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Kendrick Lamar
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Kendrick Lamar “N95"
Directed by Dave Free & Kendrick Lamar

Production Company: pgLang/project3 & Freenjoy
pgLang Executive Producers: Kendrick Lamar, Dave Free
Freenjoy Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Producers: Nathan Scherrer, Jamie Rabineau
Freenjoy Head of Production: Ben Piety
Los Angeles Unit
Cinematographer: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Designer: Freyja Bardell
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Stunt Coordinator: Sean “Speedy” Christopher
Additional Skate Photography: Mikey Alfred
Skater: Tyshawn Jones
Fort Worth Unit
Production Company: Red Productions
Producer: Red Sanders
Cinematographer: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Designer: Freyja Bardell
1st AD: Jamar Hawkins
SPFX Coordinator: Brandon Noack
Stunt Coordinator: Russell Towery
Directors Assistant: Drew Scott
KL Stylist: Dianne Garcia
BK Stylist: Taylor McNeill
Editor: Neal Farmer
Additional Edits: Jack Begert
VFX: Ethos
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
Sound Design: Brandon Loulias

Thank you to our team at pgLang

Kendrick Lamar “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” is available now:

Music video by Kendrick Lamar performing N95. © 2022 Aftermath/Interscope Records


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13 Mai 2022



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Comentários 53 423
Deburke321 3 meses atrás
The most consistent artist of all time, it's a privilege to get to listen to every album
Arafet Abrouk
Arafet Abrouk 10 dias atrás
I agree
Roxiesthebae 10 dias atrás
Playa 1
Playa 1 13 dias atrás
@AJE23 Eminem is a gimmick stop and there is no substance in his music
Frasik Mês atrás
BD Studios
BD Studios 8 dias atrás
I saw Kendrick on the Big Steppers tour and was completely blown away. Everything from the set design to the choreography was stunning. His energy was out of this world. At least a dozen songs back to back without a break. Mic on the entire time, stable and powerful rap and vocals. Incredible performer with artful sensitivity. Without a doubt the best concert I've ever witnessed, it was like experiencing a cinematic masterpiece in 4D
bob abs
bob abs 7 horas atrás
Omar Talbi
Omar Talbi Dia atrás
I really love this album
Alyssa Hale
Alyssa Hale Dia atrás
I absolutely agree! I saw him in Boston last week Wednesday the performance was Phenomenal
Mike Leonardi
Mike Leonardi Dia atrás
Yessss we went at Barclays in nyc and shit was unreal he DIDNT STOP song after song bar for bar his voice and energy are u real the entire show was flawless imo
David Ortega
David Ortega 2 dias atrás
@Eli @Revy I was there too it was epic. I’ve seen Ye, Nas, Hov and was mesmerized by this show…
Nina J
Nina J 22 dias atrás
People who would normally never listen to hip hop need to listen to music like this. This is the poetry and storytelling that is the true essence of the style.
Mr. Montreaux
Mr. Montreaux 4 dias atrás
I usually listen to classical music but opend up my barriers because of Kendrick and Songs like this one and the Heart Part 5
elzo31 17 dias atrás
if you want to hear what i listen to, go check out Jackpot juicer its an album top 4 on apple music rn came out today
dreamcaster1211 Mês atrás
Kendrick is an outstanding example of how poetic artistry and critical social reflection can lead into masterpieces of Music and Film. It is amazing how detailed and well composed his music and the videos are,. This is truely one of the few early 21st Century artists, reflecting on major issues our society system is challenging now, that will be spoken about in decades. Extraordinary Talent!
Asif ali
Asif ali 3 dias atrás
Shahbaz Bao
Shahbaz Bao 7 dias atrás
Karim Matoussi
Karim Matoussi 8 dias atrás
Vijiviji Vijiviji
Vijiviji Vijiviji 9 dias atrás
the best rapper
Wasulu98 Mês atrás
Kendrick is a genius. I love the visual he did for this music video. The lyrics are very soul touching. After listening to The Heart part 5 back in May, it's like shit just got real really quick. I have to play his songs on repeat.
CheckEmOut Mês atrás
Frfr 4nm
Tren Genius
Tren Genius 3 meses atrás
Kendrick is in a league of his own.
