Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

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A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence.


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17 Jul 2015



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JinHit INC.
JinHit INC. 23 dias atrás
ENDER1477 o
Jjb@tz33 Mês atrás
Where are the damn bloopers for this!
ENDER1477 4 meses atrás
Google sucks
Marvin Tran
Marvin Tran 4 meses atrás
4:21 His “fly” is down.
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles 5 meses atrás
Comedy Central this is the best duo. Their faces say more then when they talk. So perfect.
Frank McGovern
Frank McGovern Dia atrás
"A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence." That's the description for this video. I feel like the flight attendant is a dude.
Frank McGovern
Frank McGovern Dia atrás
Yep. Mark with a K.
মুনতাসিফ সুসমিত
He is Megan's brother Mark with the K
Addison Smith
Addison Smith Dia atrás
Seatbelt sign.
Faiz Ali
Faiz Ali Dia atrás
This was 100% Spirit Airlines, and if it wasn’t I don’t wanna know what airline this is
Abhishek Srivastava
What if Mark is psychic and he is causing the turbulence?
T U G I Dia atrás
I love these two, dwane and tyler😂😂
TheOneAndOnly Dia atrás
Nathanael Hahn
Nathanael Hahn Dia atrás
Is it legal?
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Dia atrás
Plot twist; the cabin is actually a giant simulator and the flight attendant had the joystick
22KPAR1X Cyberdyne
Oh my gawd 😂🤣these 2 m'fers give solid gold performances. I hope they are paid every ounce of gold that they are worth.
mzzzyy Dia atrás
I also have to piss and shit tooooo no way
Toxic_Tomb123 4
Toxic_Tomb123 4 Dia atrás
No body: Me after watching any key & Peele episode:☠
Franky Broadcast
Franky Broadcast Dia atrás
1:06 Man! That had me in tears. Hahaha
abdullah al-hafeez
Sign Showed: Turbulance? Reality: Crazy roller coaster
Uniqq-_- Dia atrás
Imagine being the blonde woman hearing this conversation.
Chronograph 2 dias atrás
636lover1 2 dias atrás
There should be an Eject button for unruly passengers mid flight
636lover1 2 dias atrás
You can't fool me that's Andre's hair he's wearing LOL
Neroidius 2 dias atrás
Him sitting there staring into my soul during all the commotion like a teacher staring at me while I go across the room sharpen my pencil while everyone is taking a test
OhShizle_ FTW
OhShizle_ FTW 2 dias atrás
Should have done a barrel roll😂😂
ITS COOL BRO 2 dias atrás
Mark with a K is secretly a minor wind diety disguised as a flight attendant just to fuck with people like that
Pepe Nieves
Pepe Nieves 2 dias atrás
I cried when the turbulence started and peele had that maniac smile. Literal tears 😂😂😂
Alfonso Fermin
Alfonso Fermin 2 dias atrás
Full volume it feels funny.
Alfonso Fermin
Alfonso Fermin 2 dias atrás
His whispers is intense and tingley
Alfonso Fermin
Alfonso Fermin 2 dias atrás
Mark with the “K”
Alfonso Fermin
Alfonso Fermin 2 dias atrás
Your hurting my Eardrums :) Dead.
Liam Doolin
Liam Doolin 3 dias atrás
Jonathan Requena
Jonathan Requena 3 dias atrás
Oh peele you devious little bastard
Game Person
Game Person 3 dias atrás
Ye, it is illegal.
TheJameslopes 3 dias atrás
Looks like they were dancing to thriller
WaterBaluga 3 dias atrás
"yeah?" "ყҽαԋ"
DNT KHV 3 dias atrás
*Meanwhile inside the Ukrainian Plane*
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 3 dias atrás
Lmaoo!!😁😂 3:28
Jim Hillestad
Jim Hillestad 3 dias atrás
Their budget is crazy high!
MedievalCyclops 3 dias atrás
Eclipse 3 dias atrás
ukrainian airplane fighting the two iranian missiles ... Little turbulence lol
Mike T
Mike T 3 dias atrás
Kyle Sixt
Kyle Sixt 3 dias atrás
Had they not argued for a few minutes he would have gone to the bathroom and been back in time to buckle up.
FeroxX 3 dias atrás
The production value is ridiculous on this!
Nacho Diablo
Nacho Diablo 3 dias atrás
Cant stop imagining all the ppl just bouncing on their seats at the set XD
Markeyda Lipscomb
Markeyda Lipscomb 4 dias atrás
My throat hurts from laughing so hard 🤣😂🤣😂
Awesome Dude2
Awesome Dude2 4 dias atrás
If Mark didn’t stop him, he would’ve gone to the restroom and return with no problem
IZZGAMER123 4 dias atrás
1:23 seen this sketch a dozens time,but just realized they girl below look confused
EmrahAlien 4 dias atrás
if he didn't waste his time he could have took a shit
homicidalidiot 4 dias atrás
After a while it starts sounding like "butt - is it against the wall?". Idk why, but I hear that every time I watch this clip. lol
QUEEN MOM 4 dias atrás
Jake Jake
Jake Jake 4 dias atrás
Just noticed at 3:09 he grabs the womans face as he's trying to remain stable.
wAoves nle
wAoves nle 4 dias atrás
This is like arguing with your parents
BottledBanana 4 dias atrás
Does anyone know how they filmed this and how they simulated the turbulence?
Daegog The Wyrdmake
Daegog The Wyrdmake 4 dias atrás
It seems like they had a MASSIVE budget compared to Dave Chappelles show. I wonder how they managed it.
Sky Lark
Sky Lark 4 dias atrás
Kudos to the actress who plays the blonde.
Game Club
Game Club 4 dias atrás
Miss, miss, miss, IF U WOULD LIKE -"I would not like to do my homework
Jenna Mariotti
Jenna Mariotti 4 dias atrás
Must be United airlines 😂
Road Trips Hyperlapse
Road Trips Hyperlapse 4 dias atrás
I just now realized this is the plane that crashed from the episode "boarding order" where keegan was the last to board.
Merdice Howell
Merdice Howell 4 dias atrás
Paul Gallastegi Oceja
Paul Gallastegi Oceja 4 dias atrás
I really expected him to come out of the toilet full of piss & shit
Vlad B
Vlad B 4 dias atrás
I love the "though" the most.
Fco. JBR
Fco. JBR 4 dias atrás
Is this the same passenger from boarding group one?
LOL Science
LOL Science 4 dias atrás
Welcome aboard to air Moldova
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