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Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.
The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.
This video is sponsored by LG.
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14 Set 2020



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 dias atrás
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Invento Potter
Invento Potter 22 horas atrás
It was trending in INDIA lew
Juztine Tolentino
Juztine Tolentino 23 horas atrás
Hm is the price in the phillipines?
Lance Rose
Lance Rose 2 dias atrás
What case can I buy for this phone?
nore96ex 34 segundos atrás
The swivel reminded me of the tmobile sidekick, damn i'm getting old!
Swaminatha Maddulapalli
Swaminatha Maddulapalli 9 minutos atrás
Introducing LG Wing. Play Ludo game upto 3 players.
Jesus Somolinos
Jesus Somolinos 12 minutos atrás
Parece endeble
Artan Mi
Artan Mi 12 minutos atrás
Never thaught that there will be ever again a phone design as cool as my Sony Ericsson W900i back then... but here it is. I'm sure you get addicted to opening and closing it.
Devvrat Toshniwal
Devvrat Toshniwal 19 minutos atrás
So 200,000 thousand tests is not much! Assuming you would want a phone for 2 years: Swivels per day = 200000/730 = 273.97 Per active hour = 273.97/16 (8 hrs of sleep) = 17.12 per hour That's not much in my opinion. I'm a very fidgety person and open my phone like how I open fridges. Without a purpose
Ahmed Fadik
Ahmed Fadik 28 minutos atrás
Lg is underrated😨
Jay Pazare
Jay Pazare 38 minutos atrás
Mobile companies : Here you go for multi tasking Years of research : People are shit at multitasking.
Jay Pazare
Jay Pazare 43 minutos atrás
LG : Gives you wings Redbull : Bruh...
Jay Pazare
Jay Pazare 47 minutos atrás
2006 : Hey touchscreen mobiles 2020 : This is Optimus prime 6:09 2050 : Yeah here it is the phone that can turn into a drone and shoot lasers. AI at it's best.
Harin Mathers
Harin Mathers 47 minutos atrás
This phones solves the problem me being watching this video in landscape mode...
Akik feriawan
Akik feriawan 49 minutos atrás
I want this phone... 🤤🤤
Jay Pazare
Jay Pazare 50 minutos atrás
That's not a wing model. That's a model "T"
Amritanshu Rai
Amritanshu Rai Hora atrás
Cross from 2060
Kukil Das
Kukil Das Hora atrás
It reminds me of the Permutation & Combination chapter I had in my math class. Too many ways to handle and use this piece. I thought it will be good for nothing. But its usages are cool, though I can't afford to buy it. Well done, LG!
Esaioli Mohan shankar
Unbox narzo 20
Naeem Raza
Naeem Raza Hora atrás
LG has best features ...although it it need good marketing ..
Ekortal Hora atrás
Cassie 2 horas atrás
"Is this what you came here for?" ASMR gold.
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven 2 horas atrás
What next ?
kalyan kishore
kalyan kishore 2 horas atrás
Cassie 2 horas atrás
LG Sidekick
Jasso Ruiz Victor Rafael
Will the snpd 765G worth it? I like the design and the concept of the phone but I have a snpd 845 and love my phone smooth, will it be different performance or I won't notice it.
Typical Bosnian
Typical Bosnian 2 horas atrás
Def my next phone
AJAYDEV M 2 horas atrás
LG: *UNVEILS WING* No one can be inovative than this.. ESCOBAR:( ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ )wE ExIsT AnD wE ArE hErE nOw
Rafsanjany Rafi
Rafsanjany Rafi 2 horas atrás
Send this mobile jerryrigevrithink
Sajna latheef
Sajna latheef 2 horas atrás
Bro how much phone do you have
Хаос Джинджи
A vivo apex 2020?
Хаос Джинджи
A xiaomi mi mix alpha?
salsa salsa
salsa salsa 3 horas atrás
whos going to buy this
Scott Peters
Scott Peters 3 horas atrás
Gaming plus discord would be soo useful
Raj patel
Raj patel 3 horas atrás
that flowerpot is more popular than me😭😭
Mesum Haider
Mesum Haider 3 horas atrás
gimme that fone 😈
Tigerex966 3 horas atrás
It works with the same active wacom stylus like the Microsoft Duo and Samsung note series. Wow!!
Nischal Ghorasaini
Nischal Ghorasaini 3 horas atrás
Lg takes airplane mode too seriously 😂😂
Mad Benco
Mad Benco 3 horas atrás
But why?
