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We add a New Castle Simulator Mod in Among Us
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• Video Editor ► Russell
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/ @destopiia
​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun
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22 Jun 2022



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Skydek Anos atrás
I love how ssundee tries to make among us completely something else and spices up the gameplay. Nice job dude
A Anos atrás
Thats how mods work👍
5GemsStudio Anos atrás
Thats nice of him:D
The Lorax
The Lorax Anos atrás
this honestly could be sold as a standalone game and i’d buy
PREDAKING Anos atrás
Thank you for making another great mod! You and your friends really go into making something really good the amount of detail you put into the new maps and skins instead of just reskinning old maps is amazing. Your all great keep up the entertainment! P.S. please make it a Xenomorph mod I've been asking for a while I was hoping you could eventually come up with it I know there are so many other comments to go through but please consider this idea?!
Gojigamer240 Mês atrás
Xenomorph is a good idea
Crafting Tales
Crafting Tales 9 meses atrás
This mod is also perfectly balanced between teams, I like it.
DabKing 8 meses atrás
Akalucigeen123 7 meses atrás
Go pokeball
Saba Rathore
Saba Rathore 5 meses atrás
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
RTW Anos atrás
How does Ssundee manage to post among us every single day and still make it entertaining
Yoshitha Muthyala
Yoshitha Muthyala 9 meses atrás
I agree
Gnu Pants
Gnu Pants 10 meses atrás
I love Ian's voice and how good he can act for each mod
Kitson Lin
Kitson Lin 8 meses atrás
Thailand ball
Thailand ball 7 meses atrás
@Kitson Lin It’s Ian not ein that’s a different kind of Ian
Sphenixity 5 meses atrás
@Kitson Lin nein es ist nicht
Tiger Willow
Tiger Willow Anos atrás
Can we appreciate how he spends time to make videos so he can entertain us
sapsep Anos atrás
What abort lucumz he make the mods those takes him 24hours+
Basketballking 5 meses atrás
Tedster Army
Tedster Army Anos atrás
I think these things are just going to get alot more like other games the more it goes on.
Facts From Jimmy
Facts From Jimmy Anos atrás
Somehow this man always manages to make me smile over and over again
Bailey Stockwell
Bailey Stockwell Anos atrás
Justin Cook
Justin Cook 10 meses atrás
Yu yu yuetub
Soviet Comrade
Soviet Comrade 5 meses atrás
@Justin Cook it's not youtube sorry if am being bland
Beanicus maximus
Beanicus maximus Anos atrás
The mod’s intended way of playing: you must equally share out roles so that your team victorious Ssundee’s way of play: EvErYoNe’S eVeRyThInG
🇺🇲USA countryball yay:D
Nononononononnonooonononononononononoonononononononoonononononooooonononononoononononoonnononononononono he play amongus!!!
Wooper Anos atrás
Well it worked and did you make the mod?
Jermaine Vaiotu
Jermaine Vaiotu 11 meses atrás
Laura Warkentin
Laura Warkentin Anos atrás
Hi ssundee! I have an idea for a mod. Alien mod! The imposter is an alien and the rooms like 02 and so forth are planets. The alien could have the ability to spit acid and make alien babies that can attack one specific crew mate of their choice. And they can make a fluid that makes a crew mate stuck in place. There is also a UFO that can make a cremate float into it while a green light is shining on them and it takes them to the imposter. The other abilities the alien has can be your choice. Hope you use this mod can’t wait to see your next video!
Alexander Calderon
Alexander Calderon 10 meses atrás
Jolyn Kretz
Jolyn Kretz 10 meses atrás
meowzer playz gamz
meowzer playz gamz 10 meses atrás
Yee dat good idea
FaithFlamesEditz 9 meses atrás
He doesn’t listen to people
Harper Stinemetz
Harper Stinemetz 3 meses atrás
Ssundee always makes my day worth it
Barry Allen
Barry Allen Anos atrás
any time i'm sad he makes me laugh! he brightens up everyone's life. your a king to everyone! we love you Ssundee
samuel Anos atrás
It's so nice to go back and see youtubers you used to watch as a child still doing well 🥺 ssundee seems to not have changed at all lol
Abdullaziz Alshehhi
This guy sucks at losing and somehow he keeps among us alive. That’s really impressive.
