Letting Shane Control The Day… An Extreme 24 Hours In Our Lives 

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26 Nov 2022



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Comentários : 2,4 mil   
@recentlyasmr Anos atrás
is it just me or does Shane seem like a new person? so positive and fun, I really like the vibe.
@alonewolftravels Anos atrás
same. I love it. he’s glowing 🌞
@kaylynncaudill8658 2 meses atrás
comment should be pinned
@megangleason7032 Anos atrás
I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching rylands vlogs because it honestly feels like you’re hanging with your friends and family it’s so refreshing to be able to sit and watch BRvid like I used to and have the same homey feeling to it
@Devil_bby_ Anos atrás
How is this the same Shane?! he’s sooo full of energy and happiness like he’s truly let go of everyone and everything draining his energy, it’s refreshing and infectious this video made my day so much better ❤️
@rachelkaple2225 11 meses atrás
I think he’s an expecting father and sooo happy
@janellee250 11 meses atrás
A: This new Shane now has millions
@Fairyfreshtinkk Anos atrás
Rylands grandma laughing at what they’re saying but then saying “wait what?” Is the best thing ever 😂
@Shrubs2019 8 meses atrás
Right?!? I love his grandma, she reminds me so much of my grandpa (laughter, and mannerisms) I love it when she’s in the videos:)
The friends episode compared to real life is hilarious!! 😂 I love how mom was coming back with the “I’ll get another piece”. We love a supportive queen like grandma 😅
It doesn’t matter what kind of a day or week I’m having. I can be feeling the most depressed or stressed I’ve ever been, but watching you two always makes me so happy and I always find myself smiling! You may not have the official title like some other BRvidrs but I swear you two will always be my Queens of BRvid!
@maddifisher6066 Anos atrás
Me too!! I wish there was a new video everyday lol
@morgannichols2710 Anos atrás
seeing shane be himself and having the best time ever makes me so happy
@OddOneCLC Anos atrás
I was just about to say the same thing! Love the fit and his personality is amazing! I’m just sitting here smiling and laughing like a fool and I love it!!!
@morgannichols2710 Anos atrás
@@OddOneCLC right!! Colorado truly healed him and it healed ryland too! def made the best choice and i cannot wait for more!
@tonya72 Anos atrás
Yesssss right?!!!! I love seeing him just be happy and be himself and I love seeing Ryland just loving him for who he is!!! Love love love!!!! And I absolutely loved this video!!!! I just smile the entire time lol they are just real and I love that about both of them!!! I loved seeing the lucky charms cheesecake part. Gurl If that had been a video by itself (make again ryland fix anything you think would have made it better like sugar in crust or whatever) but if you had made this video by itself .. I think it would have went viral!!! Love love love!!!! Would love to see y’all do a challenge where both you and Shane make it hehe Love y’all!!! 💜🙏
@marizcakes4463 Anos atrás
@angelgoddess1981 Anos atrás
@ryeing.6760 Anos atrás
Growing up watching Shane from as early as “Fred is dead” and now still watching at 29 years old being happy with who he is and in love makes me so happy! I 100% blame him for my dark humor, though 😂
@courtney4971 Anos atrás
same i’m 23 now and feel like that was a lifetime ago lol i think i was 11/12?? when that came out
@ashlynnolan5112 Anos atrás
I know you don’t read comments but super happy with how long this was this time! I could watch for hours. Lol Marry Vlogmas!!!❤️
@Rylandvlogs Anos atrás
@Sweetpea05980 Anos atrás
At 18:26 when Shane knew immediately that ryland regretted putting the mocha whip cream in his coffee was just adorable. Ryland said it was good but Shane knew he didn’t like it. That really showed how much you two know each other and it made me smile. I’m so happy for you both and I wish you nothing but the best. 🤍
@laurenhanchey3286 Anos atrás
I was the worker that checked you guys out at Safeway! I love you guys so much, been watching you Shane for so long, you’ve made such an impact on my life. It was a pleasure to meet you both. Sweetest couple ever ❤.
