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Kerbal Space Program
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Kerbal Space Program 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed space flight simulation game Kerbal Space Program from Star Theory and Private Division.
With the original Kerbal Space Program having become one of the most beloved games of all time and now bigger than ever, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been fully redesigned from the ground up to meet the demands of modern and next-generation space exploration, all while maintaining the monumental foundations of the first game. Build a space program, construct powerful spacecraft, design resource-gathering colonies, and much more to uncover the secrets of the galaxy. A plethora of exciting new features will captivate veteran and returning players, as well as usher in a whole new wave of Kerbonauts to the ingenious and comedic world that has entertained millions of players.
Song: Outro by M83
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19 Ago 2019



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Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program 11 meses atrás
We are thrilled to see the positive response from our community! We know you’ve got questions and we’re happy to share more info! Check out our Kerbal Space Program 2 Master Post live on our forum
BlizzardHero 2 meses atrás
Carl Siemens
Carl Siemens 2 meses atrás
I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Star Theory, 2008-2020. KSP 2 is done.
Maz1 4 meses atrás
will the game be server based or can i play it without wifi
RealRunningDog _
RealRunningDog _ 5 meses atrás
baltha haris that is the charm of ksp, it’s not made to be hyper realistic except for their physics which is nessacary and you are intended to enjoy things such as how your ships look and the people are supposed to not be a center point of the game.
Gabriel 42 minutos atrás
That game is a dream. Literally everything I want real life to become lol
kajetus 06
kajetus 06 2 horas atrás
ksp 2: is realesed danny2462: im gonna make base so big that it will cause kraken and kerbin tsunami with sun falling on jool
Ali107 16 horas atrás
That was 11 months ago!?
IngenerDNR 19 horas atrás
KSP ❤️
KITTY _GAMER 21 hora atrás
SpaceX's worst enemy.
Abraham García
Abraham García Dia atrás
What is a name of song?
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Dia atrás
I had the highest hopes *had*
Carl Hostner
Carl Hostner Dia atrás
Hmmm.... in this trailer you see Saturn, but in the show and tell the planet with rings in ksp is a rocky planet. Hmmm....
Pete GamerTV
Pete GamerTV Dia atrás
This is just ksp with all Graphic MOD installed
Pete GamerTV
Pete GamerTV Dia atrás
So what is this song
Emanuel David Mora Mejia
M83 - Outro
GLaDOS [ ]
GLaDOS [ ] Dia atrás
I get chills watching this
Fers Gemas_YT
Fers Gemas_YT 2 dias atrás
OMG, i dont know they are working in the 2 part of the game.
Pix 2 dias atrás
To hell with Take Two Interactive!
Mason Herrley
Mason Herrley 2 dias atrás
It’s 2020 and I ain’t got nothin
판사님 저는오늘만 삽니다
we know corona virus slow you down so pls do not hurry. we can wait!
Michaks91 3 dias atrás
It's still KERBAL Space Program xD That's awesome
Lukas 13cz
Lukas 13cz 3 dias atrás
Rip star theory, now that take owns it I have feeling they will destroy this beautiful game.
Delay 2 dias atrás
KSP 2 was always owned by TakeTwo. Heck, KSP 1 is T2 property, so I don't know what your point is.
The Party
The Party 3 dias atrás
Was looking forward to this game more than any other. After hearing about T2's shady business practise, I will be boycotting this game and the publisher. Star Theory deserve the credit and reward for making this game, and that's been stolen from them by a greedy, good for nothing publisher.
Addust Channel
Addust Channel 3 dias atrás
Let me sum up with memes from America instead of Britain. Star Theory: haha good game go brr Take-Two: I must sacrifice you to my ambitions. Intercept Games. basically star theory 2: FRIDAY GO BRR
Gamer YT
Gamer YT 4 dias atrás
*JackSepticEye has joined the chat*
julius varian
julius varian 4 dias atrás
How much it Will cost in release date?
Hitekkaifighter1 4 dias atrás
KSP2: Releases The PC's of 6.45+ million people:
Sandro Aamodt Pedersen
Its the motivational lizard song
Knedlik MCPE
Knedlik MCPE 5 dias atrás
A year later and still so inspirational. R.I.P. Star theory tho.
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen 5 dias atrás
not the game, but this video insprire me
Ivan Gabriel Arias
Ivan Gabriel Arias 5 dias atrás
What's the song?? Please
UniversalShot20 5 dias atrás
@Ivan Gabriel Arias np
Ivan Gabriel Arias
Ivan Gabriel Arias 5 dias atrás
@UniversalShot20 thanks
UniversalShot20 5 dias atrás
M83 - Outro
Drakkith 5 dias atrás
I tear up every time I watch this trailer. So good.
Piotr D.
