Lady Gaga - Shallow (Live) WITH BRADLEY COOPER - Full Video - Enigma Vegas Residency

Garrett Gagnon
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Bradley Cooper is in the audience. Lady Gaga calls him up to (reluctantly) sing Shallow with her!
If you REALLY want to skip the drama, they start singing at 3:06.

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27 Jan 2019

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Comentários 13 222
Anonymous 20 horas atrás
Que mamada estamos viendo
Anonymous 20 horas atrás
Cuando pendejo gritando ya ni a biber le gritan así 😂😂
Melissa Morris
Melissa Morris 23 horas atrás
bella donna
bella donna Dia atrás
Как повелась с этим мужланом так перестала быть интересной и оригинальной.
Grace Nieves
Grace Nieves Dia atrás
Omg how I wish they were really a couple 🥰
Kaan Duman
Kaan Duman Dia atrás
Why all these stupid people screaming instead of listening this beautiful song in peace.. they are ruinning it.
Robert Taggart
Robert Taggart 2 dias atrás
That’s pure right there
Carmelina Fernandes
Carmelina Fernandes 2 dias atrás
Será que Bradley Cooper não sofre namorou tantas mulheres linda e nenhuma deixou secuelas por amar sempre frio fechado tanto pra si como para as mulheres será que o prazer dele é velas sofrer ou as mulheres nunca chegam até ele
Marcos Flores
Marcos Flores 2 dias atrás
MBPrincesa 2 dias atrás
I can still feel the chemistry ...but the movie is long been over
Deano 2 dias atrás
Recently watched the movie WOW!!! I don't cry at many movies but this had me crying like a baby.
Carine Rhcil
Carine Rhcil 3 dias atrás
Roraima Osorio
Roraima Osorio 3 dias atrás
I have nothing against love but if against people who even knowing that others are married do not care. Both, lady gaga and Bradley did not respect Irina or the baby they have in common. Respect, love, understanding must always prevail among a couple who decided to make a life in common, Bradley did not respect Irina or their daughter. For me, what he feels for Lady Gaga is temporary. I wonder: what kind of woman is Lady Gaga who does not respect what does not belong to her? Her attitude is disrespectful, low, denigrating and dishonest.
Rainbow Child
Rainbow Child 3 dias atrás
This is REAL LOVE. A living thing. Yin and yang. They cant control has a life force of its own. It was like the big bang when they met. She is an Aries.. crazy pure masculine YANG fire.. and he is a capricorn.. stable sensible strong feminine YIN earth. Fire and earth make a solid combination... and that is just the physical attraction. She has a scorpio YIN water moon. Emotional feminine and deep inside.. he has a YANG libra air moon.. flirty level headed and SHALLOW.. again a TRUE LOVE rainbow combination. Water and air are yin an yang and make an amazing combination. They are a power couple because they have all four elements together in their main signs. She also has an aries fire yang venus.. and he has a capricorn yin venus. They are yin and yang at so many levels.. real love. Thats why it didnt work out with his ex .. his ex was also a capricorn.. her birthday the day after his.. yin and yin dont mix they will have been bored and sad. Real love is yin and yang at every level. Like bradley and gaga have. They are lucky to have found each other. Its not easy finding the yin to your yang at every level. Its magical and takes ur breath away..
joe Zoldyck
joe Zoldyck 4 dias atrás
Mano esse cara já comeu a gaga. Num é possive
Lila Danielle
Lila Danielle 4 dias atrás
the way they are looking at each other... so cute !!! why aren't they dating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dany darko
dany darko 4 dias atrás
6:40 such a power move! They cute
Didier Degenie
Didier Degenie 4 dias atrás
Her voice is fucking mental!!
J Belle
J Belle 4 dias atrás
Shelly Wray
Shelly Wray 5 dias atrás
Just watch what happens.... They are secretly in love!! They can't help it.
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan 5 dias atrás
Me when I first heard this song: ‘it’s not that great’. Me hearing it after seeing the movie: *cannot stop sobbing*
Maycon Lima
Maycon Lima 5 dias atrás
Diney edimaiscomvoce
Diney edimaiscomvoce 5 dias atrás
lady gaga encontrou o amor da vida dela
Brenda Kionge
Brenda Kionge 5 dias atrás
Katty Rivera
Katty Rivera 6 dias atrás
Bradley separate de tu esposa de una vez...!!! Lady y tu son perfectos 💕💕💕
Under the Surface
Under the Surface 6 dias atrás
Poor girl is such a weirdo
Justin Lin
Justin Lin 7 dias atrás
I can feel about love so beautiful
Reversed 8 dias atrás
Tanner Howard
Tanner Howard 8 dias atrás
Her ass did not need to look that sexy.
Sebastian Cosme
Sebastian Cosme 8 dias atrás
Wait, let’s not ignore the fact that someone yelled “you are so f**king fine” 1:54
LIZA MULEH 9 dias atrás
Lady Gaga eat her cd for breakfast,lunch and dinner. She sounds the same live and recording.
italiarose12 9 dias atrás
They fkn u can so tell
Sarahmaigne Martin
Sarahmaigne Martin 10 dias atrás