@kishaa48 Anos atrás
I love seeing Shane like this. He’s so happy and confident! Love how happy you’ve became ❤️❤️
I can’t stop laughing over Ryland calling it a “fruit loops cheesecake” 😂😂 the trauma of making it hit to hard 😂
@lindareeves7779 Anos atrás
I think a Froot Loops cheesecake would have a lot more flavor but I don’t know if they still have it with the marshmallows, I think that was a limited time only but with Froot Loops for the crust I think it would taste a lot better
@jizzellreyna Anos atrás
i hope to find a relationship like this one day. both are so supportive and festive and allowing one another to heal certain areas of their lives without judgement. ugh. i love this.
@jennaquinn84 9 meses atrás
@mikemorrison4125 Anos atrás
Always love seeing Ryland and Shane videos. But when Vlogmas comes around that is everything. You guys are always awesome and make me smile☺☺
@ashlielawson787 Anos atrás
The intro makes me feel like I’m home for the holidays. It is so comforting.
@0sherriann0 Anos atrás
Morgan + Ryland + Shane = A lovely day! 🥰
@einzelganger444 Anos atrás
Shane’s a whole vibe! Love him… Glad to see him happier. You guys are gonna make great dads and I can’t wait to see It. 😁🎉
@samanthicks Anos atrás
Comparing Grandma to Joey sent me over the edge 😂
@fuckencesar Anos atrás
I paused the video just to come here omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I screamed!! It was all so well played out!!
@samanthicks Anos atrás
Come for the laughs, stay for grandma
@giuliasohm3638 Anos atrás
The accuracy tho HAHAHA
@n3rdy97 11 meses atrás
I’m telling you. That Lil Debbie Ice cream is amazing. Not only is the Christmas one delicious, the other flavors are too. ❤
@kandiblanchard-br4lc 8 meses atrás
Shane and ryland eating whipped cream straight out the can straight in the store is GOALS. 😂
@daoc17 Anos atrás
“Blew my bussy out…” I died laughing….DIED! I am pretty sure Shane is my twin sister. Like you give me so much confidence to be myself. Thank you Shane! Love you RyRy! 😂
@swagmaster7520 Anos atrás
shane immediately coming in to help ryland with the circle shape was so cute
@helenmachado8298 Anos atrás
I just realize this is Shane‘s new era and I’m here for it. ❤
@xyummixcakex Anos atrás
I love how chaotic but so wholesome this vlog is!! So many creators make their xmas content look so perfect and effortless, when in reality it feels like a dumpsterfire - like Ryland making the cake!! Lots of time spent in the grocery store, and at the end of the day, a family to enjoy it with, no matter how desperately the food was slapped together. Love it, and can’t wait for more vlogmas!
@madelyndavis609 Anos atrás
Seeing Shane be Shane makes me so happy! He got his sparkle back 🥹
@aria.edits11 15 dias atrás
6:10 This part makes me smile so much And he served that singing 🍽️
@CoCoEyes Anos atrás
I don’t think I have ever seen the two of them so genuinely happy and so relaxed. We all get upset when bad things happen like the cancellations or trying to figure out your next step in life… but you guys are right where you should be. The roads are never each but the one thing you both know for sure…. you have each other. That’s the BEST gift 🎁.🎄🎅
@larryh5295 Anos atrás
Them moving was the best thing ever for them. 🥹
This video made me so so so happy! :) The friends refrence took me out! LOL Thank you Ryland, Shane & family for bringing me so much Christmas joy!
@PaigeDGoodmurphy Anos atrás
The cuts between friends and the family reactions is so good! I died 😂😂😂
My husband is sleeping and I’m laughing so hard with their reactions. Cry laughing and trying to be quite. Thanks for the joy.
