let's talk about the met gala looks

Mina Le
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16 Set 2021



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Comentários 6 831
Anissa Cumberbatch
Anissa Cumberbatch 10 horas atrás
I think Billie's outfit was very Peaches and Cream Barbie themed, and it was just, okay
Mia Ella
Mia Ella 11 horas atrás
Hedy Lamar is also not from America I think everyone is a bit confused but oh well
John Kornfeind
John Kornfeind 14 horas atrás
The intro were my thoughts exactly LMAO
kat turner
kat turner 17 horas atrás
Kendall Jenner is such a goddess. Wow. ❤❤❤❤
Xena thornburg
Xena thornburg 21 hora atrás
The only two I liked were Quannnah and Nikki's Tutorials. Now they understood the assignment.
Ondrook 22 horas atrás
One thing to point out andy warhol isn’t American
Vivi N.
Vivi N. Dia atrás
Billie Eilish's dress reminds me more of 1980's peaches n cream barbie (which i love, so i really liked billie's look)
Maile Melcher
Maile Melcher 2 dias atrás
Love this! I really appreciate this content. Your phone case is adorable! Where did you get it from if you dont mind sharing? x
Neha Sibi
Neha Sibi 2 dias atrás
i personally agree with all you said but also really loved yara shahidis look, i thought she looked gorgeous
Cockatoo in Sunglasses
The people at the met gala have a collective IQ of a nat.
Shelby A
Shelby A 2 dias atrás
really loved yara shahidi’s dress this year, it was beautiful and inspired by josephine baker
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson 2 dias atrás
This is what's wrong with the world, just judging everything everyone does
victoria dies at the end.
Personally I love this in depth take you did. I agree with you 1000% on Billie Eilish. The color of the dress was really the only thing I liked about it. I actually feel it was ill fitting on top and I hated her hair. I also agree with you on what you said regarding sexual violence & Cara Delvigne's outfit. Thank you for your shoutout to Lupita. She understood the assignment in a way that very few did. I do think the Met should shoulder the partial blame for the theme. America. Blergh. Heavely Bodies has always been my favorite theme, bc most of the outfits worn fit the theme and the theme itself was *INCREDIBLE.* My personal faves were Grimes and Emily Blunt. I enjoyed Kendall's dress but I didn't appreciate the fact that the designer behind it explained it as an interpretation of My Fair Lady. That literally took away from it for me. I also interpreted it as a version of Hedy Lamarr.
Domorrigana 3 dias atrás
So many missed opportunities here :/
VioletSadi 3 dias atrás
I thought little nas might have been doing Elvis, y'know, the King? who was stealing from Black music
Vivian M
Vivian M 3 dias atrás
Lil Nas X's journey as an lgbtq person in America is quintessentially American.
Katie 3 dias atrás
i hadn't seen the original until now "peg the patriarchy" i'm crying
Frederique Lanoix
Frederique Lanoix 3 dias atrás
sweet Luv Luv Luv
ISABEL LARA 4 dias atrás
Question: why hasn't Cara Delevingne gotten any controversy about her relation with Die Antwoord?? (btw, I'm not (necessarily) dissing her, I'm just curious)
BABY fan
BABY fan 4 dias atrás
your BRvid channel is my new addiction and I'm NOT complaining
Fray4all 4 dias atrás
America being a land of opportunity is American propaganda? Tell that to the millions of immigrants who risked everything to leave their birthplaces to come here.
some_donkus 5 dias atrás
I was so excited for you to talk about the Peg the Patriarchy look. I follow a lot of sex workers on social media, a few of them are educators and I've learned so much from them (and UNlearned). One of my favorites (stripperwriter) basically said the same thing. Pegging is just another form of sex. It's not something you to do take over someone else, and exactly as you said, the whole penetration as control thing is from the patriarchy! Thank you so much for this thoughtful review of the looks, I learned a lot!
Brandy Loutherback
Brandy Loutherback 5 dias atrás
Rhianna's hat looks very 1930s!
Brandy Loutherback
Brandy Loutherback 5 dias atrás
It looks like Gemma's dress designerjust threw on random green satin at the back that didn't go with the outfit at all! Why didn't she choose black satin? That would've gone together better. I love the silver embellishment on the dress tho!
