Kevin Hart ROASTING Talk Show Hosts 

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Kevin Hart's funniest moments going after talk show hosts!
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9 Set 2018



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Comentários : 4,1 mil   
@C1rcu1tBr34k3r 4 anos atrás
Not a real fan of Kevin's comedy but I must admit, his off the cuff stuff is extremely hilarious, and he's pretty quick witted, this had me
@Ihechieme 4 anos atrás
So what else you want?
@C1rcu1tBr34k3r 4 anos atrás
@@Ihechieme How bout a fire-ass blunt and a egg sammich, homie.
@Ihechieme 4 anos atrás
@@C1rcu1tBr34k3r Okay. Noted. Nothing to say, I guess. Bye
@lyndseyreed949 3 anos atrás
I think Kevin is way funnier in "real life" and in interviews than he is in his standup.
@wisdomisgangster3113 3 anos atrás
His first show was the best
@walusitumbeko4051 2 anos atrás
His old stand up funny as f
@magicjohnson2157 2 anos atrás
By faaar.
@MK-hw2ir 2 anos atrás
@@wisdomisgangster3113 what’s the name of that show
@mystrodds 2 anos atrás
His first two was great and then the interviews👍🏽
@MusaLdn Anos atrás
Gotta give it to Steven A. He always takes it like a champ 😂
@TheFoolintherainn Anos atrás
No, he dishes it out to get media attention Smith can't take what he dishes out!
Lol. He’s delusional. I’d never go up to him ever. Couldn’t care less rather BS with Kevin and have a good conversation. Sounded like someone was full of themself
@eliasmuhammad7231 10 meses atrás
Yeah, cause Kev be whoopin his BACKSIDE!! Especially at 4:53
@sincere6803 8 meses atrás
@onion2530 Anos atrás
He's probably the only person who can roast the whole world and still no one will be mad at him.
@dilldough6009 3 anos atrás
“You look like a bean bag that got sat in”. Had me dying!😭😂
@courtneyfisher303 3 anos atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣He roasted his whole existence
@camfreed3644 3 anos atrás
Daaaaamn this whole time I thought he said “You look like a bean bag that got fat in it” hahahahaha
@TheGhostOfNickL 3 anos atrás
I think it said sand in it
@OriginalBabyBoi 3 anos atrás
n lagois nah "sat in"
@JeromeProductions 2 anos atrás
@BlackThoughtsTV 8 meses atrás
The snap finger famous is probably one of the best off the cuff jokes ever made by him it was flawless , he really meant that ish 😂😂😂
@harryairsoftshow 3 anos atrás
"if he smiles fast enough his lips will bleed" one of the funniest roasts ive ever heard
@NmberOneNetsFan 3 anos atrás
Yes this one was too much
@emadgholam9370 3 anos atrás
I dont get it.
@NmberOneNetsFan 3 anos atrás
Emad Gholam u never had ur lips so dry that it actually cracks up when u widen ur lips 👄 usually ppl on drugs be getting dry lips cause of constant licking
@sarumes 3 anos atrás
Seeing Shaq lose it like that was priceless
@Steambull1 3 anos atrás
The pointing at him and shouting "look, look, he's uncomfortably drinking water!" was what got me in that one, though.
@Christian-nf1gx 2 anos atrás
Shaq is literally Kevin’s biggest fan
@R9000S 2 anos atrás
He literally discovered Kevin
@Christian-nf1gx 2 anos atrás
@@R9000S yeah lol. Their relationship is so funny to me. Big giant dude who like praises a tiny dude
@R9000S 2 anos atrás
@@Christian-nf1gx love them
@Just-InTimeRepairs 2 anos atrás
When he told Shaq to work him like a puppet, I laughed so hard.
@dredayegooden3128 2 anos atrás
Literally speaking
@joshhorne4225 3 anos atrás
I died when he talked about greatness and skipped over Charles Barkley 😂😂😂
@wggames147 2 anos atrás
Me to 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@joeyhiii6326 2 anos atrás
Woulda been funnier if he said it about kenny
@nikmo7360 2 anos atrás
@@joeyhiii6326 Kenny has two rings. The point was Charles doesnt have a ring.
@qsplak Anos atrás
@@joeyhiii6326 🤦🏾‍♂️
@cancermanxfiles Anos atrás
he could also joke about it, because he knows Charles can take it, because he was a superstar on his own right.