@jessicazegnal1621 Anos atrás
I can’t wait for you guys to become dads, your home looks like the most loving environment where so many core memories can be made 🥹
@Cro-tje Anos atrás
I second that. The fact that they didn't opt for adopting a 41 year old catlady from the Netherlands still baffles me tho. I would be so grateful 🤣
@henrysmith8209 Anos atrás
@annagraham1281 You are a really pretty girl☺
@fionabrennan9148 11 meses atrás
@@abcxyz53 What a horrid comment. Maybe try putting your energy towards something positive, and stop commenting here. You’re only boosting the channel.
@KatieandLydia-roseslife 11 meses atrás
@@abcxyz53 what is wrong with you that’s such a harsh comment
@chelsey1087 Anos atrás
Ryland’s ornaments earrings and Shane’s Christmas lights necklace are the best things ever. This video is a mood and the best vibes 🎄
@kaitlinbell9373 Anos atrás
Seeing the VHS’s was SOOOO nostalgic and special. I remember the cabinet we kept ours in as a kid and wish my parents would’ve held on to them. I’m the same way as Shane, if I remember something from childhood I literally look it up and try to buy it. Enjoy recreating your childhood together ❤
@moonlightx2803 Anos atrás
i seriously adore ryland’s vlogs. i look forward to them every time and they genuinely put a smile on my face and make me laugh :) seeing shane so happy and himself is so heartwarming 🥹✨🫶🏼
@SS22x 6 meses atrás
I can see this new family being like “chrisley knows best” without the jail time 😅
@sarahr1994 11 meses atrás
This was so fun to watch! I'm really happy to see Shane is happier and being more himself. And that cheesecake looked amazing!
@T.K.0865 Anos atrás
I’m living for Shane’s energy in this video! I can’t stop smiling!
@TysWifeyy Anos atrás
I know!!!all the dancing he did was perfect 😂
@AprilArrglington Anos atrás
So chaotic! 💖✨
@chelsey1087 Anos atrás
Shane is so cool and fun. I love his energy. He deserves this happiness
I truly love seeing people happy-I love watching your vlogmas!!
@michellesilva1080 Anos atrás
This was sooo hilarious !! 😂😂 please have Shane rate your food more! Love seeing Shane be himself. I love u gus
@karensalcido7871 Anos atrás
Loving seeing Shane being so happy !
@kimisnider9303 Anos atrás
Loved every minute of this. This time of year has been hitting hard in a horrible way and I got to say your vlogs, the podcast, Shane, Morgan, and now lizzes vlogs, really do give me something to look forward to and be excited about. I appreciate the time and effort all of you put into this and can't express my gratitude enough for sharing your lives. Happy vlogmas guys 💜
@JustLindaThings Anos atrás
This time of year for once isn't easy for me either. I lost my dad back in February so it's been pretty rough. I totally agree with you about the videos though.
I'm loving Ryland and shanes vlogmas as I could watch them all day please could you make them longer as it makes me so happy seeing two people happy and in love 🎅❤
@grisilopez2301 Anos atrás
This vlog made me feel so happy, and like if we’re family ❤ i love this Shane! He’s finally himself 🎉 love you both!
@ashtonrosee Anos atrás
bet shane’s regretting those balenciaga earrings rn 😭🤣
@samanthap8044 Anos atrás
Love these long vlogmas videos! Love watching ya'll do family stuff together. You both seem so much happier in Colorado. So happy for you both, you deserve it! Merry Christmas! 🎅 🤶 🎄
@rebelheart1779 Anos atrás
Love the new confidence and happiness in Shane
Shane is so happy, is a joy to see 🤩🥰
@annastasiakohen Anos atrás
I love how Ryan isn’t triggered by Shane’s misophonia. That’s true love 🥹
@Jdksneo Anos atrás
whos ryan
@h.m.a8374 Anos atrás
Ryan is rylands real name lol
@aviaaja3439 Anos atrás
@@ISnailI He does in fact have it... Why are you even here if you don't know anything and just saying stuff like that without any knowledge?
@heypirouette Anos atrás
If you don't mind me asking... what is misophonia...?
@ISnailI Anos atrás
@@aviaaja3439 ok where is the doctor papers saying he's diagnosed with it? If your so in the know
@mckenzyfry Anos atrás
This video is so heartwarming and full of lovely energy. So happy to see you both back at it, Happy Holidays❤️!!