Brandy Loutherback
Brandy Loutherback 5 dias atrás
Kendall Darling, could we not do actual opera gloves? Otherwise, love the look!
Sarah Lassiter
Sarah Lassiter 5 dias atrás
LOL so disappointing this year's Met Gala!!! So much someone could do with that theme and yet most people didn't even try
Valentina O
Valentina O 5 dias atrás
what is the T with D&G?
LisaLovesLearning 5 dias atrás
I wish Met Gala re-invites were based on how creative and on theme previous Met Gala outfits were. Maybe the guests would try harder.
Vintage tears
Vintage tears 6 dias atrás
7:04 her pose is me when i’m being forced to take pics with relatives I don’t know.
Morgan 6 dias atrás
I would have absolutely gone for a Hollywood superhero look. oh my GOD can you imagine
Sarah Varnadoe
Sarah Varnadoe 6 dias atrás
I literally subscribed because of the 1930's joke 🤣🤣🤣
Baby Ramses
Baby Ramses 7 dias atrás
They really could've gone with the gold action figure armor for lil nas x and given him a captain america rainbow shield, jus sayin
Helin Y
Helin Y 7 dias atrás
To be fair: My Fair Lady is still an American movie/musical
Random For Now
Random For Now 6 dias atrás
Right! Just wat I was thinking
Olivia Vanessa Baumgart
I’ve never been lovingly called a bald little eagle before 🤣
Ollie No
Ollie No 8 dias atrás
I think caras was supposed to look more like a Kevlar/bullet proof vest rather than a straight jacket
Dshappystuff 8 dias atrás
I heard that most people only had 1 week notice to get a look together.
cousin'sacc robloxalt
cousin'sacc robloxalt 9 dias atrás
the lana del rey songs part is true
mercy 9 dias atrás
billie did not even touch the food. that girl did not slay
M Cruz
M Cruz 10 dias atrás
Billie's look was not my favorite. I was surprised people gave it as much hype as they did, but shouldn't have been as shocked. The more love one receives the more biased an outcome. I did not get Marilyn or Hollywood Barbie at all.
r15 10 dias atrás
I will accept the title of "bald little eagles" with pride!
Freya Thomsen
Freya Thomsen 10 dias atrás
Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that the Lil Naz X look was a history reference of sorts?
Rebecca E. Webber
Rebecca E. Webber 10 dias atrás
Love this overview. Thank you.
Essence Mayhew
Essence Mayhew 10 dias atrás
I think Rihanna is wearing an oversized bomber jacket which goes back to street wearv
Weeaboo Baby
Weeaboo Baby 10 dias atrás
Wait, what’s the problem with D&G? Genuinely asking because I don’t know 😭😭😭
Ian 10 dias atrás
Me judging the celebrities because i can't attend the MET 😍😍😍
Athyr Zesdezentzua
Athyr Zesdezentzua 11 dias atrás
I’m disappointed that no one did a 70s Cher look
Daniel The Linux Boy
Daniel The Linux Boy 11 dias atrás
If I were to ever go to the met gala I'd just wear casual clothing lol
Milos Garrigo
Milos Garrigo 11 dias atrás
I don't know if you have seen it but do escape the night please
Annika 11 dias atrás
I’m so disappointed in the “Dracula” outfit ughhhh!! Like if I were to do a met look (which… I have big issues with the met gala and celebrity as a whole, but) I would’ve 100% done a classic horror film look inspired by the classic monsters from the 30-50s from Universal Studios films, which are an American staple. There’s so much to pull from those films, including Dracula, but just a basic red dress and bangs…? C’mon man… Those films are really popular in goth culture so blending gothic fashion and more modern goth styles with inspiration from the classic monster films would be so freaking dope!!! Especially the monster makeup and costumes designed by Jack Pierce. Imagine a creature from the black lagoon dress!! Yes please! Edit: Not to mention Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, and Bela Lugosi.
lee jordan
lee jordan 11 dias atrás
wouldve loved to see more blue collar references (has also been completely glamorized/bastardized by the gop/what is patriotism etc), union references would have been good too -- many thanks to Mina Le for her interpretation of Rosie the Riveter!! Love this channel so much.