A-Jazzy-Fox 17 dias atrás
that league is called .. paralympics
Diana Alharthiy
Diana Alharthiy Mês atrás
Abdul Rahman Butt
Abdul Rahman Butt Mês atrás
King of rap 🖤
Sohel Mohammad
Sohel Mohammad Mês atrás
Politikz 9 dias atrás
I would put Kendrick in the category of Andy Warhol, Iggy Pop, Basquiat, etc. applied to the current generation. I believe he will be remembered as an artist who truly pushed the boundaries of art and challenged the norm. I look up to him greatly.
Anton Qvarfordt
Anton Qvarfordt Dia atrás
I don't feel like Warhol or Basquiat were maybe as smart as Kendrick... They did what they did because they just were that thing, and I feel like they didn't necessarily consider past present or future, really. Kendrick to me more clearly sees what is there, and mean to take it further, or do something that hadn't been done out of seeing that and wanting something more... If that makes any goddam sense.
TheNerdy Lad
TheNerdy Lad 2 dias atrás
Greetings! I've been doing art for a minute now and I think I'm making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks ! 🙏
Caught Me Slippin'
Caught Me Slippin' 10 dias atrás
I''ve been here since the 80's with this music, all through the early 90's Golden Era and now to this , Hip Hop has been experimenting and pushing musical boundaries since its inception. Feel blessed
Adrian 4 dias atrás
This man is fucking poet. He's representing his culture but please believe even more are listening. I knew the wait was worth it.
This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I'm never bored
Your Average Doomer "Amir Ahmedovic"
@Julián Castro Yeah for real its barely been out
Amari 23 dias atrás
@Julián Castro It’s a bot writing the comment
dab or die trying
dab or die trying 25 dias atrás
@Julián Castro can listen more to a song thats been out for a month than a song that's been out for 10 years... yall weird
Haoh Mês atrás
lol u dunno what gets old means
HoodzoneProductions 3 meses atrás
Because of this man, a lot of people are now ready to deal with their childhood past and the pain they've been trying to run away from. God bless you Kendrick🙏🏾
Thet Py
Thet Py Mês atrás
This shit hard...
Joe Drought
Joe Drought Mês atrás
Its now or nevee
LJSG-Self Improvement
Damn, Thankyou for this comment , I’m going to heal people through my music lyrically also
Nick Crim
Nick Crim Mês atrás
​@Revillot Eoj The more you go on in here, the more you just prove points against you 😂😂😂 You're takin personal perspectives of other people way too personal which as weird. Nobody is callin Kendrick a savior nor has anybody said he's the sole reason why they get the outlook they need on life. Calm tf down lmfao
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super 13 dias atrás
Song is 3+ minutes long but I think spent around 50 minutes every day listening to it because I keep replaying a different part of the song. Too addictive. One of those songs you can put on shuffle in the gym for the entire work-out.
turbomunch 10 dias atrás
Just vibing through life
This is perfect, amazing lyrics, amazing beat, and that intro is so good
THABO MCHUNU 21 dia atrás
The lyricism in this track is amazing. This track has all of Kendrick's flow's in one song ❤👑
Man most these dudes bitches
I agree. I've never heard music this good in my life
emanzdaone 25 dias atrás
When he says, "This Shit Hard", I am sure he is talking about life.
Edwin Herrera
Edwin Herrera 4 dias atrás
After eating too many cheese
Chronic MX 412 Oficial
Chronic MX 412 Oficial 13 dias atrás
At 2:39 you can see there's a "shit" missing in the middle, but he's there to replace it, idk if he meant it that way or not though
Galaxy 14 dias atrás
@Sarion Burks lmaoooo it could also mean the song is hard 😭 which i’m sure is a double entrende
Sweeneytv Mês atrás
he's really trying to help change the world and for that we must respect him.
sean poore
sean poore 3 horas atrás
@Sweeneytv Kendrick made you think about it, but he is not your savior. Cole made you feel empowered, but he is not your savior, future said “get a money counter,” but he is not your savior….