@henrysmith8209 Anos atrás
You are a really beautiful girl☺
@myst-pen7076 11 meses atrás
I freaking LOVE you guys! I love Shane's silliness so very much. There are no words to explain how badly I needed to see this today. You both are amazing and complement each other so well. I wish you both all the best and a very blessed new year.
@jyn88 Anos atrás
I wish someone made me that "fruit loop" cheesecake. You did great Ryland! Baking isn't easy.
I just want Ryland to know his hair looks especially GREAT in this vlog. Happy holidays, all! I love vlogmas. 😁
I really really happy seeing shane be himself ❤️
@RorThor Anos atrás
Nothing puts me in a Christmasy mood more than your vlogmas! It just make me feel so festive! 🎄💖
@DMWolFGurL Anos atrás
I love love love Ryland's vlogmas, something that is making me feel the holiday spirit. I hope it's a forever thing, that happens every year from now on.
@nichole4974 Anos atrás
Shane is the only public person that has ever shared the same misophonia sentiments, and I’m always here for it. My ex husband was eating dry ramen out it’s bag and sucking the seasoning off his fingers and it immediately shot me down to hell. A fury of burning hell. Only misophonia sufferers understand The torture is causes us. And if the people causing the trigger only knew the rage it induces in us, THEY WOULD NEVER. 😅 👹
@hannahbudd9722 Anos atrás
Seeing your grandma always makes me so happy. She is amazing
@nairikahough6998 Anos atrás
You have no idea how much I love these vlogs. They really help me be in a better mood when life isn't always going the way we want it to. Merry Christmas guys! ❤
@chloecat8841 Anos atrás
You guys making videos makes me so happy. I smile non stop. I love seeing how happy you two are together, and how supportive you guys are of eachother
@pupduffy8536 Anos atrás
Shane points out popcorn tins.. Ryland “absolutely not…oh my god Mickey!” 😂
@Ami_E_Bowen Anos atrás
Also just before Shane was saying he's not a Disney fan but ooohing and aawwing over his Christmas Mickey figure.
@emmu98 Anos atrás
I love seeing Shane this happy ❤
@chelsey1087 Anos atrás
Shane is so funny, he always makes me laugh 😂 He needs to be a comedian
@Kelly-xy5nh Anos atrás
It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there who understand misophonia.
Ryland's vlog really makes Christmas even better!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!! Continue to spread your love and joy......XOXO
@Cathlynn23 Anos atrás
These vlogs always make me so happy, I feel like we're all part of your Christmas cheer and I love it so much ♥️
@millerbabii185 Anos atrás
I've never wanted anything more than to be friends with Shane and Ryland! They seem so fun yet chaotic but it would never be a dull moment
@LP-km7gj Anos atrás
@michellepoisson55 Anos atrás
@elleclingaman5116 Anos atrás
Same! :)))
@suppfreshfaces Anos atrás
This video has made me happy to see you both happy
I loved Shane’s gingerbread house! He looks happier and when he saved rylands cheesecake issue.. he was so calm and sweet. I loved that!
@xsweetsophx Anos atrás
I couldn’t help but keep SMILING throughout this entire vlog! You guys are radiating happiness & love! Everything is so funny and I loveeee the editing. Good job on the cheesecake Ryland! 😊
I've been a fan of Shane since the beginning, I will be forever! You and Shane seem so genuinely happy and suited for eachother it's really lovely to see ❤
@donnae2013 11 meses atrás
Guys don’t ever stop you’re such a cheer up happy maker video every time ❤️❤️ And a merry Christmas
The fact you still wonder if you'll get demonitized if two guys kiss is sad.. we love seeing you two be happy and in love! Happy vlogmas! X
@jimbrown4990 Anos atrás
Presentation is everything! Great job, Ryland. Seeing Shane so happy is a beautiful thing! Makes my heart smile. 💙💙
I think I NEED a Ryland & Vicki Christmas cookie baking vlog. 🥰 🎄🍪
@jfrericha Anos atrás
This was literally the happiest vlog I’ve ever watched of you guys!! This made me smile the whole time!!!! Love you both ❤
@jordynduguay8915 Anos atrás
You guys!! I haven’t laughed all week long and you have me howling 😂❤️ - I enjoy watching you two, I watch every single video you post and have for the past few years and you keep me going!!! Thank you for you two simply just being you.
