Laurie Hernandez breaks down what went wrong during Simone Biles' vault | Tokyo LIVE | Peacock

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27 Jul 2021



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VinnyS914 3 dias atrás
Kerri Strug didn't know Moceanus 9.2 gave them the GOLD plus in those days if you refused to compete the team forfeited. She sprained her ankle & vaulted with a sprained ankle & SHATTERED the ankle. You are NOT worthy
Justin Cartwright
Justin Cartwright 27 dias atrás
It's not just that Simone got lost in the air - think of how high she is!!! Getting lost in the air while being that high above the table and not knowing where the ground is?! It's nothing short of remarkable that she landed on her feet really.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Mês atrás
I guess when you have seen a lot of gymnastics you just know the spin rates on site. Anytime they say "double" or "triple" I just have to take their word for it, it happens so fast!
Kyla Johnson
Kyla Johnson Mês atrás
Thank goodness the anchors let Laurie talk uninterrupted. We got to focus on listening to her expertise and it was amazing!
lilbabykriz Mês atrás
laurie should definitely look into being a commentator. her and nastia do such a great job explaining what's happening
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
competition is nothing short of terrifying
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Mês atrás
stimulants until now
John Blocher
John Blocher Mês atrás
Crazy how people are hating her for being vulnerable. You can visibly tell she's upset/panicked coming out of the vault, hopefully she's able to recover, and do what makes her happy.
Susan Smith
Susan Smith Mês atrás
Great explanation. She faltered. Many great athletes do, at times. You could see by the look on her face she wasnt handling it well, emotionally.
Nathaniel Chavarria
Lost in the air would be my permanent definition of gymnastics. I get lost in the air just watching them, and yes, we need more commentators like Laurie Hernandez.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
Great explanation and to see it in slow motion.
Dianna Hannah
Dianna Hannah Mês atrás
Why did they cut her off?
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Mês atrás
Laurie Hernandez was born to commentate! I see a bright career in her future.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Mês atrás
Pregnancy could cause the problems that Simone is having. Things that make you go, "Hmmm."
Paul Judd
Paul Judd Mês atrás
screwed up
Emergencia Yongco
Emergencia Yongco Mês atrás
Emergencia Yongco
Emergencia Yongco Mês atrás
If you go to the Olympic Games to compete , Athletes expects to win,Gold, Silver or Bronze. in my wildest dreams it never appears to me that Simone Biles is going to quit.😭💔
cur sta
cur sta Mês atrás
KillMyVocals Mês atrás
yikes! thanks for the explanation Laurie. definitely can understand why Simone left after that, better safe than risk possible paralysis or worse.
Makenzie Stieber
Makenzie Stieber Mês atrás
It's a testament to Simone's talent and athleticism that she landed that vault on her feet and not her neck or arms. I can only imagine getting lost in the air at such a high level of competition is nothing short of terrifying
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham Mês atrás
to regain full spatial orientation and have her body and mind in sync again, could take days or weeks, I can see why she is bowing out of the other competitions
Vy Chi
Vy Chi Mês atrás
Mental health is a serious issue. Wishing her all the best.
K C Mês atrás
She was going through withdrawal from not being on stimulants, supposedly, according to her for adhd. You have not seen it before because she always had performed on stimulants until now
Trish Trace
Trish Trace Mês atrás
Which is why she should be banned from it like everyone else. Obviously it gives her an edge that the others don't get.
T. K.
T. K. Mês atrás
This girl has enough POWER behind her to ban the media from covering the Olympics! Go girl and use that power!
Mary Bunting
Mary Bunting Mês atrás
Great explanation and to see it in slow motion.
Kayla George
Kayla George Mês atrás
Simone's 100% capable of doing that vault but decided to take a step back because her mental health was interfering with her performance and that's OKAY. This gives other gymnasts the opportunity to shine and Simone a break from the pressure to focus on herself and whatever's troubling her. I wish her the best ❤️
Bellybutton❤ Mês atrás
I'm wondering if shes developing some sort of neurological disorder?
Genius1107 Mês atrás
She quit cause she realized she wasn’t going to get gold. She abandoned her team instead of supporting them.
K Cook
K Cook Mês atrás
When the gold was out of reach she quit instead of accepting defeat like a true champion
AppTouch Technologies
Hang tough Simone. No one that doubts you matters. Get well.
David Sastre
David Sastre Mês atrás
What went wrong was quitting
David Sastre
David Sastre Mês atrás
@AD Justify that.
