Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

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Find out the winner of the 145th Kentucky Derby after a historic controversial finish! #NBCSports #KentuckyDerby #KentuckyDerby2019
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Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in controversial finish | NBC Sports


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5 Mai 2019



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Comentários 5 678
Hamster Lover
Hamster Lover 5 horas atrás
Rams-saints no flag controversy 10 Kentucky derby 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Gate Watchers
Gate Watchers 19 horas atrás
Its was an unfair ruling. We racegoers also shown no interest in the decision made ...Maximum Security won .
Gowtham T
Gowtham T 3 dias atrás
When i se horse race its feels like its alienating game in earth. Lile a sci fi film placed on another planet
mehmet ozerkan
mehmet ozerkan 4 dias atrás
Flavian pret: I didn’t do anything but ok I ll take it, yesssss!!
mitchell hobbs
mitchell hobbs 4 dias atrás
Ma. Theresa   Cruz
Ma. Theresa Cruz 9 dias atrás
Congrats maximum security You're my bet and you made it! Yahoo!!!
jersey arc
jersey arc 10 dias atrás
Maximum security still more in his pocket.. Even they run again they will never beat MAXIMUM SECURITY
Start 2 finish
Start 2 finish 11 dias atrás
For me Maximum Security is the best horse in 2019 even he dont run in freakness n belmont
Bucket- DEAD
Bucket- DEAD 12 dias atrás
Fact: horses use drugs before racing
Avinash Shah
Avinash Shah 12 dias atrás
Maximum security won the Kentucky derby. Stupid stewardship.
Delta Rigor
Delta Rigor 12 dias atrás
Its a bad track and the horse is strong to run so why max. Security didnt win!
Namrata Chang
Namrata Chang 14 dias atrás
There definitely was no valid reason to disqualify 'Maximum S..... ' should have just given him a Warning, it was slushing wet going and not much damage was done by Maximum. Bad decision by the Stewards.
Orella Minx
Orella Minx 16 dias atrás
If you can't maneuver to block other racers, what is the fucking point of having a jockey? What a joke, just let the horses run if that is the case. Five bucks says people making the DQ call stood to make a lot of money on that long shot.
PASCAL 8881 18 dias atrás
سباق الخيل الفرنسي نتيجة لأكثر من شهر ورباعية على سلسلة الفصح 8881 sibaq alkhayl alfaransii natijat li'akthar min shahr waribaeiat ealaa silsilat alfish 8881
Wayne Harrison
Wayne Harrison 22 dias atrás
Derbyologist good channel for breeders cup info & usa horse racing
Angela Boyette
Angela Boyette 24 dias atrás
Great maximum security
Angela Boyette
Angela Boyette 24 dias atrás
Jakey G
Jakey G 25 dias atrás
Hi Tyler gathlione
Jakey G
Jakey G 25 dias atrás
Listen ear of will why did you not win
raghavendra shet
raghavendra shet 25 dias atrás
Unfair verdict
Yousuf Gee
Yousuf Gee 28 dias atrás
Şahin Sargın
Şahin Sargın Mês atrás
This is NOT fear
Mike  Rietow
Mike Rietow Mês atrás
Hot dogging not the wisest thing for Maximum Security, letting the other horse's get even. Someone could've got more than just their feelings hurt.
sri kanth
sri kanth Mês atrás
Waste + warrest candidate s in race sarrounding s
jockey lost the race.....not the horse. horse did exactly what jockey asked to do.
Lawrence Camins
Lawrence Camins Mês atrás
It becomes evident now WOW hit MS behind even in this video that made MS change course.
Renee Snow
Renee Snow Mês atrás
Maximum security should have won, what do you expect horses to do on a sloppy track, run with no small slips?
Sunny Sharma
Sunny Sharma Mês atrás
Fett Survived
Fett Survived Mês atrás