Bayu Kurniawan
Bayu Kurniawan 3 horas atrás
But.. why?
azockx youlen
azockx youlen 3 horas atrás
My next next Phone
lorenzo cancio
lorenzo cancio 4 horas atrás
LG Sidekick
Bryan Makini
Bryan Makini 4 horas atrás
Can it fly?
Kucing Cilik
Kucing Cilik 4 horas atrás
Wonderfull phone. ❤️ LG Life's good
RIFF DT 4 horas atrás
Tony stark Like this thing.
ErvanzArts 4 horas atrás
sir, i like your videos
Kavorkian Scarf
Kavorkian Scarf 4 horas atrás
I seem to remember the old slider phones that started with the likes of Helio's Ocean and Kickflip models. Instead of revealing a fixed keyboard, there's now another touchscreen beneath with multiple functionality. It seems technology has come full-circle. I just have to complain about LG ditching their headphone jack and their quad DAC.
Albert Cassidy
Albert Cassidy 4 horas atrás
ehem, Nintendo DS, ehem
Omi Taukeer
Omi Taukeer 4 horas atrás
I think you are having trouble to close the wing or something😂😂😂😂
Mike Gray
Mike Gray 4 horas atrás
WOW!!’ Amazingly fking DUMB....
Raymond H
Raymond H 4 horas atrás
I've had this phone, it's literally the LG VX9400 LOL
x xkidsav13x x
x xkidsav13x x 4 horas atrás
The case will have to be 2 parts and also swiveling
Jeremiah K
Jeremiah K 5 horas atrás
At first I thought this was kind of a flop. But watching you explain the use cases of the small screen. Makes this phone seem pretty cool. Good job LG
Himanshu Jotaniya
Himanshu Jotaniya 5 horas atrás
so now i dont have to use my laptop and phone together
Jose Gabriel
Jose Gabriel 5 horas atrás
J K 5 horas atrás
If this phone had a leftover fruit printed in the back would be consider the future
Yari v.Sanchez
Yari v.Sanchez 5 horas atrás
Seems like a nice phone Iv always had bad luck with lg's though like sudden black screen won't go past the LG logo and eventually not turn on at all, atleast with the LG g2 g4 and two g5 phones because they sent me one for replacement but still did the same thing don't trust LG after that.
Tammy Braley
Tammy Braley 5 horas atrás
Umm Yeah, it's bad ass, but at the tune of 2K, I will wait until it comes down on price or become a massive multitasker for this kind of purchase. Thanks for reviewing it for all of us! :)
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 5 horas atrás
This Phone looks very similar to youtube feature when we go from full screen to normal mode🤨.
Sameer Shaji
Sameer Shaji 5 horas atrás
Malayalikkal arengilum undo ivide
Dbozgt 6 horas atrás
Kinda interesting idea want widescreen and 4:3 aspect screen too pick your pick
KEC Yumm!
KEC Yumm! 6 horas atrás
When you dip an LG Phone in Redbull.
Vinicius Ruiz
Vinicius Ruiz 6 horas atrás
Just one thing, WHY??
Vinicius Ruiz
Vinicius Ruiz 5 horas atrás
Well after seeing the entire video it's not as dumb as it looks at first sight. Some cool uses of this strange format
油管谷歌 6 horas atrás
Now this is like back to 2010, foldable smartphones, smartphones with wings, now we are only missing smartphone with an actual keyboard
jaydin coombs-eyndhoven
Can I have this phone lool ? I'm still using a Samsung galaxy s5
Eddie El Maniaco
Eddie El Maniaco 6 horas atrás
"Gimbal mode" is just a game changer that is sick! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jordan Dahl
Jordan Dahl 6 horas atrás
Tiktok / Quibi: "Am I a joke to you?"
Ochion Aarons
Ochion Aarons 6 horas atrás
Was that an Xbox series S
Imam Muharom
Imam Muharom 6 horas atrás
pasti ada member Komunitas Android Indonesia(KAI) disini :D
RantJamaica 6 horas atrás
im buying if it's 1k or less
RantJamaica 6 horas atrás
it will make sense and 1000 or lower..
Art Alcoolique
Art Alcoolique 6 horas atrás
That dual recording is smooth af
Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall 6 horas atrás
Stupid not even interested
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J Barry
J Barry 7 horas atrás
How does it hold up with everyday use?
bree Nichols
bree Nichols 7 horas atrás
LG: wE gIvE yOu T
Koza010 7 horas atrás
Only I can see that it is very similar to a Samsung phone? I can already see how the bottom screen will be scratched quickly with dust
Thomas Clapp
Thomas Clapp 7 horas atrás
Why did it echo like that tho?