Mari Mcm
Mari Mcm Mês atrás
It looks like people are being encouraged to give up in the middle of battle. Are we going to listen to them? I don’t think so!!
Sherry Hunt
Sherry Hunt Mês atrás
Why do you have to keep talking like this. You know she doesn’t do this. You know something was off. You know she’s human, but no. It reminds me of a song my mother would sing when us kids were squabbling. Knock her down again Pa knock her down agin, we don’t want our neighbors (country) talken about our kin. Slap her down again Pa slap her down again
Erica Hyland
Erica Hyland Mês atrás
Has anyone, for one second, considered it MAY be the Vaccine distorting her entire cellular composition? Let me guess, no... the vaccine is here only to protect and save everyone.
Ti Ci
Ti Ci Mês atrás
What happened while she was still talking? 😂🤣😂 tf
John Sutula
John Sutula Mês atrás
Quitting after one mistake is for quitters.
John Sutula
John Sutula Mês atrás
@Ryan Cunningham I don't know about "easily remedied" but sure 👌😉
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham Mês atrás
@John Sutula well that's something that's easily remedied, but when you're pretty much flying through the air and lose that mental orientation, can't tell up from down or where or how you're going to land, that can unnerve you. She needs time to unwind, practice and she can do them again
John Sutula
John Sutula Mês atrás
@Ryan Cunningham Yeah I haven't experienced that but once I scalded all the skin off my foot at work. Took a break, walked it off, and finished my shift. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Olympics.
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham Mês atrás
when you lose orientation, lose the awareness to know which way is up or down, that takes time regain, gymnasts have said recovering from the "twisties" can take weeks
Linda's Place
Linda's Place Mês atrás
We. Have you seen her in practice or heard about it. I heard that she could be having a reaction from covid vaccine.
Timmer Mês atrás
And the next thing you do is quit. Right.
Galaxyoshi Mês atrás
Galaxyoshi Mês atrás
No it's because the olypic coming said they weren't gonna give her the proper points because she was better than everyone else. That's like telling Tom Brady that each touchdown he scores is only worth 4 points
Chrissy Mês atrás
Nobody but the elite Olympic gymnasts should speak out about this because nobody but them knows
Tommy Mês atrás
Quitter, thats what happened
Rudyard Mês atrás
“Wimp” doesn’t take much explanation
comrade sentourn jr
This chick is perfect, explains it in a way us laymen can understand and follow
666.SleeperCell Mês atrás
She had no adderrall
Bobby Clark
Bobby Clark Mês atrás
What went wrong was she disgraced her country and herself.
DeeDeePolishton TV
DeeDeePolishton TV Mês atrás
Daryl Haynes
Daryl Haynes Mês atrás
Bruce LeeRoy
Bruce LeeRoy Mês atrás
It’s not ok to quit kids.
gloria garcia
gloria garcia Mês atrás
Great job Laurie Hernandez!!
Lightning Driver
Lightning Driver Mês atrás
Who cares, really? She choked. Adios.
Mik Rod
Mik Rod Mês atrás
She choked eos
Solo Mês atrás
If no one else will say it... I will. Japan is possibly on some bull over there. Those officials are being discriminatory by giving her low scores to make " other athletes " feel secure about their performances. The fact is .... If you've got it , you've got it and Simone has it. It makes no sense for her to be stressed out and possibly bullied for her talent. And that's on Yurchenko (sp chk ) 1.5 rotation.
666.SleeperCell Mês atrás
She cheats using adderall
Wannabe Celery
Wannabe Celery Mês atrás
I wonder why she quit
666.SleeperCell Mês atrás
No adderrall
Paul Brown
Paul Brown Mês atrás
No mas
H i
H i Mês atrás
Woke is broke #backtheblue
Bob Swags
Bob Swags Mês atrás
Another selfish athlete....
Sean Pan
Sean Pan Mês atrás
Her teammates deserve to be in the finals.
S B Mês atrás
Nice editing just ends mid sentence
James Dean
James Dean Mês atrás
If you can't take the heat get out the kitchen. You can't be called The goat if you ain't cooking. You think Tom Brady ever thought about quitting when he was down 28 points at the half at the super bowl f*** no he said I'm coming back and finding a way to win that's goat mentality, she ain't got it.I don't care if she does win gold in her individuals she ain't got it she made an excuse of mental health and that's to me is unforgivable!
zacho cracy
zacho cracy Mês atrás
It's unfortunate that Simone, not even wanting to be there, took the spot of someone who actually wanted to represent their country. Can't call a quitter a goat and can't depend on her ever again🤷‍♂️
zacho cracy
zacho cracy Mês atrás
@FireWalkWithG yes, we should celebrate all the quitters. You're more simp than sane.