Why do I feel happy to see them together after I've watched their movie? I hate the ending but it makes me happy watching this.
Dee Thuglife
Dee Thuglife 10 dias atrás
Lady gaga and Bradley should definitely be a couple and of.
KeMy kAuLiTz
KeMy kAuLiTz 10 dias atrás
WhitePearl Underground
WhitePearl Underground 11 dias atrás
😧 😝
Mi Picasso
Mi Picasso 11 dias atrás
People ... people ... people! Did you come there so hear them sing or hear yourself sing? Sickening that you would even try to sing this song. No one does it better than Lady Gaga so listen and stop being rude!
Natewatl 11 dias atrás
Yes indeed, Lady Gaga is very shallow
deal ler
deal ler 12 dias atrás
Pablo Emilio Iulian Gaviria
this was not something out of the blue.. this didn't just HAPPENED ! IT WAS INTENDED to happen in this manner ! check out the height of the mic in regards to the height of the chair where bradley sits.. it all at one level.. all he has to do is sit.. because it was all arranged before ..soo.. snaaap.. but a good fake surprise anyway.
Caro Schroeder
Caro Schroeder 12 dias atrás
His reaction when she‘s getting startet the refrain, it‘s amazing 👍
Art M
Art M 12 dias atrás
А где русские?
Marcela zuñiga
Marcela zuñiga 13 dias atrás
El ni canta eso es puro sexo
Morgan Sulmierski
Morgan Sulmierski 13 dias atrás
Les chanteurs amateurs qui filment merci de laisser les stars chanter pour vous et pour mes oreilles qui saignent maintenant. Merci
Skrrrt 13 dias atrás
Christopher Poff
Christopher Poff 13 dias atrás
This video keeps getting suggested after I watch a (slightly) lesser know artist ( I wonder what the link is.
Reggaeman YO
Reggaeman YO 13 dias atrás
Damn 5:25 is the reaction you want, just stay back and listen to that voice
Harlin67 13 dias atrás
True friendship there, very rare, and very precious.
Guapa Loca
Guapa Loca 14 dias atrás
Dick Blackbeard
Dick Blackbeard 14 dias atrás
Is that neegan??
Nick Bunt
Nick Bunt 14 dias atrás
Two amazing human beings.
Clare Loxley
Clare Loxley 14 dias atrás
They havnt got together, gaga has a new bf🙁🇬🇧
Marcel Kessler
Marcel Kessler 15 dias atrás
Omg..sorry for all people pay for tis shit
ilia Shavishvili
ilia Shavishvili 15 dias atrás
futa kho
futa kho 15 dias atrás
im so depress and i Scroll this in youtube and i just smile happy to see Gaga and Bradley❤ thanks for sharing it helps me a lot to go back of my life AGAIN
futa kho
futa kho 15 dias atrás
i ilke Bradley and Gaga together
Nic B.
Nic B. 15 dias atrás
Jesus, put the damn phones away you imbeciles.
7531monkey 15 dias atrás
The fucking obnoxious people singing at every concert is why most stay home.
EARONS Hour 15 dias atrás
Her coaching was so strong in all of this, made for a terrific performance.
Nameless One
Nameless One 15 dias atrás
This duo and song will be talked about for years to come...I dont know why they are not together...They are obviously head over heel for each other!!
BAZZ C 16 dias atrás
Never ever seen so much raw chemistry.
Ruttro360 17 dias atrás
I have this feeling with my husband and I would love for the world to understand and feel this feeling of pure love!! As In love as I can be...these two, in this song, brings tears to my eyes and heart!! Love it!!
Douglas Black
Douglas Black 17 dias atrás
A Child Support is Born.
Claire Avent
Claire Avent 17 dias atrás
That’s the look of complete and utter adoration right there! They just can’t help themselves!
Helen Bo
Helen Bo 18 dias atrás
Steffani Milan
Steffani Milan 18 dias atrás
Hey guys, check out my acoustic cover if you want :) x
Paulo Ricardo Mikaelson
Ta feia agora com essas maquiagens em, melhor e mais linda sem as maquiagens'-'
Penny Hancock
Penny Hancock 19 dias atrás
Do you think they could really be having fake relationships with other people and really be together that would be so damn awesome!!
Kris Chaps
Kris Chaps 20 dias atrás
Pure emotion.... live music is amazing
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 20 dias atrás
Estan bien enculados.
JoJoジョジョ 20 dias atrás
Omg in the first chorus there are so. Many. Girls singing and its just terrible
Nabila Ramadhina
Nabila Ramadhina 21 dia atrás
Sadly gaga has a new man
Michelle Alonte
Michelle Alonte 21 dia atrás
I've never in a million years thought that Bradley Cooper will have this massive chemistry with Lady Gaga. I mean, WOW!
pjp1154 21 dia atrás
Kiki you are not alone, by wanting them together. A lot of us do, such love they are sharing and don’t even know it.
Lyn Lc
Lyn Lc 22 dias atrás
Los dos perdieron la cabeza! Están en esa etapa tan bella del amor. Es hermoso!
BADBADBOY z71 22 dias atrás
Poplar bluff Missouri here in the comments 👊👊
stevie nicks
stevie nicks 22 dias atrás
stevie nicks
stevie nicks 22 dias atrás
Hope u all had fun my phone is going back getting another one tommorow
stevie nicks
stevie nicks 22 dias atrás
Ryan Hughes 😂
stevie nicks
stevie nicks 22 dias atrás
Funny Mary and DAVID!! 😂
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