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League of Legends
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A cosmic darkness threatens to overcome three former teammates who were thought to have perished.
Star Guardian Neeko, Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe are available now.
"Light and Shadow"
Music by: Hiroyuki Sawano
Vocals by: Gemie
Sawano’s BRvid Channel:
Sawano’s Official Website:
How does it feel
Got no one on your side
It isn't how
It is really meant to be
As light and shadow
The sun and the moon
Torn between love and hate
I've gotta get it somehow
Gaining by losing
Always haunt us
To our dying day
Stuck in the haze
How do you ever come to this
I thought I'll never see you again
Once the stars been scattered in
Pieces all over the galaxy
Eyes on eyes
What d'you wanna regain
After all I wonder how
You feel 'bout this madness


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11 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
RedRadio 3 horas atrás
League the anime, when??
Levw 4 horas atrás
AOT vibes
Omar Vernon
Omar Vernon 6 horas atrás
1:56 when 30/2/12 neeko ults
Kudakwashe Kambarami
Kudakwashe Kambarami 21 hora atrás
For a second I thought a titan was gonna pop out
Valid Studios
Valid Studios 23 horas atrás
This has to be the most bronze Xayah i've ever seen
Rares Alexe
Rares Alexe Dia atrás
This video is so underrated... too bad, but i understand that not everyone is into anime ;))
Foxy X
Foxy X Dia atrás
rep rakan
Emanuel Sousa
Emanuel Sousa Dia atrás
Eren Jeaguer Says to Neeko -TATAKAAAAAAEEEEEE
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall Dia atrás
I hated star XAYAH and RAKAN until I watched this 😭❤️
pato cano 1.0
pato cano 1.0 Dia atrás
Did you saw that? 3 v 1, riot pls nerf neeko
Vanji3 Dia atrás
Paul Song
Paul Song Dia atrás
I don’t care about League but Sawano always got the hardest drops
Sarai Muñoz
Sarai Muñoz Dia atrás
For when the song on spotify? :c
Big T
Big T Dia atrás
they all like "hey wanna watch this awesome new animated show?" "su-" "just kidding theres no show"
Ub3rt0ad Dia atrás
1:45 *me screaming* FLASH FLASH YOU GOTTA FLASH
Jay Jay Channel
Jay Jay Channel Dia atrás
Please I want more star guardians!!!
it be like that sometimes
1:18 is neeko doing the nico nico ni thing i-
Ed Felipe
Ed Felipe Dia atrás
Music remember me Shingeki no Kyojin and in the final Crista Lens
hằng lê
hằng lê 2 dias atrás
Norage 2 dias atrás
Let me smell your feets neeko
Isabela Farjas
Isabela Farjas 2 dias atrás
SF save philip #teamtxns
I got goosebumps when neeko was like:time to shine bish
Rose thorn
Rose thorn 2 dias atrás
I literally have no idea whats going on but its sooooo pretty
김형준 2 dias atrás
who is vocal of this song? does anyone know?
Justice Beltran
Justice Beltran Dia atrás
Gemie is the vocal
Matias Pereyra
Matias Pereyra 2 dias atrás
Dual Blaster
Dual Blaster 2 dias atrás
Neeko looks like Reimi Sugimoto
chew junrong
chew junrong 3 dias atrás
anyone noticed the Demon's Eye from Swain's W
Shadow Art
Shadow Art 3 dias atrás
That would be nice anime
Lonystal 3 dias atrás
Star Guardian Caitlyn PLEASE!
Kayn Sensei
Kayn Sensei 3 dias atrás
plot twist: this was hapenning when the other star guadians were doing pajama party
nova prime
nova prime 3 dias atrás
F x rakan
Vika Tanjung Hidayatullah
as attack on titan fans im crying just hear the soundtrack
Franchesko Eala
Franchesko Eala 4 dias atrás
So this is how it feels to watch 3d anime
JU NO 4 dias atrás
Sip duk ?
nghia nguyen
nghia nguyen 4 dias atrás
Star Guardians Moon sailor again?
URL DNA 4 dias atrás
hemmm so this is a challenger neeko vs diamond players 1 v 3 moment.
MateCito 4 dias atrás
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen 4 dias atrás
Coconut Drugs League
Coconut Drugs League 4 dias atrás
This song reminds me of the attack on titan soundtrack
Jason Ghoul
Jason Ghoul 4 dias atrás
Did anyone else get AOT vibe from the theme song?
Zyrawrcious 5 dias atrás
1:45 when that 1000AP paddle star's coming to glock you
Lian, Scion of House Aico
Am I the only one who got chills when Neeko ulted?! And the music together, its so good!
Зiрочка 5 dias atrás
Достойное видео!
