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Lance Armstrong looks back on his cycling career and discusses how he's trying to move on from one of the biggest scandals in sports history. #NBCSports #LanceArmstrong #Cycling
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Lance Armstrong: Next Stage (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports


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30 Mai 2019



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Comentários 2 922
riteandleft 2 dias atrás
At least he's being honest, now. Is he?
Ulises Silveira
Ulises Silveira 3 dias atrás
He seems unstable is he on medication or narcotics as well?
YuukiRbrn LeClavier
YuukiRbrn LeClavier 3 dias atrás
I want to see Lance get back into competitive sports. Age, like cancer, is a disease that can be resisted--and to a complete extent sometime in the future. We love you, Lance!
Jason Colquhoun
Jason Colquhoun 5 dias atrás
A sociopath on a bike.
Yas Sis
Yas Sis 6 dias atrás
What a douche. I wouldn't change a thing , so cheating, lying destroying people's reputation just because they called him a cheat......which he was. He is a horrible excuse of a human being. He never won a professional race he didn't cheat in
Jeigh Lynn
Jeigh Lynn 6 dias atrás
Lance doesn't look in the best of health here. Something just seems off with his appearance.
Gus Landy
Gus Landy 8 dias atrás
Boy, I know he's in shape, but at 48, this man looks so prematurely aged. Those eye bags are a typical sign of overworked kidneys.
1Gov Media
1Gov Media 9 dias atrás
Graet Interview. Lance Is Still My Number 1 Cyclist. Dispite What Happen In 1999 Ond On Wards, He And His Team Worked The Hardest.
Jack Sin
Jack Sin 11 dias atrás
Funny thing to me is why in the world would one even desire to win 7 times in a row bro...😂 come on man, settle with 2 or 3 tops and then just be in top ten for a bit...maybe make a "comeback" a couple years later or stagger the wins at least. If something doesn't seem fishy after 3 or 4 wins in a row w...t...f.. how did 4 or 5 wins even occur without people being like ok relax buddy, you're starting to make things obvious and being a bit greedy. No disrespect meant here. 7 wins is hilarious though, like a giant prank..just like moon landing 😂
Travis g
Travis g 11 dias atrás
But he's Lance! Lance is a cycling king!
King of Neptune
King of Neptune 11 dias atrás
Gene doping and other advancements are being implemented and impossible to detect at this time
Norman Hooper
Norman Hooper 12 dias atrás
Greetings. I think Lance you've been humiliated and had enough hatred put upon yourself. We are all good at throwing stones, and being judgemental. All those miles I watch of you pedalling those seems many other's to were on some kind of drug program. Be honest with people lying. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life...Amen.
Corazón Contento Bistró Curicó
Podrían traducirla en español 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Robert Wally
Robert Wally 13 dias atrás
Armstrong will always be my hero.
23bogarka 13 dias atrás
He was a BIG cheater, no question about that, BUT in the professional sports most of them do doping,.. some of then get cut, piriot..
Alf Pacino
Alf Pacino 14 dias atrás
do you think he is a sociopath?
GV Games
GV Games 15 dias atrás
Stop being guilty. They all cheat, he got shafted for whatever reason. But they are cheat in cycling. Sad but true.
straccio 1976
straccio 1976 15 dias atrás
Scott Franza
Scott Franza 15 dias atrás
Lance will always be a champion in my eyes. He was targeted in a group of people who were all doing the same thing!!! This guy should remain an inspiration to everyone
Sills71 15 dias atrás
"I would not change a thing" sums it up... he was a criminal, a horrible person, a liar, a fraud and he would change none of it
Sills71 15 dias atrás
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson 15 dias atrás
Is it ok now to watch these highlights?? It makes it difficult to watch pantani highlights knowing Lance will be ghosting in it....(I know, pantani doubts persist... unofficially) but it's still makes you feel queasy
Cityvibe5 18 dias atrás
Gran actor de comedia son solo negocios Tour de Pharmacy
J Donnelly
J Donnelly 18 dias atrás
jimmy savile made millions for charities , and he was a pedofile makes no diffarance to what he did
Dante Gamboa
Dante Gamboa 18 dias atrás
What a waste of time and this man
Charlie Geoghegan
Charlie Geoghegan 18 dias atrás
He looks totally defeated
macalice1 19 dias atrás
Biggest liar ever👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
utah wanderlust700
utah wanderlust700 22 dias atrás
This waste of skin is still alive?!?! He should've offed himself years ago!
WIlly Frisquet
WIlly Frisquet 23 dias atrás
Amstrong Lance une honte pour les jeunes, et un Mafieu du sport le sport est quelque chose de pur sauf avec se genre d'hommes
Jade Villaflores
Jade Villaflores 23 dias atrás
Lance Armstrong For me He is still the number one Pro cyclist in the world, the unfortunate thing is that he was put on the wrong time.
lucas brusseau
lucas brusseau 23 dias atrás
There is only one Lance Armstrong. He is still not quite there.
