Let’s Talk More About the Beatles

Rick Beato
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In today's episode I discuss additional thoughts on the Beatles documentary "Get Back" and The Beatles career in general.

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3 Dez 2021



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Comentários 3 598
TrashWerewolf Anos atrás
Rick, now that you've been nailing some of the big names for interviews, you should really go big, and try to get some time with Sir Paul McCartney! He seems very open to interviews in various formats other than TV(like podcasts) and sounds like an easy, generous person to interview! Would be amazing to see the two of you sit down to have a chat!
Shayne O'Neill
Shayne O'Neill 4 dias atrás
McCartney would be a *major* coup for Rick. That would be amazing.
InCaveEntertainment 5 dias atrás
@Magravated - um… Preston has been dead since the early 2000’s - I’m thinking 15-20 years?
Touran Zohdy
Touran Zohdy 3 meses atrás
@Dave Pollison Yes, but Howard Stern is not a musician which means Rick Beato would ask questions that would not occur to Stern. The interview would take on a completely different flavour and perspective.
James Clary
James Clary 4 meses atrás
@Dave Pollison Howard Stern? 🤢
Hatdrummer 5 meses atrás
Macca won't come here bc as Rick stated, he has to pay for everything out of his pocket. Would it be a great video full of insight and enrichment for millions of Paul's fans and musicians and Beatles people to finally have Paul the bass player, guitarist, songwriter discuss his actual craft? and we've been waiting for that since '69.. that won't happen, because why should Paul do that for free? Or for for what Rick can afford.. It is just not how the world works.. He's not that kind of guy.. or is he..?
Tom Simms
Tom Simms Anos atrás
The Beatles had 4 rhythm guitarists. They had 3 lead guitarists. They had 3 electric bassists and 4 drummers. They had 4 keyboardists. They had 4 lead singers and 3 harmony singers. They had 4 songwriters. When you look at them as a 29-man musical idea generator and session call list, you can see why the inspiration came so often, why the style was so varied, and why the execution was so consistent and of such high quality. When you look again and see four men behind it all, you also see why this doesn't happen every day.
comfortat 16 dias atrás
And an amazing producer and manager. Great management truly is needed when dealing with great artists. The Fab Four was all about the music. Their fame and fortune required some one be at the helm. Terrific comment, Tom Simms
Tom Simms
Tom Simms Mês atrás
@Project DX I just listened to the Musk & Bezos Experience's fourth album, *Betchanevvurr Expecktiddit*. Chase Manhattan did some good drum work on it, especially the hats on "All This and Change from a Million." Otherwise, it's pretty bland. You can have it. I'll take the Beatles.
Project DX
Project DX Mês atrás
@Tom Simms Who cares. Thats chump change compared to the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.
Project DX
Project DX Mês atrás
@Raul Macias That's the KEY. The right man was producing them.
DoktorKouts Mês atrás
AND they had George Martin.
sigurdur jonsson
sigurdur jonsson 10 meses atrás
The Beatles were simply a miracle. Nothing compares to these four guys and no one can explain the flow of their divine music. Like Timothy Leary said: They are angels come in human form.
Zero_Point_Energy 18 dias atrás
Every other band is in a completely different category for me. I mean, I love Pink Floyd and Rush and LZ, but they’re just bands. Great bands, amazing bands, sure. But the Beatles were “Amadeus.” I went to see Ringo with the All-Starr band a few years ago and the diversity of people there, singing along, cheering and knowing every word was amazing. Every race, every age, every walk of life…at some point the music just grabbed them and never let go.
2msvalkyrie 5 meses atrás
Yes ! The Music already existed . The Beatles were the medium through which the music was given to us . !
This Bird Has Flown
This Bird Has Flown 6 meses atrás
There are so many artists I adore... Hendrix, Doors, Pink Floyd, Love, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, ABBA, Cream, Parliament-Funkadelic... the list goes on... but NO ONE compares to The Beatles. From Please Please Me to Let It Be, their music overwhelms me with joy, more than anyone else. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to each and every one of their song's, and yet I'm still floored, and I mean genuinely floored by their talents. I truly feel bad for anyone who doesn't understand them. I don't mean that in a condescending way. I really mean it. They totally blow me away.
Project DX
Project DX Mês atrás
It's apples and oranges. I feel the same way about Stevie Wonder. As far as I'm concerned he is the greatest talent in the history of popular music PERIOD.
mr. jinks
mr. jinks Mês atrás
Every succeeding generation will rediscover the Beatles till humans no longer exist. But being alive when it all happened, I consider a blessing. They were a musical, cultural, social phenomenon that will never be duplicated.
Tom Gebarowski
Tom Gebarowski 3 meses atrás
Amen, well said.
James Clary
James Clary 4 meses atrás
Right there with you man.
Merovech the First
Merovech the First Anos atrás
For perspective: the Beatles went from "Love me do" "She loves you" and "I want to hold your hand" to "She said, she said" "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Tomorrow never knows" in 3 years...
Tabasco cat
Tabasco cat 6 dias atrás
Yeah, when people mention the 'Beatles Early stuff', it's like they mean way back 20 years into their past or something. When I remind them that the early stuff is practically in the same time zone as their later stuff it surprises them
jack armstrong
jack armstrong 5 meses atrás
NOw that is amazing. I cant think of any of the top bands who changed so much in so little time.
Gregory Dias
Gregory Dias 8 meses atrás
@surfohio And I just found out Harry Nilsson (The beatles "favourite band") apparently were hugely influential. It's like Sports, having multiple greats in an era makes the everyone's level go beyond what they would have been capable of in a vacuum
surfohio 11 meses atrás
That incredibly artistic era with Dylan, Byrds, Beach Boys, etc. created and fostered such a beautiful and amazing evolution in pop music. There will never be anything else like it.
psy-kylo-gy 11 meses atrás
Jeeeeez you're right. It's insane!
Duncan Macphee
Duncan Macphee 3 meses atrás
My theory as to why Ringo is not only the most underrated drummer in history, but one of the greatest - imagine how the Beatles would have sounded with a more 'technically gifted and flamboyant' drummer. I can guarantee that the magic and 'simplicity' of their entire catalogue would not exist. There will never be another Beatles, and that's exactly how it's supposed to be. From the age of 3-4, listening to the odd song played on local radio, to the age of 47, I still never get bored with them. They literally spun gold from nothing.
JJ K 3 meses atrás
Hear, hear. The man played exactly what was needed, and with a incredibly deep pocket.
Kent Krizik
Kent Krizik Anos atrás
I came away from "Get Back" also stunned by their ages, which I'd never thought of before. But beyond the profound talent the Beatles possessed, which is indeed astounding, let's not forget that at their young ages they also dealt with being the most famous 4 people ever, the crush of demands on their time and attention, the business side of being the Beatles, their personal relationships and the painful recent loss of Brian Epstein. The business part alone would overwhelm most 28-year-olds. Truly astounding.