IslamIsTheBest Anos atrás
yep yes
Kent Phillien
Kent Phillien Anos atrás
The fact that SSundee finds exploits in ever game he play is insane And i love it
Saba Rathore
Saba Rathore Anos atrás
what was the exploit?
Annabeth’s Edits
Annabeth’s Edits Anos atrás
​@Saba Rathore idk I was just gonna ask that
Yamelis Infante
Yamelis Infante Anos atrás
居合いの場合ありッッ 部屋探しをジャケット
Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O'Connor 9 meses atrás
You know your dead when you hear Ian's evil laugh
Daxton H
Daxton H 5 meses atrás
This is so true
AoDaRoh Anos atrás
Ssundee is a tactician when it comes to these game modes
ShadowGaming Anos atrás
Ian is the only reason among us Is still a thing
thelatiosmaster Anos atrás
It's so impressive that he can STILL get big views today with this kind of content. Keep the good job going man: keep among us (sort of) alive!
Vask Anos atrás
🇺🇲USA countryball yay:D
Alexa_Plays12 Anos atrás
hacke_d Anos atrás
yea i know
Tierayn Collett
Tierayn Collett 10 meses atrás
Amo Amon Aus Gus Amoamoamoamoamo
schhur Anos atrás
Seeing the king become other professions and doing its job is a really unique. Good job.
Roblox gaming
Roblox gaming Anos atrás
I Love your videos ssundee
Izanne Cabral
Izanne Cabral Anos atrás
McSkripter Anos atrás
the big mods are so fun to watch, please keep making more :)
Scary kock & tvilling
This video is just too good for me. I've watched it three time's already.
Danarchz Anos atrás
SSundee never disappoint with banger videos 🔥
Diana Yu
Diana Yu Anos atrás
s sun d de
Baylee_king76 Anos atrás
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how good Sundee is keep it up!!
jax huneycutt
jax huneycutt Anos atrás
ya my fav you tubber
JustJessxe 💕
JustJessxe 💕 Anos atrás
It's spelled SSundee- and yes his content is amazing
Mauricio Pinto
Mauricio Pinto Anos atrás
Always that one person
JustJessxe 💕
JustJessxe 💕 Anos atrás
@Mauricio Pinto Hey. Atleast I know how to spell it.
ℋ𝓊𝓈𝓀𝓎ℒℴ𝓋ℯ𝓇 ♡
@JustJessxe 💕 It's spelled his-
Justgaming21 Anos atrás
You never disappoint to make our day
Cherrie May Aquino
Cherrie May Aquino 6 meses atrás
I like how nobody noticed that when ian was gonna do his final attack plan he had -7 wheat and -8 iron
GamingGorilla 4 meses atrás
thats what im saying!!!!!!
Rl&Minecraftplayer Anos atrás
i`m impressed by your work and effort you put into your vids russle is a goo editor i love his work too
That_1_guy 7 meses atrás
Anyone on red team: [accidently comes into Ian’s site] Ian: *T R E B U C H E T*
God Anos atrás
11 years, 5 months, and 28 days That’s how long he’s been making contact to make our day just that much better nice job man. Some might have quit by now don’t give up not just yet.
Sandy Chen
Sandy Chen Anos atrás
how do you know the exact...
xandra xie
xandra xie Anos atrás
@Sandy Chen he can count just by doing math Looking at the first video and last video he ever posted, he can calculate the time he has been making videos
Sandy Chen
Sandy Chen Anos atrás
He edits it every day!
Sandy Chen
Sandy Chen Anos atrás
@xandra xie nice…
Sandy Chen
Sandy Chen Anos atrás
Oh i see waht u mean now, he just calculates it, i thought he edits it every day
Nectarios Notaras
Nectarios Notaras Anos atrás
i think ssundees the only reason why among us is still alive also love your videos keep it up
crazy gamer
crazy gamer Anos atrás
no its dead where i am
Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow Anos atrás
For those who don't know, trebuchet is french in origin and is pronounced "Treh-b-you-shay" Say that quickly and you have the word.
Gun Anos atrás
Nathan Outland
Nathan Outland 11 meses atrás
Did they first load it with baguettes?
Nathan Outland
Nathan Outland 11 meses atrás
I bet the opponents feared the French for their baguette projectiles
Joeygosboo 10 meses atrás
Joeygosboo 10 meses atrás
Btw see my most recent comment because he did something stupid and sus
Katashuiku-chan Anos atrás
These mods are so fun to watch :)
jamari best
jamari best Anos atrás
In my opinion this is the coolest and best mod u ever done I’d like to see more mods like this
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera Anos atrás
Is anyone else getting that amazing feeling when this guy uploads???