@rogocongo1801 Anos atrás
This man has called himself a walking almanac and did a bird impression on national television… what a gem Kevin Hart is
@MarkBeaz 2 anos atrás
"Shaq you know what success is, Kenny you know what success is " *looks at Chuck "Alright and ima stop it right there" 😂😂😂😂😂
@bdubwilson4935 Anos atrás
The funniest part 🤣
Took me tf out 🤣🤣😭😭
@MrMohanrajes Anos atrás
@@bdubwilson4935 I
@Leon-ru6xy 10 meses atrás
@tylertriplett1323 Anos atrás
I don’t think I’ve seen Chelsea Handler laugh that hard before 😂😂
@damienrowley443 5 meses atrás
That was my favorite part 😂
I need a TV show with Kevin Hart & Stephen A for 30mins a day please.
@elizabethlentz7815 4 anos atrás
Chrystinamarie Wellington PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!! I love that he takes it like a champ!
@justinrokhum1708 4 anos atrás
RIP Stephen A advance
@AlphaLeaderZ 4 anos atrás
I wake up every morning with my cousin leaving espn on. Im tired od hearing that dude pissed off and screaming every morning
@kurtgobang 4 anos atrás
@kurtgobang 4 anos atrás
Hell no
@masomamakes2004 4 anos atrás
How Kevin's voice get deeper in the past 5 years lol. How he hit puberty at 35
@expertet3312 4 anos atrás
Lol exactly
@Original-Phantom 4 anos atrás
Testosterone literally Steroids ? Possibly
@@hoosierrailriders agreed
@Gyork_ 4 anos atrás
That's what happens if you yell 24/7
@chanelcolbert1258 4 anos atrás
@jumb0shr1mp6 3 anos atrás
Kevin's on the spot humor is hilarious. I understand that some ppl dont find his movies and specials funny.. but overall he is a funny guy in general.
@Watchdeework 10 meses atrás
Skip: “I got a question” Kevin: “we’ll ask it skip” 😂😂😂😂
I’ll never mess with a comedian they are very quick witted and intelligent I would lose every arguement😂💙😂
@trashaccount5106 Anos atrás
You might like the Cellar Crowd videos, its recordings from these new york comedians just hanging out and trashing each other. And they had a show called Tough Crowd, too.
@champagnepettis 8 meses atrás
Tell you what, I’ve always been the roasting guy but the way I’d get better is goin at people Ik could get at me much better or equally. With that said, do it lol, have a laugh and try some jokes back at them, comedians actually love that shit lol. You can’t beat a comedian in a roast session but you can get better by trying
@weedgrass2338 Anos atrás
As a Mexican, I always thought we were the kings of roasting each other in Spanish. But I got to hand it to my brothers and sisters. The delivery, the quick wit, and the imagination are unparalleled. Some of my best laughs are from the brothers and sisters.
@mattmcnicholas3735 4 anos atrás
Why they keep allowing him back on First Take 😂😂😂😂
@arael3028 4 anos atrás
@YahYou813 4 anos atrás
So they can continually see Stephen A. Smith's funeral
@deandrebarclay2359 4 anos atrás
ratings good tv
@iamyourrealdad7367 4 anos atrás
Revenge fuckyoutalmbout 😂😂😂😂😂
@mattburns7182 4 anos atrás
Because he's funny as fuck
@Joe-ty9qf 4 anos atrás
7:17 it always makes me laugh hard every time 🤣
@kelechiagu8794 Anos atrás
That was cold 🥶 😂
@Enlightened08 3 anos atrás
I swear Kevin's off the top stuff is WAYYYYY funnier than any of his shows Ive seen. This dude funny as hell.
@macfunker Anos atrás
I love how little he is but becomes the biggest guy in the room, just hilarious
@naoldereje470 4 anos atrás
I'm glad this guy is fine after the accident,cant stop laughing
@kcchicdesigns Anos atrás
People might not like Hart's comedy specials but you can't deny he's naturally funny!!!
