAdam_10 Xx Dia atrás
Logic best xxl freestyle
lilcharlie334 Dia atrás
Doodle bob
Joey T
Joey T 2 dias atrás
Turn on captions it makes more sense
oh 2 dias atrás
even trecadatclye was better bruh
J N 3 dias atrás
Why the fuck is he purposely talking like that
The Law
The Law 4 dias atrás
??? 👀
Klan Conerly
Klan Conerly 4 dias atrás
Daniel Strawe
Daniel Strawe 4 dias atrás
Any chinese people out there please translate to english.
Angelise Pierre
Angelise Pierre 4 dias atrás
The captions are English but it still don't make sense
Campy static
Campy static 4 dias atrás
He’s in the rapping industry but he don’t spit he likes his melodies just like me. He don’t like shit to be meaningful it just gotta sound good
Alex Amor
Alex Amor 4 dias atrás
Well atleast it was better than his cypher
N 2
N 2 4 dias atrás
he hopped in a rape and i hopped in a lamp
Manny Escuela
Manny Escuela 5 dias atrás
He look like lil baby if he didn’t go outside in 10 years
Noah v/d Molen
Noah v/d Molen 6 dias atrás
This the dude that can speak doctor language
Priv8_Jet_Official 6 dias atrás
But he woke up like the man
Vripex [FreeDesigner]
Vripex [FreeDesigner] 6 dias atrás
Aye Royce
Zeroxylon 6 dias atrás
had to turn on the subtitles for this shit this is what i saw "yeah i always got a milk again he an arepa not happenin laughs shes naming" wtf is this?
Anton 6 dias atrás
Bitch boy got exposed
Ryan Klump
Ryan Klump 7 dias atrás
I’m losing brain cells
JaSçŒŻŒtŔi 7 dias atrás
dOn'T pLaY wIhT liL mOsEy ItS a ReAl gAnSgTeR
The Green Tiger
The Green Tiger 8 dias atrás
Guys,stop making fun of him,he's speaking the enchantment table language
phat nut
phat nut 8 dias atrás
and people say bluface got no flow 😂
They envy Shay
They envy Shay 9 dias atrás
Why he sound like he was tryna rap like drake on yes indeed at the end...
blrogus morgus
blrogus morgus 9 dias atrás
The best part was the background noise
Strong Caffeine
Strong Caffeine 9 dias atrás
This is why you don't smoke cig
Billy 0575
Billy 0575 10 dias atrás
Don't let this distract you from the fact that he woke up like the man
KennyRich!!! 10 dias atrás
I don’t know if it’s just me......... but i didn’t understand a thing he said. Maybe it’s just the way he pronounce his words 🤷🏾‍♀️.
La_Dragon Studio's
@KennyRich!!! In the beginning sounded like he was saying him and somebody else got another million the rest was rubbish sounded like he didn't get no sleep.
KennyRich!!! Dia atrás
La_Dragon Studio's wtf did he say?
La_Dragon Studio's
La_Dragon Studio's 2 dias atrás
He wasn't it ma girl
sillysheno 132
sillysheno 132 10 dias atrás
Lil mosey trash
Gucci -
Gucci - 10 dias atrás
He said mom I can’t wait for the English version to come out
Mj Pearce
Mj Pearce 10 dias atrás
On SoundCloud u can look up ‘aye Royce’ and if u see it under a profile named ben and its 49 seconds long then u hear this
Cyber BeatSz
Cyber BeatSz 10 dias atrás
God damn i feel like a man freshman of the year I woke up like men never popping xans
Habadashtrious 10 dias atrás
He said 😫😩🥺😡😠😤😫😖😕😒🤓😏😕😫🧐🤪🤨🥶🤬
AM Vlogz
AM Vlogz 10 dias atrás
Wow he just said the n word yet his white as a Cloud
Panther02 11 dias atrás
Polo G should of been chosen instead of this Wack Nigga
Silver Zetsu
Silver Zetsu 11 dias atrás
Man yall n8ggas toxic talkin bout HiP hOP iS DyiNG like yall niggas lame ass haters because he making better music than yall he might not be the hardest at freestyling but most of yall talkin bout a blueface or a gunna so stop hating bc your opinions dont matter
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 11 dias atrás
im starting to doubt if xxl is legit
fitchgirl02 11 dias atrás
Rogue Gang.
