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6 Set 2017



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Comentários 100
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi 3 anos atrás
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Kady Saad
Kady Saad Mês atrás
Reggie Btw
Reggie Btw Mês atrás
Kpop Army
Kpop Army 3 meses atrás
Your videos are the best😋
RiZe tay8048
RiZe tay8048 3 meses atrás
You are the best ⭐️
Fred Pullen
Fred Pullen 5 meses atrás
Hollo cool pealps
Living it up!
Living it up! Hora atrás
Very creative
Wess Giltamag
Wess Giltamag 16 horas atrás
Very nice video editing acting and quality
beige baby_
beige baby_ 17 horas atrás
wow 3 years ago im old ..
Ja'Shae Jackson
Ja'Shae Jackson Dia atrás
Elijah Sims
Elijah Sims Dia atrás
No no no no
Jung Sung
Jung Sung Dia atrás
Where is she now??
Vanity Cyan
Vanity Cyan 3 dias atrás
Those dance moves are killer!!
Roshan Sequeira
Roshan Sequeira 3 dias atrás
Best video I’ve ever seen
Sparda D. Kingston
Sparda D. Kingston 4 dias atrás
Most creative video I seen in a long time, on BRvid , amazing transitions
Clash with Pokéfan
Clash with Pokéfan 4 dias atrás
I've said *let's just say you and I were the last alive people on the planet* didn't work😂
E Z I O YT 4 dias atrás
ICEWAVE 5 dias atrás
Let's just say the video is over..😂😂😂
Flynn Rider
Flynn Rider 5 dias atrás
HAHAHAHAHAH let's just say that was the funniest video i've seen on youtube!
Pomid 6 dias atrás
This was the coooooleest
Fathih Ahmed
Fathih Ahmed 6 dias atrás
That last part...😂😂😇
M. Kgobe
M. Kgobe 6 dias atrás
Let's just say it was recommended again, and I still watched it.
McKenna Docherty
McKenna Docherty 6 dias atrás
Love anwars vids
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman 6 dias atrás
wooow what a move 2:31 ❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍
amos godwill maranga
amos godwill maranga 7 dias atrás
only god know what i feel
Now she pregnant
Hey_Hey43 [Lennex]
Hey_Hey43 [Lennex] 8 dias atrás
you cant survive because i have all the food in the world *has like 12 pieces of bread and six cans*
Tolis Karap. Plan B
Tolis Karap. Plan B 8 dias atrás
You are on another level ma dude Anwar.
Tokeqsa 9 dias atrás
Now you can taste your own Medicine
Ember Luna moon
Ember Luna moon 9 dias atrás
3:45 if you date him you die so don’t date him easy XD then eat all the food XD
Shefaa.Mohamed exol
Shefaa.Mohamed exol 9 dias atrás
1:22 GOD THAT'S AMAZING This may be the best video he made
Bruce van Wyk
Bruce van Wyk 10 dias atrás
Gah gd CB gggg
A H 10 dias atrás
lets just say someone ate a bat and started a virus
Bilingual Lyrics
Bilingual Lyrics 12 dias atrás
Power of imagination 👀
Desiraha Estell
Desiraha Estell 12 dias atrás
Make more videos
John-Paul Cabral
John-Paul Cabral 12 dias atrás
Damn that ending is saf
vaniel godfrey
vaniel godfrey 13 dias atrás
Let's just say this is the best video ever.
Corona 13 dias atrás
Oo the end😂😂😂😂
r r
r r 14 dias atrás
Hi my name is Kayla this videos are funny 😂😄😂😂
Sophia Erazo
Sophia Erazo 15 dias atrás
Let's just say that they are cool
Sophia Erazo
Sophia Erazo 15 dias atrás
You are so funny 😂 and awesome ❤️
Netflix Dovla
Netflix Dovla 15 dias atrás
Ladies and gents, this is how I discovered Anwar and his group of skit creating friends.
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 15 dias atrás
How to make a girl want you
Faith Aponte
Faith Aponte 15 dias atrás
My name is fake what’s your name
Faith Aponte
Faith Aponte 15 dias atrás
Love your videos
Orchidia Mumford
Orchidia Mumford 15 dias atrás
What’s that girls name? Does anyone know??
ItzTxker YT
ItzTxker YT 15 dias atrás
When u have two 15s ads and can’t skip...
Bharatji Dixit
Bharatji Dixit 16 dias atrás
2:32 what track is that?
Love of Football highlights
Nice bruh😂😂😂😂😂
Koda Miles
Koda Miles 16 dias atrás
I'm a huge fan can you send me your phone number
Chungus Games
Chungus Games 14 dias atrás
Shut up boi
amit kokate
amit kokate 17 dias atrás
Can someone tell me who is the actress in the video??
