Lil Durk - All Love (Official Music Video)

Lil Durk
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28 Mar 2020



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Juicy Pamper
Juicy Pamper 3 horas atrás
Talking to my soul I feel it all the time. .. ima be rich real soon waiting my turn . Sometimes it's a dice game chasing so much get you dead or n jail .imagine not having your life no more and ain't no coming back . RIP to the good people n free the good who wanted to be better but they didnt get that chance again 100% I wanna feed people although I'm not in the position to . Waiting my TURN
Krystal Butler
Krystal Butler 7 horas atrás
Blunt Sessions
Blunt Sessions 9 horas atrás
Durk the Hardest outta CHIRAQ .
Santanna Robinson
Santanna Robinson 9 horas atrás
I love my city!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep killing em Dirk!!!!! Fuck pussy nights joe on 4!!!!
Sandir Bixi
Sandir Bixi 10 horas atrás
Hooked this shit got crack in it boi 🤯🔥💯
Breanne Duke
Breanne Duke 11 horas atrás
02:07 02:49 02:12
Big Brazy
Big Brazy 12 horas atrás
I swear this man gets better and better lil durk snap so hard💯
king Quotes84
king Quotes84 18 horas atrás
I play this thang everyday! Durk a street poet!
laquan robinson
laquan robinson Dia atrás
Gunna on camera
Dilpreet Randhawa
Durk got his car in reverse in the start 😂
Mister 4REN
Mister 4REN Dia atrás
Zakee Sailsman
Zakee Sailsman Dia atrás
Got away from all the phony niggaz i had to detoxxxx
Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany Johnson Dia atrás
lil moe L.A
lil moe L.A Dia atrás
Get in tune he giving mfs options and interest OTF love 500 on stone move different All Love blood ✨🐤
Juicy Pamper
Juicy Pamper Dia atrás
Yall niggaa new to this. I'm true to this shit.. RIP OTF NUNU I remember when yall first dropped OC And mom dukes had got me a pair of BEATS headphones and life for us all was different . But it's all love
Njakes Gully
Njakes Gully Dia atrás
That Durk pain music hits different
JVV Prod.
JVV Prod. Dia atrás
It’s all love I thought it was real 🙏
Daeron Triggs
Daeron Triggs Dia atrás
Dis my song 💯💯
i just did a song on this instrument i went hard on it no capt.
Candy Mari
Candy Mari 2 dias atrás
like F*CK the whole world no matter who involved!😨
Santanna Robinson
Santanna Robinson 2 dias atrás
Durk on the 4 bro you killing shit joe!!! Keep pushing....... listen to me ....... don’t get jammed in street shit you got the right lane.... stay in it joe all love 4!!!!!
Rudy Rockets
Rudy Rockets 2 dias atrás
Yo I’m a upcoming Chicago artist my name Rudy.P go checkout some of my tracks on my BRvid page RudyRockets 🙏🙏🙏
Kandice Avery
Kandice Avery 2 dias atrás
slugga 504
slugga 504 2 dias atrás
Durkio Label
Durkio Label 2 dias atrás
It's All Love
Dora Patillo
Dora Patillo 3 dias atrás
Yo ppl dont understand lil durk music can really make u get on ya shit fr bought my first car made my first 6000 this year the year before i was 🚶 broke in a joke thanks to lil durk im up there his music inspire me fr i love him yo fr!!!!!
Akinola Gonzalez
Akinola Gonzalez 3 dias atrás
Orisha take over
Nero Ashiru
Nero Ashiru 3 dias atrás
Bro you’re great#goat#
Gianna Bendolph
Gianna Bendolph 4 dias atrás
mone milli
mone milli 4 dias atrás
album is fire !!!!
Synai Mccrae
Synai Mccrae 4 dias atrás
Been a fan I’m ready for a bang bro’s remix thought
Synai Mccrae
Synai Mccrae 4 dias atrás
Been a fan I’m ready for a bang bro’s remix thought
micheal faraday
micheal faraday 4 dias atrás
Lil Durk is much better than Lil Pump, he is going viral without using *Authentic Views Com* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees👍
Killa J Amazing
Killa J Amazing Dia atrás
micheal faraday nigga wtf🤬u dumb ass bitch nigga how dare you compare Lil Dirk to Lil Pump like tf nigga
Killa J Amazing
Killa J Amazing Dia atrás
micheal faraday nigga wtf🤬u dumb ass bitch nigga how dare you compare Lil Dirk to Lil Pump like tf nigga
Webster 2 dias atrás
Why would you even compare them lol? Lil pump is a joke
Icyq 16
Icyq 16 4 dias atrás
Durkio smurkio yeah she love the goat😁
Official_MilwaukeeBest PrettyKitty414
I Love This Man 🖤💯🎶
Richard Henrie
Richard Henrie 5 dias atrás
Yo this shit here, this shit here is 🔥.
