Kelly Rowland - Flowers (Official Video)

Kelly Rowland
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Director - Lloyd Pursall
Producer - Bailey McWhorter
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Production Manager - Colleen Sullivan
Management - Roc Nation
Management - Simonne Solitro
Management - Sasha Vassell
Director of Photography - Carlos Veron
1st AC - Cary Gallagher
2nd AC - Garrett Hanson
Steadicam - Brian Sergott
BTS - Asher Gardener
BTS - Carlos Baez
BTS - Jackie Kulla
1st AD - Amanjah Anthony
Gaffer - Adam Flores
BBE - Richie Arana
Electric - Frank Piñon
Key Grip - David Castro
BBG - Aaron Pong
Grip - Erick Vizcaino
Production Designer - Cody Fuscina
Art Director - Rashi Jain
Set Dresser - Andrew Caso
Stylist - Jordan Boothe
Stylist Assistant - Keely Metlen
HMU - Rasheeda Ameera
HMU Assistant - Stacy Gonzalez
Artist Stylist - Kollin
Artist Stylist Assistant - Jennifer
Artist Tailor - Baba
Artist Makeup - Wendi M
Artist Hair - Kahh Spence
Medic/COVID Compliance Officer - Kalin Tomlinson
Dance Choreographer - Luam Keflezgy
Associate Choreographer - Kiira Harper
Director’s Assistant - Mariah Dyson
Production Assistant - Teck
Production Assistant - Marc Payne
Production Assistant - Elle Keseley
Production Assistant - Ben Soffer
Production Assistant - Brayan Santos
Dancer - Jalen Preston
Dancer - Kebab Glanville
Dancer - Keenan Washington
Dancer - Kerrice Brooks
Dancer - Lisa Sainvil
Dancer - Valentine Norton
Dancer - Aahkilah Cornelius
Edit - Cut + Run
Editor - Aika Miyake
Assistant Editor - Moss Eletreby
Managing Director - Michelle Eskin
Executive Producer - Amburr Farls
Senior Producer - Brady Fiero
VFX - Ryan Zum Mallen
Sound Design - Christian Stropko

Director // @lloydpursall

Producer // @bailsofheyo
Executive Producer // @ryanhuffmann
Production Company // @huffmancreative
Head of Production // @lukearreguin
Production Manager // @bettercollsull
Management // @rocnation @simonnegabrielle @lalalalalabumbaaaaa
Director of Photography // @carlos_veron_cinematographer
Steadicam // @steadiserg
BTS // @asherkaiii @bawwse @h8summer
Gaffer // @tmhwk_af
Key Grip // @davidcastro668
Production Designer // @fusinadesigns
Art Director // @rashi_designs
Stylist // @jordanboothestudio
HMU // @rasheedaameera
Artist Stylist // @kollincarter
Artist Makeup // @miyakemakeup
Artist Hair // @kahhspence
Medic/COVID Compliance Officer // @kaytomlinson5
Dance Choreographer // @luamky
Associate Choreographer // @kiiraharper
Editor // @aikaooo @cutandrunedit
Cut + Run Senior Producer // @bradyfiero
VFX // @rynozoom95
Sound Design // @cstropko