Tempe1ic 5 dias atrás
Pause at 2:27 she became a JoJo character
Chincer Dante
Chincer Dante 5 dias atrás
we can all agree we would watch, 300 episodes of this anime filler and tournament arc included
FLONE 5 dias atrás
JK Ellie
JK Ellie 5 dias atrás
I'm so ansious for the next season ☺️
Вікторія Коржовська
Ххтоз знає що це і звідки
Rebeca Zota
Rebeca Zota 6 dias atrás
NorbiHD 6 dias atrás
1:57 bruh why is this music reminds me to Attack on Titan.
arrozconmostazauwu 5 dias atrás
He is the same composer who made the soundtrack to Attack on Titan.
Ize Teng
Ize Teng 6 dias atrás
The theme song is like the theme of attack ln titan
Natty Shu
Natty Shu 6 dias atrás
This has actually been made by the person who did attack on titan opening :)
Samuel Lucia
Samuel Lucia 6 dias atrás
This had no right to be this hype. Also the soundtrack gives me very 7 deadly sins vibes
Kyn Lasparov
Kyn Lasparov 6 dias atrás
sailor moon❥
ᄅᄋᄏᄏ 7 dias atrás
멜론에 넣어줄 수 있나
Matoi Ryuuko
Matoi Ryuuko 7 dias atrás
Nice anime graphics!!!!
oops lai
oops lai 7 dias atrás
idk why but i expected urgot on the last one but ahri instead
Sieghart 7 dias atrás
Surprisingly they got hiroyuki sawano and gemie on this and they did great decision on this...
BrownGuyYash 7 dias atrás
While all this is happening, my boi Rakan is just taking a beating for his girl, and his girl won't even consider what's being done to him. This is such a good representation for all them support mains.
Dagmar Ibarra Vega
Dagmar Ibarra Vega 7 dias atrás
La mejor cinematic de legue of legends
jasmine !!
jasmine !! 7 dias atrás
why is neeko always the bad gUy lmfao
rai angelina
rai angelina 4 dias atrás
shes ths good person here.She is getting chased by Xayah and Rakan who was corrupted by Zoe
다른차원 8 dias atrás
실제로 니코 속박날아올때 앞에서 맞으면 뒷사람들은 뒤진다고 보면됩니다(관통시 속박시간 2배)
David Pereira Duarte
David Pereira Duarte 8 dias atrás
I need more ... MORE AND MORE
Benedict WU
Benedict WU 8 dias atrás
What’s the story behind this?
George IvanNavasca Domingo
Neeko was trying to escape from xayah rakan from being corrupted by zoe but she was saved by ahri.
Chris Ibasco
Chris Ibasco 8 dias atrás
I am really curious about the stone Ahri's holding. Who were they?
George IvanNavasca Domingo
It is the stone from ahri's original star guardian team. It was from Neeko, xayah and rakan. The other two was Sarah(Miss fortune) and Ahri the leader.
Nathan Yao
Nathan Yao 8 dias atrás
Can someone explain the plot? Why are they fighting each other? And what's that purple aura that grows on them?
George IvanNavasca Domingo
Rakan and xayah was corrupted by Zoe, and they were trying to corrupt neeko too, but ahri their leader, came to the rescue.
Ricardo Rio
Ricardo Rio 8 dias atrás
All I want is star gardian neeko :")
Light seeker
Light seeker 8 dias atrás
I see "Hiroyuki Sawano", i click
LANA HANI 8 dias atrás
Thise is game or what??
loreweed 888
loreweed 888 8 dias atrás
anime waifu fights furry
Kalle LoL
Kalle LoL 8 dias atrás
I made a penta with xayah my brother: not close... XD
Transcendence Cat
Transcendence Cat 8 dias atrás
Will there be new Star Guardians this year?
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 9 dias atrás
"As light and shadow The sun and the moon Torn between love and hate I've gotta get it somehow Gaining by losing Always haunt us To our dying day " dude what if this part of the song actually mentions Diana and Leona's story. just think about it
Ahri 9 dias atrás
This cinemtic and warriors They have sooo muchh history of league here I love this
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 9 dias atrás
It's kind a sad Rakan sacrifice himself just to make Xayah stay safe and alive.
akarsh gupta
akarsh gupta 9 dias atrás
is it only me or do u guys think that there are some essence of my hero academia and attack on titan intro songs
Margherita Blandino
Margherita Blandino 9 dias atrás
1:18 did someone realize the nico-nico-nii reference?
Luna Lee
Luna Lee 9 dias atrás
Please, add Light & Shadow to Spotify! :(
George IvanNavasca Domingo
It was but it was then removed.
ShadowArbiter123 9 dias atrás
Armored Titan breaks down the wall instead of Ahri
China Girl
China Girl 9 dias atrás
Why is this song not on Spotify?
Global Cheater
Global Cheater 9 dias atrás
It really hurts, to be Rakan....
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