Lethality Ashe is a LITERAL Cheat Code and is not Balanced (Spray W Every 1.5 Seconds)

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Lethality Ashe is a LITERAL Cheat Code and is not Balanced (Spray W Every 1.5 Seconds)
League of Legends season 12 Ashe Gameplay!
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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 348
Desma 13
Desma 13 Mês atrás
Ahh the rare assassin Ashe sneaking in to hunt the unsuspecting little Deer, thus continuing the cycle of life. Nature truly is beautiful.
isaz 24
isaz 24 23 dias atrás
poor bambi :(
Karl the Intern
Karl the Intern 26 dias atrás
You mean… Ohdeer?
avengerworrior fly-strange428
League of legends Natinal Geography...nice !
Joki_ koki
Joki_ koki Mês atrás
Well yes, but only on my monitor :D
Anna Mês atrás
You have such a face of someone that I would listen and get lost when they say that
Sanches7557 Mês atrás
Now we have them all for “one for all”: Regular ADC Ashe Support Ashe AP mid Ashe Tank Top Ashe Assassin jungle Ashe Edit: Ashe*
One for One
One for One Mês atrás
@xBananaTERROR it's a joke about a full Ashe team not whether which one is best
xBananaTERROR Mês atrás
No, this is better than support and adc ashe
Jhin Mês atrás
She has become pantheon lol
Zyxel Dominus
Zyxel Dominus Mês atrás
Better to put this on the zwag heiz ioki channel, they'd love it
Kyle Berts
Kyle Berts Mês atrás
“Did Zwag get the first 6 CS?” Yes, he got all 6!! Win Streak: 2
Marcus17e Mês atrás
@El Directo first comment reminded me of Kripparian's Kripperinos.
El Directo
El Directo Mês atrás
@Marcus17e lmao, are you from different timeline, or you just confused channels :D
Marcus17e Mês atrás
CSerino Zwagerino Kripperino
El Directo
El Directo Mês atrás
Day 34 of writing here which day it is
Daagon the Befeler
Daagon the Befeler Mês atrás
First thing i do on a zwag vid is look for Kyle's expert assessment
Mario Curbelo
Mario Curbelo Mês atrás
I think soraka deserved the honor she played so well on so many team fights MY humble opinion
Flipperi80 Mês atrás
even got a kill with redemption
Neighborly Fiend
Neighborly Fiend Mês atrás
Ash has always held a special place in my heart. She was my first champ I ever played in League and still is a go to fav.
Pfuetz4 19 dias atrás
Same!!! I was such a noob. I couldn't figure out how to move my camera. I thought her ulti was useless and "bigbrained" her skill leveling and just took extra points in W lol.
3rdBan SubjectNone
3rdBan SubjectNone Mês atrás
@EpicBunty no
EpicBunty Mês atrás
isn't she super weak currently tho
Hushoo Mês atrás
If every hero is a cheat and unbalanced, then the 200 years of development is doing work
One for One
One for One Mês atrás
Yeah at this point it feels like the real issue is that we have 0 years champs that feel terrible to play as opposed to a few champs that are just way too unbalanced. Like syndrome from Incredibles: when everyone is 200 years then no one is
TungstWn Mês atrás
Great game! Ezreal's reaction to the arrow cooldown was hilarious Also, if you run out of ideas, here are two to consider: 1. Bruiser Xerath top lane. Totally a troll build! Get Rift/Crown, AA Staff/Fimbulwinter, Hourglass, Demonic, Veil, Rylai/Cosmic (or you can stick with boots the whole game). Runes are Grasp, Demolish, Conditioning, Overgrowth, Manaflow, Storm. You get about 4k HP, 540 AP, 60% armor and 50% mr. Again, an absolute troll build, but it still hurts while soaking a bit of damage. :D 2. The beeg bois. Volibear jungle, Renekton top, Mordekaiser mid, Cho'gath bot, Nasus support. These champs all grow huge by ulting.
Jordon Henderson
Jordon Henderson Mês atrás
When you playing ashe and they have two champs who can only run at you XD
EpicBunty Mês atrás
Hierophant Mês atrás
I love watching this build. It's so dominant in lane phase and if you got good positioning it's detrimental to the enemy team. Not to mention global control with ult and vision. You'd almost think 12 years ago they envisioned Ashe mid.