Sathya Arun
Sathya Arun 15 horas atrás
Yes.. changing the love to learn the words.. like b h
irfan mazuki
irfan mazuki 6 dias atrás
@Krishna R tf u said. Hatin so much . I agree on him and still not click his yt chanel
Arafet Abrouk
Arafet Abrouk 10 dias atrás
Deadpaul 12 dias atrás
Exactly how is he changing the world
Joel 13 dias atrás
This man changed the game forever. Facts.
Alex Trifu
Alex Trifu 10 dias atrás
The whole album is just art in the purest form
n0nSk1LlSk4t3R Dia atrás
@TheNerdy Lad ű
n0nSk1LlSk4t3R Dia atrás
TheNerdy Lad
TheNerdy Lad 2 dias atrás
​@DILANA KOCAK Greetings! I've been doing art for a minute now and I think I'm making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks ! 🙏
DILANA KOCAK 9 dias atrás
no cap. i saw him perform in brooklyn 2 days ago and he went off when singing this
Drea 4 dias atrás
When he preformed this at rolling loud, I was completely speechless and mesmerized. All senses buzzing I heard every lyric, I loved Kendrick before, but after seeing him preform I’m ready to become a real life supporter and fan. LOVE Kendrick 🤍
Ray Mjanja
Ray Mjanja Dia atrás
He is goated doubt
TheNerdy Lad
TheNerdy Lad 2 dias atrás
Greetings! I've been doing art for a minute now and I think I'm making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks ! 🙏
Izabel Lira
Izabel Lira 6 dias atrás
Ouço diariamente ❤️
The CNSR 3 meses atrás
This one slaps 😤🔥🔥 honourable shoutouts to the producer on the buttons.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar Mês atrás
I love this one
dhanraj dhanraj
dhanraj dhanraj Mês atrás
Tinner asulim
Tinner asulim Mês atrás is done here
TJ West
TJ West 13 dias atrás
0:28 That camera angle and the flinch before the mirror breaks just sells it.
Raja Vishwanath
Raja Vishwanath 8 dias atrás
Kendrick is Different🖤 Never Disappoints🔥🔥💥
De Carmo
De Carmo 25 dias atrás
Kendrick sempre está à fazer arte.
Billy W
Billy W 27 dias atrás
Kendrick is a pure genius. Top 5 is not a point of discussion
Jeremiah Lit
Jeremiah Lit 7 dias atrás
Top 1
About That Tho
About That Tho 3 meses atrás
This is pure art 🔥🔥
jin B
jin B Mês atrás
​@playboi carti Do that means he pushed his album back because of covid. Waited so he could go on tour👀
Tinner asulim
Tinner asulim Mês atrás is done here
Theron Gibson
Theron Gibson Mês atrás
Kendrick Lamar has always been recognized for his creativity this album is a masterpiece fuck all the haters who called this album trash🔥🔥🐐
Bruh J
Bruh J Mês atrás
@Ben NP who’s thier 💀
Ben NP
Ben NP Mês atrás
they're just angry cause he directly calls out their masters for being liars and hypocrites. he's not afraid of "cancel culture"
2:24 always gets me 😂😂😂
FreshDemiGod 18 dias atrás
@onize onwukeme I think I just keep being a troll relax
onize onwukeme
onize onwukeme 25 dias atrás
I didn't understand it at first...thought it had to do with rappers' aversion to male intimacy. Then, I looked at it in the context of the lyrics... *Would you sell your bro for leverage?* , and realised this is similar to when Judas kissed Jesus in the Garden of Gethsamene; selling him for 30 pieces of silver.
Sunboy 26 dias atrás
Nature Knosis 555
Nature Knosis 555 3 dias atrás
"Oh your worried bout a critic that ain't protocol" tht last line spoke to my soul ✨💜✨
TheNerdy Lad
TheNerdy Lad 2 dias atrás
Greetings! I've been doing art for a minute now and I think I'm making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks ! 🙏
TheNerdy Lad
TheNerdy Lad 2 dias atrás
Greetings! I've been doing art for a minute now and I think I'm making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks ! 🙏
X X Mês atrás
2:24 mans got kissed he stopped and looked back like "bitch you got 5 seconds" fucking dead. Great song and great message tho. GOAT
rajkoona 6 dias atrás
That's baby keem Right
catlyst 19 dias atrás
It's a metaphor for when Jesus was betrayed, (would you sell your bro for leverage) Judus told the guards that the man that he kissed on the cheek is the person to arrest hence the kiss making kendrick stare at him like that
Elimauri 28 dias atrás
Yo gang I be making music and got music videos to them I’m kinda inspired by Kendrick but have my own style can you let me know if the songs are good if not come back and let me know
Kedo 3 meses atrás
So happy he represents our generation 🔥🐐
C4Gamor 2 meses atrás
@Shurkimpa no it's just not his best work. I think the view that good kid is his best work you will find is widespread. But since you want to be condescending bro, how about you enlighten me on what you think the lyrics are about. BTW, the lyrics don't make it good music.
