Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

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It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right?

Check out Kylie and Travis’ GQ cover story here:
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Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ


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17 Jul 2018

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Comentários 32 551
ash ash
ash ash Hora atrás
I’m sad
Catilia Ponce
Catilia Ponce Hora atrás
“ ThAt’S a FaCt”- Travis Scott,2018
JAYA NAIR Hora atrás
My aunts cat probably knows Kylie better than Travis
grace sentongo
grace sentongo Hora atrás
Look how ugly travis say PINK
Jordyn Brown
Jordyn Brown Hora atrás
Kylie interrupts Travis Scott 23 times
Ali K
Ali K Hora atrás
“Eyeshadow” “mascara” “lip” 😭😭😭
Slap It & Tap It
Slap It & Tap It Hora atrás
She got fat
Emily Fincham
Emily Fincham Hora atrás
They got a baby together, and he can't even name her dogs... says it all
Lotas Hora atrás
The most annoying video on BRvid that I ever came accrose . god please take this two and give as MJ back
hi i'm edwin
hi i'm edwin Hora atrás
hi EVERYBODYYYY would you mind checking out my channellllllllll 🤪🤪❤️ TYYY just a 16 year old with no life JSSJKSH
MrFlyersfan28 Hora atrás
Drop AstroWorld already
Angela Bernier
Angela Bernier Hora atrás
Please say this was way before they made a child together. Sad.
S Hora atrás
polaire †
polaire † Hora atrás
moral of the story: don't get her pregnant unless u can answer these questions
Chy Shell
Chy Shell Hora atrás
How long till you see a break up
Jayla Jackson
Jayla Jackson Hora atrás
They cute
Hano Ali
Hano Ali Hora atrás
I love Travis Scott 😂
Eric Song
Eric Song Hora atrás
Travis should have pulled out bro he stuck with her for life
Krryystaal Hora atrás
Omg Kylie is a leo!!! ❤️
Warken Hora atrás
their kisses are awkward af
Nicole Hora atrás
What is this duo y’all
xaNy ツ
xaNy ツ Hora atrás
Krryystaal Hora atrás
Uhh I love them !!
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans Hora atrás
They have no chemistry 😂
FrizzyFazz tv
FrizzyFazz tv Hora atrás
Leave the man alone. Man dem tweaking hoe tweaking hoe.
Yeo YX
Yeo YX Hora atrás
"ouh yeah yeah yeah " HAAHAAHAHAH
DJ HOT SAUCE - Saucy Beats and Hot Remixes
2 hours.THASSA FACT.
RawrZ Hora atrás
Travis Scott’s laugh is so cringe.
Miracle Dillard
Miracle Dillard Hora atrás
6:21 when he high fives her it seems as if he was trying to pull her.
CaptainHunter7 Hora atrás
Don’t do drugs kids!
Haley Christine
Haley Christine Hora atrás
I just lost braincells
Madison N
Madison N Hora atrás
If your boyfriend doesn’t know your dog’s name he isn’t the one😂😂
Priscilla Jauregui
Priscilla Jauregui Hora atrás
Anybody can make peanut butter jelly sandwich. 🙄 😂
Justus Brayan
Justus Brayan Hora atrás
I clicked on this PURELY cause I wanted to see how Travis sound when he talk.
Bruna Airosa
Bruna Airosa Hora atrás
Wtf he doesn’t know basic stuff about the mom of his daughter I’m just (?????)
Lou Cifer
Lou Cifer Hora atrás
What a pair of losers.
nadia medina
nadia medina Hora atrás
All I would like to know is where she got her sweater
Wesley Demmon
Wesley Demmon Hora atrás
2:43 THATS a FACT y’all need to make that a meme😂
Please Stand Bye
Please Stand Bye Hora atrás
If someone knocked that dude out and took all his teeth. Would he just go out and get more?
April Cisneros
April Cisneros Hora atrás
5:07 CrINGgeeEe
Miss Blue Nature
Miss Blue Nature Hora atrás
Travis Scotts teeth are too big
GQ Has hit a LOW
Gubblegubble Gaby
Gubblegubble Gaby Hora atrás
they’re so cuteeee😍😂
Peter David
Peter David Hora atrás
Kylie should have asked Travis when he’s dropping AstroWorld.
amily janida
amily janida Hora atrás
lmao he was so confident when he was answering the makeup product question
ELITE Pyro Hora atrás