C12 - 42 - Lê Anh Tuấn
This year theme made everything a mess
Keren Acosta
Keren Acosta 13 dias atrás
Suffragette. Fucking suffragettes. Was right. Fucking. THERE.
vantannie 13 dias atrás
14:02 thanku for putting my thoughts into words
Lucia Gonzalo
Lucia Gonzalo 14 dias atrás
I saw that Rihanna's was about hoodie and beanie culture for black people in America, if that's the case then she definitely used an european designer to fit the theme right? Also Jackie Aina did a black Barbie look
Bruno Bracht Burmeister
Why is literally anyone talking about Nikkie's outfit?! It was just PERFECT - and had a good inspiration
shine 14 dias atrás
i thought lil nas x's gold suit armor was referenced to michael jackson's history tour outfit omg
B 14 dias atrás
saying 'peg the patriarchy' is about as progressive as saying 'take the patriarchy in the ass' -____-
it buki
it buki 15 dias atrás
i swear we're like long lost twins or something we literally have all the same thoughts
Ma_De_Sa 15 dias atrás
Love her take on the 'peg the patriarchy' look. A lot of people thought it came across more as a threat of rape than empowering for women. The fact she said stick it to the man says enough. A lot of other people reviewing the met gala looks just said it was funny or made jokes. It's upsetting and I wish she got more backlash for this because it flopped so badly and it just seemed incredibly malicious.
Niah Stone
Niah Stone 15 dias atrás
I thought Rihanna’s look was to resemble a hoodie and hat or beanie, which is something often worn by black men when they’re shot or killed by police when they weren’t doing anything but “looked dangerous” but on her, in a similar look, she’s “fashionable”
jenny 16 dias atrás
looking Uncle Sam right in the eye
Dakuten 17 dias atrás
I might be a little too late to the party, but I really liked NikkieTutorial's dress. It was an homage to the LGBT activist Martha P. Johnson and even embedded Martha's catchphrase "Pay it no mind".
I.S.茶 17 dias atrás
14:39 I like it, because I immediately thought about MC Hammer. The second thought was, like, a chef. But overall I would personally wear this.
Ellie Diaz
Ellie Diaz 17 dias atrás
A possible interpretation of lil Nas x met gala look could be America coming into its own a look into our history he spoke about the royal cloak as a symbol of being in a shell what I immediately thought about was still being a part of Britain & the armored look could represent seeking independence the final look representing our new found identity as our own country the look could have given if it was argued it was more conceptual
Draalttom 16 dias atrás
Armors are everything bit independent, they are a show off for rich people following their class rules while following their countries wishes in war
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall 17 dias atrás
I will never be invited to the met gala, but my first thought for inspiration was Andy Warhol. I’m sad we didn’t see that from someone on the carpet.
Marta Isabel
Marta Isabel 17 dias atrás
Gemma Chan was so beautiful ! my favourite for sure ~
Vamdc 18 dias atrás
Rihanna also talked about how her outfit referenced black hoodies, something Black people in the U.S. constantly get targeted for wearing and seeming """"""threatening""""""""", which I personally feel fit perfectly into the theme tbh since a huge part of American culture/history involves the oppression of Black folks
saddiefrog 18 dias atrás
Sometimes i feel that americans think that every thing about general culture is american :/
Karina 18 dias atrás
Thats c3pio armor... Star wars
Karina 18 dias atrás
Lil n x i mean
liz m
liz m 18 dias atrás
The fact that no one got Burberry or Ralph Lauren to do a Samantha Parkington American Girl look just makes me a little sad tbh.
Nana 18 dias atrás
Barbie Ferreira's look was amazing though!!
Isabelle Molnar
Isabelle Molnar 18 dias atrás
i interpreted LNX’s look as sort of representing “american royalty” because he in so many ways is the new face of american royalty
Chloe 19 dias atrás
I kinda loved lily's look to me it was an ode to the classic 50s poodle skirt look
Monica 19 dias atrás
I feel like a lot of the underwhelming outfits could maybe be drawn back to the theme. 1. Such weird timing to choose ‘American’ as a theme, when a lot of people are feeling unstable/unhappy with our country/government and how divided we all are. I would understand not feeling very inspired by it right now! 2. It’s so broad as you pointed out, which maybe they did to give ppl a break, acknowledging that the world & life is especially crazy right now and people are already feeling off & pressured… buuut sometimes too much choice is overwhelming for making a good decision in a timely manner and can lead to a rushed result, as people buying toothpaste or tbh almost anything! in the US, will know
Anne-Sophie Caron
Anne-Sophie Caron 19 dias atrás
I loved Kim Petras look! Nothing more american than a horse girl
Anne-Sophie Caron
Anne-Sophie Caron 19 dias atrás
It would have been such a good opportunity to highlight american designers, especially less known ones.
miep miep
miep miep 19 dias atrás
But Hedy Lamarr isn't American either tho...