Shurkimpa 2 meses atrás
@C4Gamor man just said this album is the worst work by Kendrick. Bro just admit you have no idea what the lyrics mean
HeadCanon Mês atrás
I remember way back when we didn't know anything about this album, seeing pictures of Kendrick by the phone booth and floating over the water, supposedly shooting a music video. Finally we have the video he was shooting, and I just have one thing to say: This shit hard
Aiden Moore
Aiden Moore Mês atrás
Can’t believe he’s been sitting on this for 2 years though
Righteous Peace
Righteous Peace 3 dias atrás
Dave! Thank you for responding to my worries ☺️ I've been waisting data and having sleepless nights. You're truly a blessing in disguise. I mean... You unravelled my past experiences without being negative about it. I'm happy to find out that I've been accusing the wrong people. ___ Found myself crying the other day... Yes, I miss your presence. In fact, I didn't know it was possible to meet someone and cry because of their absence. I learned that friendships are real. It's not something that should be taken lightly. I also learned to forgive myself and prioritize my family. It's not easy but ... It's my duty to respond to anything concerning those around me. ___ Before I get ahead of myself, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME ADJUST TO CHANGE. It takes strength to help those around you... And courage to do it continuously. Words can not express my gratitude 🙏 ___ I owe you a lot! How can I return the favour friend? ☺️🤔
Jess Rose
Jess Rose 4 dias atrás
2:04 TO 2:32 ❤‍🔥 this rap is hard to do but this is masterpiece!!!
Nyaata Allan
Nyaata Allan Mês atrás
Probably the most creative artist of our generation💯💯
Kedo 3 meses atrás
Kendrick makes some of the best visuals ever 🔥🔥
J P Mês atrás
@mckenley mason I guess you make a point, but it saying he CO-directs a video still doesn't say how much he had to do with it.
mckenley mason
mckenley mason Mês atrás
@J P because he co-directed the video. It says so right at the end of the video. Plus.... He has some of the most creative albums, so why wouldn't that creativity carry over to visuals?
J P Mês atrás
@mckenley mason why is that so hard to believe? Did he really have to get into great detail about it all? Or do you think his team are on the same page as him and not only that, but know him so well?
mckenley mason
mckenley mason Mês atrás
​@J P so just randomly he and his team just so happens to have the best visuals in hip hop? Really?
Trent Sybouts
Trent Sybouts Mês atrás
1:09 - Easily one of my favorite verses of all-time. The urgency and the amount of truth that he is spitting is... well... THIS SHT HARD.
Devin Creighton
Devin Creighton Mês atrás
Keanan Gous
Keanan Gous 28 dias atrás
Aravind S N
Aravind S N 26 dias atrás
He is not your savior!!
MDBucksauce 24 dias atrás
a master at work - a lot of thought went into this and it shows. Those flow switches and RELEVANT hard hitting lyrics are nuts - and props to that absolutely ridiculous BEAT (when it first hits...) - masterpiece - bravo!
