Lady Gaga - Million Reasons / Yoü and I / The Edge of Glory live at One America Appeal

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00:11:00 YOU AND I
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22 Out 2017

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Comentários 2 116
bunny Kookie
bunny Kookie 9 horas atrás
Love her ❤
Jeongim PARK
Jeongim PARK 10 horas atrás
Stonyman Dia atrás
She is a freakin sweetie
Karen Stefani
Karen Stefani Dia atrás
Amo vc Gaga!
teammm Dia atrás
13:01 this is my favorite part! that big ol smile
Baby Moon
Baby Moon Dia atrás
Linda to apaixonada por essa performance!
thorsten harms
thorsten harms 2 dias atrás
old scool
Elza Cavalcante Belinha
👏👏👏👏👏♥️😍♥️😍💎♥️💎👩‍🎤🎵vc é Maravilhosa Lady Gaga A love 🌹🌹♥️♥️💎💎🍀🍀👩‍🎤
Neal Son
Neal Son 3 dias atrás
Such a master performer. She is the brightest of stars.
Alex Manga
Alex Manga 3 dias atrás
Craig Arnold
Craig Arnold 3 dias atrás
She wearing so much white ,,she must be racist
christine t
christine t 4 dias atrás
She is amazing!
Ewerton Dasilva
Ewerton Dasilva 5 dias atrás
She’s amazing ❤️
Pavla Milichovska
Pavla Milichovska 5 dias atrás
greatcurious cat
greatcurious cat 6 dias atrás
This is the first time I've realized how meaningful Million Reasons is.
Yanira Mendez
Yanira Mendez 6 dias atrás
Esa mujer tiene una voz espectacular!!
PrecyBhe Ang
PrecyBhe Ang 6 dias atrás
Lisa Puto
Lisa Puto 6 dias atrás
Wow was Texas lucky- such a big heart
195511SM 7 dias atrás
She would have fit right in with the 'Rat Pack': Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr......and I'm sure I'm leaving someone else out.
Ave Alarcon
Ave Alarcon 7 dias atrás
She's a mix of all my favorite singers performers and at the same time totally unique ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson 7 dias atrás
Before I die, I would love to hear Lady Gaga sing with Dolly Parton. The power in these two woman and their light could illuminate even the darkest of places here on earth.
leisy veress
leisy veress 8 dias atrás
I love her! ..
Celia Regina Marracini Del Bianco
Maravilhoooosa...sou fã...
Rob Wetch
Rob Wetch 8 dias atrás
It's too bad she doesn't read any of these comments. Period.
Ron C
Ron C 9 dias atrás
Hi the random person scrolling the comments...I wish you a great day & year & life.hope you get that one reason to you all.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘
Paris Esco
Paris Esco 9 dias atrás
Lady Gaga has a big heart can’t help But to love her🙏🙏🙏👏😂
Tanya Chewning
Tanya Chewning 9 dias atrás
Amazing Fantastic
Rebecca Sailo
Rebecca Sailo 10 dias atrás
She is such a great singer and a performer.. i just love her so much
ItsYaGirl_LiviOmg 10 dias atrás
This was amazing, powerful and so classy. Her comments and the respect she showed for the presidents and support for Texas. Her voice was spectacular and I’m just really impressed. Tears. I really loved this.
G.C. Helton
G.C. Helton 10 dias atrás
Who would have thought 10 years ago that Lee Greenwood would be introducing Lady Gaga anywhere...
Penny Berry
Penny Berry 11 dias atrás
God blessed her with this beautiful voice ❤️ and soul. She speaks truth of what we are all going through. And her dedication to be there for us all. Lady Gaga I salute you for your ❤️ and support!
Hal 11 dias atrás
now that's a handful of presidents
Bertha Ochoa
Bertha Ochoa 12 dias atrás
I love Lady Gaga
aamakar230 12 dias atrás
She looks and sounds wonderful!
My Sam
My Sam 13 dias atrás
She is ALL greatness !!!!
mevius 8
mevius 8 14 dias atrás
これは何年のライブですか? 知っている方がいたら教えてください。
My World
My World 14 dias atrás
This is the America I know. This is the America we are. This is the America that shall never die.
Bigfoot Where Are You
Bigfoot Where Are You 15 dias atrás
She looks beautiful and lovely and awesome.
jean-michel nefontaine
jean-michel nefontaine 15 dias atrás
trop belle
Barbara B.