CringeLife Mês atrás
26:22 Comet does adaptive damage based on whichever stat you have more (bonus AP or AD). So that magic damage was from your ulti and scorch
Moo Freedom Farms
Moo Freedom Farms Mês atrás
Looking forward to an AP jinx build. Her traps at max rank with some AP items do 600 damage and burn. I took it with a full burn build in Aram. The ult still executes low health. I played an 18 minutes game before they surrender and had 40k damage.
Origin WZ Clips
Origin WZ Clips Mês atrás
Zwag: I didn't even get the cannon, RIP Me: Say it... Zwag: "MY CANNON" Me: Good boi
Lesaitan [WR]
Lesaitan [WR] 24 dias atrás
same vibe as my cabbages
mueez adam
mueez adam Mês atrás
He said the thing!
Plausible Paradox
Plausible Paradox Mês atrás
Gotta chant the magic words
Alex Mês atrás
I like to do a hybrid build of this in ARAMs, I swap out a Liandry's as my second item mythic. I was able to spam the hell out of the enemy even though they were crushing my team, then I got my second lethality item and got a quadra kill without the enemy being able to get close. My team was down in kills the whole game and they didn't get our first tower.
CPQ .1
CPQ .1 Mês atrás
Now that Kyle the OG, got popular, everybody is counting whatever Zwag said , dose or misses 😂😂
Trent Hickman
Trent Hickman 27 dias atrás
Just tried this build as ashe support. Works amazing once you build manamune and cdr boots. Let the W spam begin.
xBananaTERROR Mês atrás
I think greaves are better for the build. It's easier to get Qs if there's an "oh shit oh no get it off me" moment. With axiom and the CD centric build on a low CD W it isn't near as much a difference as getting the Q which has no CD and can be fired off more.
DiddlyDiPotatoes Mês atrás
Love the Ashe videos. This is basically just her ARAM build but with a duskblade instead of a mandate so a little more selfish, but the damage is still delicious.
Sam Chu
Sam Chu Mês atrás
I'm convinced that this is the best Ashe build out there. I tried this today in ARAM (PH server, where Ashe is played as trad. ADC), and our Mundo had zero trust in my build. Kept pinging my Comet and items. By the end of it their Senna and Yone were begging for us to end. Good shit!
goalz 21 dia atrás
Would never have expected that i would enjoy watching anything to do with league but you make it enjoyable.
Lycorisaylla Mês atrás
I love your videos, I learn because of them how to play better with some champions so thank you!
Ted Danville
Ted Danville Mês atrás
The thing with this build is that you don’t have good wave clear, meaning you fall behind in farm later on.
Rasmus Gunhaga DRe
Rasmus Gunhaga DRe Mês atrás
You gotta try AP tahm kench with fimbulwinter! His Q gets him the shield from the fimbulwinter and does loads of damage! W also has a 100% AP ratio
The Need 80g
The Need 80g Mês atrás
I wanted to keep this build a secret but now zwag found out about it
Plague Doctor 049
Plague Doctor 049 Mês atrás
Hey Zwag. I love your content and look forward to every video. Could you play Rek’Sai? I think she’s criminally underrated.
Joel Couture
Joel Couture 15 dias atrás
Id love to try a little tweak with lethal build instead of comet you get hail of blade so you can W triple tag someone with hail if you in AA range that also proc Q giving you some sweet ratio of auto to weave in W you lose burn but you can get eyeball collector rather easily in its place for a few extra AD and still have CDR + mana flow band to help out so you trade poke for a bit more all in burst when you have 400 ad the 3 auto adds up nicely i argue more than a comet
Michael D
Michael D Mês atrás
I've been playing poke Ashe for a while now and it's super fun. Might go lethality build next time as I usually go burn and spam W.
Dhoygyot Mês atrás
Wow this Ashe is such a cheat! I can feel the annoyance from the enemy team
Ties Boonstra
Ties Boonstra Mês atrás
Please go that lillia's build! You start with a tear, then you go riftmaker into archangels with cooldown boots. (Dont forget to use conqueror for extra credit)
ZKRS Mês atrás
3:40 lmao zwag really said “my cannon” right after I finished saying “noooo” Also Ashe Q is an auto reset so just use it like sivir W in low AS builds, don’t worry about wasting the buff.
