Lady Gaga - Alejandro

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Alejandro. (C) 2010 Interscope Records


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8 Jun 2010



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Paola Acosta
Paola Acosta 2 horas atrás
Rosa Argentina Espinoza Sequeira
no se de que trata la cancion alguien explique me
Di A
Di A 7 horas atrás
My boyfriend it's your daddy !👁
David Arjona
David Arjona 9 horas atrás
2020 Pandemia (Covid-19)
Gergő Network
Gergő Network 9 horas atrás
Great music!
Luis Jesus
Luis Jesus 12 horas atrás
My favourite song ❤️💖 So unique
Mary J.
Mary J. 12 horas atrás
O hayat benim efsundan gelenler?
Janderlley Albuquerque
Janderlley Albuquerque 12 horas atrás
Se eu escuto varias vezes isso quer dizer que eu sou gay??
Janderlley Albuquerque
Janderlley Albuquerque 11 horas atrás
@Re Mont Do you have Instagram?
Janderlley Albuquerque
Janderlley Albuquerque 11 horas atrás
@Re Mont ???
Re Mont
Re Mont 11 horas atrás
Derpix 14 horas atrás
Alejandro: exists Total Drama World Tour: Y e s
Ravil Suleymanov
Ravil Suleymanov 18 horas atrás
PIXEL ART STUDIO 20 horas atrás
ViciousBond 21 hora atrás
Fact of the day: Alot of people dont know that the person that signed her was AKON the rapper and he let her do her own thing with a bit of guidance and she was their labels biggest thing since it started, Then ofc she got so big she was able to leave and do big things on her own. Just thought id let people know since i recently found out XD
Çâlishâ Réyñølds
Çâlishâ Réyñølds 22 horas atrás
Here I am realizing that gaga is really a LEGEND!!!😯😯😮 I'm so Late!😪😪🤦
「Yui ペイントを食べる」
She do be lookin' like willy wonka in that thumbnail ngl
de viaje con mari
de viaje con mari 23 horas atrás
Hot MEXICO 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Alejandro
Lisa Joye
Lisa Joye Dia atrás
My favorite Gaga video. Spectacular, vivid, shocking, with delicious, dark, explosive sexual grandeur. The choreography and cinematic presentation are above perfection. All that said, she completely engroses herself in her ability to execute a command of attention. A true artist indeed. Love her.
Miguel Arturo Huanay Figueroa
songs starts at 1:51 really
Stfu Thi
Stfu Thi Dia atrás
Omg has it really been 10 years? I feel old
Heavy Claw
Heavy Claw Dia atrás
3:19 Roberto
Cassiocm Cassiocm
I dont leave me to election, I m Trump and You Biden... But I like to Gaga's musics
GG 14
GG 14 Dia atrás
I used to be shit terrified of this video
malaika263 Dia atrás
what was so (supposedly) satanic about this video??? I still don't get it??? This video was magnificent!!!
malaika263 Dia atrás
i like how she just pulls those guns
Hansu Dia atrás
She's a legend (with a littlr l. You know how's the real Legeng with a Capital M)
Holman Ibañez
Holman Ibañez Dia atrás
Sublime recordar estas canciones después de una década
Nocette Ipsvvm
Nocette Ipsvvm Dia atrás
Todas las grandes leyendas gueras, nunca se han olvidado de esa piel canela y esa tierra caliente donde nacen.👏👏👏
Irais Ordoñez
Irais Ordoñez Dia atrás
Mi cancion favorita :3
Liv Anna Carlson
Liv Anna Carlson Dia atrás
can we all agree this video is really a mashup of everything Madonna did in the 90s? I love Gaga but this is blatant.
Toni Kaavali
Toni Kaavali Dia atrás
Sounds gay, but fucking awesome!
Toni Kaavali
Toni Kaavali Dia atrás
Sounds gay, but fucking awesome!
Farida Bhoja
Farida Bhoja Dia atrás
Literally watching this after 10 years Who is here after me 👇 👇 👇
Francisco Antonio
ficou legal nota:6 coriografia 4.9
domenico gramazio
2009 weired 2019 iconic
ben cansu
ben cansu Dia atrás
I was thinking im going to hell for listening this i was just gay af lmao
Blanko Jr.
Blanko Jr. Dia atrás
I still can't that I believed this song was about denying god or somethin
Johanny Cuevas
Johanny Cuevas 2 dias atrás
Lady Gaga me da miedo
Johanny Cuevas
Johanny Cuevas 2 dias atrás
El otro día vi por primera vez este video y me estaba burlando de lo raro que es y de lo poco que pega la canción con el video musical. Ahora vuelvo a verlo porque se me pegó la canción. La canto a cada rato y hasta bailé un poco. Auxilio :(
Alexandrooo Grand
Alexandrooo Grand 2 dias atrás ...Living a New Day...
Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena
Mostras liosas que tanto hablan y comentan: Pónganse las pilas piden más música nueva y no son capaces de darle streaming a un simple video que dura poquito. A reproducir para no ser la burla
Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena
Mostras liosas que tanto hablan y comentan: Pónganse las pilas piden más música nueva y no son capaces de darle streaming a un simple video que dura poquito. A reproducir para no ser la burla
Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena
Mostras liosas que tanto hablan y comentan: Pónganse las pilas piden más música nueva y no son capaces de darle streaming a un simple video que dura poquito. A reproducir para no ser la burla
Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena
Mostras liosas que tanto hablan y comentan: Pónganse las pilas piden más música nueva y no son capaces de darle streaming a un simple video que dura poquito. A reproducir para no ser la burla
Stephanie Almeida
Stephanie Almeida 2 dias atrás
Era The Fame Monster um marco na indústria
Larry Cleveland, RDN, LD, LMT
My new car system sounds awesome playing her music.
Merce Pereira
Merce Pereira 2 dias atrás
Eres tú satanás jpg
Salamandra xx507
Salamandra xx507 2 dias atrás
Alejandro is my type of aesthetic
Superior Snake
Superior Snake 2 dias atrás
Thank god there's a word nowdays to describe this video clip i saw 10 years ago. CRINGE
Ledjo 2 dias atrás
How illuminatic this girl is..
Классный Ростик#2
Нажмите на Ссылку Ребят Всем Привет! из Солнечного Узбекистана! Леди Гага Классная! люблю и обожаю её! я в 2010 году полубил песню "Алехандро" и спел её на сцене Ночного Клуба в 2014 году! пока никого не было из посетителей! потому что люди у нас не совсем воспитанные и могут что нибудь высказать в лицо или выкрикнуть на сцену! так что не удивляйтесь что в моём видео Клуб пуст! в нём нет зрителей! я сейчас хочу вам предложить посмотреть моё выступление и я хочу стать классным певцом! живу в Узбекистане! в городе Навои! и мне было бы приятно узнать что вы меня увидите на видео! Ребят не судите строго! окей! Спасибо! да кстати я не знаю Английского так что извените за не грамотное произношение а этот текст перевожу гугл переводчиком! нажмите на Ссылку которую указал чуть выше! Спасибо! отдельное Спасибо за ваш просмотр моего видео!
Классный Ростик#2
Сlick on Link Guys Hello everyone! from Sunny Uzbekistan! Lady Gaga Cool! I love and adore her! I half-killed the song "Alejandro" in 2010 and sang it on the stage of the Night Club in 2014! while there were no visitors! because our people are not entirely educated and can express something in person or shout out on the stage! so don't be surprised that the Club is empty in my video! there are no spectators in it! I now want to invite you to watch my performance and I want to become a cool singer! I live in Uzbekistan! in the city of Navoi! and I would be pleased to know what you see me on the video! Guys do not judge strictly! okay! Thanks! By the way, I don’t know English, so sorry for the incorrect pronunciation, but I translate this text by Google translator! click on the link you indicated just above! separate thanks for your watching my video!
imbroken. 2 dias atrás
I’m in love with this woman.
Do Momento
Do Momento 2 dias atrás
Cadê os 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 em 2020?
Zayed Hasan
Zayed Hasan 2 dias atrás
I love her song but seriously what type of dress she is wearing! I used to download her audio songs when I was young and after 10 years this in the video ;P Man its a good thing I didn't watch at my young age hahaha
Dilara Y
Dilara Y 2 dias atrás
Where is my alihandìroo ?
Adriana Lüdi
Adriana Lüdi 2 dias atrás
My baby it‘s called Alejandro...great song to go to sleep 😅
pedro Márquez Ortiz
pedro Márquez Ortiz 2 dias atrás
Quien más?? 2020 recordando buenos tiempos en la secundaria??
inker man
inker man 2 dias atrás
Okay who da hell is alejandro??
Paolo Sebastiani
Paolo Sebastiani 2 dias atrás
Parece una canción de Madona!
