Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What I Eat!

Ryland Adams
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2 Mai 2019



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Comentários 13 935
Absolute Nerds
Absolute Nerds Hora atrás
Chick fil a is banging
Rayden Wysote
Rayden Wysote 6 horas atrás
Omg please enjoy in and out burger, here in Canada we don’t get that shit 😂
Anne Canright
Anne Canright 16 horas atrás
Don't apologize. You have to understand that this "eat what's in front of of me" is old, tired, shallow and even the best of these are boring. You have imagination that you can entice once a week. Just: no more fast food!
Sav Montes
Sav Montes 2 dias atrás
Recreate the Ryland Bell Hotel and fly a subscriber out 😫❤️
Jessica Kizner-willis
Jessica Kizner-willis 2 dias atrás
Honestly let people hate. Dont forget alot of hate is born from jealousy
Mr. Caption
Mr. Caption 3 dias atrás
Whats with chick fil a i actually dont no whats happening
BadAsh Bomba
BadAsh Bomba 3 dias atrás
Ryland, hunny, I know I’m late to the party but you’re super endearing one-on-one. I believe you should do like “GChats” and chill with us and keep us updated in between doing elaborate vids.
Anna Powers
Anna Powers 4 dias atrás
Look I’m not tryna be a hater cuz I love your and Shane’s videos BUT my moms a baker and plz can everyone stop cracking there eggs on there boil when you do that you push the shells into the egg and your like 50% more likely to get shells in your egg!!!!!! So can everyone just stop doing that PLZ
mary hale
mary hale 5 dias atrás
I love your videos!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tonya Mcclure
Tonya Mcclure 5 dias atrás
I can’t believe you got all that for $10 and change
Kayla Furbank!
Kayla Furbank! 6 dias atrás
I wish Shane was with him, lol Shane: GIVE ME A BITE!
chloe gleason
chloe gleason 7 dias atrás
With chick-fil-a yes they support bad groups but its not like you support them, if you like their food then eat it, its not you whos supporting the cause
Beverly D Groth
Beverly D Groth 7 dias atrás
RYLAND you have the same eyes like my dad. No wonder why i love you so much
grknt67 7 dias atrás
God, people are so dramatic about everything nowadays... Ryland, just do your thing
Mrs Plxnet
Mrs Plxnet 7 dias atrás
I actually want Ryland as a bestfriend. Hes so genuine!
alex_games5016 7 dias atrás
Ryland: talking about his haters Me "where's my croissants at" Ryland: licking his fingers Me: WhErE Is My CrOiSsAnTs👀 Lol i had to real life experiences matter 😂😂
alex_games5016 7 dias atrás
Btw never found my croissants 😭
brayan rocha
brayan rocha 8 dias atrás
Rylan : “ I real real real have a thing against Onions that aren’t fully cooked” *licks his onion fingers after saying that*
m m
m m 8 dias atrás
Do you know what I find funny. Dylan’s got hate for being “Bujee” but he’s friends with Jeffree star. I mean.....
marlee braze
marlee braze 9 dias atrás
"hey guys good morning" 🥺 keep it forever
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth 9 dias atrás
Their cheeseburgers are good with GRILLED unions 🤤
Lis Ciesynski
Lis Ciesynski 9 dias atrás
I like videos like this, where you just eat and chat with us.
Lia Thompson
Lia Thompson 9 dias atrás
What about another adventure with Morgan & Garrett?
Alyssa forever Vlogs
Alyssa forever Vlogs 9 dias atrás
Nobody: Ryland:10:00
RaeganShelby422 9 dias atrás
Well congrats ryland, you can start eating at chick-fil-a again because they stopped donating to anti-lgbt foundations!
Gunnar Mancaster
Gunnar Mancaster 10 dias atrás
This is late, but Chick Fil A definitely doesn’t prioritize front counter. They have people dedicated to front counter, so it’s easier to get it out quicker, but if there is ever only enough food for either drive through or front counter before they have to make more, it always goes to drive through
antoinela formalejo
antoinela formalejo 10 dias atrás
You make me very hungry!!!
Olivia Adkison
Olivia Adkison 10 dias atrás
OMG meeeeeeeeee Rylands Like do I have to talk to them face to face
candycane 92
candycane 92 12 dias atrás
It is currently 5:30am in the state of Oklahoma and I am craving a burger now lol
Morgan xx
Morgan xx 12 dias atrás
i really just love ryland. he’s such a true and genuine person.
