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Lady Gaga - Shallow (Live) WITH BRADLEY COOPER - Full Video - Enigma Vegas Residency

Garrett Gagnon
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Brad Cooper is in the audience. Lady Gaga calls him up to (reluctantly) sing Shallow with her!
If you REALLY want to skip the drama, they start singing at 3:06.

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27 Jan 2019



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Comentários 11 391
Siren Michelle
Siren Michelle 3 minutos atrás
the way she grabbed him to sit down like “i need you” omfg
Sakshi Singh
Sakshi Singh Hora atrás
Goddamn they are so pure i can't even-
Arvydas Bansevicius
Ratita Desga
Ratita Desga 2 horas atrás
This song is very good!
Андрей Воеводко
Ну чтож дома разговор с женой у бредли будет серьёзный.... Шейк я думаю покажет где раки зимуют
Василий Петрович петрович
наверно души автора песни коснулись крылья ангела, иначе как объяснить такое чудо!!!!??????
Gannic 3 horas atrás
Я с России. Читаю комментарии с помощью переводчика, не без слёз..
Vitaly Papa
Vitaly Papa 5 horas atrás
was a moment lady gaga invited him seat next and either he didnt realise or it was too strange
Kirill Zemlakov
Kirill Zemlakov 5 horas atrás
Noone can cover Gaga
javievery rockx
javievery rockx 6 horas atrás
Ella es lady traagaaa!!!
Madd Madd
Madd Madd 7 horas atrás
Nga.a bigatlan kaw lady gaga ambot simo ahhh pahimoyung my mega nana
Hunter winchester
Hunter winchester 7 horas atrás
Siao Kia
Siao Kia 9 horas atrás
TBH lady gaga really got talent in singing , previously all along I’m thinking she just a singer/Dancer on fast song .. when she sing shallow shows her true singing talent.. salute to her ..
Puty Alifah
Puty Alifah 9 horas atrás
Dollar Dollær
Dollar Dollær 11 horas atrás
I hope they get married lol
scott lethaby
scott lethaby 13 horas atrás
Jeepers. If this isn't infactuation I don't know what is. They clearly love each other. And rightly so. Not so cool for his partner though...Awkward!
Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman 14 horas atrás
La manera que LGG mira a BC es única
Breanna Gibbs
Breanna Gibbs 15 horas atrás
Gaga going to steal Cooper away from his girl. They can say it was just a movie but that chemistry is no lie the way they both look at each other... Gaga fell hard for that man. But who wouldn't? Its Bradley Cooper haha.
Marsha Richardson
Marsha Richardson 15 horas atrás
Lady Gaga is a beautiful woman and has a natural beauty. Why doesn't she show it more often, instead of all this weird hair and makeup!!!
william kwok
william kwok 17 horas atrás
same opening of we dont talk anymore, like if you get it
Cristiane Magalhães do santos
Lady Gaga love
Cristiane Magalhães do santos
Cristiane Magalhães do santos
Bria Edison
Bria Edison 20 horas atrás
Fuckin amazing
Yovana Fonseca
Yovana Fonseca 20 horas atrás
Cómo la mira...que admiración!!! Me encanta!
arthur bedeschi
arthur bedeschi 21 hora atrás
I'm like
Dicas da Nanny
Dicas da Nanny 21 hora atrás
Eles estao apaixonados, quem concorda?
Niclas Fridén
Niclas Fridén 22 horas atrás
Wow! That's awesome!
John Doe
John Doe Dia atrás
Can everyone just put the phone away and live the moment in the present instead of in the future on a screen.
rvmcwhorter Dia atrás
That was one of the sexiest performances I've ever seen . Amazing.
Sienna Skoros
Sienna Skoros Dia atrás
They are each others LOBSTERS!!!! If you know you know
Sienna Skoros
Sienna Skoros Hora atrás
Dad Sand yesssssss
Dad Sand
Dad Sand Hora atrás
You see?she's his lobster😂😂😂😂
Macarena Jiménez
Canción maravillosa, con unos tremendos intérpretes. No dejo de escucharla en todas sus versiones. Espectacular y muy linda. Chile
Suzy Green
Suzy Green Dia atrás
Good song until they get to that "sha la la la" part. Then my skin starts to crawl...
