Kevin Hart’s Funniest Roast Comebacks 🔥

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17 Jan 2022



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SwaggxR ¿
“African American rich” “Justin you know the word” she killed me with that punchline.
switchback27 Anos atrás
Chappelle actually being in the crowd made Bieber's line so much funnier lol
Javier Rojas
Javier Rojas Anos atrás
They way Kevin takes over the stage and immediately connects with the whole audience is just amazing. I've been a fan of him for years!
Agelessjustice Anos atrás
Kevin laughs at all of their jokes
Side Squad
Side Squad Anos atrás
I like Kevin's laugh and how he takes the jokes🤣😂
maria johanna
You know Justin is a Canadian when he said "sorry" right after roasting Kevin. I'm pretty sure it wasn't scripted😂
DeAnna Iler
DeAnna Iler Anos atrás
He made Justin so uncomfortable lol 😆 😂 🤣
dj hawkins
dj hawkins Anos atrás
Martha Stewarts joke about the watch was amazing😂😂😂😂
tony zooks
tony zooks Anos atrás
Kevin has a specific laugh when he's talking about Shaq - already laughing so hard he can hardly get the joke out.
Actually enjoyed others jokes more than his comeback
Charlie 2.0
Charlie 2.0 Anos atrás
"He goes up on his wife" is GOLDEN. XD
HeY Table
HeY Table Anos atrás
“And just like bill Cosby women can’t tell Kevin’s inside of them” SNOOP KILLED HIM WITH THAT 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
JP Anos atrás
Peter Dinklages shadow was a killer 🤣
Michael Ayala
All roasts against Kevin were height jokes. Kevin was really rippin tf outta ALL of their flaws🤣👏👏
Michael Anos atrás
Kevin stole the show and killed it. He's top notch.
Weijing Wang
Weijing Wang Anos atrás
It's weird that these are called "Comebacks" cause as the roastmaster Kevin actually went first
Raymond Lisle
Raymond Lisle Anos atrás
“He goes up on his wife.”
Kevin laughing at Shaqs face always sends me 😂😂
The difference between Kevin Hart's roasts and everyone else.. it really does show you there are levels to it! His roasts read like a true piece from a stand-up comedy special 😂
Sapphiire TV
Sapphiire TV Anos atrás
😂😂😂😂 He told Martha Stewart to put her ankle bracelet on vibrate😂😂😂😂😂
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