@fineyoungspecimen 4 anos atrás
"Look, he's uncomfortably drinking water"😂😂😂
@FAMETYRD 4 anos atrás
bruh i died
@SamTheHealer2012 4 anos atrás
If someone said that to me while i was drinking water i would do spit take 😂😂
@calvinedwards9117 3 anos atrás
Bruh i read this as he was saying it and it honestly made it even better
@Sienna10Sunz 2 anos atrás
@yuro.3521 2 anos atrás
@tee4222 4 anos atrás
I had to go back to find out Conan was super respectful, looked him in the eyes, put his hand on Kevin’s back(not head) and even turned around again to give him an extra respect nod. Which somehow makes it even funnier😂
@ZachGarnerComedy 3 anos atrás
I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin's stand up but I think he is the best off-the-cuff roaster in the game. Top-level improviser
@clemondbrown Anos atrás
I haven't laughed at Kevin Hart this long in a while. Pure golden
@socio4206 3 anos atrás
"Shaq, I told you I was gonna gettem shaq"! The friendship they have is lit
@billygraham2132 2 anos atrás
They need to do a remake of 'Twins' (Arnold Schwartzenegger, Danny DiVito).
@duanemannix3125 Anos atrás
@captaincrunch8333 Anos atrás
Her uncontrolled laughing at him as he bragged about his body and tried to tell the rest of his tale. Priceless.
“Snapfinger famous” got damn i done spit my juice out all on my damn bed ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@fahimurrahman9206 4 anos atrás
J C Christopher is a black name g but you might be right
@libanfarah4491 4 anos atrás
"that guy" lol, i lost it...
J C not at all black and proud
@OMEGAxWARRIOR 4 anos atrás
Thanos is snapfinger famous
@danehereford9475 4 anos atrás
Kevin is a comedic powerhouse. He exhales funny like most exhale hot air.
@insanemotivation8402 2 meses atrás
We all have that one friend that we like to roast the way Kevin roasts Steven A Smith 😂
@sarahreads4 Anos atrás
' It wasn't a joke. I am serious.' Even his serious talks are funny!🤣 And surely Kevin has a thing with Steve. Roasted every chance he got.🤣
@Tanile27 4 anos atrás
"LOOK LOOK ! He's uncomfortably drinking water" lmaooo Kevin is hilarious
@MiggsyTV 4 anos atrás
lol the most random shit xD
@wowhowbizarre8176 2 anos atrás
Steven A.Smith: *breaths* Kevin: and I took that personally
@brodelnaz Anos atrás
@keynosmith2208 Anos atrás
Lmao 🤣
@cghrn 4 anos atrás
His comedic timing and quick wit is unmatched. The stuff he comes up with. 😂😂😂
@SneaksBL 3 anos atrás
That snap finger famous joke was actually very clever and hilarious.
@louisiana318ishify 4 anos atrás
Kev is just a naturally funny person man he can make anyone feel comfortable it's just like talking to family I swear
@kwazimokava6499 7 meses atrás
This man is a comeback king..for real...😂
@kennedyshotfirst2261 3 anos atrás
Kevin knows how to make Shaq break. He’s sitting there clutching kevs arm 😂
@joeman123964 Anos atrás
hearing the cupcake *splat* literally made me re watch it 100 times 😂😂😂 5:25
@marcusshane 4 anos atrás
The appropriate title would be Kevin Hart roasting Steven A. Smith for 11 mins with some pauses
@ladylyssa5130 4 anos atrás
@mattcro123 4 anos atrás
You mean Stephen lol
@davidvondoom2853 4 anos atrás
@@mattcro123 Did you have to snap your fingers a few times, before you remembered that?
@Walking-MY-Path 4 anos atrás
@nookie343 4 anos atrás
David von Doom lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@jtrust7577 4 anos atrás
As soon as someone says you walk weird you instantly can’t walk normal at all, it’s like some damn spell
@Chronatog 3 anos atrás
That`s likely because you walk weird..
@miniash1939 3 anos atrás
Jackson Rust so true 😂😂😂
@OVAKSC 2 anos atrás
Simple, but quite unbreakable...
@Mahdi_Amine 2 anos atrás
As soon as i start walking in fronte of girls my legs turn into jelly i start tripping ...
@dwwhitedyl 2 anos atrás
Shaq's hard laugh is so god damn wholesome
@theycallmebigfoot 2 anos atrás
What he says at 4:52 is FACTS! As a sports fan I couldn't agree more.
@tuity3357 2 anos atrás
6:05... I’m crying I could watch him do this bit everyday and laugh like I heard it for the first time!!! “ Your looking at a player Thats Galoshasaucious and that makes him a traumatical disastercation”🤣🤣🤣☠️
@michaelsykes5027 Anos atrás
Ernie’s laugh when Kevin talks about Kenny’s lips is hilarious 😆
@alfonsohernandez2132 4 anos atrás
Never though I’d feel bad for Stephen A Smith😂Kevin Hart really owning him
@JC-ev2ns 4 anos atrás
Yeah Kevin is great at just saying the same things that everybody says to make fun of Stephen A
@arunjames6494 3 anos atrás
Kevin is funny af he's blunt and a quick thinker I love this
@carrots7216 3 anos atrás
"LOOK! LOOK! He's uncomfortably drinking water!" 😂😂 That will never not kill me
"Look! He's uncomfortably drinking water!" That's my favorite line.