Deborah Atwater
Deborah Atwater 19 dias atrás
Though is anyone else also often distracted by get holding a full-on old-school microphone? Not hating, just distracted... but maybe I'm just.... "biased" lol
Jirachuuu 19 dias atrás
Personally I loved Nikki tutorials dress and how it was heavily inspired by Marsha P. Johnson. Her designer did such a lovely job and she looked gorge💙
LaMissFlurry 19 dias atrás
I'm curious what you thought of Nikkie de Jager :)
LaMissFlurry 19 dias atrás
I really love how you unpack the 'peg the patriarchy' quote, because I didn't like it and you explain it SO well!
Carolina Carrasco
Carolina Carrasco 19 dias atrás
if lana went she would've killed the theme
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man 19 dias atrás
Clearly Lilly Rose Depp does not have any respect for her father by actually going to that looney gala
Ichigo Amehane
Ichigo Amehane 19 dias atrás
I thought caras vest was like a bulletproof vest type thing
Tricia R
Tricia R 20 dias atrás
It's okay I didn't like billes look either ...
Michelle McGough
Michelle McGough 20 dias atrás
Would you give your thoughts on the costume design in the series called Foundation? The fabrics, the textures, the lines - I think you will have a lot to say and I want to hear it!
Sarah Faith
Sarah Faith 20 dias atrás
ahhh yes i was thinking if i went to the 2021 met gala i would’ve done rosie.
nochu 21 dia atrás
waiting for mina lee to roll up to the met gala
Kate The Chaser
Kate The Chaser 22 dias atrás
I belive Billie had to chose different blonde hair colour because her skin looks too pink compared to hair
vic 22 dias atrás
i miss you in twitter :(
notsofrilly 22 dias atrás
The woman who said she was going for Dracula could have said she was going for The Addams Family Mortica look. That atleast would have fit the theme of American
Tela Tubby
Tela Tubby 22 dias atrás
16:39 I assumed rihannas look was inspired by a 90s-2000s black american hip hop style. A beanie with a puffer jacket or a sweatshirt seem like a staple and it's usually a simple look.
Tela Tubby
Tela Tubby 22 dias atrás she chose it to represent a hoodie as a way to stand against discrimination against black people
Tela Tubby
Tela Tubby 22 dias atrás
Great video also
Cassidy Kirk
Cassidy Kirk 22 dias atrás
Girl I hated Billie’s look. It’s boring
Adrianna Herrejon
Adrianna Herrejon 22 dias atrás
Please please please do a style analysis of the characters On the Show la Familia Peluche, in English it’s called the furr family it’s a classic Mexican sit com and they all dress in fur at all times with thier own designated color. I need your opinions on the costume design of the show and Thier individual pieces please!!
Shiyi Zhang
Shiyi Zhang 22 dias atrás
I like your outfit the best
yyeitivsrj 22 dias atrás
Bram Stoker's Dracula was directed by a very Italian American director though, so perhaps her look was a deconstruction of Dracula's red outfit armor or later in his life?
ingrid nymoen
ingrid nymoen 23 dias atrás
I thought caras corset top was inspired by bulletproof vest and crowd control police uniforms
Uncle Onion
Uncle Onion 23 dias atrás
Arguably Megan Fox actually came up with a pretty cool idea behind her look. Dracula was a greatly popular horror movie to come out of the golden age of holly wood also being made by universal pictures which has clearly been very influential to film in America. That tied into her wanting to lean towards a goth look is actually very interesting to me.
Ela Fila
Ela Fila 23 dias atrás
Lil nas should have just dress as a space cowboy it fits him best🤦🏾‍♀️
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