Alper AĞCA
Alper AĞCA 5 dias atrás
2:25 - 2:31 AMAZING FLOW 🔥
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way 3 meses atrás
He’s a true artist and this is artistic brilliance. He’s doing what nobody else is doing these days, not following the stereotypes. More power to him
Shahbaz Bao
Shahbaz Bao 7 dias atrás
Vijiviji Vijiviji
Vijiviji Vijiviji 9 dias atrás
Md Kamail
Md Kamail 21 dia atrás
yess he the best really
LuhvPink 24 dias atrás
He’s the best around
King Kench
King Kench 4 dias atrás
Just seen him in Philly. Amazing performance
STV’s Multiple Passports
This shit hard! This man helped a lot of people navigate some demons w this album
Karim Matoussi
Karim Matoussi 8 dias atrás
A legendary track ❤
Neminem 27 dias atrás
1:22 I really liked this flow switch. so smooth👌🏻
CCQCD 26 dias atrás
Huh, fax
Jo-Nuh! 3 meses atrás
Can we just take a minute to appreciate Kendrick and the time and effort he puts into his art. This video is incredible and I think alot of rappers in the game right now need take some notes from K-Dot.
Asif ali
Asif ali 3 dias atrás
A masterpiece
Dirty Joe
Dirty Joe 15 dias atrás
I agree. I have songs that sound like Kendricks but are unreleased but i have a song thats like old school eminem called Blackout Reproduced but Welcome To The Party has more bars
Louie23k Mês atrás
Young rapper 16 check me out💯💚✅✅….
Louie23k Mês atrás
Young rapper 16 check me out💯💚✅
Roy Slapped
Roy Slapped 4 dias atrás
Kendrick is no doubt the most enlightened rapper alive right now. He has found the answer to entering heaven, he should begin applying them, only someone with a spiritual awakening can sing songs like "N95" and "count me out". We just see the world different.
Oklama never disappoints, dope visuals
Damn keep coming back for my fix. So inspirational brother.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾☮️🙏🏾🙏🏾☮️🙏🏾🙏🏾☮️☮️☮️☮️🙏🏾☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🙏🏾💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😇
Kane Knight
Kane Knight Mês atrás
I still cant belive how he wrote all this lyrics by himself!
The Black Kid
The Black Kid 3 meses atrás
🎵You outta pocket🎵 just hit different The King is back👑
jibz mak
jibz mak 3 meses atrás
The king neva f*kn left bro!!
Zoe Smith
Zoe Smith 3 meses atrás
The Black Kid Yep BlkWnm are definitely out of pocket
CHECK OUT MY SONG 3 meses atrás
💯 Aye bro listen im just tryna make a way out of the HOOD like my biggest inspiration KENDRICK if y'all got a minute to check out my music i would really appreciate it I think I really got the talent to make it i swear you wont be disappointed IM NEXT UP🙏🏽💯..
XXXTentaclez 3 meses atrás
Okay Vool
PlayerX 3 dias atrás
My new favorite song. Kendrick kills it yet again
Jsmooth TooReal
Jsmooth TooReal Mês atrás
Kendrick if you seeing this i Salute You Firing off Respect and Homage To What You Speak On. God Bless You!
karamatik 12 dias atrás
one of the best music videos of all time.
daryan jordan
daryan jordan 11 dias atrás
The fact that he sat here and perform this at a Louis Vuitton show he's a goat
Bobby Misner
Bobby Misner 3 meses atrás
This shit IS hard indeed
Whatever 2 meses atrás
@Oswald Bates III Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *'Enexello'* . He's really good! I'm sure you'll like some of his work. Thanks a bunch.
Beyza Şimşek
Beyza Şimşek 2 meses atrás Finally it's here.
Oswald Bates III
Oswald Bates III 3 meses atrás
I see what you did there.
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks Mês atrás
Kendrick Lamar go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies and oppas who just be usin that *AUT* *HENT* *ICVI* *EWS* dawwwt cawwwm jawwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can glow up these days..
Kyle Arends
Kyle Arends 29 dias atrás
Can't help but rock to this! 🔥🤟
TrueGamerVed 18 dias atrás
This guy is genius. I am white as a snow and from europe, don’t listen to this kind of music but I listen him! Only him. There’s heavy dark poetry in his lyrics, deep and smart yet very beautiful
TrueGamerVed 14 dias atrás
@CL2022 tank you! For the moment I was thinking you recommended Lil Nas X this disgusting guy. Can’t stand this kind of “diversity”… thanks again
CL2022 16 dias atrás
I'm gonna make a recommendation and point you to Nas, specifically his 1994 album Illmatic, he discusses similar things in his songs with penmanship that's on par with this, if not better. He has a bunch of bad albums but his first two and the ones he's made recently are worth checking out
Gibby Clitso
Gibby Clitso 5 dias atrás
I went to the Black Hippy tour back in 2013 and it was fucking amazing.. GKMC 4 Life 🔥
Prod_GhostTones 3 meses atrás
Whoever is doing Kendrick's visuals needs a raise, damn the videos are crazy dope!