FireWalkWithG Mês atrás
You're a petty person.
Luis Vizcaino
Luis Vizcaino Mês atrás
v j
v j Mês atrás
No. Wrong. It didn't happen during practice. That vault looked Extremely high...for one , two she's vaulting on a bad Ankle. It Obviously gave out. Would you break your Ankle to prove a point? .. Was the Apparatus larger than what she's used to? The Ankle zoom in Before the Vault shows they Anticipated her not making this vault.
Bill James
Bill James Mês atrás
She's part of a protected "class" and a protected gender. So nobody is going to call this for what it is: a gutless display of cowardice.
American AsCanBe
American AsCanBe Mês atrás
LOL! She woke. And lost.
Relaxing in Nature
Relaxing in Nature Mês atrás
Neneko007 Mês atrás
USA gotta go around the world and naturalize new athletes. The ones they had this year are extremely disappointing.
Sienna White
Sienna White Mês atrás
So basically she choked and is blaming it on mental health 😬 She’s very talented nonetheless.
Dao Yang
Dao Yang Mês atrás
I agree. She gave that smirk at the end like she knew she messed up.
RG Mês atrás
What does that mean “lost in the air”?
RG Mês atrás
@David Wendkosinteresting. I could see in slow motion her arm opens up right before she lands but when I watched other videos of this move I see them opening their arms just a second or two later than Simone did but I guess that makes all the difference right. Thanks for explaining
David Wendkos
David Wendkos Mês atrás
Think about how fast she’s spinning, twisting, and flipping. It’s not realistic to track where everything (the ground, the ceiling, the mats, etc.) is using her eyes. But she has to know all of that or she risks landing in the wrong way, which could mean pulling a muscle, or tearing ligaments, or breaking bones, or even snapping her neck. So she’s learned to know where things are throughout her vault based on timing and “feeling it”. Getting lost in the air means her body and brain aren’t working together the right way, preventing her from knowing “where” she’s at, and therefore, what to do and when to do it to land safely and successfully.
Jon Savage
Jon Savage Mês atrás
Where can I find a face mask like that?😀
Joboo Luvs
Joboo Luvs Mês atrás
So we reload 🇺🇸💪
Don DP
Don DP Mês atrás
So...she choked under pressure... Hmmm
John Quarter
John Quarter Mês atrás
you talk about privlege
chickenwing986 Mês atrás
She quit, what else is there to discuss?
Nathan Spain
Nathan Spain Mês atrás
The fact she landed that 😳
Jess D
Jess D Mês atrás
Guy troubles. I’ve seen women lose their concentration because if it.
Bama Phoenix
Bama Phoenix Mês atrás
Is there a reason all these videos cut off mid sentence?
Kevin P.
Kevin P. Mês atrás
Choked. Quitter.
1100 Subs with No Videos Challenge
I guess when you have seen a lot of gymnastics you just know the spin rates on site. Anytime they say "double" or "triple" I just have to take their word for it, it happens so fast! .
Alice Morrison
Alice Morrison Mês atrás
Even at her worst Simone still has no competition everyone likes when it comes to competing with her she has no competition whatsoever at all
David Sastre
David Sastre Mês atrás
If she had no competition, she would have got the gold for that performance. For her team.
gjpatterson1 Mês atrás
Biles is a has been! She was a great athlete, until she brought politics into it. You turn your back on our flag, we turn our backs to you!
reedykat30 Mês atrás
No back turn here. This young lady is still and will always be an Olympic champion. 🥰
Gewber Mês atrás
Proud of her losing
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
What did she lose?
Steven Goodpaster
Steven Goodpaster Mês atrás
WHO CARES…..SHE QUIT! She should be banned from competing on any team
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
@Steven Goodpaster Please, list the last Olympics or world finals you were in. List the last time you carried not only your team, but your nation in an international event. I can wait.
Steven Goodpaster
Steven Goodpaster Mês atrás
@AndrewDeLong wrong again big mouth
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
I'm sorry. Have you ever competed at the elite level? No? Then how do you know what the best course of action was here? Oh wait, you don't.
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada Mês atrás
Mental health card really she got plenty of money now so she doesn't care anymore
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
I'm sorry, are you an elite competitor with the weight of a team and a nation riding on you? No? Didn't think so.
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada Mês atrás
Kerry shrug didn't quit
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada Mês atrás
@Tanya Perez she won the gold for her team besides all gymnastics retire that young
Tanya Perez
Tanya Perez Mês atrás
And was forced to retire from her injuries.