MrSullyTheKnight Mês atrás
the arrow at @19:04 was beautiful my man. Keep these videos coming. Keep my afternoons running smoothly!
fizz ma man
fizz ma man Mês atrás
How do you see an arrow at 19 mins when the vid isn't even out for that long hahah
Hardy Mês atrás
I’d like another one of those Samir’s bruiser builds you did that was awesome!
DonGrentrox Mês atrás
„I have arrow“ Misses shot „I dont have arrow“
PelycheeaceRA Mês atrás
Maybe show rune stats instead of champion stats in the HUD? I like to follow how e.g. comet damage accumulates over the game.
PhantomReaper13 Mês atrás
Zwag First Cannon Minion Wins: 122 Losses: 26 Win Streak: 12
smievil 18 dias atrás
firing the arrow from one end to the map to the second, tp to the other and firing another one could be fun, if it takes enough time for the first one to travel.
game ghost
game ghost Mês atrás
-zwag comes in -shoots arrow misses -refuses to elaborate -leave’s
furyomega Mês atrás
A full haste seraphine build would be pretty cool
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee Mês atrás
Seems hella fun, gonna go int my ranked games with this and say zwag told me to.
Acer Eraser
Acer Eraser Mês atrás
Such a true statement 😅 wish he would say that he is doing these with friends or had some this multiple times till he found a vid where he's a god in it.
Laurenz Wegler
Laurenz Wegler Mês atrás
Im new to LoL so maybe this doesnt even work, but would it be possible to do a fiora build, where u heal a ton with ur ult? Really like ur vid btw :D
Tides Of Light
Tides Of Light Mês atrás
i dont know if it was mentioned but the lord dom vs grudge, lord dom would give more damage to you autos due to ashe's crit scaling passive
ILoveNeko Mês atrás
Little tip after i tried ur build on ashe i found out that her Q can give u up to 12 stack's per Q for your tear
Nadeem Salah
Nadeem Salah Mês atrás
wouldnt it be crazy to do lethality illaoi mid with axiom arc for double ults in one team fight (that would be a huge amount of tentacles)
Melonenlord Mês atrás
3:50 i never get the minion behavior. The red meele minion attacked a blue caster, than got hit by another caster and reaction is to go to the third caster behind the first and attack this, so tower can shout it and that denies your minion. Why Riot?
Charles Long
Charles Long Mês atrás
If I was Shyv I would've been so frustrated at the start of that game that no one was helping me drag. Jungle problems... damage never wants to come and needs to "push the wave" first... and even then they don't come like the Zeri on his second attempt to get that first drag.
Rick Diniz
Rick Diniz Mês atrás
Zwag, just wanted to remind you of my existence, and that i still want to see a No Recall Ornn Jungle, sustained by blue and red (and the little plants also). You are missing an opportunity brought to you by the brazilian guy with a surprised Pikachu in his profile pic, come on man, love your videos
Jripy Mês atrás
I have been watching you for a very long time and I usually recommend a champ I’d love to see you play, but unfortunately you never do. But I’ll continue to leave a comment on what I would love to see you play. Qiyana, J4.
Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard Mês atrás
Hey Zwag! I've subbed to your main two channels here, very much enjoy your commentary while you play! First time suggesting anything, I saw a matchup with you dumpstering a Viktor with your Xerath. You said you outrange him and I remember back when I played and they were both released Riot advertised Viktor had the longest range poke with his laser. I liked that but the next champ they released after him was literally Varus so even if he did at some point have longer poke it was short lived xD Anyways, I really like both Jayce and Viktor even before Arcane came out and I know you're more a mage player. Would you consider doing a Viktor build since it's been a long time? Maybe something to do with his mobility with his Q? Go usual hard AP build with Ludens and deathcap but maybe also work in a cosmic drive and lichbane for that extra zoom? Maybe a Ryliahs instead to slow beyond your gravity and give you a bit of health? You think it would be possible to run down anyone you can beat and kite anyone you can't? Thanks for all the consistent uploads!