Tag Yourit
Tag Yourit 2 meses atrás
@Simone dances to Simone’s name than
AnumAhmed Khan
AnumAhmed Khan 3 meses atrás
David Flores
David Flores 3 meses atrás
@Val They know.... They just don't care...
Val 3 meses atrás
@David Flores They are so lost and blind. Just pray for them
JOAO PEDRO BRAZ 20 dias atrás
The music is awsome, but can I praise the cinematophaphy? It is sooooo damm perfect!!
DaLilHomie 7 horas atrás
This goes hard🔥🔥🔥🔥For real For real💯💯💯🔥
Riyajudheen Shah
Riyajudheen Shah Mês atrás
One of the greatest tracks on this year
KENDRICK • 16 Years ago
1:10 always gets me 😂😂
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 2 meses atrás
Very few artist can say, “This shit hard”, to their own music. He is definitely one of them.
Dirty Joe
Dirty Joe 14 dias atrás
Yeah I dont find myself liking a lot of my music and i have so many styles. You should check out Welcome to the party or Blackout Reproduced which has less bars and is similar to old school eminem on my yt page
hobbesfif 19 dias atrás
blends "bullshit" into it so well. Kendrick knows how to flex and insult himself simultaneously better than most
Ballin' on a Budget
Ballin' on a Budget 19 dias atrás
The best part is what he actually meant by it
sara mohmmed
sara mohmmed 20 dias atrás
yes he is the best of the best
Heliopus 20 dias atrás
I feel like he says that because it's hard to stay irrelevant in the industry tbh
Lebogang Kgarebe
Lebogang Kgarebe Mês atrás
The visuals in this music video are straight-up fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eryk Sowa
Eryk Sowa 6 dias atrás
He’s simply one of a kind
Zeohs Nnawal
Zeohs Nnawal 24 dias atrás
Just seen bro live in OKC and the shit was EPIC!!!!him and baby keem left it all on that stage!!!my daughters first concert and she turned into another person getting so hyped she's a kendrick fan..Bro is definitely in the zone much luv kendrick your Godly ✊🏿💯🩸🌍
milala6891 19 horas atrás
Thanks for staying real, Kendrick.
Brandon Duran
Brandon Duran 3 meses atrás
Kendrick is in his own lane. At this point he can’t even be compared. He has I left his own blueprint in this. His own philosophy. His visuals and art form aren’t replicated at all. He’s a true leader.
Brandon Duran
Brandon Duran 29 dias atrás
@FreeMind it takes a true leader to let you know he’s not a leader and your savior. Many will lie and hold power that isn’t even theirs. Kendrick let’s you know the truth.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Mês atrás
@JMP2k bro Drake should never be mentioned as a hip hop artist. He’s pop. But to the extent that people wanna have these conversations, he’s nowhere NEAR K.Dot. He should listen to this album for his own healing from little man complex, daddy issues, and not black enough issues, tho. Maybe then he’ll become a man someday.
Fatma Djobi
Fatma Djobi Mês atrás
Stef van de Ven
Stef van de Ven Mês atrás
This gonna be another timeless one… ❤️
Howy 15 dias atrás
Listened to this on the radio all the time at work, it’s the first time I’ve come and fully listened to the lyrics and a song has never made me think as hard as this song has
Asif ali
Asif ali 3 dias atrás
One of the best albums on this year
Sheila Muir
Sheila Muir 25 dias atrás
Undeniable talent. Take Care Kendrik.
Claud 3 meses atrás
This is FIRE... This album ain't just about beats and rhymes... It's actually an emotional perspective that reflects about people's lives and the traumas they went through... That's why some people find it boring,, because they can't find a connection to this album.. TOP TIER for real... Extremely unique 👑
Na. 2 meses atrás
@Ryze fs I’ll be honest, I’m a big Kendrick fan but his new album is subpar, arguably worse than all his other albums.