Rogue Gang. 11 dias atrás
what language is this i didn't heard shit
Lucid 11 dias atrás
killavictor_89 PB_ELiTE
Low key fyyyeeee tho
xBrucExWaynEx 12 dias atrás
This is easily . The worst rapper in the game rn
Wyatt Mcadams
Wyatt Mcadams 12 dias atrás
stole j coles flow lowkey
Joe Mac Supa Chef
Joe Mac Supa Chef 12 dias atrás
Was this guy like a last minute replacement or something? I'm sure yall got interns with better bars than this boy
Golden Knight24
Golden Knight24 12 dias atrás
Nigga got a 50 second freestyle and half it nit even true. Fuck outta here
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 12 dias atrás
Everybody gangsta until lil mosey starts to talk cursive🌚
Savage 12 dias atrás
Better than his other one
YOUNG Drip 12 dias atrás
Better then the other freestyle
armondre porter
armondre porter 12 dias atrás
Ever since I read that one comment that said Lil Mosey looks like raw chicken, I can't unsee a raw chicken trying use english
Zachary Arledge
Zachary Arledge 13 dias atrás
Jack and Jill went up the hill... that’s all I got.
Dffw TV
Dffw TV 13 dias atrás
How tf people be getting famous I understand he got good songs but does this nigga perform ? If he do I wouldn’t go to no Shows Lmaoo
Dffw TV
Dffw TV 13 dias atrás
Bro drop out of elementary ? 😭😂😂
Death 13 dias atrás
Is it weird that I understand 90% of the freestyle??
Traeway 19
Traeway 19 13 dias atrás
Randi yuko
Randi yuko 13 dias atrás
I'm gonna say it, the only reason Lil mosey is a rapper is because of the people who *joined* the rap culture and are destroying it with half witted rhymes 🏃✌🏿
Xlyza22 13 dias atrás
Nobody: Literally nobody: Aliens at Area 51 be like:
PlayBoy Teo
PlayBoy Teo 13 dias atrás
Mosey still top of the game💯
PlayBoy Teo
PlayBoy Teo 13 dias atrás
It wasnt good but I caught every word ion know what y'all talkin bout
Ebk Looters
Ebk Looters 14 dias atrás
Lil Tjay Could Replace Him ?
Brandon 14 dias atrás
Great! Can’t wait for the English version
CALICOTV301 14 dias atrás
jj ling
jj ling 14 dias atrás
Ain’t nobody hyping this up😂😂
Randy Isdaddy
Randy Isdaddy 14 dias atrás
Not even the captions make sense
johnny 15 dias atrás
XXL wtf r u doing?
Ervin Lusha
Ervin Lusha 15 dias atrás
We aiming and u moving ❄️
Sean Fagan
Sean Fagan 15 dias atrás
Imagine calling this moron your idol. Fuck new rap all y'all brain dead
more honey mustard please
They might as well change his name to lol mosey cause he's a fucking joke
juan lopez
juan lopez 16 dias atrás
all i hear is his heavy ass breathin
imSloppy 16 dias atrás
Lil Mosey: came from mmgkfduc nhhni gang 🤟🏽 Damn i felt that.
imSloppy 14 dias atrás
Aviczie good shit he ass
Aviczie 14 dias atrás
76 Sloppy i clapped bozo
Ju Vee
Ju Vee 16 dias atrás
Mosey definitely sucked Birdman dick to make itb
James Williams
James Williams 16 dias atrás
This nigga 🗑
Robert Myers
Robert Myers 17 dias atrás
Mumbles...just horrible. I thought the point of this XXL Freshman was to show off the top newcomers?? Sound like he reading a lullaby.
Timothy Horn
Timothy Horn 17 dias atrás
That nigga lil mosey trash as fuck
Killing Jay
Killing Jay 17 dias atrás
His is trash
Killing Jay
Killing Jay 17 dias atrás
His is trahs
Marx Kutinho
Marx Kutinho 17 dias atrás
Sounds like he just learned to speak
Julian Tangso
Julian Tangso 17 dias atrás
This nigga not finishin his sentences lmao
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