Santiago Santisantiago
amir Garshasebi
amir Garshasebi 2 dias atrás
Now people understand gaga what made in 2010
Santiago Santisantiago
ChingizVideoChannel 2 dias atrás
Мотивы из 90х
Kalel’s Creations
Kalel’s Creations 2 dias atrás
Only came to see Mark Kanemura
IKHWAN HAFIZ 2 dias atrás
i started to fall in love till ends.
Isabela Cristina
Isabela Cristina 2 dias atrás
3:38 eu com o fone no talo, QUE SUSTO DA PORRA
Isabela Cristina
Isabela Cristina 2 dias atrás
@Luana Silva kkkkkkkkkkk n da
Merce Pereira
Merce Pereira 2 dias atrás
Luana Silva
Luana Silva 2 dias atrás
Eu de madrugada dei um pulo da cama😂😂😂
animemole 2 dias atrás
I remember vibing to this when I was younger
Emily E
Emily E 2 dias atrás
the female interracial dating curiosity starter song, like international love......
Topi 2 dias atrás
This video was Steven Kleins first proper music video that he directed and he did a damn legendary job!
Gisela Sol Gomez
Gisela Sol Gomez 2 dias atrás
Roberrrrto 🤍
mohamed tsouli Tazi
mohamed tsouli Tazi 3 dias atrás
We are still watching this
Abby 3 dias atrás
Song 2:15
Angelica Anacona
Angelica Anacona 3 dias atrás
Princes love you
butera 3 dias atrás
november, 2020.
Lara _jth
Lara _jth 3 dias atrás
Idk but she reminds me of Willy wonka in this idk idk 👁👄👁🤚🏻
inter nel cuore
inter nel cuore 3 dias atrás
Lady Gaga is a legend
alejandro zambrano
alejandro zambrano 3 dias atrás
Kike si te resumo la parte sensual
EZEL HAWARGi 3 dias atrás
Legends never get old.
Fᴏrget Qameez
Fᴏrget Qameez 3 dias atrás
وات فك از ذه 🔫🤠
Najat Biddi
Najat Biddi 3 dias atrás
your art is pretty morbid to say the least. What is this? blood and demonic are now called art?
O-O-OCEAN 13 3 dias atrás
Real talk
Empress Pauline
Empress Pauline 3 dias atrás
10 years later I'm still looking for my Alejandro 😊😊😁
Gymnastics aloud
Gymnastics aloud 3 dias atrás
The amount of symbolism in this video....
Edward Borges
Edward Borges 3 dias atrás
Gente que icônico, espero que algum dia a Anitta produza algo do tipo ( com muito conceito) obs: citei Anitta, porque ela é minha fav.
Gaston Aguilera
Gaston Aguilera 3 dias atrás
Nadie dice que Lady Gaga hizo clasicos modernos, temazos de una artista legendaria.
Creator Juan
Creator Juan 3 dias atrás
7:54 me and the boys respecting women everyday
Redaa aade
Redaa aade 3 dias atrás
Alessandro Feitosa - channel 3
She made that song for me.
Bras Santos
Bras Santos 3 dias atrás
Soy Bonnie Daniel
Soy Bonnie Daniel 3 dias atrás
10 años y sigo escuchándola ❤️
Gaston Aguilera
Gaston Aguilera 3 dias atrás
Es un clasico moderno
Sagris ASMR
Sagris ASMR 3 dias atrás
Bring back my memories
Ganda Kurniawan
Ganda Kurniawan 3 dias atrás
Vanessa Senjaya
Vanessa Senjaya 3 dias atrás
this is fuckin iconic. following her since 3rd grade till now :D
Silvestar Stanev
Silvestar Stanev 3 dias atrás
she is amazing
Ivan Kurakin
Ivan Kurakin 3 dias atrás
421 million times watched.
David x
David x 3 dias atrás
Hola Alejandro
Matias Arenas
Matias Arenas 3 dias atrás
Yo a los 8 años no entendía el video Yo a mis 18 años sigo sin entender el video
katsuki bakugou
katsuki bakugou 2 dias atrás
ocean cat
ocean cat 3 dias atrás
She literally gave birth to the gays.
Lucyinthe Sky
Lucyinthe Sky 4 dias atrás
Yes gaga, i know you watch yaoi too honey and you love it😏🔥😍💘
Ary Olivo
Ary Olivo 4 dias atrás
AlejandroElPro2010 ROBLOX ツ
Me llamo Alejandro y justo nací en el año que se publicó el vídeo
AlejandroElPro2010 ROBLOX ツ
@Benazir Castillo si :)
Benazir Castillo
Benazir Castillo 3 dias atrás
Tienes 10???
Sing, my Queen 👑
Oscar Mandujano Blanco
lady iconic❤
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