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@Lethal Shooter can really make a basket on anything 😳

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15 Set 2021



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Comentários 2 407
Fermin Nunez
Fermin Nunez 2 dias atrás
Aim small you miss small
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy 7 dias atrás
Him vs curry. Need to see it
Duce🦇🦇BIGGA9 12 dias atrás
Langdon Park finest 💪🏾
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia 12 dias atrás
Alright you got an open workout. Takes first shot and misses “ man that rim is too big bro.”
ksi junior
ksi junior 13 dias atrás
Shooters Media Group
Shooters Media Group 14 dias atrás
Is that Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory in the back??
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 14 dias atrás
That’s precision
Giles J
Giles J 15 dias atrás
I English so really don’t care about basketball but hey that’s was impressive 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Chief khizA
Chief khizA 15 dias atrás
I say it's more on 9 5/8 inches
KT 16 dias atrás
Not impressed, Young folks are easily impressed, mostly because they are always in the home playing Fortnight or 2K. Try a milk crate.
George Dominguez
George Dominguez 16 dias atrás
That was cute
Alexis D. Sumiguin
Alexis D. Sumiguin 16 dias atrás
How many take did it need to make those shots?
TheMitchwich 17 dias atrás
Randall Smerna
Randall Smerna 17 dias atrás
I bet that guy kills it at the carnivals!
maurice cohen
maurice cohen 18 dias atrás
Pretty cool but I guess u didn’t film the misses but really cool anyway
Rahiem Thomas
Rahiem Thomas 18 dias atrás
This would help Ben Simmons
Vaughn McGregor
Vaughn McGregor 18 dias atrás
Insane accuracy 🤯👆🏾
Allik Rellik
Allik Rellik 18 dias atrás
I love this dude drive... He keeps it up he's going to be unstoppable as a shooter. Much love.
Lance 18 dias atrás
Some made out of 100
Sherod Parkinson
Sherod Parkinson 19 dias atrás
How many shots were missed in between the edits?
I'm Going Supersonic
I'm Going Supersonic 19 dias atrás
How many takes
Nick St.laurent
Nick St.laurent 19 dias atrás
Pretty cool to watch the sun set during the video
MarkB 19 dias atrás
Carnival games be like
christopher woodson
christopher woodson 19 dias atrás
What they don't tell you is that this took 6 months to make lol
Eli The1
Eli The1 19 dias atrás
No racist shit but when it comes to sports my black brothers dominate
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington 19 dias atrás
Damn. U cold wit it
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 19 dias atrás
This the rim Dell curry made Steph practice on
bionicgeff 19 dias atrás
A lot of Ben Simmons trolling saying this is easy
DT Smith
DT Smith 20 dias atrás
Paco JuanRico
Paco JuanRico 20 dias atrás
Mee Ma
Mee Ma 20 dias atrás
That would make for some really good precision training
Charles Kirkland
Charles Kirkland 20 dias atrás
Thats bad man u a beast
Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres 20 dias atrás
9.7 on a measuring tape 😂
Saki Yoshida
Saki Yoshida 21 dia atrás
How many times did he the camera?
Pool Crack
Pool Crack 21 dia atrás
Imagine this but double rimmed
Blueredgoogoo 21 dia atrás
I could be there all day and not make one of these.
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 21 dia atrás
He needs to coach Ben Simmons.
Luna Martinez
Luna Martinez 22 dias atrás
All those shots came in Vs 1000 missed shots 🤣🤣
Doug Sigmon
Doug Sigmon 22 dias atrás
Nice bro!!!! That’s a shooter
Paper Pandaa
Paper Pandaa 22 dias atrás
Kobe would have challenged dude to a shootout!
Gregory UK
Gregory UK 22 dias atrás
Rob Howard
Rob Howard 22 dias atrás
How many times u missed that shot before making it
KING Cook 23 dias atrás
J Storm!!!!🤙🏿💯🐐
Ragib memic
Ragib memic 23 dias atrás
Jebite se
mahmutyukcell 23 dias atrás
Ben Simmons doesnt like that. Left the chat
Mendivil 24 dias atrás
Moka_ 1984
Moka_ 1984 24 dias atrás
I bet it’s harder if it’s hanged on a wall instead
Kenneth Robinson
Kenneth Robinson 24 dias atrás
1/5 of an inch not an qtr of an inch ...
Raised Different
Raised Different 24 dias atrás
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons 25 dias atrás
I mean damn son... but I'm sure I could get single clips of me making one shot at a time from the same spot too lol
karina martinez
karina martinez 25 dias atrás
That’s the size that professional basketball players should use. Getting paid so many millions, the should prove that they are that good and that they deserve their earnings! 🤣
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams 25 dias atrás
Buckets!! He getzem!
Medusa Man
Medusa Man 25 dias atrás
He’s playing at a Verdansk Police Station
Paul P
Paul P 25 dias atrás
To measure diameter the tape would have to be 180 degrees across. This rim appears to be about 10 inches inside diameter. Still super impressive.