Ab Q8
Ab Q8 Mês atrás
Plz do this build for Zac i promise it will shock you : frostfire and the rest is all Ap/health items and enjoy
unfortunate.dayvid 22 dias atrás
my zac build as jg full ap one shots most champs
Hlias X
Hlias X Mês atrás
I love this build. Spam W is so fun! I play it in support
Gab Ts
Gab Ts Mês atrás
and you destroy the game
Brad Langley
Brad Langley Mês atrás
Zwag helped me get through my horrendous heroin detox lmao. Along with a bunch of TV shows and such. Been clean for a couple weeks finally back to myself. Look forward to playing in a month or two. Sad to see my d2 account now at d4 and soon to be p1 from decay rip
Karim A.
Karim A. Mês atrás
I LOVE Lethality Ashe !! But can you play her Attack speed ?
Airic MAYZ
Airic MAYZ Mês atrás
"Longswords are the key..." Talon 2016
David B
David B Mês atrás
I want to see this build with Liandry's instead of duskblade... the mana would make the Manamune hit harder and the ap makes the ult hit harder. Drop the ghostblade and then go full CDR
David B
David B Mês atrás
@Mickey Nott the closest he has is one where he went with demonic... if you have another example, plz share
Mickey Nott
Mickey Nott Mês atrás
but the original comments specifically says liandrys, manamune, and full CDR. he has several videos that literally meet that criteria
David B
David B Mês atrás
@Mickey Nott Everyone keeps saying this but there's not. Even his turn off your brain build doesn't go full meme build.
Mickey Nott
Mickey Nott Mês atrás
there are several of those videos on his channels
jojo Gehlks
jojo Gehlks Mês atrás
AP Ashe was so fun to play in urf. Was one shotting people with ult 10second ult.
Pachetti Mês atrás
I thought it might be an interesting challenge. Kassadin but you can't ult until level 16!
Mehdawen Mês atrás
So powerful, i'll definitely try it
Frankie He
Frankie He Mês atrás
i build this sometimes and people call me troll when i carry in vision and dmg. I hate the players :/
BlueHeart Mês atrás
"Did Zwag get the first Cannon?" Yes, 1:56 Win Streak: 34
Kuhyra Mês atrás
Really like the positivity and optimism - Fires Arrow, misses. - "Made alistar turn around" ^^
alexei zaraiov
alexei zaraiov Mês atrás
8:02 except for Morgana's Q, which lasts for 2 weeks
Aviv Noifeld
Aviv Noifeld Mês atrás
can u do a healing build on Diana? lethal tempo, nashors riftmaker kind of style? super op
Daniel_ KBN1
Daniel_ KBN1 Mês atrás
Hello Zwag nice video, I really like your videos. Day 8 of asking to go Olaf Mid. Please try Olaf Mid (as i name it the new meta because I destroy every Yasuo, Yone, Zed or some other champions, i discovered some mages like Akali aren't a good match up) With this build i don't leave the lane for like 8 minutes and I can kill them everytime with zero items just a Dorans Shield and I think Olaf hase some Life Steal too. Take Ignite with Flash or Ghost, the Ignite is a must in the early fight. You begin with Q than W than E and you max Q first than W. At first you go: Dorans sheild with a potion Armor boots Than Hullbreaker maybe you can go manamune instead idk Divine Sunderer Deaths Dance The last 2 items are your choice, you could go Thornmail or something else depends on the match ups idk. And for the runes you go: Lethal Tempo With Triumph With Legend Alacrity With Last Stand And for the secondary you go: Bone Plating With Overgrowth
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson Mês atrás
Anyone else get that sad feeling everytime zwag says “my cannon”?
Voicefulspace5 Mês atrás
BTW getting champ vision with ashe E also gives assist so if you see someone almost get a kill you can send your E and get a free assist. (Like at 9:49 for example)
Monke Dragon
Monke Dragon Mês atrás
Zwag Ashe is so underrated and I think can compare to Teemo’s videos
Marvin Lauerwald
Marvin Lauerwald 21 dia atrás
Improvement suggestions: berserkers and the 10% as. Rune. Like that you can at least also utilize the Q
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Mês atrás
Ashe must be nerfed in ARAM cause I'm never this strong with those items
Anywhere But Here!
Anywhere But Here! Mês atrás
Hey Zwag, Day 45 of asking for most annoying Tank Janna build. Runes: Glacial Augment, magical footwear, biscuit delivery, Approach Velocity (so you can go in for chain CC) Secondary Runes: Conditioning, Revitalise Build: Everfrost, boots (your choice), Fimbulwinter, Anathemas Chains, Spirit Visage and one more item of your choice. Spell order: Max W then Q then E Aim is to get as much CC as possible and tilt the enemy team. You can still peel for your team since it’s Janna. Thanks for the content!
bianca Mês atrás
I'm so gonna try this after work :D Ty for the idea.