Henny Me Noie
Henny Me Noie 24 dias atrás
Kendrick Lamar Is So Talented Never Out Of Pocket🙏🔥
Zay Mês atrás
Just incredible!
Kai Cobra
Kai Cobra 23 dias atrás
Man hits hard everytime
StrictlyForDaCulture 23 dias atrás
Shawn Farrington
Shawn Farrington 4 dias atrás
Seeing him in KC on the 21st. Can’t wait man, kendrick is the goat
brunolee 3 meses atrás
Can't imagine how nostalgic this song will be 10 years from now. In fact, the whole album is for the decade. 🐐🐐
Mathew Rj nzy
Mathew Rj nzy Mês atrás
Hi future me hope I you are doing to come back here. gotta do it
Md K
Md K 3 meses atrás
ニン知っている 3 meses atrás
That outfit drives me nuts on you and you have that curvy body, you did a good job modelingi it too. Also like the last outfit Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and shear top💓💘💝
brunolee 3 meses atrás
@cantrell lee probably yes cause he goes silent for a while then comes back with another banger 😤🤟🔥
cantrell lee
cantrell lee 3 meses atrás
He ain’t going to come out with an album until ten years from now
Samsound 5 dias atrás
Afc Saham
Afc Saham 22 dias atrás
Lamar's tracks always awesome
Michael 19 dias atrás
5 years was worth the wait
Shakil Hassan
Shakil Hassan 29 dias atrás
This track ❤️❤️❤️ A MASTERPIECE
Jon Sudano
Jon Sudano 3 meses atrás
I'm really glad Kendrick is rocking the classic Richard D. James cut
Shahbaz Bao
Shahbaz Bao 7 dias atrás
Same here
Hammed Hammed
Hammed Hammed 10 dias atrás
yes he isss
Srinivas Srinivas
Srinivas Srinivas Mês atrás
i loove him so much
Questcam Productions
Questcam Productions 26 dias atrás
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you ❤️
freddy greg
freddy greg Mês atrás
Kendrick never lets us down 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
kieranmage 3 dias atrás
this video is still one of my favourites of the year!
Chrissy Thomatos
Chrissy Thomatos 7 dias atrás
Kendrick you’re a genius Thank you for allowing God to speak through you An extension of Nipsey’s spirit I feel blessed to have your artistry in my life To more awakening brother ❤️
Bille 3 meses atrás
Kendrick doesn’t force anything. He takes the backseat until he’s welcomed back to the front. Pure confidence.
Hasim made me a track star.🏃
@Shysmy If this is fast and random to you, you're really slow.😂
Yayatrinity 2 meses atrás
He doesn't need to be welcomed. he has a VIP pass always.. 💯💥
Frodo Lives
Frodo Lives 2 meses atrás
@Shysmy who feels it knows it brother.
Benni Benassi
Benni Benassi 2 meses atrás
GG 🔥
saint 6bb
saint 6bb Mês atrás
Lo escuche de nuevo y es una pasada bro que temaaaa
YouTube Futebol Clube
YouTube Futebol Clube 18 dias atrás
Explodiu a estratosfera !!! 🤘😎🦎
Joshua Pohja
Joshua Pohja 2 dias atrás
Fuckinnnnn brilliant. I just can’t with all this. Unbelievable.
BulletsPenetrate Mês atrás
When he start hitting that “you outta pocket” I get lit asf 😂
Mitchell Andrisevic
Mitchell Andrisevic 3 meses atrás
Shits dope AF. An artist like this comes around once in a generation. A virtuoso.
DarkHaven 2 meses atrás
@Caught Me Slippin' asap is trash don’t compare him to them tf
Fabi Ano
Fabi Ano 3 meses atrás
He's changing the world. He's the chosen one. He's not our Savior but truly a guide.
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz 25 dias atrás
Been on repeat for 3 hours already lol
Palevo Beatz
Palevo Beatz 13 dias atrás
Big work, big love, big Lamar!
Patrik Mês atrás
This shit gonna be nostalgic as hell in 10 years.
tirth thakar
tirth thakar Mês atrás
One of the most based songs I've ever heard. Every word is just fact.
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