Alley Farley
Alley Farley 13 dias atrás
Thank you so much Ryland for making my days worth enjoying. I've had a pretty terrible last 5 years and I just found your channel a couple weeks ago and I haven't cut since. I love you sooooo much and you will never realize how much you, Shane, Garrett, and Morgan have helped me. All the love 💗💗💗 ~Alley
Lehua MK
Lehua MK 14 dias atrás
Ugh making the burger look so good it sucks Hawaii does not have in and out burgers
Emma Mulvihill
Emma Mulvihill 15 dias atrás
Oh my god like in Ireland we literally only hav KFC burger King and mc Donald's 🤨 I'd luv to try all the fast food yall hav in America 🤣🤣🤑🤑
caitlin spry
caitlin spry 15 dias atrás
I hate onions too but I can maybe stand it if there are so tiny I can't taste
Morgan Hardison
Morgan Hardison 15 dias atrás
Check out a place called Fresh Fusion. They have great salads!
Glitchy Witchy
Glitchy Witchy 16 dias atrás
I really enjoyed this video! I love how you chat with us like we're friends 😅 but I'm also hungry now
Droolpuppy 17 dias atrás
Imagine being a weirdo that drives up to the drive-through and says "I'm gonna have what that other person before me just had" to the cashier.. I mean Ryland I love you but still. You are teensy bit creepy.
Norah Wertz
Norah Wertz 17 dias atrás
What if there was just a chain of people doing this and in the end they all ended up with the same stuff.
Reese Stowers
Reese Stowers 21 dia atrás
Boo!!! u get that chick fil a no one judging u
Magical Refuge
Magical Refuge 23 dias atrás
Weirdly I dont like their fries all that much. I feel like they're ok, but every other fast food place ever has made better ones lol. Unpopular opinions on my comment show today lol
alix springstead
alix springstead 24 dias atrás
Love your content! You do you ❤️ always gonna have haters no matter what you do. Never let someone make you feel bad for your success. Spoiling yourself and loved ones is completely fine. You’re not boujee you just enjoy the finer things in life AND WHO DOESNT! 😊❤️
Karen Nevins
Karen Nevins 25 dias atrás
You shouldn’t care al of your videos are way better! Love ❤️ u and Shane. You guys are the best!! Love karen
Stephanie Rice
Stephanie Rice 26 dias atrás
Ok I’m late, I love this video Ryland! Seriously just you hanging out and talking is so fun to watch: and now I’m starving and wish we had In-N-Out where I’m at! Yummm...
Dari Montenegro
Dari Montenegro 26 dias atrás
Period 👑👑👑👑👑👑🤍🤍🤍
Liquid Space
Liquid Space 26 dias atrás
Because of their religion views? So are y’all going to cancel Muslim owned cake place? because they won’t do gay wedding cakes? Probably not because they’re a “MINORITY” LMFAO. F the SJWS.
Jonah Gott
Jonah Gott 26 dias atrás
One of this biggest things I miss about living on the coast. There burgers are sooo good.
Mallary Klassen
Mallary Klassen 26 dias atrás
Ryland did not hesitate to show usernames.
Kyrsten Danielle
Kyrsten Danielle 27 dias atrás
I think this is great. Get to know you on a more personal level ^_^
xnight_1k rjk_1k
xnight_1k rjk_1k 27 dias atrás
but you had 7 days
Alyssa Albrecht
Alyssa Albrecht 28 dias atrás
I love watching your videos, but I don't love how you felt pressured to stop eating at Chick-Fil-A because of who they support. I watch BRvidrs and shop at places that support ideas and groups I may not support. They are allowed to support whoever they please, so I guess I don't understand why your choice of not eating there anymore does anything beneficial. If you like their food, eat there. It doesn't have to be that deep :)
Madison Stabler
Madison Stabler 28 dias atrás
I liked him before he said something bad about chick fil a just because they don’t support him & the lgbtq doesn’t mean he has to say something about it 🤬
Kaira Cullen
Kaira Cullen 29 dias atrás
Ok in n out burgers are good but the fries literally taste and feel like soggy cardboard
Eilidh Drummond
Eilidh Drummond 29 dias atrás
this is literally a video of ryland licking his fingers
Kawaii kiwi ʕ ᄋ ᴥ ᄋʔ
Does anyone else watch these cause They're hungry
Kat Fiolkoski
Kat Fiolkoski Mês atrás
The only thing I'll hate on you for, Ryland, is haring onions... How could you?
_purplepotato_ 8176
I love this video so much it's so chill❤
_purplepotato_ 8176
Ok Trish 2.0 I see u sis😏(jk)
LawlItsssOlivia Mês atrás
it’s rylands money so he can spend it on whatever he wants.
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz Mês atrás
literally a video on him talking with his mouth full and taking about how he is not boogie (eye roll)
Jessi 3005
Jessi 3005 Mês atrás
Yeah Christians are so awful.. wtf??
Josephine Gallo
Josephine Gallo Mês atrás
I love mukbangs FYI
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