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19 Fev 2021



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Deon Richards
Deon Richards Dia atrás
Red for danger ⛔️ Heartache 💔 and tears 😭 Red Cup Approval Tune 🥤Six Colour Nation 🇿🇦
dr bunny world
dr bunny world Dia atrás
Sorry but this song is not for my type, blessings for her future !
Wesley Luiz
Wesley Luiz 2 dias atrás
Rogo Santos
Rogo Santos 2 dias atrás
To be honest, I found the song a little boring. But the video and the visuals look spectacular, she is really talented!
Johnny Guolker
Johnny Guolker 2 dias atrás
Iluminati detected
Grätl Blokland
Grätl Blokland 2 dias atrás
the song and video are just a whole work of art!!
Elliot Reed
Elliot Reed 2 dias atrás
I DON'T care for youirh komment N im not A T€€N mom... Go to prison behind thoes statementz
Khorydan Renee
Khorydan Renee 3 dias atrás
SANG KELLY...SANG!!! She's about have me sitting up on a Zoom call at work with those accessories and make up! Everything about this video is breathtaking!
Elliot Reed
Elliot Reed 3 dias atrás
You did this to myslf with youirh implictive thingz n tingz... You'd never be this and i aint a clone and tht aint a exact of this... I stand phonic as this and is Myslf id
A 5 dias atrás
Zena Mendler
Zena Mendler 5 dias atrás
Satanic as fuk
Jonathan J. Wimbush
Jonathan J. Wimbush 5 dias atrás
I need a Kelly Rowland + Dawn Richard collab IMMEDIATELY
Matta 5 dias atrás
I had to watch this a couple of times to let it all sink in...One word : mesmerising!!!!!!!!!!
Diana Desta
Diana Desta 5 dias atrás
Amelia White
Amelia White 5 dias atrás
Ms Kelly dress looks like it came from Mahogany!!!!
keriduuh 6 dias atrás
Jacqueline Robinson
Jacqueline Robinson 6 dias atrás
Prayers for you lots of love
Fbr Otga
Fbr Otga 7 dias atrás
Kelly merece mas reconocimiento, apoyemosla!
Jacksyn Barnes
Jacksyn Barnes 7 dias atrás
May this queen get ALL her flowers!💜👏🏾
Paloma Romero
Paloma Romero 9 dias atrás
Kisses from Mexico 🇲🇽, love you Kelly.
Chrris10_ Productions
Chrris10_ Productions 9 dias atrás
Wait Kelly and coffee isn’t on the ep ?
Kioumusic 10 dias atrás
The people dislikes this video don't even love their selves so I'll keep it slide for this time
Best Queen
Best Queen 10 dias atrás
IAmJust Amanda
IAmJust Amanda 10 dias atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm from Jamaica🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 LOVE YOU FOREVERRRRRRRRRR #KELLY ❤️🖤
Sheila Hendrix
Sheila Hendrix 10 dias atrás
May ❤God💚 Be 💛With 💙You Always💛 Much 💙Love 💜Blessings ❤Always ❤ 🙏 ✨ 💯💯✌🌐🌈🎇💛💚💜💜💜💜💙💙💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💙💛💛💚💚💛
Sheila Hendrix
Sheila Hendrix 10 dias atrás
Peace 💙and❤ Blessings💚 Too My Sister 💛May ❤God 💚Bless 💜You Always 💙May❤ God 💚Bless💚 You💛 Richly❤ with ❤Everything You💙 need💛 Always ❤Much💚 Love💜 Blessings ❤Always ❤ 🙏 ✨ 🌈🎇💯✌🌐💚❤💛💙💙💙💙💚❤💛💛💙💙💙💙💚❤💛💙💙💙❤❤💛💛💛💛💛❤❤❤❤❤
Dee lee
Dee lee 10 dias atrás
I listen to this song so many times to the point youtube just plays it automatically 🤎🤎😍
Courtnae Smith
Courtnae Smith 10 dias atrás
❤❤❤❤❤❤ This is just beautiful 😍
Flavio Barroso
Flavio Barroso 10 dias atrás
♥️v go kelly Go!!!♥️
Latarsha Morgan
Latarsha Morgan 10 dias atrás
Beautiful ❤ 🌹🌻🌷
RobTV 11 dias atrás
RobTV 11 dias atrás
Stephanie Stephenson
Stephanie Stephenson 11 dias atrás
And the meaning of this song is....I will wait...?
Ann tri
Ann tri 11 dias atrás
Have you ever heard the saying to give someone their flowers while they can still smell them? Well this song is in dedication to her mother Doris Rowland who died from cardiac arrest. It's about appreciating people while you still can! She also spoke a little about even her husband appreciating her more but people tended to miss that part when she speaks on keeping the wedding ring on her finger.
Shaun Tuazon
Shaun Tuazon 11 dias atrás
Damn .That's gorgeous from start to finish.
Zani Flowers
Zani Flowers 11 dias atrás
A song with my last name
Di'amani Jones
Di'amani Jones 11 dias atrás
Flawless Beauty Indeed. This Is a Amazing Video. Hands Down
Trust the Process Tarot LLC
I love this!
Anteo Warren
Anteo Warren 12 dias atrás
Katana Lashawn
Katana Lashawn 12 dias atrás
C UglyBoy
C UglyBoy 13 dias atrás
Amazing I love this song! :-) playlist abc buying it! Once again underrated!
Barns Nobles
Barns Nobles 13 dias atrás
awww, is she next to be sacrificed? awww, i liked her.
Christelle Akobo
Christelle Akobo 13 dias atrás
Here her voice is really powerful. She almost sounds like Beyonce on certains notes. She is still breathtaking beautiful
Roşna Sidar
Roşna Sidar 13 dias atrás
Ariela Roz
Ariela Roz 15 dias atrás
why she doesnt put lyrics, i dont understand everything shes saying..sorry
Shelby Strotter
Shelby Strotter 15 dias atrás
Kelly look soooo BEAUTIFUL that glow is Everything love the video
sharon norman
sharon norman 16 dias atrás
This song is absolutely beautiful just beautiful her vocals so clear they touch you, I listen to this song every day it's humbling.