This race needs a handicapped and a Italian man along with a British raptor
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Mês atrás
The Kentucky Derby they want you to forget.
Rachel Zhang
Rachel Zhang Mês atrás
They used the crop so aggressively 😳
Damien Jô
Damien Jô Mês atrás
three months later, still BS
American Memer
American Memer Mês atrás
My horse was maximum security ☠
joe chrow
joe chrow 2 meses atrás
Most Fans of This Sport will not even Care about the Disqualification when Judging this Horse...Most Know he was Absolutely MUCH MUCH the Best in the Derby regardless of the Bumping and DQ...This was a Horrible decision to DQ
Amy and Sonic
Amy and Sonic 2 meses atrás
I wanna Gypsy
대견 2 meses atrás
처음 순위가 거의 끝까지 가는구나 후진경마 한국은 바닥추입 댕받고 걍 뒤지고 난리 부르스인데 ㅋ
林幸雄 2 meses atrás
林幸雄 2 meses atrás
Tommaso Votino
Tommaso Votino 2 meses atrás
The biggest BS ever only America.
Lisa Ambrose
Lisa Ambrose 2 meses atrás
I was cheering for pony Express
Belu Pilem
Belu Pilem 2 meses atrás
i dont care about playing fair or dirty, the horse that crosses the finishing line first is the winner !
aguspen kudanesia
aguspen kudanesia 2 meses atrás
Indonesian traditional horse race
Bob Marten
Bob Marten 2 meses atrás
That whole race was messy. Muddy conditions with way to many horses on the track. Maximum Security is definitely the better horse, but I agree with the ruling. However, they need to start bringing down the amount of the horses down unless they want this happening again.... especially in these conditions. This would never have happened over at the Del Mar Turf
C L 2 meses atrás
0:25 lol bodexpress
raymond gilbert
raymond gilbert 2 meses atrás
A bit unlucky to lose that
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez 2 meses atrás
Prat is a trash rider
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez 2 meses atrás
Max did not even do nothing to Prat horse
Who the Fuck Am I?
Who the Fuck Am I? 2 meses atrás
December 25th,1890... the trans-north American race, the Steel Ball Run...! Has finally begun!
깡튜브 2 meses atrás
horse racing real-betting
Rylie Steele
Rylie Steele 2 meses atrás
I want war of will to win😞😞😞😞
Musicrecords10 3 meses atrás
It's nice to see a sport where short people actually have a chance..
Marachenka 3 meses atrás
Rules are rules. Rules are sometimes stupid.
Emma 3 meses atrás
tbh this is sad. seeing all these riders whip there horses for no reason.
o k
o k 3 meses atrás
I’m not a derby fan so I’m probably wrong but it looks like Maximum Security should’ve won. One horse had to adjust on a slippery track? :/ Welp
raquel barrales camara
raquel barrales camara 3 meses atrás
@o k have a good day too👍🏻
o k
o k 3 meses atrás
raquel barrales camara thanks! Have a good day :)
raquel barrales camara
raquel barrales camara 3 meses atrás
I've been a racing fan for years and I can say that you are right so dont worry
james yap
james yap 3 meses atrás
I dont see any problem for the jockey.. and it was clear maximum win this race.. you see truck is slappy the horse will unpososition.. wen the curve comes.. and i know it is a bad decision for the history of kentucky derby race..
Mucio Molina
Mucio Molina 3 meses atrás
Ellos saven cuando y como un coredo y saver des pegar el caballo
Taylor 3 meses atrás
Horse racing is so abusive! Why do people do this??!
C L 3 meses atrás
My DEAREST QUEEN ELIZABETH:. if you pick-it, I'll make sure she's a winner (no he's); I'll cook the books--you will always win -- let my LOVE Lura or me, GABRIEL, THE ANGEL OF GOD'S MOON, k now.... We love ya🇬🇧😉
Colin Boyle
Colin Boyle 3 meses atrás
*harness racing: picks up last infinity stone*
Latoya Grant
Latoya Grant 3 meses atrás
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