Pineapple Anos atrás
The Funtastic 4
The Funtastic 4 Anos atrás
i love this mod i would love to see more
Dragon5Doom3435 Anos atrás
Ssundee this video was insane I really enjoy watching these videos thank you for uploading for everyone!
Invincible324 Anos atrás
Let me just say Ssundee has the best vids and this inspired me to program a game in Scratch
T0X!¢  G4M3R$
T0X!¢ G4M3R$ Anos atrás
Anyone else notice how, in almost every Among Us video, SSundee says "This is our best mod yet" ?
oiseau Anos atrás
pls tell me your not a bot so that I can clarify that your a real human and not an AI?
T0X!¢  G4M3R$
T0X!¢ G4M3R$ Anos atrás
@oiseau yes, I am a human
oiseau Anos atrás
@T0X!¢ G4M3R$ thank god
Jeon Bassig
Jeon Bassig Anos atrás
Probably bc the mods are so hood
Springlock Anos atrás
Yeah lol
andri thangjam
andri thangjam Anos atrás
Damn. Nice job. I realy couldn't find a proper tutorial explaining everytNice tutorialng you needed clearly but then i found tNice tutorials treasure of a video.
MrSir Anos atrás
We need a full series devoted to this mod
Ciara Norton
Ciara Norton Anos atrás
Bombsquad193 Anos atrás
Somehow this man isn't getting bored of among us
Buggy Anos atrás
Nearing the end the stockpiled wheat and iron was going into negative numbers. You should have used that to spam make things in the start
Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas 7 meses atrás
Ssundee I love all your vids and I'm glad your here with us all
SheepTheRobloxYT Anos atrás
I’ve never seen a king so calm when someone’s attacking and singing
Mujtaba Waail
Mujtaba Waail Anos atrás
i think this is how you turn among us into a strategy game🔥💥
Rootie Macootie
Rootie Macootie Anos atrás
I love your videos! Keep up the good and wholesome work!
Mikachu Anos atrás
Hi I’m a small BRvidr who’s trying to grow, any support would be appreciated ❤️ Thanks!
Yourlocalbaddie._. Anos atrás
@Mikachu it's ok I will sub
mistygalaxy Anos atrás
Ian truly is the real king :)
JackOfAllTrades Anos atrás
Congrats on number two on trending!
お母さん ♥
お母さん ♥ Anos atrás
we need some fanart of him riding the dragon and everyone else running into battle. that'd be sick
Sure ill do that right now.
Henry Fan FOREVER Anos atrás
Leo Anos atrás
Thanks to Ssundee and his friends they keep amung us alive. Keep up the good work Ssundee I❤your vids
Susana Gonzalez
Susana Gonzalez Anos atrás
This is a whole new game. Congrats, SSundee.
Dante png
Dante png Anos atrás
You didn't realize it's mostly a strategy game
Reichen Itong
Reichen Itong 11 meses atrás
ImNotBritish Anos atrás
ive got covid at this moment and feel terrable but your videos cheer me up ssundee cheers mate
Jared Valdez
Jared Valdez 11 meses atrás
me to
Eli Hall
Eli Hall Anos atrás
Probably one of my favourites so far.
TheAmazingDot 10 meses atrás
I like how Ian has an accent for every kind of mod.
Panda Pals
Panda Pals 10 meses atrás
Not every mod but true tho-
Soumaya Chouari
Soumaya Chouari 9 meses atrás
I know right !!???????
Ko Zheng
Ko Zheng Anos atrás
“If they hit that they die to death” a classic 😂
Peter colquhoun
Peter colquhoun Anos atrás
By the power vested in me, I dub thee the King Of Among us. You Ssundee!