Panji Lesmana
Panji Lesmana 7 horas atrás
Ada netizen +62 ?
Nisha Collins
Nisha Collins 7 horas atrás
Okay this is cool! This video help me change my mind about this phone!
Itx ;Lucifer
Itx ;Lucifer 8 horas atrás
Soldiers can also use this mobile for corner peek lol
Alexandru Stanciu
Alexandru Stanciu 8 horas atrás
Tigerex966 8 horas atrás
They need a smaller version. And a quad dac 865 8k version.
Tigerex966 8 horas atrás
Pub g and fortnite and call of duty need to take advantage of that second screen now.
Tigerex966 8 horas atrás
BlackBerry will do this. One side of the wing will have a screen and one side will have a real keyboard. LG WING 2 will be three screens with a screen. On both sides..di not ask me how.
H LUNA 8 horas atrás
I think it's durable enough that I can hammer my annoying brother's face. That's a great weapon you have there!
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams 8 horas atrás
It kind of looks ugly
Tigerex966 8 horas atrás
This just in The wing does support An active stylus. Do you have a dual screen swiveling note 20 competitor. Wow game changer!!!!
Wong Fei Hung
Wong Fei Hung 8 horas atrás
I'm sorry I will pass on this phone this phone looks ridiculously awkward
Flaming Hedgehog
Flaming Hedgehog 8 horas atrás
Hey LG if you want to impresses me compete with the Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC.. I am soooo missing the point with this brick. It's an expensive 'look at us' fad. Paid for by the phones that sell, making them more expensive.
Nate Portney
Nate Portney 9 horas atrás
We want out phone to do. Too many things and makers are guessing. We want it to flip, fold, and f***. Eventually it's gonna have a micro fridge inside.
A 10 horas atrás
I miss the small box shaped aux cord iPhone bluetooth never pairs bring back the aux
LOLWAT 10 horas atrás
Okay, so I thought this was the stupidest fucking thing when it was announced. I was like "Oh fuck, LG, why can't you learn? Why can't you just make a fucking decent phone without a horrible Android skin over top of it ruining the whole experience? Didn't you learn with the modular G6? Fuck me, you guys are going to go bankrupt in 5 years at this rate." But this device, after watching a couple videos... this is the fucking future. Honestly, there are so many potential applications that this can be used with within the OS, or within specific apps and games. Flip phones are cool, folding phones are cool, but this is some next-level shit. Now granted, this will likely get a fair amount of exposure, but it probably won't move units like it damn well should. But the form factor will be adopted (*cough*stolen*cough*) by Samsung or another company in the very near future, and it will sell like hot cakes.
drevilatwork 10 horas atrás
A flagship phone with removable battery would sell like crazy. Yet nobody made one for many years now. Instead we get BS like this and Microsoft duo
drevilatwork 2 horas atrás
@truth seeker todays waterproof phones are not really waterproof. You can know that if u read the fine print or if you see how they will not cover waterproof damage or from personal experience...there have been waterproof smartphones with removable batteries in the past
truth seeker
truth seeker 8 horas atrás
removable battery then it wouldnt be waterproof.
drevilatwork 10 horas atrás
Jesus !! All this complicated phones yet nobody can make a phone for professionals with a hot swap removable battery so the buyer can chose how big a battery they want in exchange of how thick and heavy they can tolerate. There has not been one smartphone made in the last couple years with removable battery. NOT ONE.
Charlie Harper
Charlie Harper 10 horas atrás
200 IQ People like me: use 3 old mibiles in on Hand with some tape 🤣🤣🤣 Wouldnt walk in publik with it...😅 But i have my game, BRvid and english learning at the same time...while wattering the plants haha
Hmm interesting use of extra screen
chad farrell
chad farrell 10 horas atrás
This is legitimately the funniest thing I’ve ever seen
Ace Guisadio
Ace Guisadio 10 horas atrás
Now that what you call a future phone🖤
Playboi Oli
Playboi Oli 11 horas atrás
Really impressed by this. I could actually see myself buying this. The foldables are a bit tacky to me but this actually seems useful
Michael Olusegun
Michael Olusegun 11 horas atrás
LG didn't show empathy for left handed people in this one. 😭
mikuhatesducks leek lover
Always been an lg lover since the V30. (and tablets) but hell they're simple and cheaper and still full of premium doohickeys.
Awesome Red
Awesome Red 11 horas atrás
U can work with two thing in one screen like the redmi note 8 pro. U can game and also read msg and also u can also game in the second app at the same time u can play two different game at one time
Godfather Pathania
Godfather Pathania 11 horas atrás
Okay. I am sold by this.🙌🏼
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