ladies PAUSE. Melissa and Sabrina, i am so sörry that i have to interrupt your presentation like thi

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Snarkymarky duet with @wackurate - TikTok Ms Karen Teacher POV

..on behalf of your classmates, i am truly soory.

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21 Fev 2020



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Sigma -- Boss
Sigma -- Boss Anos atrás
LOL This is WAY too perfect. I actually went through in middle school, and as the quiet kid in class, it was so unconfortable...
Starring Abigail
The way how he repeated “SO disrespectful” 2 times is too relatable
Lapis Little
…and usually I would think, “Thank god they aren’t paying attention!”
It’s so irritating, especially as someone with social anxiety, to get into a groove only for the teacher to interrupt you like this >.<
Meghana Valluru Raju
this happened to me during the time I was bullied, and multiple times after, except since phones aren't allowed in our school everyone was either ignoring me or making noise or talking to eachother
darn tootin
"Pree-sentation" is so accurate
Anyone notice how when the teacher says they spent "hours" one of them shakes their head subtly like "no we didn't" lmao
the way they always exaggerate "soory, presentation, and
Moving to Greener Grass
Dueting to this must be so fun 😂
Mislav B.
Mislav B. Anos atrás
Melissa and Sabrina: 👁👄👁 👁👄👁
This is dangerously accurate right down to the way he says "project" and "presentation"
Dann Hoff
This is the most relatable thing i've ever seen about highschool.
I hated it so much when the teacher did this. Like there literally was not a problem until the teacher decided to interrupt lol. Nothing that anybody else was doing was interrupting the presentation until the teacher decided to make a 5 minute speech
Sarfnic Productions
This has unironically happened on 3 different occasions AT LEAST.
titansmaddilyn #roadto30!!
pRoJects aNd pReEsEnTaTiOn had me cry-laughing to death 💀
This is so true. Too perfect 😂
At this point in time, I wouldn’t even care, just as long as I got my grade, I’d be fine
lmao, if I experienced that I would just walk out of class
So accurate, I can relate.
Nabiha Nasir
Tbh I'd be so happy if my teacher did that for me
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