Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer

Kerbal Space Program
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Kerbal Space Program 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed space flight simulation game Kerbal Space Program from Star Theory and Private Division.
With the original Kerbal Space Program having become one of the most beloved games of all time and now bigger than ever, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been fully redesigned from the ground up to meet the demands of modern and next-generation space exploration, all while maintaining the monumental foundations of the first game. Build a space program, construct powerful spacecraft, design resource-gathering colonies, and much more to uncover the secrets of the galaxy. A plethora of exciting new features will captivate veteran and returning players, as well as usher in a whole new wave of Kerbonauts to the ingenious and comedic world that has entertained millions of players.
Song: Outro by M83
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19 Ago 2019



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Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program 2 meses atrás
We are thrilled to see the positive response from our community! We know you’ve got questions and we’re happy to share more info! Check out our Kerbal Space Program 2 Master Post live on our forum
Daimian 11X
Daimian 11X Mês atrás
This is the last comment (sub to pewdiepie and Daimian11X )😎
Jeremiah Sam
Jeremiah Sam 2 meses atrás
if anything, you chose the right music to go along with the trailer.
Rick Harper
Rick Harper 2 meses atrás
Nick Nathanson yeah , they should add RSS/RO as an option when you start a new game, but if not, the modding community will probably move to ksp 2 anyway
Miguel Morales
Miguel Morales 2 meses atrás
Jake Watson
Jake Watson 2 meses atrás
What would the system requirements be?
_Sorata 13 horas atrás
Jordan Fields
Jordan Fields 18 horas atrás
🖐HELLO MY FELLOW KERBANAUGHTS, I am trying to fund my future KSP 2 space program🚀. I NEED YOU to go to the Etsy link below and checkout the AMAZING 3D PRINTED Pentapus Glasses stand. Its a cool desktop accessory, that helps you keep track of your glasses, so that when it comes time for Jeb to test out your HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL ROCKET DESIGNS 💥,you'll be able to witness the EXPLOSIONS. Always be Kerbal ready with the Pentapus Glasses stand. FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW 👇TO GET 15% YOUR PURCHASE AND FREE SHIPPING.
ппп ррр
ппп ррр Dia atrás
Так хочется уже поиграть
Tonygamer776 Dia atrás
I'm happy you delayed the game for the sake of quality
Clement Chevrier
Clement Chevrier Dia atrás
Et dire qu’on aura pas la droit au merveilleux gameplay de Fanta dessus
Shane Stoops
Shane Stoops Dia atrás
Accidents happen!
1xXBxdnz 2 dias atrás
When’s it realised
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers Dia atrás
Summer next year, if it doesn’t get delayed
Daniel Chvojan
Daniel Chvojan 2 dias atrás
Please, no matter what you do - no microtransactions, lootboxes, excessive DLC or exclusive pre-order parts. Keep the game pure, as the original was.I'm so exciting about this!And I love the first one
Özgür Akademi
Özgür Akademi 2 dias atrás
vay amk adamlar yapmış
Commander Blackburn
Commander Blackburn 2 dias atrás
if this game has same effects and animations (graphics) like in this video then I will buy this game, but if this is cheating with us fans of ksp then I will delete from my wish list on steam
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers Dia atrás
It said “not actual gameplay” early on, but the ingame footage we DO have is already looking better than the original
Bryced 2 dias atrás
"Lithobracking near you in 2020" me: ight ima head out
Abang Arif Amirul
Abang Arif Amirul 3 dias atrás
Imagine this playing in the control room of the Apollo missions
schexO2 3 dias atrás
your moon approach sequence looks better than the fake nasa one
Definitely not a communist.
@schexO2 Oh. I must be blind then. Pretend that never happened.
schexO2 2 dias atrás
​@Definitely not a communist. bruh, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. what were you trying to do?
schexO2 2 dias atrás
@Definitely not a communist. your unwavering faith in the biggest most obvious con ever perpetrated on the human race is the only joke here. What I told you is the truth, you're not going anywhere, never, never, ever...
Definitely not a communist.
@schexO2 You didn't get the joke and people like you have pepega brains.
schexO2 3 dias atrás
@Definitely not a communist. as opposed to multi-culturalism, yes indeed. Here's one to consider. Neither you, nor your children, nor grandchildren will ever set foot on any place other the surface of this world. Chew on that the rest of your life, young communist.
Jacob Aintcool
Jacob Aintcool 3 dias atrás
Beautiful homage to the fly build dream home fan trailer.
spicy space
spicy space 3 dias atrás
Now this is how you make a goddamn trailer
Rigzon 3 dias atrás
I can't wait to buy this!
FLEXXX GOD 3 dias atrás
Ждём всем районом..
Animarthur !
Animarthur ! 4 dias atrás
Hope they don't change the name from "KSP 2" to "KSP 76"...
Definitely not a communist.
Well i heard they delayed it untill 2021. Probably to perfect the game before launch.
MrNobody The Second
MrNobody The Second 4 dias atrás
Shut Up And Take My Money
정콕tv 4 dias atrás
I'm having fun playing this game. But I feel a little uncomfortable because this game don't have Korean Because I am Korean. Can you make Korean?