Harry Cardillo
Harry Cardillo Anos atrás
What really surprised me is how they went in and out of that studio every day pretty much unabated. There were those two groupies out front, and a few autograph hounds, but it didn't seem like much fanfare.
Neph Ilim2
Neph Ilim2 Anos atrás
@gmcjetpilot well aren’t you clever. I can’t believe I see people suggesting they didn’t write their own songs. Their every minute in studios was recorded, and has been documented in books and released as bootlegs. They essentially wrote their songs in the studio. Not much room for ghostwriters to be sneaking into the process.
gmcjetpilot Anos atrás
Yep you repeated Rick's comments and what we all knew. Good work Captain Obvious. Ha ha.
Larry Fouts
Larry Fouts Anos atrás
I'm amazed these four young men didn't completely self-destruct. Fame and money have wrecked so many in many with far less success. It really is a miracle.
Paul Davies
Paul Davies Anos atrás
I believe George was just 22 at that time!
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon Anos atrás
Probably no band was as prolific and as constantly good as The Beatles. They were always in the news as I was growing up in the 60s and mainly because of their music. Song after song after song. And such variety. They were everywhere and nobody had a bad word to say about them. Everybody loved them and no wonder. It's very rare when you get 4 guys in a group who all have charm and wit. I, up till Rick pointed it out thought they were at the top for at least 10 years. Can't believe how much they fitted into the 7 years they were at the top now I look back on it, though it all seemed so natural then.
Cliff Hughes
Cliff Hughes Anos atrás
The 3-part harmonies in - for example -This Boy, Nowhere Man and Because have never been bettered. And they sang the first two live with no appreciable difference in quality. They had the instinctive ability to step towards or away from the mic when a different balance was required. When you consider the technology available to them, it is nothing short of miraculous.
Gregory Louis A. Chilcote
Much of their experience, expertise and refinement of style came from on the job training, playing night after night, set after set, day after day in the bars and cabarets of the grimy port city of Hamburg...
jack armstrong
jack armstrong 5 meses atrás
You see Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam do this quite often. WOnder where he learned to do it???
Jinkabel Anos atrás
Rick, you are just the world's most engaging, honest, reliable walking encyclopedia. I was 13 when the Beatles became a part of our consciousness, and they are part of my life to this day. The Peter Jackson documentary is a real gift to those of us who find the process of creating all these genius songs completely fascinating. Never stop talking about them!
Anna Nikia
Anna Nikia 6 meses atrás
I agree!
gooddaysahead1 9 meses atrás
I cannot fathom that from teenagers to pre 30 year olds could get together and CREATE such a diverse, melodic, mind-bending, revolutionary, entertaining, body of work. It absolutely boggles my mind. It almost seems impossible.
gooddaysahead1 4 meses atrás
@Har Simaja Most mathematicians and science related people have their greatest inflection points in their early years. The same goes for musicians. We all know of people who are/were musical savants at an early age. What I find interesting about The Beatles is that there were 4 of them creating multiple kinds of music, obviously borrowing from music in the past...and doing it collabotativly. They reconfigured it into something new. What's rare is when people come up with something that's never been done or heard before in specific in an artform.
Har Simaja
Har Simaja 4 meses atrás
Wait until you hear about Mozart/Pergolesi/Galois/Abel/Alexander the Great...
TyDie85 3 meses atrás
When Rick said "In My, one of the best songs ever written", I stopped the video to go listen...he isn't wrong! It is just so beautiful. I am so happy I listened to it. I just recently (this past week) got into The Beatles and I'm 37. I am somewhat mad at myself for not actively listening sooner. But also understanding that sometimes things will just come to you naturally.
Andrew Marcellis
Andrew Marcellis 24 dias atrás
You might like a band called The Doublejumps if you like listening to The Beatles
Timothy Dillow
Timothy Dillow Anos atrás
Writing "Norwegian Wood" only one year after "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Is truly astonishing. It seems like every song they wrote was just waiting to be written. The library they created in only 8 years will forever remain unsurpassed.
The Scott Andrew Brass Memorial Bench.
@Tule Lazule I Want To Hold Your Hand came out November 29th 1963 in Britain.
The Scott Andrew Brass Memorial Bench.
Two years but who's quibbling? It's still massively impressive. From From Me To You to Tomorrow Never Knows.
TheBatugan77 5 meses atrás
@Demon Slayer 561 Oh bullshit.
jack armstrong
jack armstrong 5 meses atrás
@mindeloman The Beatles were making music in the early 1960's reflective of the time in which they lived, and the musicians who came before who influenced them. This is how they learned their craft. They were simply better at writing songs than anyone because they had listened to, and recorded, hundreds of other peoples songs.
fastenit27 Anos atrás
@mindeloman What do you mean "bubble gum pop?" Within our culture "Pop" means popular. When you say "Bubble gum" do you mean it's meant for children? Too simple minded? The phrase has often been used, but I've never heard it been defined or completely understood it. However, it is often used to dismiss music without offering a clear understanding or explanation. Do you mean the chord progressions are uninteresting or too common/overly used? Too predictable? There is little harmonic development? Rhythmic development or variation? The melody lacks shape? etc?
james dewen
james dewen 11 meses atrás
The fact that their music is still played, discussed and is still massively popular is, in itself incredible. I was fifteen when Beatlemania started and no one played music from previous generations at that time so listening to them now would have been the equivalent of me listening to music from the 1910s then! Just think about that!
LC King 000
LC King 000 5 meses atrás
Yeah it’s incredible, but music wasn’t exactly marketed or distributed in 1910 quite like it has been since the Beatles inception.
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 6 meses atrás
I've often done that calculation too but never posted it. The cross generation in Beatles is astonishing. Rolling Stones and a few others as well. But life us much harder for new acts to make a living unless they hit the hackpot of global Internet success
Shandon Sahm
Shandon Sahm 7 meses atrás
Beatles are the Best..they set the bar super high.. Ringo is one of the greatest drummers ever....that The Beatles whenever I crave Melody I go to them..
JW Blue
JW Blue 9 meses atrás
2 things make my mind explode (a constant reaction) if I think about them ....1. When I try to conceptualize the distance of 1 light year ... and 2. How talented the Beatles were and how much they accomplished/produced before each turned the age of 30 (blows my mind when I think about either one). All that material in what ... 7 years? When did they officially sign their recording contract? '63? They broke in '70 ... all those wonderful songs in 6-7 years ... all before any of them were 30 years old. It was like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach all were re-incarnated at the same time and found each other as youngsters in Liverpool, ENG. I have to go lay down again ... my head hurts.
Dennis Applegate
Dennis Applegate Anos atrás
IMO Revolver was a pivotal moment in music for all genres. It opened the door for musicians to go in so many different directions. I feel like without that single album . We would not have so many different bands going to so many branches and directions . I feel like without George Martin as their producer and mentor . He was basically their musical father figure ,mentor , and friend who nurtured them . To become the best they could be as individuals . And then showed them how to mesh their own unique styles to make music that will never be surpassed. Something very special happened when these 4 lads got together. It seemed as if the universe aligned and God smiled on them . Sadly IMO we will never see that happen again. Sure theres better individual musicians. But it was the perfect mix of members with the exact skill set required. At the perfect time in society and their positive messages of love , hope and cultivating ones self to be a better person. As to make the world a better place .Their message rang true with the world in such a way it literally changed it for the better.
carpe996 Anos atrás
Love that Rick has 27 absolute most amazing favorite Beatles songs.
