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A cosmic darkness threatens to overcome three former teammates who were thought to have perished.
Star Guardian Neeko, Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe are available now.
"Light and Shadow"
Music by: Hiroyuki Sawano
Vocals by: Gemie
Sawano’s BRvid Channel:
Sawano’s Official Website:
How does it feel
Got no one on your side
It isn't how
It is really meant to be
As light and shadow
The sun and the moon
Torn between love and hate
I've gotta get it somehow
Gaining by losing
Always haunt us
To our dying day
Stuck in the haze
How do you ever come to this
I thought I'll never see you again
Once the stars been scattered in
Pieces all over the galaxy
Eyes on eyes
What d'you wanna regain
After all I wonder how
You feel 'bout this madness


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11 Set 2019



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Comentários 24 016
Skyah Official
Skyah Official 22 horas atrás
1:57 , sounds like Apple Seed (AoT OST) :DD
[knocker's] Ебанутая Чайка ザゥパ
Пацана, из какого это аниме?
Nina Alain
Nina Alain Dia atrás
Who is it? I do not like her, she does not have style compare to Akali or Evelynn
Zahraa TV new
Zahraa TV new 23 horas atrás
the composer is sawano , the singer is gemie , The listen to music without this video will be better , repeat the listen
Rico4488 Dia atrás
Nobody realised that Neeko disguised as an enemy xayah in this video i want that in game
Justin E
Justin E Dia atrás
If that doesn't answer the question wether there will be an anime someday or not, then what will?
Pavel Saiks
Pavel Saiks Dia atrás
ничего не понял, но очень интересно
Rayna Bananas
Rayna Bananas Dia atrás
Is this going to be on spotify?
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Dia atrás
Aron Pacis
Aron Pacis Dia atrás
Neeko's passive doesnt work on enemie only ally
Money Bis
Money Bis Dia atrás
This neeko is literally me 1vs9 in game
김영현 Dia atrás
주인공은 마지막에 등장하는 법
Vicente Sant'Anna
The void zoe draws the star guardian plushies at 2:30 and onward looks *just like swain's W* Swain evil guardian when
Tomi, pronounced like toe & me Harada
how are xayah n rakan gonna be salty abt the star guardians when ahri has literally carried their stones all this time
God_of_ Star
God_of_ Star Dia atrás
Weronika Woods The Killer
A bedą seriale animowane i filmy z tej gry? Fajnie bardzo by było gdyby powstały
God Isekai
God Isekai Dia atrás
And here i am... SASAGEYO!! SASAGEYO!!
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez Dia atrás
Thanks for healing meh babe XD
Hirako Shinji
Hirako Shinji Dia atrás
Its going to be an anime
Rakan is the visual representation of Support Role never receiving the credit they deserve from their ADC ~
The Oneabove
The Oneabove 2 dias atrás
is this the girl that made nier automata's osts?
Pierre-Cha 2 dias atrás
Snk let's go
SAQQARA 2 dias atrás
Wait why the heck am i crying when neeko uses her ult.
Michaelagoda 2 dias atrás
2:29 where the real nightmare starts...😱😰
L.F.Z P O P S I C L E 2 dias atrás
Why light and dark star guardian needs to fight ?? :
Scarlet 117
Scarlet 117 2 dias atrás
That animation transition was smooth af tho
Saphira Brightscale
Saphira Brightscale 2 dias atrás
1:20 You can see Rakan, Neeko, Ahri, Miss Fortune and someone else. Anyone know who that last figure on the left is?
Alivea Moonlight
Alivea Moonlight 2 dias atrás
oof XD
Saphira Brightscale
Saphira Brightscale 2 dias atrás
Alivea Moonlight thanks! It looked like Twitch to me for some reason XD
Alivea Moonlight
Alivea Moonlight 2 dias atrás
ZD Laceration
ZD Laceration 2 dias atrás
While this was Happening Urgot trying some Star Guardian Outfit
Names Jay
Names Jay 2 dias atrás
This is all great don’t get me wrong but I’d like some darker skins ? Something that’s not white would be cool too not just to cosplay but you know ?
Demarious Clark
Demarious Clark 3 dias atrás
Doesn't this bother anyone that World 2019 has more views in just 3 days than this masterpiece?
Jennet Sambrano
Jennet Sambrano 3 dias atrás
Lux just became irrelevant on her own skinline hahaahaha
Alejandra Salgado Rodríguez
Mika Kobayashi !!!
Stefany Hernandez
Stefany Hernandez 3 dias atrás
The worlds 2019 song is so lackluster that this has more beat drop than Phoenix.
Feast Rain
Feast Rain 3 dias atrás
insane MV work
sniper4627 3 dias atrás
come on riot just make anime or movie of LoL
Haemo Ford
Haemo Ford 4 dias atrás
looking back from the old xayah and rakan cinematic. riot animation team improved A LOT.!
Shengwei He
Shengwei He 4 dias atrás
Not again...
cubo ebbasta
cubo ebbasta 4 dias atrás
Kaisa Kurosaki
Kaisa Kurosaki 4 dias atrás
Did I heard in song, soundtrack Attack On Titan? 🤔🤔
THE LAST SOULD 4 dias atrás
Pvta animacion me saco una lagrima y no se por que jajajaj
Jgl San
Jgl San 4 dias atrás
una mescla de 3d y 2d mas la musica al mas puro estilo de hiroyuki sawano les quedo espectacular 😍
YK Gaming
YK Gaming 4 dias atrás
What kind of sailor moon is this
vicky sempai
vicky sempai 4 dias atrás
0:50 yo que ella lo abrasaria y dejaria ir a la chica
Haas Claw // Megumin
Haas Claw // Megumin 4 dias atrás
Its Ghoul
Its Ghoul 4 dias atrás
still a better love story than twilight
Matthew Dyke
Matthew Dyke 4 dias atrás
The ending with Ahri standing there seems like setup for another animation of Ahri & Neeko vs Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe, and I bet you if that happened, then the other Star Guardians would show up to back them up too.
fabrizio vazquez
fabrizio vazquez 4 dias atrás
hola rubius
WhyYouBuiltLikeThat 4 dias atrás
That’s really sweet what he did for her, but what will she say when he’s gone?
god_doesn't _listen
god_doesn't _listen 4 dias atrás
This could have been a really good Worlds 2019 song
Galaxica은하계 소녀
Ahri: Neeko, focus Zoe
Alexsandro Cabral
Alexsandro Cabral 5 dias atrás
The music gets intense at 1:55. It reminds me of titles like Guilty Crown. In my opinion, one of the best cinematics that riot has created
Jesse 5 dias atrás
I hate zoe
김대영 5 dias atrás
조이 궁으로 사기치네...
Moon-Kitty Edits
Moon-Kitty Edits 5 dias atrás
poor rakan... :(
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 5 dias atrás
0:19 Wouldn't Rakan strengthen the tangle barbs by blocking it?
Brian the Lightning Bolt
Seems like Rito has the same animation budget like production IG and ufotable.
Trần Hoa
Trần Hoa 5 dias atrás
Attack on Champions theme song....
cit cit
cit cit 5 dias atrás
Play this on world pls
upośledzony kennen
upośledzony kennen 5 dias atrás
Wow lol anime uwu
Ivan Voinov
Ivan Voinov 5 dias atrás
What song?
CheshireNeko93 5 dias atrás
Find someone who will love you as much as I love Hiroyuki Sawano music!
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