Денис Губатенко
I love KSP :) and i will buy KSP 2
SCP 079
SCP 079 4 dias atrás
Ah shit, here we go again... I love KSP :3
Will King
Will King 4 dias atrás
This is where even the most legendary of men shed a tear. I WILL BUY HOWEVER A POWERFUL GRAPHICS CARD IF THIS GAME LOOKS EVEN REMOTELY LIKE THIS Also make sure to create larger nuclear engines in this game please.
Will King
Will King 4 dias atrás
Going on 5 viewings. Still makes me cry
Ephraim ptgt
Ephraim ptgt 4 dias atrás
I have just herd about the the delay of KSP 2 and I respect that. You don't need to rush. You can take as long as you want to expand the game but all of that time matters in the end when the games done and everyone goes crazy about it (: go team KSP 2!
Snipo X Killo
Snipo X Killo 5 dias atrás
Guys! Those futuristic engines, The Orion drive and The Daedalus, I just came across those while watching the original Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Ep. 8 where he talks about space and time travel! So cool to at least try out such interesting technology in a computer simulation! (Orion would've been a possibility by now only if there wasn't this nuclear explosions treaty)
los pepes
los pepes 5 dias atrás
PS 4?
DNT_Alert 5 dias atrás
I bought ksp a few months ago 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jake Friedrich
Jake Friedrich 5 dias atrás
Song reminds me of stranger things. Very pleasing to the ear. Also excited for the game!
Triple 8 Gaming
Triple 8 Gaming 5 dias atrás
F for the kerbals a 1:52
Emilius73 5 dias atrás
We need Elon to play this
guillermo cook
guillermo cook 5 dias atrás
Andrii Tychenok
Andrii Tychenok 5 dias atrás
Pretty damn inspiring.
Lizard_king_5 6 dias atrás
_ur a winner kiddo, don't you ever forget_
Castor Musculoso
Castor Musculoso 6 dias atrás
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire 7 dias atrás
Nexter's Lab fanz. I know you all there. Lets just leave our signs for a launch/glitch and bugs here so Nexter can procress our things for science. Nexter! I hope you're still alive. Some of ppl saying you're died becouse of Boeing crash. I hope you're still there man. We been missed ya. o7
Rexplay 7 dias atrás
Lucky89999 7 dias atrás
Hope this game includes interstellar travel between two planetary systems (^_^)
Me 7 dias atrás
YES YES YES realism! but make the kerbils a little more realistic(but still goofy too) :)
Andrew Raddatz
Andrew Raddatz 7 dias atrás
That music tho👌👌👌
Gachaboy 96
Gachaboy 96 7 dias atrás
Do people with ksp have to pay for ksp 2 or is it an update to the original ksp
Gachaboy 96
Gachaboy 96 12 horas atrás
Alex Siemers well my ksp on my computer is shity
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers Dia atrás
Gachaboy 96 if you’ve played enough hours that KSP2 is necessary for more original content, I’d say it’s a fair price.
Gachaboy 96
Gachaboy 96 5 dias atrás
No it can’t be that much
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers 5 dias atrás
Gachaboy 96
Gachaboy 96 5 dias atrás
Aww man how much will it be?
Bruh Veldan
Bruh Veldan 7 dias atrás
We will be able to create our own Observation
Kirill Rodionov
Kirill Rodionov 8 dias atrás
WILLS 8 dias atrás
Best game trailer i've seen hands down
Rebecca Armstrong
Rebecca Armstrong 8 dias atrás
Shut up and take my money !!
R E L L A X UwU 8 dias atrás
Daddy DrunkJunk
Daddy DrunkJunk 8 dias atrás
Oh boi, here we go again !
Lumps 9 dias atrás
Multiplayer option? Amazing, I can finally fly in formation
Dave Hendricks
Dave Hendricks 9 dias atrás
Just an idea but perhaps a Kerbal space city builder like take on Mars !
Diamond T
Diamond T 9 dias atrás
Well, time to get a good computer and some other bits.
Justin Sedgwick
Justin Sedgwick 9 dias atrás
For a game as silly and chaotic as KSP, this trailer hit me hard. It was beautiful.
Ed 9 dias atrás
I love the music so much!!!
lookatthecook 9 dias atrás
Frozenball 9 dias atrás
Trailer: Exists Survivng Mars: Am i a joke to you?
Venski Family
Venski Family 9 dias atrás
Ksp makes ksp 2 fortnite hold my beer
vladja 10 dias atrás
we've woken the Hive
BP MonLine
BP MonLine 10 dias atrás
I hope this will be a multiplayer game. Sometimes so alone in space :)
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers 8 dias atrás
Already confirmed
Mad Dog
Mad Dog 10 dias atrás
Огурцы 2
Jebediah Kerman
Jebediah Kerman 10 dias atrás
I am ready for new game
Stoby Stub
Stoby Stub 10 dias atrás
Beginning: Badass The Rest: Me spamming random things on a rocket and hoping it will work.
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