Piotr D. 4 dias atrás
Mr. Incognito
Mr. Incognito 5 dias atrás
Dislikes: *why aer you geh?*
이단심문회 5 dias atrás
those white stuffs... they are actually made of steel! not plastic.
fukk12 5 dias atrás
Masterracer03 Gaming
Masterracer03 Gaming 6 dias atrás
I have watched this for over 20 times now. My love for the first game is so great that I actually got a bit emotional. This is for sure my most hyped game EVER! So take all the time you need.
Generic Console Player
Holy shit what a trailer you fuckin nailed this devs
Kermit the frog My name is Kermit
The only reason I like this is because: t h e m u s i c
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 6 dias atrás
My computer cries every time I watch this, it anticipates a lot of agony
Bence Rubányi
Bence Rubányi 6 dias atrás
Kori Sterling
Kori Sterling 6 dias atrás
Und das ist nur durch uns möglich geworden also holt euch das GAME! :D auf zum MÜN!
ELECTRO HALO8 6 dias atrás
If take 2 reads this, you lost a few thousand customers by doing that stunt with star theory, I’ll be staying with KSP 1 and mods since I’m not fuelling your greed and scummy moves
Delay 2 dias atrás
KSP 1 is also owned by T2, you know that, right?
ryan bambi
ryan bambi 6 dias atrás
Why is this so tear jerking? It’s literally just rockets flying but I still feel so moved from it. Been playing since 2013 and will be playing till the game doesn’t work on modern computers anymore
Va Ze
Va Ze 6 dias atrás
Aizure Welkin
Aizure Welkin 6 dias atrás
I'm just having a nostalgia trip with these classic BRvidrs in the comments
Fallout legacy 67
Fallout legacy 67 7 dias atrás
wonder what kind of hardware would be needed for this to be actual gameplay.
Al T
Al T 7 dias atrás
Everybody needs to CALM THE FUCK DOWN about TakeTwo. The devs have promised *there will be NO MICROTRANSACTIONS.* All of the developers are now working at Intercept. TakeTwo owned the publishing license from the start, so if they were going to make it into a shitfest where you have to buy "Jeb's Favorite Wrench" for $0.99 and "Valentina's Space Helmet" for $1.95 if you wanted to do anything, they could have done it with Star Theory from the start. And even without the poaching of the devs, Star Theory was trying to sell themselves to TakeTwo. Then they stalled on development because they didn't like the terms, and that's how this whole nonsense happened. So again, *calm the fuck down.*
Matthew Chivers
Matthew Chivers 7 dias atrás
AGENT 47 7 dias atrás
Main component of ksp EXPLOSIONS
Eric Bowling
Eric Bowling 8 dias atrás
This game is gonna suck ass.... damn, fuck you, take two
Delay 2 dias atrás
@Eric Bowling They always had the rights to the game. Star theory only developed it, and now the same people are working at Intercept to continue the development of the same game. In fact, Nate confirmed that the game was unaffected by the takeover.
Eric Bowling
Eric Bowling 2 dias atrás
@Delay they weren't the producer.
Delay 2 dias atrás
@Eric Bowling They always were!
Eric Bowling
Eric Bowling 5 dias atrás
@Pan Cytryna yeah I'm sure. Take two is now the publisher and producer and they suck
Pan Cytryna
Pan Cytryna 5 dias atrás
Are you sure about that?
Ty Pryor
Ty Pryor 8 dias atrás
Thank god for save files!
Denis ABYZS 8 dias atrás
The details oof its nice
OtoeTiger88 8 dias atrás
Y'all so damn dramatic about the takeover
SlAyMeeR YT 8 dias atrás
GLaDOS [ ]
GLaDOS [ ] 8 dias atrás
This is flipping beautiful
Shivam Thakur
Shivam Thakur 9 dias atrás
Take two hired a massive amount of Star Theory developers, I dont know why people dont mention this point.
Lachyness gaming
Lachyness gaming 9 dias atrás
damn think I am gonna cry
ME262MKI 9 dias atrás
So this is how it ends?, a Trailer and few months later the shutdown of one of the developers team?, RIP KSP2
stuperman 8 dias atrás
Well not really, they're still working on it and it will still release as usual.
BravoAlpha101st 9 dias atrás
whats the music
British Phaze shift pilot
BravoAlpha101st m83- outro
Flare The Protogen
Flare The Protogen 9 dias atrás
This video shows how perfect quality will be and how Kerbals are dumb
AEOS 9 dias atrás
just take my money and give it to me
AEOS 9 dias atrás
WOW! man, it looks like a movie. awesome, hopefully you also release this for PS5 as well
Kyle Cortes
Kyle Cortes 9 dias atrás
We better be getting moar boosters, that’s all I’m saying.