Zero_Point_Energy 18 dias atrás
That’s a bare minimum LOL
Dino Belli
Dino Belli Anos atrás
To the average listener, the Beatles are great. To a musician, the Beatles were phenomenal. The inversions, chord voicings, time changes, chord melodies, chromatic movement, etc. Masterful songwriting, and surprisingly advanced considering they learned all this stuff by ear and years of gigging.
Daniel Lomax
Daniel Lomax Anos atrás
I love how much you love the Beatles. You basically said 50% of their songs were the best song ever 😂
Ken smitb
Ken smitb 11 meses atrás
Because they are
Edward Blaney
Edward Blaney Anos atrás
Rick, you always have the incredible perception of the Beatles.....NO ONE worked harder than these guys. All I could thing about was if they were not recording they were writing and practicing, and finally if they were not doing those things, they were thinking about melodies, lyrics and arrangements......they were I looked at John, to think his days would be brought to an end in just 11 years..........if he only knew.....Rick, I really appreciate what you do.....thank you!!!!!
open2626 Anos atrás
I'm 47 years young (almost 48), a guitar player for 27 of those years and that documentary got me to go back and re-listen to many of the Beatles' hits. I'm blown away at the simplicity, yet intricacy of their writing. I'm even talking about many of their first hits; "She Loves You", "Eight Days a Week", Ticket to ride", "I Should Have Known Better", "We Can Work It Out", "All My Loving", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", .... the list goes on! I intentionally listed a lot of songs for people to see how many hits, you may have forgotten! I had forgotten quite a few of these and there are TONS more hits that they have! These were just the first few years! I'm more of a metal guy and I had never really given the Beatles the musicianship credit they deserved! Learning the progressions of those songs and some of their later stuff blew my mind! I'm a self taught guitar player, can't read sheet music but I can see chords and play along. But the Beatles opened my eyes up to using more of the "7" chords (B7, C7, D7, etc). So many of their songs have these and some other crazy chords that actually sound melodic! For example the song, "From Me to You", there's a progression there (I'm not sure if it's the chorus but I would probably call it a chorus) Gm/C7/F/D7/G/G+! That G+ chord I have never heard in any other song ever but it sounds great at the end of that line! But the most impressive part were the harmonies over those genius progressions. I love a lot of Alice in Chains and I can definitely hear the influence they got from the Beatles with their harmonies (even with AIC being a Eb tuned band). Also, George has some pretty cool little licks he put on songs that get over"looked"(more over heard). The little blues like at the end of each line in "She Loves You" is pretty bad ass for back then! Skid Row, Chains and many other bands use that in some of their songs (especially in Drop "D") or a song like "Monkey Business" by Skid Row uses that little A/D strings (that one use frets 2-3 4) but I definitely think some influence is there. Killswitch Engage, "My Curse" (one of the greatest songs of all time in my opinion) uses those chords but in a slightly different progression but also with a slight blues bend (and tuned in Drop "C") It's the A/D strings- Frets 3 and 5. It's been a while but I think I use the 6th fret too. Anyways, that cool bluesy lick in "She Loves You" is only part of the genius! Using E minor as the starting chord (darker chord) in such an uplifting and upbeat song is pretty interesting! Another thing I noticed was the duality in the main song writing between John and Paul! "We Can Work it Out" is a great example of this! Intro and verses (upbeat and jingly chords) D/C/G/D/G/A. Then John's part, Chorus: Bm/A/G/F#7 (dark lyrics and progression). Put them together and you have an amazing song! I know it was long winded but I've been really geeking out on these songs on the acoustic. PS- Ringo is a much better drummer than I thought he was!
James Clary
James Clary 4 meses atrás
George called 7ths and diminished the “naughty chords”. Love it
Wolfgang Halbritter
The Beatles was a supergroup from the beginning . At least John, Paul and George would have had a great solo career wirhout ever having played together as the Beatles before. One of the greatest talents ever have found each other „by accident“. Better than any professional casting could do. This is just amazing!
Jack Heinicke2
Jack Heinicke2 Anos atrás
Georges output during that time is staggering. Something and Here Comes The Sun and then records the All Things Must Pass album which is my favorite solo Beatles album. Got it the day of release. That album never disappoints...
Sean Mormelo
Sean Mormelo Anos atrás
What I came away with was how insanely talented Paul McCartney is. He was a crazy writer and a great musician on every instrument and I’m sure it was very intimidating for the other musicians especially George to be in a band with him. But to Paul’s credit I think he understood that and he always walked a line and he also respected the abilities of the other musicians. I believe he understood that what came out from all of them together was very special and completely different than what would come out of just him Or any of the others solo. Conversely I believe John and Paul realized that as well. Just a crazy freak occurrence that they grew up together and came together in a confluence of talent that will never be seen again.
James Clary
James Clary 4 meses atrás
What really blew me away was when I found out what a great lead guitarist he was. Just recently found out he did the solo on Taxman. Crazy.
Anna Nikia
Anna Nikia 6 meses atrás
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 6 meses atrás
@Peter H seems like you mean that detrimentally. Nothing bad about being the best pop band of all time. Most people live to go out with friends and loved ones for a dance or to begin new relationships at a dance. Beatles were toughest raw punk group in Hamburg, then greatest dance band in Liverpool, then best boy band pop group, then most innovative force in new era of pop as serious music. Maybe you don't dance and have pure unadulterated fun. Silly love songs demonstrated maturity with a young family and growing out of self-indulgent teenage angst
Tago Mago
Tago Mago 8 meses atrás
Nowadays or even before, somebody in a band with that much talent would have left and gone solo because his ego would not have allowed him to stay. I.E. I'm the talented one, I'm the star and I don't need all the hassle of being in a band like this. But Paul loved the Beatles and loved being in the band. Glad this documentary showed everything in context and not the watered down, sensationalised version that was previously released.
M L 11 meses atrás
@odorico leal I agree 100% with your choices on those 2 albums for John / Paul and George, but I respectfully disagree that the rest of there solo stuff was a bunch of filler with a few good tracks. Especially for McCartney. Walls and Bridges and Double Fantasy were very good albums. George Harrison (Album) and Cloud Nine were very good George solo Albums. And Paul’s Venus and Mars, Tug o War, And Flaming Pie were excellent. 👍
aasotih 6 meses atrás
I'm also a massive Beatles fan Rick. A child of the 60's, it isn't merely that I grew up with the Beatles and have a subjective bias. It's that the melodies, harmonies, subject matter and words still blows my mind all these decades later. Looking back and forward, I am lucky to have been there when they happened. Man. I love rock and roll, but I struggle to avoid Beatles songs dominating my guitar practice.