@jadewilson293 11 meses atrás
Grandma is killing me we love a supportive queen 😂
I love how homey their home feels! This home just feels like the perfect home for them to raise a family in.
@lauraoliver1440 Anos atrás
@mitchiesdiary Anos atrás
@mitchiesdiary Anos atrás
Also, Ryland, that Burberry sweater is EVERYTHIIIIIIIINGGGGG 😍😍😍
@AuntyLeelee Anos atrás
Shane dropping it like its hot _"you didn't think those..... _*_porkchops_*_ what did ya call them _*_tree trunks_*_ could get that low didja?"_ lmao 🤣💀
I am always so genuinely happy watching these vlogs. I catch myself smiling so big like an idiot😂 Makes me happy to see everyone so happy🥰
@marjohnson Anos atrás
This video makes me so happy! I love to see you two doing so well in life. YAY I am just as hyped for Christmas as y'all.❤‍🔥
@jessorozco3466 Anos atrás
Aw I absolutely love you two together. Especially ryland seeing how stressed you were to make the lucky charms cheesecake but staying committed to the end all just for Shane just warms my heart 🥹❤ and I’m happy that it actually came out looking pretty good!!
@starangelsa Anos atrás
I absolutely love you guys!! I was laughing so hard at Shane. I love both of your energy!!! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 💗
@Freedom-bs2yv Anos atrás
Ryland now knows how every one feels when trying to make a new recipe that's very complex lol
@waddledoo3759 Anos atrás
I love the opening song it's nice to see you guys in your element and I love that Shane isn't walking around like a scolded dog Rylan really brings out the best of Shane and keeps home grounded plus hes got great taste
@kimurso937 Anos atrás
Seeing Shane so relaxed and being himself makes me happy Ryland just being awesome ❤❤
@maureenl7171 Anos atrás
Seeing Anastasia on VHS and knowing it’s not just at my house gives me so much happiness 🥹
@tokaychi Anos atrás
i love that ryland decided to start vlogmas so early! excited for christmas stuff !!
@Cro-tje Anos atrás
Is it early? It would explain why I'm still the only one having obnoxious chrismas lights out on my balcony... thanks for clearing that up! ☺
was thinking the same. I love it all
@sweetCarolinexo11 Anos atrás
Spent this whole video laughing! I just love you guys!
@Marrellweatherd Anos atrás
The longer the better love these videos keep them coming
@kimmykallberg2596 Anos atrás
Can I just say I’ve never seen Shane be so happy and himself and it’s SO amazing!!!
@ariellerenee4632 Anos atrás
I LOVE seeing Shane like this. 😊 I love his energy and how excited he is. I would've joined him!
@Kay-Pinky Anos atrás
I love when Ryland does vlogmas! Yasss makes me so happy. You guys are so cute and I love the decorations! Adorable
@Ami_E_Bowen Anos atrás
I have to say that cheesecake looks delicious. I'm impressed at the fortitude Ryland showed staying the course. I'd have been sobbing in the fetal position halfway through that baking process. And be like "Can I just pay someone to make this for you? It's the thought that counts! Love you!"
@adelinemelton476 Anos atrás
Ryland is such a sweet partner to make Shane that cheesecake. It was a labor of love
@kristencruz3596 Anos atrás
Shane is EVERYTHING!!! love you guys!!!
@MRmotorworkz Anos atrás
Always love seeing you guys get into festivities :). Truly have helped to redefine what I want. Once upon a time I wanted the city life.. Now I can just dream of having a lot of land with all the fur family I can get. Cant wait for more vlogmas!