Not Funny Cj!!
Not Funny Cj!! 5 dias atrás
It's all love
Samantha Purches
Samantha Purches 5 dias atrás
Talk to they soul #Killem 🤟🏾🖤 🔥
shirleyjobe77 5 dias atrás
He really love all his fan unlike other rappers
allison lyons
allison lyons 5 dias atrás
Champo Benz
Champo Benz 5 dias atrás
Traye _awsome
Traye _awsome 5 dias atrás
lish5043 5 dias atrás
This shit 🔥 .
Angel Armaignac
Angel Armaignac 6 dias atrás
Why I feel like chief keef made this beat and is on the background
Keegan Spada
Keegan Spada 6 dias atrás
Darius Martin
Darius Martin 6 dias atrás
Halsted Black
Halsted Black 6 dias atrás
Show me my opponent 🐍
RANTS BY REEB 7 dias atrás
Tristan Burks
Tristan Burks 7 dias atrás
My family loves all his songs his songs make me feel special
Tristan Burks
Tristan Burks 7 dias atrás
This nigga is so fine i wish i can spend time with him he so much of a gentle shit ❤😍 Durkee boo nobles sss
NELL a damm fool
NELL a damm fool 7 dias atrás
Durk definitely is in everybody top 10 or 20 he better be cuz he cold
NELL a damm fool
NELL a damm fool 7 dias atrás
Man I been rockin w Durk for a long ass time this man is so underrated he better then 77% of these rappers stg
James Porter
James Porter 3 dias atrás
Guillermo 7 dias atrás
Why do y’all rock with Lil Durk so hard? Lol
king Quotes84
king Quotes84 7 dias atrás
Durkio, smurkio, she luh da G.O.A.T. YEA!💪💯
Essie Parks
Essie Parks 7 dias atrás
Who else besides me can hear LIL Durk voice in the background saying “U wouldn’t listen ?!
Jonno 7 dias atrás
Moranda 8 dias atrás
Its all love 🖤
raw hustle
raw hustle 8 dias atrás
This should have 20,000,000 views right now
Justin Flores
Justin Flores 8 dias atrás
Heard someone blasting this in their car the other day and went to search this ASAP before I forgot. This is actually really damn good
Mark Golden
Mark Golden 8 dias atrás
Only the family
HeavyFire Gaming
HeavyFire Gaming 8 dias atrás
Goat listening to a Goat
HeavyFire Gaming
HeavyFire Gaming 8 dias atrás
Anyone peep he was listening to The Weeknd in his car ? XO gang 💪
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas 8 dias atrás
Lil Bro Next Check him out.
Cannon Chinchilla
Cannon Chinchilla 8 dias atrás
Cannon Chinchilla on SoundCloud and i really live like that #FucDaOpps #CarolinaTrenches
Weedsmini S
Weedsmini S 8 dias atrás
This new Durk go hard af
Ran it up By my lonely
Them niggas always with sum Goofys getting jumped at malls
Hell Zone Droppers 077
Kjay 302
Kjay 302 9 dias atrás
Durk manage to grow up alot faster then these other chriaq rappers if you been listening since 2015
Kenny D
Kenny D 9 dias atrás
Chrus Bas
Chrus Bas 9 dias atrás
Should have ur helmet on while commenting
A Trey Vision Films
A Trey Vision Films 9 dias atrás
Nice video check out my effects and subscribe to my channel #ATreyVision.
Shane Cutting
Shane Cutting 9 dias atrás
The Real Goat ... Him and G herbo took over 2020
Darien Harris
Darien Harris 9 dias atrás
When he say it’s all love then in the back when he say man it’s all love that sound hard asf 🔊💯🙌🏽🔥
Ernest Hudson
Ernest Hudson 10 dias atrás
The wackness has spread like the corona virus. These goofs have no talent these days Hip Hop is dead
Wavlab Studios
Wavlab Studios 10 dias atrás
Where he's from, no choice but to respect the grind. #respect
Rodrick Brown
Rodrick Brown 10 dias atrás
Who can't relate to this
Rodrick Brown
Rodrick Brown 10 dias atrás
This my shit
Jason Lankford
Jason Lankford 10 dias atrás
Soon as I heard his wale guest spot I knew the album would be crazy , them artists get in pockets and u can tell the projects going to be hard like the Wayne mixtapes before the projects
EL CHASE 11 dias atrás
Darrel Williams
Darrel Williams 11 dias atrás
Shit like a movie cuz💯🔥
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