Fuz Capp
Fuz Capp 11 meses atrás
And immediately after finishing Revolver they recorded Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane for the Sgt Pepper album - of course, the fate of those two songs is the stuff of legend.
Fuz Capp
Fuz Capp Mês atrás
@51MontyPython They were the first songs recorded for Sgt Peppers but the Beatles were taking so long to complete the album, EMI wanted an immediate single - so George Martin gave them the double A side Strawberry Fields / Penny Lane as singles, then adhered to the policy at the time, to not put singles on albums. Martin regarded it as his biggest mistake of his career with the Beatles. They later put the two songs on the Magical Mystery Tour album just to make up the numbers. To be honest - they sit pretty well on that album - or maybe we just all grew up getting used to that.
51MontyPython Mês atrás
I thought Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields were on Magical Mystery Tour. (?)
Hristhov Lopez
Hristhov Lopez Anos atrás
“Yesterday and Today” was actually a U.S release since Capitol records wanted to release something ASAP in the U.S. before “Revolver”, which is why “Yesterday and Today “ album had songs from “rubber soul” and singles like “day tripper”. Fun Fact: The U.S. release of “Revolver” doesn’t have “I’m only sleeping” nor “And Your Bird Can Sing” since those were added on “Yesterday and Today” prior to their “Revolver” release ..
Randy Young
Randy Young Anos atrás
The Beatles were such a huge part of my musical background . In 1969 I was 13 years old and learning how to play the guitar and spending hours upon hours learning Beatles songs. I feel like this band is so much a part of me that it is almost part of my DNA. When I watched Get Back It was like I was in a time warp re-experiencing all of those high school memories. I was absolutely blown away watching the creation and evolution of these songs . Thank You for sharing your thoughts and comments about the Beatles Get Back Documentary .
James Clary
James Clary 4 meses atrás
Marilyn Harrington
Marilyn Harrington 2 meses atrás
Love this. I'm just hearing this early Christmas morning 2022. Just turned 13, my friend and I were blown away when we heard the Beatles played by Dick Smith on WORC in December 1963. I'm not exaggerating to say that changed my life... 13, the perfect age to fall in love with George Harrison.
Andrew Marcellis
Andrew Marcellis 24 dias atrás
You might like a band called The Doublejumps if you like listening to The Beatles
David L
David L Anos atrás
There's NO WAY I'd ever get sick of you talking about the Beatles, Rick! I know I'm not alone.
gail.dupuis 3 meses atrás
@Craig Eyerick So sorry for you because of all you're missing. So sad.
daletwin1 5 meses atrás
@gail.dupuis actually over 50 years for me, as well..I was born in the early 60's. I was listening to The Beatles before 1970. So I have been a Beatles' fan for at least 55 years. And, yes, the same thrill for me even after all of these years.
gail.dupuis 5 meses atrás
@daletwin1 For me, over 60 years. Still the same thrill and amazement and fun. What a complete blast of a time to be young in!
DB cooper
DB cooper Anos atrás
I can't get enough of them
Gioi Geniale
Gioi Geniale 7 meses atrás
I won't complain about your Beatles Videos, because they were the absolue best band ever. They influenced generations of musicians.
Music Authority
Music Authority 8 meses atrás
George Harrison was the youngest member of the group. but he was the most experienced. The Beatles were the best at harmonies of any group ever. it was most noticeable in songs like "I Want to Hold Your Hand".
Ocean Mermaid
Ocean Mermaid Anos atrás
You could play Beatles songs all day long and I'd never get sick of it!!! Beatles❤
Treff 6 meses atrás
The tone, phrasing and accent in John Lennon's vocals is right there with pizza, the ocean, star filled sky and beautiful women as the greatest things in life!
Anna Nikia
Anna Nikia 4 meses atrás
I appreciate your enthusiasm of the Beatles. I was 14 when I saw them at Shea Stadium. So memorable. It was a happening, not just a concert, total hysteria! Changed my entire existence! I love them as much today as I did then.
David Wright
David Wright Anos atrás
I saw The Beatles on Sept.7th 1964 at Maple Leaf Gardens, literally the day before I started high school age 13. My world has never been the same since…and at 71,I still listen and play music every day. 🎼🎵🎶
S L Anos atrás
I was at both the 1964 and an 1966 concerts in Toronto. The screaming was terrible for those of us who didn’t scream and would have liked to actually hear the music. I’m so grateful that my teenage fan years coincided with the Beatles era - the greatest band of all time. Most teens are not so lucky with
Keith Oneil
Keith Oneil Anos atrás
I think the tickets were $7.50.
Lesley Lesley
Lesley Lesley Anos atrás
I saw them at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966, Their last tour, you couldn't hear a thing with the screaming and I remember the audience throwing flashbulbs and lipsticks and anything they could pelt them with. The first concert I ever went to.
Michael Cranston
Michael Cranston Anos atrás
Paul heard David Mason play the Brandenburg concerto and invited him to play on Penny Lane. Mason didn't know who the Beatles were. Paul sang the parts he wanted, George Martin wrote them out, and Mason played the hell out of the part. Two takes.
Drew Sanderson
Drew Sanderson 11 meses atrás
Rick sounds like all of us going down each song within their discography and saying “one of my absolute favorites” after every other tune haha. Love it
AbbeyRoad1962 Anos atrás
What they put out for such a young group was fantastic. i think they would have only gotten better and would even be more sophisticated .
Tina H
Tina H Anos atrás
Did you guys notice the way Paul would lovingly gaze at John when John was doing something exceptional? Oh man, what a special brotherly bond those two had. I can only imagine how devastated he was when John was taken from us.
Robert Bellinger
Robert Bellinger Anos atrás
The Beetles were a revolution to me as a 16 year old. They remain a joy.
Public Hat
Public Hat Anos atrás
If you’re a bassist, you probably know exactly how much more effort it takes to properly figure out a McCartney bass line as opposed to the usual fare in pop and rock music. Paul has a wonderfully sophisticated musical brain, so much so that it can even sometimes fly under the radar amid the more accessible tunefulness, so to speak.
scott richardson
scott richardson 8 meses atrás
Paul McCartney is what is known as a "Polymath" in his chosen field. He pretty much knows it all. And as far as his bass lines? "His fingers move like a spider up and down the frets." As mentioned in the Lewishon book Tune-In.
surfohio 11 meses atrás
@TuberOnTheLoose I think maybe that could've allowed him to focus more on the bass parts.
Matt Powell
Matt Powell 11 meses atrás
They were all amazing, that much is a given. I would never say that any of them don't deserve every acvolade; but I think Paul's musical intuitiveness sets him apart, distinguishing him as a truly exceptional musical mind.
TuberOnTheLoose 11 meses atrás
I find it ironic that Sir Paul's truly outstanding bass lines were on the songs he didn't write.
Albert John Paul Schepis
Albert John Paul Schepis 11 meses atrás
Well put.