Lina Correia
Lina Correia 25 dias atrás
Its amaizing! 👏👏👏
Logan Lucas
Logan Lucas 25 dias atrás
Ruthless 25 dias atrás
The new rim at the fair shooting games
Ruthless 25 dias atrás
Sick... with all the other bs around, for some reason this is really refreshing. I'm about to find one for my daughter, although I believe her ball is 8.5"
Ron Paul
Ron Paul 25 dias atrás
Damn! Dude is a beast!
James Morris
James Morris 25 dias atrás
I can make the same video...just give me a month to edit out the 🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱
MaestroLives 26 dias atrás
You have a cut between each shot. I want to see him do 2 or 3 in one take. Or else this could be a dude perfect style trick shot
Wolf A Tron3
Wolf A Tron3 26 dias atrás
Willie Smith
Willie Smith 26 dias atrás
But how many takes did it take??? #noedits
Korlim Services
Korlim Services 27 dias atrás
🙋‍♂️ Salute Sir !!!
bryan jensen
bryan jensen 27 dias atrás
Next time: to impress Don't edit
Mitch Flygare
Mitch Flygare 27 dias atrás
It’s not just the size of rim. (Not to take away this amazing accomplishment) The question is, how many shots did it take to film this?
01nmuskier 27 dias atrás
Shaq so cross eyed, he can't even dunk on this rim! 😂
Levy 27 dias atrás
💘chan♀️ 27 dias atrás
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Mark Stipe
Mark Stipe 27 dias atrás
Each shot has a cut, we need to know how many attempts these shots took.
Dayle Taylor
Dayle Taylor 27 dias atrás
Why aren’t you in the NBA? Every team needs a sharpshooter
Snap 28 dias atrás
Come on man!!! I couldn’t sink those shots if the rim was 36 inches, respect for people with the talent and touch to make shots.
Sly Shane
Sly Shane 28 dias atrás
Is nobody talking about how he moved his hand from the smaller hoop to the bigger hoop and the mesh moved as he put his hand near it AND moved his hand away?!!?!??
Shandy White
Shandy White 28 dias atrás
That would be an interesting change, reducing the rim diameter.
Dr D
Dr D 28 dias atrás
How many years had he practiced
ArchtopNYC 28 dias atrás
But how many attempts? Show two made in a row
Win 28 dias atrás
ただ単に凄いし!なんと言っても、、、 かっっっこいい!!!!!!!!!
Moe Zilla
Moe Zilla 28 dias atrás
That's fkn amazing!!!HE GOT SKILLZ!!!
EscanorSinOfPride 28 dias atrás
To make it more believable try not cutting it every time you get one in so we can actually tell your getting them in a row
agav bond
agav bond 28 dias atrás
Shooting inside that bar. That's cheating.
The CheesyMango
The CheesyMango 28 dias atrás
I'd like to see Steph curry try this just to show how amazing lethal is. Best shooter in the world arguably
The Dynamic Flashy
The Dynamic Flashy 26 dias atrás
Nothing arguable about it.
nightray laser
nightray laser 28 dias atrás
J Star
J Star 28 dias atrás
jimbobthedog 28 dias atrás
This would be more impressive with no video cuts.
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty
the carnies runnin the bball stand at the fair absolutely hate seein this dude walk up.
Tim 29 dias atrás
Could be magnetic rim and ball.
Grant Mckee
Grant Mckee 29 dias atrás
Really impressive....well done....outstanding!
KantramaGaming 29 dias atrás
Comments are questioning if he made multiple shots in a row like 1 wouldn't be difficult enough... the fact that he made the shots several times is a feat in itself.
ArchtopNYC 28 dias atrás
Anybody can make a shot given enough time
Sam Royans
Sam Royans 29 dias atrás
The tape was preset set from an earlier got game
Kip Walton
Kip Walton 29 dias atrás
My man is smooth! If he could do that under pressure he wouldn’t be making BRvid videos, he’d be an NBA star.
V Whisp
V Whisp 29 dias atrás
It like going from my x-wife to my new wife.😬Tight!
V Whisp
V Whisp 29 dias atrás
I want one.
NINJA 1078
NINJA 1078 29 dias atrás
I'd be impressed if there WASNT a CUT in between each shot.. ROLL THE CAMERA NONSTOP FOR 5 SHOTS..
NINJA 1078
NINJA 1078 29 dias atrás
Bro im not hating,, but honestly, just about ANYONE can make 1 out of a 100, AND ONLY SHOW the one that went in out of that 100.. give me 500 hundred shots on that rim... I promise ill get lucky at least ONCE PER 100.
jake nefsey
jake nefsey 29 dias atrás
So why aint he on the @pistons we need shooters
Donald Hurst
Donald Hurst 29 dias atrás
That's impressive!!!!
Pirata Barba
Pirata Barba 29 dias atrás
Benjamin Nelson
Benjamin Nelson 29 dias atrás
Someone needs to get Steph Curry to do this!!!!
Darryl Wilson
Darryl Wilson 29 dias atrás
OK he made a cpl but what's his fg% Didn't sound gd if you listen to what they say in between shots 🤔 😏
TiGER 29 dias atrás
I can do this too... after trying 200 times
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