bebe Rost
bebe Rost 17 dias atrás
She looks like she just stepped out of My Fair Lady movie set 😍 Gorgeous and classic ❤💕
JonJon 18 dias atrás
Rose Mary Kelly's baby ... antichrist born?
Virgo Clay
Virgo Clay 18 dias atrás
Let me Bow my head!
Josephine Black
Josephine Black 18 dias atrás
Wow Kelly! Really strong! Powerful!! Crazy is a jam too!!
Busy Bee
Busy Bee 18 dias atrás
Kelly!, no fucking way
BlushBoy 18 dias atrás
I didn't see one flower in this video and it was weird but imma hold my tounge
Ann tri
Ann tri 18 dias atrás
😄..It's about appreciating the people in your life while you still have the opportunity, it's not literal, just a figure of speech
Shane Terry
Shane Terry 19 dias atrás
This was so moving 🥺💓
devans00 19 dias atrás
Absolutely love everything about this video. A lot of collaboration with creative people. My favorite Destiny Child never disappoints.
Picoto Knowles
Picoto Knowles 20 dias atrás
This is ART❤😍
Parys Williams
Parys Williams 20 dias atrás
Lawdddd Kelly !!!!!
Lady Tee
Lady Tee 20 dias atrás
Hmmmm, not sure I understood that... i better watch it again. ..
Marsha Neal-Williams
Marsha Neal-Williams 20 dias atrás
Kelli is a vision and glowing! That voice🙏🏾😊
only1leanda 20 dias atrás
Beautiful video
Akbar - Bar Racing
Akbar - Bar Racing 20 dias atrás
Kelly... I 💗 u #indonesia
Monica Chairez
Monica Chairez 21 dia atrás
I was waiting for the beat to drop!!!😂..the song is phenomenal!!!!!!! Go Kelly girl. 💪
Mapalo Lwando
Mapalo Lwando 21 dia atrás
I get why she did this one maybe cuz of Valentine’s Day
Cazz Cazz
Cazz Cazz 21 dia atrás
I really enjoyed the song w the video. Very passionate
Mitch Alexander
Mitch Alexander 21 dia atrás
The dancers... kind of ruin this video 😬 Everything else is perfect 🤯
Plus_Size Beauty Jones
I am here for ALLL OF THIS MS. ROWLAND!!! 💜💜💜
Vaeh❤ 22 dias atrás
Beautiful 💛💛💛
Ullan Gordon
Ullan Gordon 22 dias atrás
I love this so much
Lati Hearts
Lati Hearts 22 dias atrás
Blac Pop
Blac Pop 22 dias atrás
It’s this an Ode to Elegua papa Legba???? Ones who know know.
Kadie Mcgregor
Kadie Mcgregor 22 dias atrás
I don't see a song Kelly sings that I dislike. I can relate to almost all.
Kadie Mcgregor
Kadie Mcgregor 22 dias atrás
She's so remarkable
MintToThrive Jamila
MintToThrive Jamila 22 dias atrás
This was #incredible and I’m so impressed! .... I’m #inspired and I love it! 💐💫
Hannah Paul
Hannah Paul 22 dias atrás
Absolutely beautiful..!!!
Bube Mene
Bube Mene 22 dias atrás
Is that Esu?
Jessica Henry
Jessica Henry 22 dias atrás
the resemblance to see if you are interested in a bit lately and I don't know if you are available for a while but I don't know if you are interested in a few
Andrea Jay
Andrea Jay 22 dias atrás
wrld of Kat
wrld of Kat 23 dias atrás
Beautiful song by a QUEEN 👸🏾 I'm the one to bow my head👑👑😻
neesany 23 dias atrás
Cerrell Brown
Cerrell Brown 23 dias atrás
K has always been boss and trust shes her own woman doing woman things respectfully
K P 23 dias atrás
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bella reid
bella reid 23 dias atrás
This is amazing. Kelly is stunning. Give her her flowers now. She deserves them.
KasMages Pixels
KasMages Pixels 24 dias atrás
OMG this is perfect. She sounded so much like the idol, Brandy. It's a classic song for me wowwww.
SunnyDre 24 dias atrás
This isn’t long enough for me
knuxfan23 24 dias atrás
this is amazing
M3WORLD 24 dias atrás
5:07 pm 3/17/2021
Nicki Ricki
Nicki Ricki 24 dias atrás
I wish you the best beautiful ❤💃🥰
I drips melanin
I drips melanin 24 dias atrás
@Kellyrowland said she ain’t playing.
Daughter Of the King
Daughter Of the King 24 dias atrás
Matthew 4:17 - From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Tomorrow is promised to no one - please let Him into your hear today.
Sympli Lacy
Sympli Lacy 24 dias atrás
Exceptionally awesome. So powerful and amazing!
Lazara Peña
Lazara Peña 25 dias atrás
Facez of 2morrow
Facez of 2morrow 25 dias atrás
Kinda weird
N Slocum
N Slocum 25 dias atrás
I think I watched this video atleast 1.1 million times!!!! STUNNING VIDEO!!!!!! KELLY IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!
Irina Buzduga
Irina Buzduga 26 dias atrás
Beautiful with a lot of talent!
K. R.
K. R. 26 dias atrás
B F 26 dias atrás
I know Kelly wants to go by Kelly and I respect that but this sounds like KELENDRIA (her real name) music.
ARMANDEZ NDZANA 26 dias atrás
I like it 😍
L Williams
L Williams 26 dias atrás
@zacharycampbell how is this not on a bop or flop review?
Romina Gonzalez
Romina Gonzalez 26 dias atrás
🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 otra vendida Que lastima.🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Love Yu2
Love Yu2 26 dias atrás
Gorgeous as ever..I just need someone to give her a hit song..smh
Goodness Brown
Goodness Brown 26 dias atrás
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