Michael Arens
Michael Arens 7 meses atrás
Paul was on fire creatively at the end, in my opinion. The Wings where a great band.
Tim Buchanan
Tim Buchanan 7 meses atrás
Great piece Rick, thank you for delving into these guys' amazing legacy. My obsessive love of music of all types/genres began when I heard the Beatles' Twist and Shout blaring out of a loudspeaker while living in Germany on an Air Force Base in 1963. Loved every record they put out and, while not truly being a musician (just a hack guitarist), have always felt that they were brilliant as songwriters and musicians and constantly groundbreaking throughout their career together. Opened the door to much in music that followed that I love. Too many favorite songs to have a favorite song; however, Abbey Road in its totality is an album that I will listen to until the end of my days.
Travis Swanson
Travis Swanson Anos atrás
You know what’s crazy… I wanted to take music theory in high school, but the class always booked up so quick, mainly because of our teacher, but also because it was one of the few music classes in our school. So I had to learn it on my own. Which is great, and a disadvantage simultaneously. But it helped me to really understand music on my own. And I had to pay attention to not just guitar, which I had transitioned to from drums, horns, vocals, and bass, but the entire composition of music. I had to force myself to be aware of how compositionally, if that’s a word, haha, how music comes together. And I feel I became a better composer of songs, and music, altogether. And I feel I had always had that intuition. From drums to guitar, I envisioned how bass, and other instruments could be incorporated into a song to really bring a song to its full potential. I mainly played guitar and vocals, but to envision the entire song with different instruments, made me appreciate the simple complexity, and the complex simplicity of song writing. My only regret was not figuring out how to translate that into a career. My family was not musically inclined, and discouraged musical careers, as they found it impractical. Boy have I regretted trying to prove them wrong. But regretted more, the love of a musical career, for the simply complicated love of music. Luckily, it’s not too late, lol. Thank you Rick. You inspire me.
Air Espenilla
Air Espenilla Anos atrás
George Harrison wrote “Something” and “Here Comes The Sun” at age 26 Thats incredible
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 6 meses atrás
@James Stone shame he had Spector as producer
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 6 meses atrás
@Albert John Paul Schepis most mathematicians and physicists have done their seminal work by that age
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 6 meses atrás
@donnakny99 it is old in some fields of innovative creativity - eg almost all mathematics and most physics
victor arena
victor arena 8 meses atrás
@Jeff318 1st line only
victor arena
victor arena 8 meses atrás
@Bruno Actis those 2 songs don't compare to something and HCTS. maybe only I saw her standing there is close to that level at a very young age. They were 26+ when they wrote their best stuff
Steven Michels
Steven Michels Anos atrás
George got such a raw deal. I can't believe John and Paul heard "All Things Must Pass" and decided to revisit the songs they wrote as teenagers, instead. Also look how generous George was with Ringo to help him turn the idea for "Octopus's Garden" into a song. The Beatles ending was the best thing that could have happened for him. George forever!
Ray Jennings
Ray Jennings Anos atrás
And this is why The Beatles are revered so much. There is no doubt about it, they led the world and still have the most profound influence on modern-day music.
moonbeanification Anos atrás
Amen Ray Jennings :)
Emanuel Mota
Emanuel Mota Anos atrás
The Beatles SHAPED the world.
The Founding
The Founding 11 meses atrás
The Beatles and the Beach Boy are the reigning champions of Pop Music. Their music was sooooooooo deep. Modern pop music cannot relate because it requires musical talent.
john tractor
john tractor 8 meses atrás
I have said this before. Chord progressions, melodies, lyrics, playing and general musicality of songs such as "Michelle" and "Yesterday" (as an example). A 50 year old veteran of musical song writing would be proud of their work and skill with just those two songs alone if they had written them. Paul was like a kid at around 20years old when he wrote them. What were any of us doing at that age?
Valarien777 Anos atrás
Your comments and insights about the Get Back documentary and the Beatles in general are one of the reasons why we love you Rick! Their deeply intuitive knowledge of music from their time in Hamburg and learning so many covers, their insanely creative output in the mid-60j's, their unique brilliant vocal harmonies, etc. Many of their individual songs have given birth to entire genres of music. The Beatles, as far as their impact on the entire world, both musically and socially, are the greatest band of all time, no other band has affected and influenced more people on the planet than The Beatles. Hundreds of years from now, when people are studying the music of the past, The Beatles will be looked back on as the Bach of modern pop/rock music, just as we look back on Bach as one of the masters from the past.
Damien Faust Mandible Resection
They were absolutely amazing and I too am a massive fan. They shaped my life personally and musically
Andrew Marcellis
Andrew Marcellis 24 dias atrás
You might like a band called The Doublejumps if you like listening to The Beatles
TJ Murphy
TJ Murphy Anos atrás
Wow, now that I’m 59, and a lot of us look back on this with eyes of our youth….to hear of their ages at this seminal time for these musical events….wow, just wow….
spenser330 Anos atrás
My thoughts on what made The Beatles such good writers? All those years in Hamburg having to play hours and hours of cover versions from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. All of those different chordal ideas, melodic ideas. What they developed was their own personal arsenal of ‘ right ‘ chords, of interesting progressions and melodies that they could draw from - not steal. Individually they were supremely talented and they did that thing that all highly skilled people - artists, athletes, whatever did - they made it look easy. It’s only when you deconstruct their songs do you get to see the work. The ideas in motion. They were four true wizards - and not four little men hiding behind a curtain operating levers.
Doug Fischer
Doug Fischer Anos atrás
@anoic info Where's your information to back up that conspiracy theory?
anoic info
anoic info Anos atrás
They had good writers writing for them. They were the 60’s Back Street Boys. U really think they wrote their own stuff? Brooklyn Bridge for sale
Eric Janik
Eric Janik Anos atrás
And they mined the B sides for covers. So original.
Rhonda Korte
Rhonda Korte Anos atrás
As well as the music Paul heard as a child listening to his father’s music. Born in 42, his parents were most likely listening to 30’s and 40’s 50’s music. I believe that musical people pick up by listening.
Barry Steinhart
Barry Steinhart 7 meses atrás
Someone said (forget who) that everyone is born with a song (or something like that). When you listen to Harrison's 'I Need You' from 'Help!' which was a relatively early song in George's writing career, you can hear musical composition which he will use during his whole later solo career. George, like the other two Beatles came up with their own musical signatures, and they used them in creative ways in all of their best songs. But really you don't necessarily hear it unless your looking for them. For those writers who realize their gift, take journeys down a musical river. The journey will take them in and out of tributaries as they traverse their river. The more they do this the more the mind creates less resistance to the flow of the river as you travel down stream. One day you will have traveled all of the possible routes and by then all of the music will have come before.
Dead Musicians Live4Ever
"Picture yourself on a boat on a river. .." can you name that Beatles tune?