Sally Lee
Sally Lee Dia atrás
Definitely chemistry between lady gaga and Bradley Cooper 😘😘💞🤗melts my heart there singing and lyrics
Meng Meng
Meng Meng Dia atrás
Jackson came at Ally's concert. 😭💔
Daisy Clark
Daisy Clark Dia atrás
Omg I love this... But at the same time, I wish she looked as natural as she does in a star is born. She still looks beautiful but in a star is born she looks stunning and real(?)
Katarina Hofer
Katarina Hofer Dia atrás
Евгений Голуб
Sierrah Howell
Sierrah Howell Dia atrás
The way they look at each other 😭
c_w000 Dia atrás
Bisan Amairi
Bisan Amairi Dia atrás
Lady Gaga voice is really amazing
jung petra
jung petra Dia atrás
Cara X
Cara X Dia atrás
I'm shaking. This is intense!
Geri 08
Geri 08 Dia atrás
It's just simple and amazing!
JohnnyBGood11 Dia atrás
Cooper is not wanting to kiss Gaga because he has a woman, Gaga wants Cooper badly you can see that., she didn't look happy when Copper was pulling a way from the kiss she was trying to give...If Cooper had given her a good kiss it would put doubt in Cooper's current woman...this could be the undoing,..Gaga called off her engagement...sometimes being friends is better.
marcintomasz Dia atrás
Sari Tilawah
Sari Tilawah Dia atrás
idk i'm just crying
Olga Buda
Olga Buda Dia atrás
She is sooo f ugly
OMG, how could I miss this?
The Official Addy Rae
opinion: SHIP OR DIP!!!! Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper!! THANKFULLY NEITHER OF THEM ARE MARRIED ( i think )
dolphinhead2112 Dia atrás
This is some strange shit!😂🤡
Terry Culver
Terry Culver Dia atrás
This is really nice..he never got a chance to warm up.. Great piece of music. Great muscians. Love it.
Joules Lacsamana
Joules Lacsamana Dia atrás
i ship gaga and bradley💗
Jose Amorim
Jose Amorim Dia atrás
Amo essa música
J A Dia atrás
I hope they banged.
Justin Gorum
Justin Gorum Dia atrás
Can't stop laughing at the failed "Bradley" chant. Lmao.
Vinicius F. Molinari
Comeu e não adianta
Irmalia Davoli
Irmalia Davoli 2 dias atrás
Come si fa a non amarvi!!! sensazioni a manettaaa!!!❤️❤️❤️
Szymon Piotrowski
Szymon Piotrowski 2 dias atrás
Super 👌
Fabia Doria
Fabia Doria 2 dias atrás
Beautifullllllllllll Perfect!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😘😘💚💛💙💛💙
Miriam María Flores Corrales
I loved
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 2 dias atrás
There is some REAL feelings going on here, the intense eye contact, they speak to each other without saying a word... wow, something is definitely happening here, they need to go with it, sorry if they have partners, love is love.....❤️❤️
Daniela Ramalho
Daniela Ramalho 2 dias atrás
Cooper e Gaga, casalzão da porra. ❤😍🍃
Larry Schaffer
Larry Schaffer 2 dias atrás
Your song are great
Daniel Blain
Daniel Blain 2 dias atrás
Lady Gaga my aries sister... The way you ran into his arms the way he looked at you if one didn't know better.....
Lukas Alves
Lukas Alves 2 dias atrás
Adoro vocês juntos Lady e Bandley
John Søgaard
John Søgaard 2 dias atrás
6,1 t dislike... Ms Bradley Cooper ??? :)
MegaBeauty77 2 dias atrás
tHe bEst Chemistry both of thEm😍😚😚😚
Christa Schwarzott
Christa Schwarzott 2 dias atrás
the movie is really great, the action, the music ... only the end is more than tawdry ....
Khasi 1614
Khasi 1614 2 dias atrás
I didn't even know Bradley Cooper can sing....