WhySoDope 17 dias atrás
I just wasted five minutes and I don't regret it xD
WHAT THE FAMILY!? 17 dias atrás
Hhhhhhh the end really killed me 😂
Vuth Panhary
Vuth Panhary 18 dias atrás
Lexi 18 dias atrás
This is what guys do, They annoy you until u agree to go out with them. Then they chicken out and say "Actually forget it" And then you will end up falling for him
David Amora
David Amora 19 dias atrás
And now she’s pregnant
Chungus Games
Chungus Games 14 dias atrás
Yes but I forgot what her name is she I can’t find her
Damien Bravo
Damien Bravo 19 dias atrás
Let’s just say they low key r cute together and I ship them
Brownie Love
Brownie Love 19 dias atrás
The transitions tho! 👌
katesupcup rose
katesupcup rose 19 dias atrás
Lol better then ever when she. Said yes lol
shashwat upadhyaya
shashwat upadhyaya 20 dias atrás
The transition was great 🔥
Tiburcia Guzman
Tiburcia Guzman 20 dias atrás
Dang he got her good
Ethan Kyalo
Ethan Kyalo 21 dia atrás
Let's just say this video's awsome
Sherley Vlogs
Sherley Vlogs 22 dias atrás
Who’s watching this again in 2020 quarantine 🤭
Tofie Dare
Tofie Dare 22 dias atrás
Anwar is a genius!
sophie kayaga
sophie kayaga 23 dias atrás
Let's just say we are waching this during this Quarantine
Aina Busayo
Aina Busayo 23 dias atrás
chaitanya Neel
chaitanya Neel 23 dias atrás
As usual Anwar is funny, who thinks the girl is cute? And name please
Rogzay 23 dias atrás
Let's just say....." let's just say"
kawsarmahmud Hridoy
kawsarmahmud Hridoy 23 dias atrás
Haasini 24 dias atrás
2:58 let's just say he is looking elsewhere ................................
JD BLAZE 24 dias atrás
Who's here from 2021
Abdur Rouf Tarek
Abdur Rouf Tarek 25 dias atrás
Who she by the way?? Dose anyone know??
jess wolfie
jess wolfie 26 dias atrás
Honey if, if..........
Henry Price
Henry Price 27 dias atrás
I watch you last night and today and you my favorite youtuber
bhargavi jaladanki
bhargavi jaladanki 27 dias atrás
Let's just say Inana's one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen
Happenings in Uinverse
Happenings in Uinverse 28 dias atrás
She is beautiful !!
artwork 28 dias atrás
Let's just say..... Your reading this in 2020..
dina Younita
dina Younita 28 dias atrás
That tranciticon is dopeeè😳😳😳
Anisoo 28 dias atrás
What is her name...??
Ethan Lo
Ethan Lo 28 dias atrás
Love the plot twist LOL
ramaa kale
ramaa kale 29 dias atrás
Funniest part of the vid- 3:58
ramaa kale
ramaa kale 29 dias atrás
Loooved the ending
Vikram Thakur
Vikram Thakur Mês atrás
What's her name guys
Luke Wilkins
Luke Wilkins Mês atrás
These have to be the sickest transitions I've ever seen
Saws Channel
Saws Channel Mês atrás
What’s song is that beat from the club
Liam Seewah
Liam Seewah Mês atrás
This is a tutorial on how to make a girl like you
Let’s just say You won’t like V
Name Plays
Name Plays Mês atrás
What is this
Ashie11 _ Stars
Ashie11 _ Stars Mês atrás
😂👌 that ending was just, *mwah* perfect! 👌
sumeet Kamble
sumeet Kamble Mês atrás
i legit was not expecting the end that way but u made me laugh hard
Leandro Nunes
Leandro Nunes Mês atrás
Let’s just say... that dress makes you the sexiest women alive 😱😱😱😱😱
Themso Ningshen
Themso Ningshen Mês atrás
Thug life huh 😂😂
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast Mês atrás
this is how to get girlfriend
ML GG KIDS Mês atrás
XSunset & SunnyX
XSunset & SunnyX Mês atrás
Let's just say... QUARANTINE WAS OVER!!! and COVID 19 ENDED!!
Lucia Diaz
Lucia Diaz Mês atrás
Anwar you Angry Birds
Claudian Reyn
Claudian Reyn Mês atrás
.. cuz I think I'm kind of cute :)))
scott brand
scott brand Mês atrás
Manish Gaur
Manish Gaur Mês atrás
Thatz killer
Jackie Nicholas
Jackie Nicholas Mês atrás
#blacklivesmatter Mês atrás
XD the ending
999_ Alex wuvs u
999_ Alex wuvs u Mês atrás
ASHISH Mês atrás
Loge ITB
Loge ITB Mês atrás
Lets just say some 1 desperate
diandre carty
diandre carty Mês atrás
Lol o shit
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