@nnn133 4 anos atrás
"Look! Look! He's uncomfortably drinking water!" -Kevin Heart
@BrandonScotttBrown 3 anos atrás
nate cross had me rolling lmaoo
@dl2310 Anos atrás
@sarahreads4 Anos atrás
I am a big fan of Kevin.. He is the most hilarious one I have ever seen.🤣🤣
@rafaelsilva-tx6by 5 anos atrás
This guy should play as Deadpool sidekick 😂
@annajames1065 5 anos atrás
rafael silva Oohhhh wooww!!! Yesss!!!! That just opened up a whole new element to the movie!
@mookiesmith18 5 anos atrás
That would be funny!
@MrJreed1000 5 anos atrás
rafael silva perfect👍👍👍😂
@erenjaeger8989 5 anos atrás
Hell no
Or he could be one of the crazy voices in his head or play both!
Nobody can escape Kevin Hart's roast, not even Kevin Hart
@mattburns7182 4 anos atrás
A legend in his own mind, no seriously he's hilarious
@aminedes6150 Anos atrás
Let us agree that the vibe Kev creates is beyond what every other celebrity can do
@gunsmoke5580 2 anos atrás
So hard to tell if Stephen A Smith is being laughed at or laughed with when Kevin is there
Kevin Heart is quick witted, a natural at capping on people! That Philly upbringing helped him perfect it!😅😂🤣
@bradywebber2964 4 anos atrás
Why is Kevin Hart always ripping on Stephen A 😂😂😂😂
@henrysheppard3433 4 anos atrás
You only rip on those you coolest with. Facts
@JC-ev2ns 4 anos atrás
Notice how he repeats the same shit every time though. He can’t even write original material when he’s ripping on Stephen A Smith
@jgarciajr55 4 anos atrás
He makes it to easy lol.
@emmapereira7042 2 anos atrás
3:10 was priceless. "Look! Look! He's uncomfortably drinking water!"🤣😂
@Vertixgaming26 3 anos atrás
Legend says that kevin hart is still roasting people in his sleep
@ElijahRuelas Anos atrás
5:24 I died when he flipped the birthday cupcake.
@doug8237 2 anos atrás
There’s no roasting Kevin. Dude always has a comeback haha
@69metersbelow25 2 anos atrás
No he doesn't 😒 Man is not that funny in this video
@jwhite0398 Anos atrás
I love how uncomfortable these hosts are when they’re put on the spot. 🤣
@Walking-MY-Path 4 anos atrás
Kev roasting all of these talk show hosts is way funnier than any of his comedy specials combined.
@frankymacf 4 anos atrás
AGbaby235 Exactly right!
@brad144k 4 anos atrás
Ya'll are trippin if you think this shit is funny..He needs to bring back some good stand up performances. Not resorting to roasting was a lil cringey if you ask me
@Walking-MY-Path 4 anos atrás
@@brad144k Nah I think it is quite brilliant.
@brad144k 4 anos atrás
@@jhonviel7381 👀👀👀
@SamTheHealer2012 4 anos atrás
When kevin died laughing when telling people about conans walk i died laughing with him 😂
@agelesskarate 3 anos atrás
I could watch this video daily and still laugh.
@graham735 2 anos atrás
I laughed so hard I got the hiccups 💀💀💀
@levanceland 3 anos atrás
He roasted them while keeping it PG. That's pretty good. All that time in the vicious comedian circle has paid off.
That cupcake bit, sent me over the edge 😂🤣
8:14 look, look, he's uncomfortably drinking water. Hey! Shaq, I told you I's gonna get him Shaq. Absolute gold! 😂😂😂
@mariesadiebrown 4 anos atrás
Lone Wanderer I knew that meant something during interviews
@younglubenica8099 4 anos atrás
That SHAQ SHAQ!!! part 😭😭😭
@charismasampson4477 4 anos atrás
@jessegardner9332 4 anos atrás
*uncomfortably drinking water was right the first time
@dyuu229 3 anos atrás
“If you don’t get outta here shaped like a bean bag that got sat in”....... I felt that one
@djdannyd816 3 anos atrás
Kevin Hart always have a good time on Conan 😂
Somehow Max Kellermans suppressed laughter cures my soul. Dude is having so much fun.