Mario Curbelo
Mario Curbelo Mês atrás
Always supporting the motion
therealstoehse Mês atrás
What you said about Zeri.. She is actually my favourite Champ. And I hate what Riot did to her. You can barely win lane or a game. Hope they will buff her a little bit again. Not too much of course, but enough that you actually stand a chance hahaha Btw, maybe try a Zeri video next xD
FriendlyFBI_Guy Mês atrás
"They have vision, I have arrow though" 😆
Dally Mês atrás
Very fun to watch! i been waiting you to do video about ashe! That was good game!
meowBerry Mês atrás
Day 2 of asking Zwag for an attack speed Nautilius build! (Great vid btw love spray and pray ashe builds)
Slippin' Jimmy Fan Channel
wait are you telling me that you can use hawkshot to get an assist on the other side of the map so u can get invisibility to sneak up on the enemy?
Densema 28 dias atrás
Seems like :D
Reggie Mês atrás
Would love to see you going for ap voli
CallMeStripes -
CallMeStripes - Mês atrás
“Shyvana might actually have this unless she gets kited…. Uh oh”
Jono_CC Mês atrás
Did Zwag get the first 19 CS? Yes, yes he did, great start!
Dach101 Mês atrás
You are my safe space in a world going crazy, thank you.
MrHaypro Mês atrás
Some plays by Teemo for that first ult. Baited her right into the arrow
Antwain Henry
Antwain Henry Mês atrás
zwag can you please do a healing swain or ahri build with riftmaker as the mythic and a tank veigar build with sunfire as the mythic
SlarkeSSC Mês atrás
riftmaker isn't that good, if you want to do a healing swain build moonstone is way better
Sotrubaby Mês atrás
Zwag: Clean Ace Dead Raka: :o
Animawoods 22 dias atrás
U can do it with other champion like missfortune or varus but from midgame that is not much efficient
Jack R
Jack R Mês atrás
This is the one thing I complain about most…the Ashe W’s. Can’t ever move
Lance Magbanua
Lance Magbanua Mês atrás
We all know that Morg Bind is the longest freaking CC... So fucking hard to get out of it once it hits
Cody Galvin
Cody Galvin Mês atrás
Needs to get tips from Heiz on Ashe arrow predictions
alitomix Mês atrás
zwag, try rammus full atk speed :D it's pretty funny
VERG ILLE Mês atrás
can you do full attack speed ashe pls ?
DarkiHarzan Mês atrás
it looks like his ms are just raising by one XD
Rogelio Moreno
Rogelio Moreno Mês atrás
Can you try warwick all att speed? including nasus tooth with lethal tempo
Tyler Broderick
Tyler Broderick Mês atrás
could you do a lethality urgot build again?
Justin Roylance
Justin Roylance Mês atrás
Thanks for the great Ashe vid!
Fire Song
Fire Song Mês atrás
Why have I been wasting my time with Imperial Mandate Ashe on aram when this exists, lol.
Yu Cao Xi Mi
Yu Cao Xi Mi Mês atrás
Try new Be’veth Zwag, love your vids btw❤
Magic Jim
Magic Jim Mês atrás
heiz will be kinda sad after seeing those missed ults :P
Deon Fleming
Deon Fleming Mês atrás
Or if you want challenge builds. Theres the aram challenge you cant base or buy til your death. Or you have to always build the left recommended item to full build
Violet Mês atrás
“I have arrow… okay I don’t have arrow”😭
Gin !
Gin ! Mês atrás
where my man ruri at :o Can I request some Nami? 🙇‍♀️ A lot of very fun outplays!!! Thank you for all the awesomeness in the Ashe builds!!!
Derek Mês atrás
19:24 i choked on my spit laughing at chat
What da dog doin?
What da dog doin? Mês atrás
18:25 “I don’t think any other ability goes to 3.5s” looks like someone hasn’t been hit with a Morgana Q before :,)
Christopher Arevalo
Try a lethality Samira, I fought against one the other day and it was disgusting.
BlackIceAmino Mês atrás
Take a drink everytime he says arrow
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