SlimeKingPrime XXX
SlimeKingPrime XXX Anos atrás
And with this victory, king Sundee the 1st had lead his army to achieve grand feats, and with it, the start of a great empire. With his legendary battle tactics, he taught his citizens how to be bullies to other kingdoms and potential prisoners.
oiseau Anos atrás
pls tell me your not a bot
Misha gaming
Misha gaming Anos atrás
@oiseau He's not probably. How the heck would he make such a related comment to this video if he's a bot? Unless he copied.
oiseau Anos atrás
@Misha gaming Oh! I mean yeah kind of, thank you for informing :)
SlimeKingPrime XXX
SlimeKingPrime XXX Anos atrás
@Misha gaming Mi is not senior 😃
SlimeKingPrime XXX
SlimeKingPrime XXX Anos atrás
@oiseau is definitely a bot
Waffle dude
Waffle dude Anos atrás
This man is the god of videos.
aj sn
aj sn Anos atrás
Its really good you never fail to entertain us:)😊😊
NOOB Anos atrás
Dude this is no longer Among us but It still got the vibe 😂
Seth Houle
Seth Houle Anos atrás
This has to be my favorite mod they have done
DrakeTitan Anos atrás
You have to do a Greek god mod, that would be awesome
𝘭𝘰𝘶𝘶 Anos atrás
I feel like everyone on Ian's team always wins, Because he always does.
Axel Lopez
Axel Lopez 5 meses atrás
TheReal Saad
TheReal Saad Anos atrás
bro if you on ian team there is no way you will loose, he has learned every exploit in every mod
Luffy and Goku Skits
This has to be my one of my favorite mods! I saw this mod uploaded on Kate, biffle and the other boys’ channel and I was waiting for you to upload it! I just like bed wars and king stuff but great mod!!
LavaBite Anos atrás
That moment with Henwy made my day!
Jaso1312 6 meses atrás
I agree
Black Raven
Black Raven Anos atrás
Ssundee at the start of the game: This is sick! *Ssundee sees friends playing with him to* Ssundee: Let's look for exploits.
Mikachu Anos atrás
Hi I’m a small BRvidr who’s trying to grow, any support would be appreciated ❤️ Thanks!
Shaw Anos atrás
Don't ask for subs
Black Raven
Black Raven Anos atrás
@Shaw I agree
Gl!tchy Anos atrás
@Shaw well hey, at least they aren’t being toxic and stuff. usualy, ppl looking for subs can be pretty toxic sooo ye
Charlie Horsington
Charlie Horsington Anos atrás
Ssundee never disappoints
Doug Lang
Doug Lang Anos atrás
Ssundee keep up the good work your videos are awesome
Cayleb Martin
Cayleb Martin Anos atrás
CrazyCrater23 Anos atrás
Nice video, been watching for years never disappoints
Among Us Stop Motion
I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!
Active Gaming
Active Gaming Anos atrás
Stephen Shustock
Stephen Shustock Anos atrás
Brevy425 Anos atrás
Aliana Mautone
Aliana Mautone Anos atrás
Wow a you tuber cool
Terron Mitchell
Terron Mitchell Anos atrás
Hi join me know what you think it is right now and so you could have a look at the video when you have time to be on vacation from the bank as yet so I am showing you have time to be a 28th or not too bad you for you interest in the Nissan X Trail which carries the vehicles are you looking at the
Alex Holley
Alex Holley Anos atrás
Hmm, 181k kings over him and counting, I don't think that he will ever make a decision by himself ever again
GameOn Anos atrás
the inposter abilities have break marble set, take marble parts from the crewmates, the minigame is make your marble run whoevergot the most votes of thier marble run set wins. the winner gets to choose to kill one crewmate. the more marble parts that they complete the inposter gets more abilites.
MatthewTyler 3 meses atrás
5:43 Zud: Hello Garry! Also Garry: dead on the floor
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips Anos atrás
Dungeons and Dragons mod: there are six classes. Each class has a basic melee and ranged attack that can be used indefinitely and then 3 abilities on cool down. Fighter: who has different “maneuvers” like the ability to have someone else use an attack/action surge, etc. Barbarian: who had a few different rage abilities like taking half damage and dealing more damage. Ranger: who has a main weapon that’s a bow but has a healing spell, and a plant based spell. The Bard: who is more of a support class giving people buffs and small heals. Cleric: has holy smite as the main aoe attack, and has good healing spells. And the wizard: who’s ranged/spell focused. What does the comment section think??
GG_Endgame Anos atrás
Just so you know a bot copied your comment. Also this is a great idea.
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips Anos atrás
@GG_Endgame thanks for the heads up 😂 and thank you! I just reported all their comments.