Dennis Nowland
Dennis Nowland 24 dias atrás
The man is a liar and a narcissistic bully. No time for him.
Randolph Lex
Randolph Lex 26 dias atrás
He was a great athlete he probably would of been the best even without the dyeroids
JHOM VARELA 27 dias atrás
The best!!
Chris Toppi
Chris Toppi 27 dias atrás
Why is this guy being celebrated with an interview?
J.James Blair
J.James Blair 28 dias atrás
Alll pro athletes or on something
michael gove
michael gove Mês atrás
“You can’t win the Tour de France on Mineral water.” *Especially when most other competitors are on a bicycle.*
michael gove
michael gove Mês atrás
Sean Connery comments on Lance Armstrong's Tour de France victories : *"I said that you're a lying member of a no-good Race."*
Peter Petersen
Peter Petersen Mês atrás
I wouldn’t change and I’m not giving back the money...that’s all that him....he is a cheating sack of trump
Willie Duggan
Willie Duggan Mês atrás
Armstrong remains the liar that he's always been.
Lambsquad_90 Mês atrás
He didn't want to be a loser. He started off with the best intention, but still ended up becoming a loser.
b021c Mês atrás
Lance Armstrong Supporters = Donald Trump Supporters - No matter how you frame it, the similarities between the two are perversely the same.
utubegirl Mês atrás
I'm reading so many, "You have to juice to win in cycling." Here's my question... Why do they cycle if they all have to juice to win???
Jesse Compton
Jesse Compton 8 dias atrás
You could ask that about any sport
Glywnnis Wells
Glywnnis Wells 24 dias atrás
utubegirl When u a talented kid and winning younnot doping yet its a progression.Alot of talented riders didnt continue because they never would dope.
candy sanchez
candy sanchez Mês atrás
utubegirl because they can’t win fair if they don’t and punks hate to lose
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez Mês atrás
This guy sucks
Ian Stevenson
Ian Stevenson Mês atrás
Lauren Rodriguez wow u are ignorant
William Romer
William Romer Mês atrás
For my personal point of view, Lance still being a winner of the tour. Like somebody else in this chat mentioned " you can´t win the Tour on mineral water. He is a Champion
kevin shelly
kevin shelly Mês atrás
I didn’t really follow cycling, but I figured he was on the juice. “ So Lance, you aren’t on the juice, but everyone else is, but you are always winning. How is that happening. Lance Armstrong is a disgrace. 👎
Stéphane Ribeiro
Stéphane Ribeiro Mês atrás
Competing at the tour the france without doping is like competing at the Mr Olympia without steroids.
All u haters can hate him all u want...he is still LANCE F#@$&N ARMSTRONG 7 TIME TOUR DE FRANCE WINNER SO PACK THAT Y'ALL...RACK EM!!!!😎😎💪💪🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴
mihai mihai
mihai mihai Mês atrás
still a jerk
Chip yard
Chip yard Mês atrás
This guy should not have platform - leave him in obscurity. Every doper ever caught says 'but everyone was doing it' (ie I was still the best) - no they weren't, not even close to factual.
Coach Chris Bruwer
Coach Chris Bruwer Mês atrás
How much did he get paid for the Oprah interview?
Sponge Mês atrás
Cheating scumbag lesser man.
NorthofYou1 Mês atrás
Go away Lance
Rodney Pratt
Rodney Pratt Mês atrás
Lance Armstrong is a piece of s***. I live in Austin Texas where he was revered as a I'm not going to say the word but you could imagine how people in Austin thought of him, with the parades and all to this day he still has a bicycle shop that's crowded. But he's a piece of s*** lying scumbag
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Mês atrás
After all that …..cycling and other sports are now clean....yeah right !!
CT! Mês atrás
Weird. This is just an observation concerning social standards: He cheated. He lied. He ripped off millions. However, he sits in a gorgeous home. He has his own podcast show. He (obviously) has investors as an income. And he is interviewed for deception. Yet, I see homeless folks, EVERYDAY, who fought for American freedoms. Men who laid down their lives...and survived war...barely. And folks who continue to struggle to grasp who they are because they simply lived honestly by trying to help protect Americans. Thus, an esteemed cyclist elevated for cheating bothers me. Why did I watch this? I guess I wanted to see substance from a broken man.
Stephen Lane
Stephen Lane Mês atrás
Lance is dead to me
Steve Zak
Steve Zak Mês atrás
It's like he lies for every question. He has the face of a liar
Kenneth Velez
Kenneth Velez Mês atrás
Hls the best.....
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown Mês atrás
Put me in TIME OUT!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😡😡😡😡😡
sevenrats Mês atrás
He's still lying! He lied to Oprah! He can NOT give a straight answer! Lance Armstrong and Bernie Madoff are the two most notorious liars in human history.
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