Barbara B. 15 dias atrás
Ja.. Dein President is da richtig! Illuminati wie du! You Looser
Mr. Patriot
Mr. Patriot 15 dias atrás
The Lady is such an amazing person with a pure heart and an angelic voice. She truly represents all that is good in the world, and I adore her.
eric ousley
eric ousley 17 dias atrás
1 get milk. 2 get eggs 3 save the world from itself. 4 call it a day..
Spanit 18 dias atrás
b rb
b rb 18 dias atrás
U no Lady Gaga has changed the world to help open hearts open eyes too make another page in a Generation a volume of kindness to share under her foundation of kindness. If we all gave it would help one another whos lifes are struggling . . Ones we dont no are ones we should no U no. . And U no if u need help dont ever stop asking till it comes. Lady Gaga Im dress up & my abuse I have been suffering still allowing it to not be heard as noone nos & only my abusers. Horrible really. No safety in my story. But I prey soon I have a little hope a window of freedom as I have been bullied so bad it got worst till I decided to keep my head up . keep safe from my terrible experiences that only took a life time away from my life my soul & my good kind genuine heart that is never going to hope it stops & I will be able to be free. I have no lawyer no I have a voice but I am only but slandered & 2019 its about to stop I prey. My life has been taken away from me I speak truth in NZ. Bec Ball NZ
ion pescaru'
ion pescaru' 18 dias atrás
satan and his kids, one playng and first row waching
Indera Sakti
Indera Sakti 16 dias atrás
satan who?
Darryl Hoover
Darryl Hoover 18 dias atrás
Thank you universe for giving us Lady Gaga!
João Paulo Cavalcanti
João Paulo Cavalcanti 19 dias atrás
Caralho, vai cantar ou dar uma palestra?
Jairo Silva
Jairo Silva 19 dias atrás
Fantastico !!!!!
Verona Mohammed
Verona Mohammed 19 dias atrás
Lady Gaga your true God's angel ty
A E 19 dias atrás
Kind of a Marilyn Monroe vibe going on there--- with the whole President thing. Sh's amazing-- her voice, the talent, the whole thing.
Annie 19 dias atrás
Hanna brown
Hanna brown 19 dias atrás
A Star is Born makes me a big lady Gaga fun! I had no idea she is that talented wow, the most talented of all time. Thank you lady Gaga.
Alessa Love Horses
Alessa Love Horses 18 dias atrás
Me too
delsy 82
delsy 82 19 dias atrás
Barry muslim bitch wasn't amused on this performance
marizza miyata
marizza miyata 19 dias atrás
Lady gaga 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Margie Reyes
Margie Reyes 20 dias atrás
I absolutely love and respect this beautiful God sent Angel....God Bless You Miss Lady Gaga❤🎤🎤🎶
galanie 20 dias atrás
What other singer/songwriter ever have performances of this caliber alone, with no accompaniment, singing live while playing an instrument? It's not her generosity, her support of causes, etc. that gets me. It's the pure raw talent. SO underappreciated! I'm over 60 and loved her from the beginning. I don't have the same political views as her. But I never cared. I saw her talent early on. She is freaking amazing. I don't care if she wears a meat dress or no dress at all, she's just amazing.
mnsusa 20 dias atrás
Why is Bill Clinton still allowed in public? He looks like eyeing ogling his next victim with his mouth open.
Mrfatcontrollerman 20 dias atrás
Close your eyes. Lady Gaga transports you to anywhere you want to be. Close your eyes.
jeremy glass
jeremy glass 20 dias atrás
I love you well as a fan
Annelise Østergaard
Annelise Østergaard 20 dias atrás
E Allen
E Allen 21 dia atrás
Thank you for being the voice to those who needed to be lifted up.
BKK Hjhgc
BKK Hjhgc 21 dia atrás
I believe her . and she is very talented
Angel b
Angel b 21 dia atrás
Damn...that's all I can say...she made me cry and I have goose bumps
Tonya Davis
Tonya Davis 21 dia atrás
I love you Gaga Yes its True its on Us !!!
A Salter Life
A Salter Life 21 dia atrás
At first I saw this lady as a gimmick singer dressed up like a Mardi Gras Indian singing into a voice mixer. Not that I don’t love my home state tribe. I was so wrong. This lady has a beautiful voice along with a beautiful soul and I have much respect for her now. God has indeed blessed us all.
Marlene Perucho
Marlene Perucho 22 dias atrás
Lady Gaga is an individual with a good and sincere heart!
Elizabeth Joslin
Elizabeth Joslin 22 dias atrás
I love this.
Elizabeth Joslin
Elizabeth Joslin 22 dias atrás
She is so great.
