Kevin Durant requests trade from Nets, has Suns and Heat on wish list | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Shams Charania reported that Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. General Manager Sean Marks is working with KD and his business manager on a trade. The veteran forward reportedly has the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat on his wish list. Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho share their reactions, including what this means for KD's future and the Nets' next steps.

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Kevin Durant requests trade from Nets, has Suns and Heat on wish list | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself

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29 Jun 2022



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Speak For Yourself
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Jason Konadu
Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors to prove he could lead his own team and then requesting a trade the same year Golden State wins again is… wild.
The divorce metaphor had me dying laughing
James Rippy
Kyrie has now destroyed the chemistry & title contention of the Cavaliers, Celtics & Nets.
david hutson
KD isnt a leader.. hes a follower with a leadership game.. simple as that
Not gonna lie, that divorce example by Acho is PERFECT. 3 times KD went out on the team and couldn't make it work
00 11
KD had already gold, he chose bronze. He left GS for Nets. He wants what? Chips??? well, he left chips in GS.
Glenn Ross
These two gentlemen, are speaking the gospel! I loved this entire discussion!
Reggie "PP" Lee
This is one of the best Takes I've ever heard. Filled with logic and comedy it was enjoyable.
Emmanuel Acho wins again 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Darius Majors
This has got to be the biggest trade request possible at This level and point in a superstars career
Aaron Graham
Kyrie has played multiple years with KD and Lebron but has ONE ring….think about that…
KD left GS to prove he can win with his own team. Ask for trades to the top two 1 seeds.
Streets Disciple
Classic show today, these brothas have groan on me.! They know they're sports and how they break things down is entertaining.!! Keep it up fellas 💪🏼
An all-time great take from Acho 😂😂😂
Normally I am with the players and their choices. But this is getting crazy how these players are jeodizing these organizations and the teams they sign a contract with. The next collective bargain agreement will come up with a solution for this foolishness.
dennis scott
Acho nailed it, I'm mad at KD for picking Kyrie Irving after watching the trainwreck relationships with Lebron James and the Boston Celtics.
KD is the 🐐 when it comes to RUNNING AWAY from problems...
Acho nailed it with the metaphors tonight 10/10
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