Lady Gaga - Venus & MANiCURE @ artRAVE Stockholm, Sweden 30/9 - 2014

Johan Wärmegård
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Venus and MANiCURE including speech @ artRAVE Stockholm, Sweden


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1 Out 2014



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Comentários 8
Christian Davis
Christian Davis 5 meses atrás
Hi Johan Warmegard didnt you have paparazzi for this tour I could have sworn you had one if you did can you tell me what happened to it and if you still have it is it ok if you could post it on your channel???
Christian Davis
Christian Davis 2 meses atrás
@Johan Wärmegård Are you able to post paparazzi and not dwyw????
Johan Wärmegård
Johan Wärmegård 5 meses atrás
Yeah, i had Paparazzi and do what u want in a video. But when the R Kelly thing happend the record company took down the video for copyright claim.
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 5 anos atrás
She forgot Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) when she was naming off the singles lol
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan 4 anos atrás
she only mention the hits, floppy songs arent included
Ryan MacDonald
Ryan MacDonald 4 anos atrás
+Daniel Tan still a good song so who cares
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan 4 anos atrás
+Ryan MacDonald not a hit
Moa Säfström
Moa Säfström 5 anos atrás
I see me :3
Angelina 5 anos atrás
i was there ;_;♥
Second Axel Ahlgren
Second Axel Ahlgren 6 anos atrás
Why did she scream ''CHINAA'' hahahahah
Kenneth Ho
Kenneth Ho 4 anos atrás
Cuz she's screaming out her dancer's name
RandTgruber 6 anos atrás
Her dancer
stubbi1001 6 anos atrás
awwww totally outfreak factor my two fav....Gaga is so amazing ....artrave bombastic
Chloe Vanderbilt
Chloe Vanderbilt 6 anos atrás
a lot of old guys :/
Daniel Gerdin
Daniel Gerdin 6 anos atrás
LADY GAGA is for EVERYONE old an young monsters ^^
Daniel Maher
Daniel Maher 6 anos atrás
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