Kamila Almeida
Kamila Almeida 22 dias atrás
lindas palavras, obrigada lady 👏
Elza Cavalcante Belinha
Lady Gaga 💖😘🌹linda demais e belíssima Lady 💖😘Gaga ♥️😘🌹😍
Sylvie Filion
Sylvie Filion 23 dias atrás
She's so AMAZING, kind, beautiful, smart.... Love her!!!!
Gustavo Nogueira
Gustavo Nogueira 23 dias atrás
Lady is “espetacular” S E N S A C I O N A L
K. S. Rollins
K. S. Rollins 23 dias atrás
I lovvvee her.....💜👌👏
Lourdes Montserrat Zelada
❤❤❤ i love you, Gaga.!
Davi Silva
Davi Silva 23 dias atrás
Que voz essa gaga tem viu ! Voz poderosa !
Ronah 74
Ronah 74 24 dias atrás
Avid fan here. From poker face up to shallow All her songs I’ve almost memorized. When i go to karaoke 🎤 lady gaga is on my list❤️
DEVESH GAUR 24 dias atrás
Lady Cooper
Rodda Shirley Angeline
Rodda Shirley Angeline 24 dias atrás
WOW she's just Amazing!!!!
bessie Morris
bessie Morris 24 dias atrás
I love lads gaga she's an amazing performer and beautiful lady she looks like she could be our first lady here in her beautiful white dress she's just so humble and down to earth love you lady gaga god bless you always
uncle drew
uncle drew 24 dias atrás
You're such a wonderful being Gaga, I Love You!
jenny 24 dias atrás
Wow Ms.Gaga you really are amazing!!😘😘
ervy mangonon
ervy mangonon 25 dias atrás
I literally fell in loved with you lady gaga.. your an inspiration.. your words especially the songs you sung, i felt the emotions and your passion in making a difference.. pls.never stop reaching out and making music a bridge to help others
Tiger Tiger
Tiger Tiger 25 dias atrás
A truely committed young woman, graphic display of talent, and endless practice and work🌹
Anthony Morgan
Anthony Morgan 25 dias atrás
Shes got the best heart ever. Thank you God for this inspiring lady, shes rich yes but she deserves every penny shes made by touching our hearts, God Bless you Lady Gaga
Ibraim Sadiki
Ibraim Sadiki 25 dias atrás
she its best
Wuyika Faithful
Wuyika Faithful 26 dias atrás doesnt get better than this.
Jennie Beast
Jennie Beast 26 dias atrás
Once again I come across yet another amazing and wordless, which for me is well you would have to know me but I have been drawn to Lady Gaga since the first time I i heard her music and was able to see one hell of a person let alone a musician who well this video alone speaks for itself and I needed to see this at this very moment. So again I thank you for the opportunity to witness the good that is still out there. Keep on keeping on Mizz Gaga. Thanks for always renewing a spark and strength within...
Mary Chela
Mary Chela 26 dias atrás
That is what I’m talking about it she is a singer can sing alive and with only a piano what you can’t barely even hear so her voice is real no lips singing 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ not naked body no tweaking butt that is real voice .... well sometimes she show something but not all the time .. she is beautiful and her close are beautiful... blonde is her color...
Esmeralda Martinez
Esmeralda Martinez 26 dias atrás
She's so amazing!!!
Everything BRIA
Everything BRIA 26 dias atrás
I have chills
Ernst Horstmann
Ernst Horstmann 26 dias atrás
Mr. President, Mr. President and Mr.President. I don't care if i have a queen. God bless you, madame ! Greetings from Hamburg/Germany
Deb Jones
Deb Jones 27 dias atrás
Just wow. What a beautiful voice and lyrics.
Sunspot Dawn
Sunspot Dawn 27 dias atrás
Family Grand
Family Grand 28 dias atrás
Family Grand
Family Grand 28 dias atrás
Dr.see. mek. Hair. U. Unarmed. Ted. Sted
Family Grand
Family Grand 28 dias atrás
De nrti Sel
Виталий Мельцов
The movie Star was born cooler than about Fredy Mercury, although Hollywood saluted the tribute that Fredy was sick and gave him 1 place. It is necessary to fight with diseases in practice. Lady Gaga is the best and I also congratulate Cooper on the magnificent film premiere as he shot this ingenious movie - obviously, another director and director in the film industry was born. Cooper world is waiting for new films, success.
Dan B
Dan B 28 dias atrás
She wears fur, even the head of the animals, and says that animal lovers are too sensitive. A very hard-core cruel, insensitive subhuman.
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