He’s was definitely on something
The Kid
The Kid Hora atrás
Bro i swear the only time i hear this man speak a comet flies by
Jamie.Photo Hora atrás
GUHoyas777 Hora atrás
The fact that her dog nickname is "normie" say a lot
Aurora Hora atrás
Bless them
Artisha Douglas
Artisha Douglas Hora atrás
When they spoke about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich......😂😂💀💀💀
Vicky Hora atrás
This is the most I heard him talk 😂😂
Brian P
Brian P Hora atrás
This channel proves to me that people are pathetic
Marshaa Brady
Marshaa Brady Hora atrás
This is sad lmao she’s way into him than he’s into her...
Lana Simak
Lana Simak Hora atrás
10:28 LMAO
Dancehall X Hip Hop
Tyga would have got all of them😂
Anna Hastings
Anna Hastings Hora atrás
It’s my first time seeing them together
blessing nzioka
blessing nzioka Hora atrás
Travis Scott with the facts 😂😂
Aintnuthinbuta Hora atrás
They are both brainless
Chanaka pedro
Chanaka pedro Hora atrás
I don't know he looks ugly AF 😂😂
Rainbow Cloud
Rainbow Cloud Hora atrás
I wish I made lip kits it be a billionaire smh
Sabrina Nunez
Sabrina Nunez Hora atrás
Am I the only one who thinks they're cute af together
astheskylarksings Hora atrás
This dude is famous? 😵😮
my friend
my friend Hora atrás
Bro😂😂😂 travis be high most of the times kylie be talking to her he misses hella stuff
Mar2 Rich
Mar2 Rich Hora atrás
Her mouth look weird asf . She fu
Purely Pixels
Purely Pixels Hora atrás
They went on about peanut butter jelly sandwiches forever
MrFlyersfan28 Hora atrás
That dude doesn’t love Kylie
batnhjjh 21
batnhjjh 21 Hora atrás
She cooks peanuts and jelly
its alto
its alto Hora atrás
3:43 you can tell he fried his brain with molly
RASHAD321979 Hora atrás
I bet her favorite color is BLACK. 😂
مريم العنزي
وين العرب 😂😂😂
Mikhail Parsons
Mikhail Parsons Hora atrás
dam if she were on my football team i wouldve gangraped her in the locker room.
Jamie.Photo Hora atrás
“How many tattoos do you have?” “Idk” “Exactly” 😂😂😂😂
Lhen ulen
Lhen ulen Hora atrás
Call Baby but "Dady" sometimes.. Aw 💓
Kihi J
Kihi J Hora atrás
So cute
This is why Astro world isn’t out
Aldo Lol
Aldo Lol Hora atrás
Why is Kylie famous???
T Wik
T Wik Hora atrás
I wish I was there with my assault rifle aimed at both of them!
Salini Suresh _
Salini Suresh _ Hora atrás
Uk guys lets not be hating on them😁😁
Alvaro monroy
Alvaro monroy Hora atrás
If you cook pb&j... you’re doing it wrong
Rainbow Cloud
Rainbow Cloud Hora atrás
Name 5 kylie cosmetic products : Pallete, mascara, Lipstick 😂😂😂
renata de alba
renata de alba Hora atrás
“Cheerleading is not a sport” 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️ Travis stop!!
Blessed Baby
Blessed Baby Hora atrás
They're sooo cute 😍😍😍
ItsYourGurl Andrea
ItsYourGurl Andrea Hora atrás
Humaira Khan
Humaira Khan Hora atrás
he looked high😂😂😂
Gxlaxy Hora atrás
Bro this is soo weird to watch how do they even have a kid they don’t even seem like there together
chocolate mermaid
chocolate mermaid Hora atrás
Travis really cute tho
Natasha Nunez
Natasha Nunez Hora atrás
Like why y'all assuming they are going to break up wtf like let them be happy
chocolate mermaid
chocolate mermaid Hora atrás
Aww I like this ❤️
Mikrotrend ZerO
Mikrotrend ZerO Hora atrás
Enheritance Derrico
I think they are cute 😍❤️
Rizzy Hora atrás
He Ready To Gooo😭😭
Leica Cudia
Leica Cudia Hora atrás
They barely know each other huhuhu
Axel Saunders
Axel Saunders Hora atrás
Question #1 where tf is astroworld?
Lizbeth Quintana
Lizbeth Quintana Hora atrás
Y do they have a baby? Tyga would've got all these right!!!!!
Pacifi Hora atrás
5:07 cringey kiss lmao
Abigael Fernandez
Abigael Fernandez Hora atrás
Poor Travis
James jhonson
James jhonson Hora atrás
amein abdalla
amein abdalla Hora atrás
The most important question is when are u dropping astroworld ?
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