Eddeh 07
Eddeh 07 2 dias atrás
Ok. If I didn’t get it before... they are both INCREDIBLY f**king cool and talented!
I love lady Gaga super fan here, thanx for sharing, just subscribed see you
The Rodfather
The Rodfather 2 dias atrás
I’m just gonna say it. She is soooo fucking hottt!
kush cloudz
kush cloudz 2 dias atrás
This is disgusting
Dave Beals
Dave Beals 2 dias atrás
How many times has Bradley boinked her? 😁
R. Visscher
R. Visscher 2 dias atrás
And lady gaga
R. Visscher
R. Visscher 2 dias atrás
The guy is awesome
R. Visscher
R. Visscher 2 dias atrás
The crowd is yelling and i don't like it but i still wanna watch it
Glenda Santos
Glenda Santos 2 dias atrás
I love
Leslie Itterman
Leslie Itterman 2 dias atrás
Who was BC with in the audience?
Maria elena M T
Maria elena M T 2 dias atrás
Is this loveeeee! Omgggg
Lisa Ingledew
Lisa Ingledew 3 dias atrás
LOVE if ive ever seen it xx buet xxx
Preston Pfeil
Preston Pfeil 3 dias atrás
Hey Bradly if your Israeli Mossad can you roam around in America as a tourist or are spies considered terrorist from another country. Oh yeah. Where do you receive storyline information? :🤗hey, do u what to watch JESUS come alive again.
Simone Owen
Simone Owen 3 dias atrás
These two have a lot of chemistry. It’s obvious somthing is going on between them
Елена Клинцова
Болезненное что-то психозом похоже. Неизменное возбудилось полёта НЕТ.
Ryan Paul Matutino
Ryan Paul Matutino 3 dias atrás
I miss them so much😭
robs brown
robs brown 3 dias atrás
Lady Gags is true artist :-)
Nhật Tảo MEDIA
Nhật Tảo MEDIA 3 dias atrás
Very good.
Maira Mendoza Alzabet
Maira Mendoza Alzabet 3 dias atrás
alguien me cuenta que hablan no entiendo niaaacaaaa gracias jajaja
Roger Cooper
Roger Cooper 3 dias atrás
4:20 he's so f-ing talented
Robert Comingo
Robert Comingo 3 dias atrás
That was unscripted!
Kaio Lucas
Kaio Lucas 3 dias atrás
Gente alguém me explica?? Ele é funcionário dela, e ela descobriu que ele canta bem?
Diogo Simões
Diogo Simões 2 dias atrás
Ela descobriu ele por acaso em um bar de drags cantando, dai meio q rolou uma conexão e ela chamou ele pra assistir um show dela, nesse show ela fez uma surpresa e chamou ele no palco pra cantar uma música que é uma composição dele. E agora esse vídeo é viral e parece que eles vão viver uma história de amor, tomara que tenha um final feliz.
White Girl
White Girl 3 dias atrás
Lady Gaga:*breathes* Fans: AHHHHH!!!!!! I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA!!!!!!
Chelsey Torres
Chelsey Torres 3 dias atrás
OMG I have a feeling that they will mary
Veronica Christie
Veronica Christie 3 dias atrás
I love Bradley and Gaga is talented but all I see being promoted here is Adultery. Seriously he has a baby and I would like to see if your guy or girl was flirting this way with someone else you would egg on your partner to hook up with them. Keep it real this is bad stage behaviour, entertaining romance with someone else when your in a relationship is a big NO NO. Sure people have kids and break up but if he is not happy move on or respect your partner and your audience.
Eu quase morro de tao linda que essa música e esses dois que sintonia
Ben Tjakra
Ben Tjakra 4 dias atrás
PlasticRevolver Bee
PlasticRevolver Bee 4 dias atrás
IRINA is the Good luck Chuck sleeping with her lets you meet the love of your life.
Karolina Jacukowicz
Karolina Jacukowicz 4 dias atrás
hungryle 4 dias atrás
Are there in love. Are they a couple???
Team Clemente
Team Clemente 4 dias atrás
Good job 👍👍👍👏
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