Rick Lloyd
Rick Lloyd Anos atrás
I still remember after they were on Ed Sullivan the first time, how parent's, school teachers, aunts, uncles etc. Saying what a joke they were and how after 6 months or so they'd be completely forgotten. 50+ years after breaking up and they're still the biggest thing ever.
michael conlan
michael conlan Anos atrás
I've always been taken by the Beatles' prodigious achievement in assembling the 13 songs making up the English pressing of A Hard Days' Night. It seems John, in particular, was on fire, creatively speaking. Each is unique: about the only characteristic they share is brevity.
Allen F.
Allen F. Anos atrás
THIS is when they became a recording band. And they did it quickly.
Michael 3579
Michael 3579 Anos atrás
I was born 71 but the Beatles a still influenced my sense of music, they were brilliant and music wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the Beatles
jorelcrispan 5 meses atrás
It's great to hear a fellow Beatle fan talk about this group.
Ken L
Ken L Anos atrás
Great segment - Revolver might be the best album they ever made - and when you combine it with the Rubber Soul track listing and the singles and think about doing that in a single year, it’s almost incomprehensible. There will never be another band like that, and I’ll never get sick of you doing Beatles segments.
Anna Nikia
Anna Nikia 6 meses atrás
Me too! I never tire of hearing about them and their music!
Eric Janik
Eric Janik Anos atrás
Revolver is the greatest, Rubber Soul is my favorite, and there's a special place in my heart for Beatles For Sale. But every album they made has songs that make me say, Wow!
vargaso Anos atrás
Yep. Those two albums in one year, and considering what was going on in music at that time and how much of a quantum leap those two albums are, and all from guys in their early 20s. Just astonishing. Still my most listened to Beatles albums.
Chuck Cribbs
Chuck Cribbs Anos atrás
Agree. Revolver changed music. Listen to other music in 1966. No comparison.
Aisle of View
Aisle of View Anos atrás
I really like the American "Rubber Soul", it starts with "I've Just Seen a Face" and replaces "What Goes on" with "It's Only Love". The album flows much better than the UK version, although it omits "Nowhere Man" and "If I Needed Someone". BTW, "She Said" is sans Paul on both harmony vocals and any instruments. Conversely, Paul's guitar solo on "Taxman" is legendary, as are his vocals and rhythm guitar work on "Helter Skelter".
Ben Wells
Ben Wells Anos atrás
Gawd, George was only 25!? He speaks and acts like a man with the wisdom and experience of someone twice that age! Curiously enough my favourite two moments out of all those hours of footage were both ‘George’ moments *spoiler alert* First, when Ringo’s bashing around the first verse of ‘Octopus’s Garden’. George, having spent the past two weeks struggling to get anyone to take his songs seriously, wastes no time in helping him flesh out the composition further. Both of them on the piano, trying all manner of chord progressions, was just a sweet moment. The second was of course George defiantly switching the amps back on after Mal flicked them off under orders from the police. 100% fearless badass!
Charlie Read
Charlie Read Anos atrás
Love your videos, Rick, and really appreciate your enthusiasm for the Beatles. I always tell my students, "You had to be there to understand it." Yes, their music and influence lives on in so many ways, but this generation is blissfully unaware of it. They came up with so many "firsts" that I won't even begin to list them, since anyone on this page is already in the know. I'm really thankful to have been in the "Beatlemania" generation, joining 73 million other Americans who were captivated by their initial Ed Sullivan appearance. The Beatles are the ones who influenced me musically more than anyone else, and I'm currently working on my seventh CD! I always smile when someone tells me they can hear the Fab Four influence in one of my songs. I've learned and been impacted by Dylan, Hendrix, CCR, the Hollies, Clapton, and many, many more ... but John, Paul, George and Ringo are the epicenter of my musical career.
Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez 10 meses atrás
Wow, I always was aware of how old they were on LET IT BE....but listening to their ages on the previous records is a testament among MANY LEVELS why THE BEATLES are UNMATCHED and will ever be !!!
Louiebee67 6 meses atrás
The Complete Beatles Chronicle by Mark Lewisohn is highly recommended reading. Just the sheer scope and magnitude of the amount of concerts, recordings, films, press conferences, radio and TV broadcasts they undertook in any given year is staggering.
Carl_Anderson Anos atrás
One thing I want to add is that this documentary is completely congruent with all that they said on later years, specially Paul. When so much has being speculated about Paul’s attitude towards Yoko, we can see him defending her, and saying it was not her fault. Yes, we see Paul and John being a little rude and pushy with George but then we hear them recognizing their mistakes and understanding George needed more respect. Paul said in Stephen Colbert’s show that during the 70s he questioned himself because media almost convinced him that he was the villain. Now we can see the truth. There’s no villain. There never was. Only differences. The guys cared about each other like brothers.
Long Island Vic
Long Island Vic 4 meses atrás
@Carl_Anderson Hogg.. Mmmm interesting choice of name🤔
Arty Moderne
Arty Moderne 5 meses atrás
Allen Klein was the villain.
Carl_Anderson 10 meses atrás
@Thomas Watkins How can you talk about being “accurate” when there’s actual footage? Michael Lindsay-Hogg Let It Be lasts 1.21 hours Peter Jackson’s Get Back has 7.48 hours. Lindsey-Hogg clearly cut hours and hours of footage and kept the most boring, dull and depressing parts. If that’s what you think was real, fine. But I think Jackson’s version is more objective. It was clear for many they were not having a good time in Twickenham studios, the place they disliked the most, and the place Hogg insisted in filming. Their mood changed drastically when they got back at Apple Studios. Also, there were obvious conflicts and strong discussions they were having, and Jackson didn’t hide them. Perhaps I’m wrong but I think Hogg felt left out and in less control in Apple studios, since it was a smaller place, less cinematic.
Thomas Watkins
Thomas Watkins 10 meses atrás
The bottom line is this version is simply trying to paint the Beatles as the media believes they should be. A fun, poppy band that were never at odds. The rumor is the line “she’s waiting for me” in McCartney’s Too Many People was a reference to Paul having a moment with Cynthia Lennon or Yoko. To which John responded with “How do you sleep”. The reality isn’t that everything was peaceful. They merely picked the happy moments from hundreds of hours. It’s a darn stupid idea, as I see it. The original was more accurate as the group would break up soon after with. George Martin only offering to return if they’d do it “the old way” no distractions. Frankly, we are this sad as a culture these days. We can’t even accept 4 men from 60 years ago were at odds with one another after a lifetime of hysteria in under a decade. My advice? LET IT BE. They came, they went, we loved, it was just over.
exponent mantissa
exponent mantissa Anos atrás
What amazed me is how much their music changed. They went from Please Please Me to Sgt Peppers in just 4 years. IMO the period 1965 to 1975 was the golden era of rock. The Stones, Beatles, Who, CSNY, Pink Floyd, Dylan. Hendrix, Joplin, The Doors, Zeppelin, Clapton, Beck. So much great stuff and the music business had not gotten so marketing driven yet.