Leland Austin
Leland Austin 9 dias atrás
How know hope it comes out 2021
Minotaur 52364
Minotaur 52364 9 dias atrás
Hope I can build my Space shuttle in this game from the original game.
LowJack187 9 dias atrás
If there aren't Minions someone is getting fired! Also: Your actual physics may vary between now and launch!
Dias Akshaiyk
Dias Akshaiyk 10 dias atrás
Oh shoot, 11 months...
Enzo Luiz
Enzo Luiz 10 dias atrás
as soon as he slipped off the stairs, i knew what it was
pepe 102
pepe 102 10 dias atrás
rip my pc
GlacialBeet 10 dias atrás
BRvid is recommending me this after an year...
SpaceDave1337 10 dias atrás
It's been one year, see you guys in 2 years when ksp2 gets released
noc que poner ._.
noc que poner ._. 10 dias atrás
I love te song and the animation xd
x0g 10 dias atrás
please release mman these graphics
elemental gamer
elemental gamer 10 dias atrás
elemental gamer
elemental gamer 10 dias atrás
sorry looks like a got the wrong trailer, this looks like it's for a *fricking movie*
elemental gamer
elemental gamer 5 dias atrás
Luke Belanger
Luke Belanger 5 dias atrás
My dad literally said "Well if we can get tickets to see it" because he actually thought it was a movie that was gonna be sold out.
BONGO CAT 11 dias atrás
Oh thank you not reamstred :)
galang bumi
galang bumi 11 dias atrás
Adriano Barletta
Adriano Barletta 11 dias atrás
Oh boi this is gonna be fun
Space Wyvern
Space Wyvern 11 dias atrás
wait it's all Made On Kerbin By Kerbals?
Space Wyvern
Space Wyvern 9 dias atrás
@charkie 23 who are you?
charkie 23
charkie 23 10 dias atrás
Space Wyvern always has been
Abhishek Aggarwal
Abhishek Aggarwal 11 dias atrás
dammm amazing can't wait to play this game keep it up man @kerbalspaceprogram
Orcaben1 11 dias atrás
I just keep rewatching it, sooo amazing! Absolutely cannot wait for the second part too my favourite game!
Mariana Moroz
Mariana Moroz 11 dias atrás
надеюсь игра выйдет в этом году
Karrar Al-Iraqi
Karrar Al-Iraqi 12 dias atrás
1.6k dislike from flat people 😅
Katie Zombiezahn
Katie Zombiezahn 12 dias atrás
its time!
Branch Buehler
Branch Buehler 12 dias atrás
My pc: *sweating intensely*
Dash 12 dias atrás
Can we stop with the take two stuff? The team is still the same. I’m sure this will still be an amazing game
Dash 10 dias atrás
exactly. everybody is acting like the game is now suddenly doomed to fail while it has been said multiple times that the game wont have any microtransactions or other EA bullshit in it
charkie 23
charkie 23 10 dias atrás
Dash finally someone who recognizes that even tho it is sad that take two did this to star theory it is still the same devs and fans of the game that are developing it I don't think they will screw it up.
mark law
mark law 12 dias atrás
Hey i like your game ksp1 but i dont have a computer😓😭
Lego Alex Studios
Lego Alex Studios 12 dias atrás
Holy butts!
adrianelo 8
adrianelo 8 12 dias atrás
I think they could make a film too
L Newby
L Newby 12 dias atrás
listen to Elton John-Rocket Man over this trailer. trust me.
celest OG
celest OG 12 dias atrás
AM Brasiliam it's best game for me
Baron6k 12 dias atrás
Ah, f*ck.
thurqs 13 dias atrás
absolutly stunning!
Rodrigo Araujo
Rodrigo Araujo 13 dias atrás
Earth mars moon Jupiter mercury sun and contact?
TheToxicBush 13 dias atrás
This is the best video on youtube
XxInfinityxX 13 dias atrás
Can’t wait I signed up for this
Dark 074
Dark 074 13 dias atrás
Let's just hope it stays pure. We only can hope
leon fierce
leon fierce 13 dias atrás
I want 3 thing's, one is a weapon's mod to attack and destroy aliens or astroid's, another is artificial gravity either in ring's or a divide in research, another is a coop system where you can fly and move with other players, or fight them, all I am asking for
desmonetização 14 dias atrás
Comic W.D Gaster
Comic W.D Gaster 14 dias atrás
Man.. i really love space..
Nathanishungry 14 dias atrás
What will happen to the OG KSP?
Quack Tickle
Quack Tickle 14 dias atrás
Makes me want to eat my pc
Pedro Henrique Menegolli Tamaso
cant wait take all my money
Orangepeel 15 dias atrás
I imagine we'll still have all the same planets and moons and everything from the first game, perhaps even more? Interstellar travel would be interesting, but I dunno.
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