Lana Del Rey - Fuck It I Love You & The Greatest (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell - Out August 30th

Fuck It I Love You:
The Greatest:


Directed by Rich Lee

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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 28 484
ti nikki
ti nikki 11 horas atrás
3:10-3:14 *slay girl*
Nissim Katz
Nissim Katz 11 horas atrás
the perfect song ❤
Nissim Katz
Nissim Katz 11 horas atrás
fuck it a I love u
lino estrada
lino estrada 14 horas atrás
una diosa en toda su plenitud ,que superalbum !!
mr. mehedi hasan
mr. mehedi hasan 14 horas atrás
Obsessed with her.
PROXY _ 14 horas atrás
Irawan Riki
Irawan Riki 16 horas atrás
Love this song even my crush doesn't love me 😅
Mabel M.p
Mabel M.p 16 horas atrás
Perfect fuck it i love you !! Lana❤️
Yolanda Olivia
Yolanda Olivia 18 horas atrás
Who else thought sometimes she's look a like amanda cerny?
Sanfred 18 horas atrás
Hi, I made an acoustic cover of Video Games. Check it out on my channel:)
fantasmaformaggino76 19 horas atrás
The Greatest is one of the most beautiful, haunting, timely and sad songs ever.
Patricia Lomako
Patricia Lomako 19 horas atrás
I'm absolutely IN LOVE with Lana's new album and especially "Fuck It I Love You" if you guys are in the mood, you can check my cover of it if you like to :-) I would super appreciate it
Sernas mylis
Sernas mylis 20 horas atrás
Lana iš back:) į love you
Shwetha Singh
Shwetha Singh 22 horas atrás
If you’re reading this, well done you have good music taste.
Fiki Firmansyah
Fiki Firmansyah 23 horas atrás
5:02 bon iver
れれ Dia atrás
Rodrigo Borges
Rodrigo Borges Dia atrás
Sem dúvidas eu se fosse uma cantora internacional 👑💓
soy un humano aguante la aye
She is very very beatiful, i love she and your music 😍
S. H.
S. H. Dia atrás
This is still my favorites songs of Lana
kara bell
kara bell Dia atrás
I haven't realized that some people never heard of her till that angel song .
Saint Lucy
Saint Lucy Dia atrás
I can’t stop listening to 1:10 - 1:18 😩❤️
Inner Peace Ninja
Who cares about a Grammy. She does this for herself and her fans.
Vero VH
Vero VH Dia atrás
Gracias por existir, y ser de las pocas maravillas que quedan en la Música ♥️
Music studio by Sadman Khan
Grammy needs Lana..
Crystopher Ramos
Crystopher Ramos Dia atrás
I love song❤
claudia montes contreras
te amo ♡ ati y tus canciónes ♡♡♡
Silas Pereira
Silas Pereira Dia atrás
Tão lindo mas foi esquecido no churrasco
Saint Lucy
Saint Lucy Dia atrás
2:12 She looks like Julia Roberts when she smiles !🤯
Charlie Grant ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sam Bad
Sam Bad Dia atrás
My sweet i lo ve you so mush
رِتـاج الـ مـالكي
I'm in love with your song
Nashii Ulao
Nashii Ulao Dia atrás
Damn. That smile. And the short dance.
treasure ivan
treasure ivan Dia atrás
Big deal
Uyo Yahya
Uyo Yahya Dia atrás
AjayII still hasn't reacted to this yet!
Rubí Lopez Moz
Rubí Lopez Moz Dia atrás
Aoibffs Dia atrás
Why does this have only 6M views like seriously.. This is one of my favourite songs in NFR
BeatlesS Complex
BeatlesS Complex 2 dias atrás
Heroin :/ ? Fuck it ı love you
Jan Gordon
Jan Gordon 2 dias atrás
*Whispers* who's Billie eillish?
Jan Gordon
Jan Gordon 2 dias atrás
I just wanna be in Lana's world
Jan Gordon
Jan Gordon 2 dias atrás
I can't understand some artist who change their music after getting big The likes of Taylor But here is Lana staying true to herself and her music No hate
Sam Berkowitz
Sam Berkowitz 2 dias atrás
There are few things that fills me up with joy, and one them is Lana’s rare smiles. And it’s because they are so rare (in her videos and photoshoots, at least) that they’re so great and warming, and so, so, so contagious. I just got back from a long stint in the hospital; I guess, needless to say, life’s been a bitch and my coping skills leave something to be desired. But this album? God, this album has been such a bright spot these last couple of weeks. I love this era so freakin’ much, man. Thank you, Lana.
Cђєץєɳɳє 2 dias atrás
GOSH!!!!!! I don't ever get enough of hearin' Old Vintage Record Players in the beginnin' of songs. 😍💗
Adel Sitaish
Adel Sitaish 2 dias atrás
Her voice makes my ears the most thankful
Bruxosmuzzi dutra
Bruxosmuzzi dutra 2 dias atrás
Dumbo Child
Dumbo Child 2 dias atrás
Does anyone know where her white shirt is from
Every time she smiles my heart stops
mona Baig
mona Baig 2 dias atrás
Lana's voice is soothing, haunting, sweet, sour, sad, happy and, of course, her voice is a tease . Beautiful gifted woman.
Book Bound Abey
Book Bound Abey 2 dias atrás
This fits so well with the book ‘we are ok’ by Nina LaCour.
Júlia Barbêdo Pinto
Júlia Barbêdo Pinto 2 dias atrás
I only need this music in my life. Lana, the queen. ❤
Abril Jimmy Neutrón
Abril Jimmy Neutrón 2 dias atrás
Te amo , eres la mejor 💙🥰
ddeulgi bear
ddeulgi bear 2 dias atrás
Lana... I love you mom.
Cristina Iodice
Cristina Iodice 2 dias atrás
who is there not after don't call me an angel but just as a choice?
Tincho Amabile
Tincho Amabile 2 dias atrás
A la mierda, te amo
Person 123
Person 123 2 dias atrás
For some reason, “The Greatest" reminds me of those line from “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley.
A Path of Peace
A Path of Peace 2 dias atrás
I have loved all of the work Lana has put out in the past. But this album is unlike ANYTHING she has done. Her writing, her melodies, and her beautiful voice.. she has evolved into one of the greatest poets and songwriters we have today. Not to mention the great composing skills of Jack. Lana deserves immense recognition for this album. It would be an injustice of she doesn't. Exceptional artistry..
Bambang Chaeruman
Bambang Chaeruman 2 dias atrás
The Greatest is a love letter to the 60s-80s
Bambang Chaeruman
Bambang Chaeruman 2 dias atrás
So good
Rescreventudo 2 dias atrás
Não gostei das musicas mas a fotografia ta linda
Sabrina  Schreiner
Sabrina Schreiner 2 dias atrás
Her smile 🥵
kebin romero
kebin romero 2 dias atrás
Thomas Drake
Thomas Drake 2 dias atrás
Legend only
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