Friedtoenails 6 meses atrás
Greatest decade of music in history. You had the best of the Beatles, the Stones, Led Zep, the Who, Pink Floyd, the Doors, CCR, CSNY, so many other amazing rock bands and artist, plus MoTown, Stevie Wonder, all those great R&B groups, Funk, Simon and Grfunkel, the Mamas and the Popas, and other folk rock….the list is endless
Raymond Rizzo
Raymond Rizzo 8 meses atrás
Actually, just a wonderful age for almost every genre of music…and many of them you could hear on the same station. Rock, R&B, Blues, Motown, even folk music…all on you favorite AM station…back to back. It is my favorite era of music.
James Ressler
James Ressler 8 meses atrás
You are absolutely. The Golden period or Renaissance of the genre.
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira 9 meses atrás
this was already released as a movie in 73 as a vhs tape in the 80'´s and in dvd in the 90´s and what i would like to see is other albums recording, this when started was first filmed in a rented theatre but was too cold and they return to the studios they were used to work, i only say that they have other interesting footage of other albums recordings, but no one cared for watching it ,unless they released it one more time with all the footage but there is more film ,why not releasing others ,only let it be ,this time they even change the name to get back ,i have the raw footage of hours and hours that will be forgoten ,there are very interesting scenes in other LP´s recordings this was already released 3 times this was the 4th time ,but what about other footage .not allowed for people to see
Michael Noland: The Bottom Line
I absolutely loved the many different harmonies that McCartney goes through that they didn’t’ even use!
Gabriela Ana
Gabriela Ana Anos atrás
So happy to have discovered your channel. I am a massive Beatles fan. I was 5 when my immigrant mom purchased "Meet the Beatles", the first of many Beatle albums that would form the background of our life in New York and Argentina. What about "Till There Was You".......... ❤️also a Joni Mitchell fan... music of my life... and Pat Matheny!
PeterRinearson 5 meses atrás
Beatles and Joni Mitchell...the best.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 7 meses atrás
Spot on with your assessment. It’s unbelievable what they accomplished and gave the world in just a few years at such a young age. Greatest band of all time.
ASoul Anos atrás
you are really an extraordinary music connoisseur, but what i appreciate most about you is that you have recognized the true status of the beatles and that you are very sympathic to suggesting it to people in your nice way! Greatings from Germany
Owen Anos atrás
“Let’s Talk More About the Beatles.” Yes, let’s. I’m always down for anything Beatles-related. I have 30 minutes left of part 2 of Get Back. I could watch this stuff all day.
Harry Cardillo
Harry Cardillo Anos atrás
They should do another documentary, they had 150 hours of footage. We saw 9.
Owen Anos atrás
I’m trying my best to savor it.
Mamy Mimma
Mamy Mimma Anos atrás
Yes ❤️
integral Anos atrás
@jammin6816 I'm counting on a release of an expanded version. And will gladly pay for it.
jammin6816 Anos atrás
Exactly! I’ve got 43 minutes left of the second part. I’m hoping we can see the other 54 hours of recording at some point.
texasjammer Anos atrás
Talking about harmonies... there's a scene in Get Back where John and George are talking, goofing off while Paul is singing Let It Be and they just pop right in with their parts and of course, it's spot on. Amazing...
Dee Anos atrás
He talks about how hard it is to figure out the chord progressions because everything blends so well, and that made think like Half the time you could never figure out who was actually singing some of the song, they just worked so well together its insane.
John Lynch
John Lynch Anos atrás
Still can’t figure out who is singing in some parts of a day in the life
John Lynch
John Lynch Anos atrás
Well said
The Real Sam Poole
The Real Sam Poole Anos atrás
I would NEVER be sick of your Beatles videos, Rick. If you could do them. The Beatles have been my absolute favourite band since I was 14 years old - 31 years ago - and they are still, hands down, the best band ever! They did more for music than any other band has done. And all before they turned 30. Mind blowing.
FBGOODIE! Anos atrás
From a Beatles fan's point of you thank you Rick for this passionate and honest video,you are a fantastic musician and your respect for the Beatles can only add to your stature.
The Band Coca
The Band Coca Anos atrás
Joey from Pixies said Savoy Truffle is where he got his guitar sound from. Their affect on worldwide culture is just incredible.
kwizzeh Anos atrás
The sheer amount of material the Beatles released in only in 7 years and they weren't even 30 years old yet still surprises me.
Glenn Anos atrás
Rick I love this segment. When the Beatles harmonized and sang together sound was so unique you knew it was them. Because, Nowhere Man, ticket to Ride. They sang as one and when they all sign together you know it was them the Beatles
Marilyn Horwitz
Marilyn Horwitz 11 meses atrás
Beatles fan since I was a kid. I never realized they were under 30 when they broke up. It broke my heart. Saw them in Chicago in 1965 I think - couldn’t hear a thing but it was great.
Jallakka 10 meses atrás
For everything they done I still feel their best was a hard day's night album. It's awesome.
Derrick Mims
Derrick Mims 27 dias atrás
Rick mentions the scene with George helping Ringo with "Octopus's Garden". I don't know what it is, but that clip always brings me tears. It's just such a sweet moment. Ringo seems nervous about showing what he's worked up, and George is so gentle and supportive.
Andrew Marcellis
Andrew Marcellis 24 dias atrás
You might like a band called The Doublejumps if you like listening to The Beatles
Robert Latzer
Robert Latzer Anos atrás
When it comes to Ringo, it’s what he chose to play and not to play that makes him a genius behind the kit. ‘Ticket to ride’, ‘Get back’, ‘Something’. Amazing. Every drummer including me would have overplayed these and many more Beatle songs. It’s not whether it’s technical or not. It’s pure art . I don’t Ringo is truly understood as a drummer and what he contributed to the Beatle sound.
Chris McGill
Chris McGill 7 meses atrás
@Alf Ching Hard Good
colliemac7 8 meses atrás
The Beatles were artists, they wanted flair not some psycho beating the skins off.. & when Ringo was called on to do more he did brilliantly.. Paul & John were geniuses & if they weren’t happy with Ringo he would have got the boot like Pete.
colliemac7 8 meses atrás
@NewAgain You have no idea what your talking about.
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira 9 meses atrás
i think ringo was as important as any other menber of the band maybe a bit more because he was very active in the band life and is style was what he could do while playing live without hearing what other menbers were playing and keeping the beat so others could be driven by him ,this was said by him and the other two menbers still alive in the 90´s, and for those who listen to them only on cd format ,i can say that it´s totally diferent of what was recorded in analog format they had incredible good sound ,all of that was lost in digital recording ,i receive as an offer the cd boxes ,when hearing them i had to turn the treble knob all the way to the left trying to find what was in reality their sound but not possible. So, it´s sad that so many think that what is heard in cd was how the Beatles sound, just sad , some monthes ago i remenber to listen to some of their songs ,and when playing a Lp i ended up listening not only to the song that i wanted to hear but all the album ,i ended up listening to the white album from one end to the other, then Revolver then Rubber Soul and maybe the best of their albums Abbey Road, when i9 started i was thinking that i would listen to 6 songs but the sound is so good that i heard the entire albums but when i put the cd playing after listening to the records, it doesn´t sound like the Beatles at all, regards
James Clary
James Clary 10 meses atrás
You get it pretty quickly when you play with a regular drummer trying to do Beatles covers. Just doesn’t work!