Shapes Anos atrás
Also a wizard that class that makes you die when you walk
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips Anos atrás
@Shapes man I knew I forgot a class, I only had 5. Thank for the reminder 😅
Isaac Diehl
Isaac Diehl Anos atrás
Best idea ive ever heard
Dash Weber
Dash Weber Anos atrás
i think there should be a elemental role, so you first start with air, then you need to upgrade to water, then fire, then grass and the last power is quake. then you have to use those powers to escape the map
svt spotify
svt spotify Anos atrás
how about u just choose a element and then u can't use any other elements so u need to choose wisely which element u choose
Dash Weber
Dash Weber Anos atrás
@svt spotify yeah i guess that could work
svt spotify
svt spotify Anos atrás
@Dash Weber thank u
Randomfile Anos atrás
love your content,love your exploits
Fake jmancurly
Fake jmancurly 11 meses atrás
I love this guy because he's so nice he doesn't want it anymore
evangames Anos atrás
Imposter role: controller. They have a video game icon that’s hidden for imposters only. They can make people do tasks. And they can mind control for 10 seconds.
Yo I am a YouTuber!
Me watching SSundee 2 years ago and watching this back makes me think of the old daya
Facts From Jimmy
Facts From Jimmy Anos atrás
Ssundee never disappointing, impressed with the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up!
Danielgamer9799 Anos atrás
I love your videos and mods they’re super high quality!
Mikachu Anos atrás
Hi I’m a small BRvidr who’s trying to grow, any support would be appreciated ❤️ Thanks!
gaming_hub2023 Anos atrás
I would love if you could create a hardcore series for 1.19 edition and battle the warden
Tierayn Collett
Tierayn Collett 10 meses atrás
Did you know if you zone in close enough you can see purple on the crown?
Camden Robinson
Camden Robinson Anos atrás
Hey everybody let’s appreciate how hard-working he is🎉
Thabit Mohamed
Thabit Mohamed 7 meses atrás
Can we talk about how on the end he had -7 wheat and -8 stone
Aurora Aegis
Aurora Aegis Anos atrás
Its all fun and games till someone gets a dragon 👀 in all seriousness tho I absolutely LOVED this video and the dragon made it even better than it already was (I love dragons a LOT) keep making these wonderful videos Ssundee
N1GHTY Starr
N1GHTY Starr Anos atrás
These videos are like a light switch they always make my days brighter instantly
N1GHTY Starr
N1GHTY Starr Anos atrás
Also its my birthday in 5 days
Monkeymanhimself Anos atrás
@N1GHTY Starr happy early birthday!
A dude
A dude Anos atrás
Remember when your mods were actually among us themed like the captain mod.
PLASTER ART 5 meses atrás
I love how every video he says that this mod is the best one
Doge Anos atrás
Can we just stop with the watching the videos and just appreciate the work he puts into these videos. He’s amazing
E Bullock
E Bullock 9 meses atrás
11:24 "if they hit that they die to death " - SSundee 2022
Ruby Orbeta
Ruby Orbeta 9 meses atrás
àebullock where is laurakentin i feel bad for her
TheGreenmarker 8 meses atrás
Misti cleamons
Misti cleamons 8 meses atrás
This was made 6 months ago you are late
bubba 8 meses atrás
@TheGreenmarker it was 2022 when this video was out
Robert Palladino
Robert Palladino 8 meses atrás
@TheGreenmarker HE/SHE TRYED THER BEST I:(
CarsDman Anos atrás
This guy never fails to entertain
Coolpuffin16 Anos atrás
Impressive how Ssundee is still playing Among Us when everyone left over a year ago. Is it because the videos still get views?
svt spotify
svt spotify Anos atrás
not everyone
ChrysalisM 10 meses atrás
6.9 mil views later: You were saying people have left?
Thijs Hersmis
Thijs Hersmis Anos atrás
You should do the drummer. Can throw drumsticks, play the drums (will freeze people) and can make band of 3 people that can stun people with drumsticks
The ones that are Versus 🆚 another team seem so stressful 😅
Trinton Denny
Trinton Denny Anos atrás
I been watching Ssundee for about 6 years now, I can’t tell you how much I love his content but this is by far my favorite channel
matt_gaming 2 meses atrás
Good mod, but I rarely see you lose from one of your mods
LC Tam
LC Tam Anos atrás
SSundee's exploits are ridiculously hilarious.
taggy Anos atrás
awsome mod with great quest to complete.
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