W P Mês atrás
Laurie: “but we’ve…” *cuts off* Me: 👁👄👁
a human
a human Mês atrás
@Israymer Valentin-Arias ...
Israymer Valentin-Arias
They didn’t cut her off she said but we’ve lose. Pay attention!!
Govna Quotmo
Govna Quotmo Mês atrás
Goat to quitter
Sienna White
Sienna White Mês atrás
@AndrewDeLong get a life dude. Wow she does gymnastics she’s not out here saving lives. Such first world problems and privilege.
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
Please, list your life's accomplishments.
James Caldwell
James Caldwell Mês atrás
She had a bad vault, knew she screwed up and is not mentally tough enough to face it , so she quit. LeBron did the same thing, quit on his team too. Her mental troubles are just beginning but she brought it on herself
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
Except you're wrong. She's screwed up before and still continued on. And has won after doing so. Unless you compete at the elite level with the weight of a nation on you, you have no authority to make criticisms here or about her.
Latest Leaks
Latest Leaks Mês atrás
Very sad😢
Red Rabbitt
Red Rabbitt Mês atrás
She's so cool 😍
Websiteguy 2
Websiteguy 2 Mês atrás
Bet someone said lose or else like mobsters
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
To everyone criticizing Simone here, please, step up and let everyone know how you handled your last olympics, knowing that you were carrying not only your team, but your entire country. Until then, maybe you keyboard critics should sit down, shut up, and enjoy the fact that the greatest expectation anyone has of you is that you successfully bathe in a given week.
Danny Shortwave And Radio DX
In a nutshell, She choked then quit on her team. Narcissism at is finest. This is the worst olympics ever. What a bunch of snowflakes.
Genius1107 Mês atrás
Soft. Go woke go broke
Opal Thomas
Opal Thomas Mês atrás
I was wondering what Laurie was up to lately, she sounds like an expert and anchor like - such maturity
Grechen Liam
Grechen Liam Mês atrás
Let's not get lost in the commentators, Simone has done great, give her the credit due
Remiko -
Remiko - Mês atrás
@Ragin Caucasian That same quitter is what got you to the olympics and the team finals, genius.
Angry Gnome
Angry Gnome Mês atrás
She choked. Plain and simple.
B. Prescott
B. Prescott Mês atrás
Or she just flat out chocked…
Katherine Song
Katherine Song Mês atrás
Thankyou Laurie for explaining this
TeddyJac Eddy
TeddyJac Eddy Mês atrás
I think she choked and blamed it on the current bandwagon of the day, "metal heath issues".
Aidan Dickson
Aidan Dickson Mês atrás
I don't need to. She represents me and all Americans when she goes to the Olympics, therefore I already have full right to judge her.
Lowkeee9 Mês atrás
@AndrewDeLongThank you for speaking against the ignorance out here!!
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
@Aidan Dickson Do what she does and then you'll have earned the right to speak on her actions.
Aidan Dickson
Aidan Dickson Mês atrás
@AndrewDeLongI certainly lost respect for her. The 'greatest' don't quit.
AndrewDeLong Mês atrás
@Genius1107 Oh? And what did you accomplish by age 23? Please, regale us all with your world renowned feats.
Boredblanch Mês atrás
She’s a goddess. Leave her alone
Vincent Bernal
Vincent Bernal Mês atrás
Is Biles still going to compete in the next competitions this Olympics?
zacho cracy
zacho cracy Mês atrás
Nah, she folded under pressure. With that mentality and caring what others think she'll just fold further and never compete again. I've played team sports for 2 decades and could not fathom ever quitting on your team, especially on the biggest stage. _tbh that must be extremely embarassing to her team and a major deflator of their spirit_
Remiko -
Remiko - Mês atrás
With all these idiots calling her a quitter, she may or may not back down for Paris 2024. You should still put your trust in her though, if she's still healthy and doing well by then she'll probably participate.
Douglas Rush
Douglas Rush Mês atrás
Basically; she got psyched out
Lo Ro
Lo Ro Mês atrás
The brain is very much a mystery. I appreciate the braveness of Simone to step up and say something isn't working like it should. This is a very dangerous sport. It's Much better for her to step out than to risk a serious injury. She is setting an excellent example for all of us. I am extremely proud of her.
Gemini Jake
Gemini Jake Mês atrás
“Just enjoy it girl! Remember how fun this is! It’s not like they’ll pick apart every single error you made frame by frame in slow motion...”
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