Snowfire Sunwind
Snowfire Sunwind Anos atrás
Revolver - one of the greatest pop/rock albums ever. Years ahead of its time and still sounds contemporary today.
Curbozer Boomer
Curbozer Boomer Anos atrás
@DMC When the shooter was arrested, he said "It's phony!"...Was he referring to the post Beatles careers, pursued for money and "success". therefor destroying their previous "anti-establishment" attitudes?
Randolph Farms
Randolph Farms Anos atrás
@DMC What if it had been Silver Hammer?
DMC Anos atrás
It’s strange when you think that Lennon was killed by a revolver did his assassin act off of the name of that album ?
TheBatugan77 5 meses atrás
Beatles once had, simultaneously, the top five singles on the charts. That's still astounding.
Walt Shaw
Walt Shaw Anos atrás
Really appreciate all that Rick does for music analysis!
Bruce Meacham
Bruce Meacham Anos atrás
The Beatles where together 10 years, 1960-1970. They made 188 original songs, that's 19.41 days per song. They had 55x platinum, that's 66.36 days per platinum. It's just unfathomable
Stephen Pinder
Stephen Pinder 11 meses atrás
So glad you mentioned the rooftop concert. To this day, I can't believe how good they were especially given the limitations they worked with. Amazing!!!!!
Tijuana 11 meses atrás
I like how every music video starts with proof the person can play an instrument. They should do this on other videos, to prove the street cred of their topics as well.
Lisa-Marie Gray
Lisa-Marie Gray Anos atrás
They were lightning in a bottle! Their music is a miracle. The joy, wonder and beauty of their music has impacted countless lives and will continue to do so through generations to come. We will never see or hear anything like these four amazing men ever again and we don't need to. They are enough.
shadeofthetrees Anos atrás
Perfectly stated. Lightning in a bottle, indeed.
Emanuel Mota
Emanuel Mota Anos atrás
Completely agree. The Beatles was a magic moment in history, and their musical creativity and social \ global impact will never be duplicated (IMHO).
Mark Sanzone
Mark Sanzone Anos atrás
Couldn't have summarized it better. We've witnessed history in the making!
brian Bsully17
brian Bsully17 11 meses atrás
For me the best part of the whole documentary was the lads playing One After 909 on the roof. You could see they just relaxed and jammed with a song from the good old days. It was magical
Kkay Anos atrás
It has grown somewhat popular these days for people to diss The Beatles. It's not something I understand, given the outpouring of astounding song after song after song. Whatever else can be said, this can truly never be denied. I feel vindicated in my awe of their body of work when listening to a music man such as yourself explain what made them great.
Rich Killian
Rich Killian Anos atrás
After watching the Analogs concert of the white album live, which is so impossibly spot on in every way, my emotions caught up with me so hard and sweet. Hard because I was in high school at that time, mostly deaf and subjugated to go through the demeaning labeling that went with being nearly deaf. Their music defined me and motivated me. It created bonds never otherwise possible. I studied hard, practiced guitar lots and went on the play in several local bands. Bands liked to be loud and that worked for me. Thankfully you are there for me today Rick. You have motivated me all over again.
Betsey R.
Betsey R. Anos atrás
And I bought ALL the US album releases as soon as they came out, still have them to this day! Got my first Beatle album (mono) when I was in 4th grade, "Introducing The Beatles" and my first 45 was "She Loves You" (on Swan label, have that too). I can still remember seeing them on Ed Sullivan for the very first time, we didn't even know then who was who but I liked the one in the middle (that was George and he remains my favorite to this day)...
J Shelldog
J Shelldog Anos atrás
Let's just say Rick. Listening to you speak of the Beatles is the same banter we all share. You speak with so much emotion and love of the music we all share. Thank you for making these videos and showing your love of music. Sharing it with us all!!!!
David Rothberg
David Rothberg Anos atrás
It is amazing that on Abbey Road, the Beatles last album, George has arguably the two best songs. And that's out of an album of incredible songs.
parallelworldsguy 4 meses atrás
@Curbozer Boomer The album simply titled "George Harrison," which came out in 1979, may have been his best ever. Cloud Nine, which came out in 1989, was also really top notch.
Long Island Vic
Long Island Vic 4 meses atrás
And you hear him tell John that he had so many songs that the had written that he was interested in maybe putting out his own album without or possibly including sone of the others.( Pt. 3 and ergo All Things Must Pass). John lets him know that it was a good idea and he supported him fully. As he does when he basically tells Paul that his overbearing ego was hurting George and thus the rest of the band. If not for John, Paul might have been selling fruit in the market down the street. Through clever editing you can see how what the person in control wants you to believe( Pay heed oh you Millennials and friends... FAKE NEWS!) I'm sure Sir Paul got quite the earful at home. " How come you don't let me caterwaul at the studio like Yoko? Thank god! Or maybe they didn't air it. There are hundreds of hours of tape not yet seen.... mmmmm...I wonder how a third person could frame HIS STORY..? ok i'll put away my tin foil hat now. : )
Albert John Paul Schepis
Albert John Paul Schepis 11 meses atrás
Well, it's partly amazing that he managed to shoe-horn them in. John and Paul were used to having their creations populating the albums. George had a back-log that never made it in.
Emanuel Mota
Emanuel Mota Anos atrás
@Curbozer Boomer From what I've seen in 60 years is that every artist has their peak creative period, and that may last only 5 or 10 years or so. Very few are consistently great over a long period. The Beatles had - what - seven incredible years where they created all of that music? And ALL artists produce crap now and then - all musicians, movie directors, actors, painters. The BEST movie directors have maybe three mediocre or BAD movies as great ones. As Billy Joel said, "I've ROOMS full of songs you'll never hear." Even scientists - usually produce their best work in their 20's. (look at Einstein). But we remember the great ones.
desoxido Anos atrás
@Curbozer Boomer I agree and this is something I always say. George learned from the best songwriters in history.
Albert John Paul Schepis
Albert John Paul Schepis 11 meses atrás
Love all of Rick's videos and this is one I've listened to a number of times because it's so interesting and pays tribute to how great the Beatles were. Yeah... yeah, yeah!
Luis Cortés
Luis Cortés Anos atrás
I love The Beatles Live at the BBC double albums. They mostly played cover songs (B-sides from American rock n' roll bands and singers most of them) that were part of their repertoire during the Hamburg years. Each album has over 30 songs of these songs. It's amazing the amount of songs this guys knew, and they're singing them perfectly for various live radio broadcasts, some even with live audiences.
Steven Michels
Steven Michels Anos atrás
Even though they became a studio band, they remained crazy tight. It's amazing that so many of their best takes for "Let it Be" occurred when they played outside and on a roof!
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