@MrTrevor4LuDella 2 anos atrás
To get Chelsea Handler to laugh is a feat within itself. My hat go off the Kevin Hart for that monumentous endeavor. never seen Chelsea crack up like that. It was either that she found Kevin Hart genuinely funny or she had a crush on him to where she had the giggles.
@devstuff2576 Anos atrás
@latinrubio 10 meses atrás
Damn when he told Chelsea that she missed her chance and said she chose 50 she stopped laughing real quick lmao
@wwefinishers6731 10 meses atrás
@tedcassie5126 4 anos atrás
Fair enough to Kevin, I respect how he stood up to the people that talked down to him!!!
@rkoistheman 4 anos atrás
Hostbusters 5’2 on his feet, 8’5 on the money
@dasteraw 4 anos atrás
@@rkoistheman and 6ft on his stomach
@MarkersButtons Anos atrás
"you up here naming dinosaurs" bruh, I was not ready for that. I didn't know I could wheeze laugh so damn long after hearing that. Got damn 😂
@drippydru3810 Anos atrás
‘You better be done cause if you smile fast enough yo lips will bleed” I’m crying 😂😂
@drew.- 2 anos atrás
The "uncomfortably drinking water" part was so funny
@brandonheflin06 3 anos atrás
When Kevin is with Shaq, Kenny, and Chuck, you know it's gonna be hilarious.
@willisverynice 2 anos atrás
“Well that’s not the most stupidest answer” is such a good line.
@mayson123456 5 anos atrás
Kevin has excellent come back, must have been roasted a lot coming up.
@dark3rthanshadows 5 anos atrás
look at his size! ofc people been roasting you since childhood
@Christian-ml8lg 5 anos atrás
Man sat with Patrice O'NEAL and Bill burr and many more comedic gods of course he is good at comebacks.
@arielcruz6417 5 anos atrás
Lol yeah I can only imagine.
@blablaelgore 5 anos atrás
This is the patrice o neal training.
@Sheffdawg2305 5 anos atrás
@@Christian-ml8lg the famous table. I see you're a man of culture my friend.
@TheWolf-xe2kz 3 anos atrás
Steven A Smith is a good sport.Doesnt have sensitive skin and can take a joke.A cool guy.
@HooperMoCG 4 anos atrás
Kevin at his best....when he roast people and makes them uncomfortable that is gold
@Kruppt808 2 anos atrás
This should be titled, The funniest you will ever see Kevin Hart. Ps: we could only find like 11 to 12 min😖
@shareebrown727 8 meses atrás
CLASSIC!!! Still cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
“I asked for Respect!” that was real! K Hart is a brilliant entertainer. He stays real! Acting too much comes off as false or weak. Preach Hart!!!!!
@ej8530 4 anos atrás
He was acting when he was saying that.
@dalton6439 2 anos atrás
I have a whole new respect for this man.
@JohnBradleyOsborne 4 anos atrás
I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Kevin Hart is a comedic genius.
@xcal187 3 anos atrás
😂😂Molly's laughs in response to him roasting S.A be o.d. they legit come from the heart...
@mgedeonj3 2 anos atrás
"I achieve greatness", then fist bumped Shaq and Kenny. When it comes to Charles Barkley, " I would stop it right there". That was cold.
@hamzterix 2 anos atrás
Kevin should stick with roasting people. He's got a gift.
@bishop5400 Anos atrás
I don't always like Kevin Hart's humor, however I will give him this. The dude is really insightful, he picks up on a lot.
@jadenwaters3873 4 anos atrás
“If Kenny smiles one more time, his lips will bleed” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@davethefish7653 3 anos atrás
Max actually had the most brutal line in the entire video when Kevin talks about wanting respect and to be treated like a man: "Is that why you wore a onesie to the set today?"
@billygraham2132 2 anos atrás
@briandawsonii4451 2 anos atrás
He told Max, “Hey I'm Max and I know words!” lol 😆 I'm dead 💀
@smoke1215 3 anos atrás
"Tryin to show abs and it pushed another piece of fat out" I'm dead.😂🤣 I'm dead.
@davidolatunji5110 2 anos atrás
7:45 Kevin: “I’ve never seen a man than can be wrong so many times and keep a straight face” This must have been before the 2016 election
@shareebrown727 2 anos atrás
LOVE the way he handled Steven A. Smith!!
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