Kelly Clarkson | Billboard Music Awards Opening Medley Performance!

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she slayed this too!!

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19 Mai 2018



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Shortbread GirlScout
Shortbread GirlScout 4 anos atrás
Legend has it the bald eagle used to have feathers on its head, before they were snatched by Kelly Clarkson.
Let's be honest...Four minutes of Kelly singing this medley was better than anything you've heard on the radio in the last 5 years.
Dark Blue
There’s something about Kelly belting “be humble” to a room full of artists that just feels. Correct.
SFGal9 2011
Kelly is incomparable. Nobody does it better. Nobody.
Isaac Kenneth
Isaac Kenneth Anos atrás
Why hasn’t this woman performed at the Super Bowl yet??!!!
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander Anos atrás
Aretha’s predictions of Kelly literally came true. Said she would definitely be a very successful pop singer and that she had a very likable personality and she absolutely does. She’s so humble and genuine
Richard Anos atrás
Radiah Wilson
Radiah Wilson Anos atrás
Billboard: Kelly what style of music can you sing?
She’s the most underrated singer ever
There's something about Kelly switching between genres that doesn't seem try-hardish or offensive or like cultural appropriation. She does it so easily while still making it her own, which is crazy.
the proust effect
the proust effect Anos atrás
Kelly can pull off anything effortlessly, while remaining self-aware and not afraid to laugh at herself. She's a diva who doesn't behave like a diva, which makes her the ultimate queen!
The amount of stamina and vocal range to perform this is insane. This was truly amazing.
frankinsane and myrrh
frankinsane and myrrh 4 horas atrás
I am convinced Kelly has a golden voice and any song she touches turns to gold!
Duncan GV Ent
Duncan GV Ent 4 anos atrás
If you make 21 SAVAGE smile you’ve accomplished something in life
yvette s
yvette s 7 horas atrás
Never get tired of watching this ! Still haven’t seen anybody do better .
Amanda L
Amanda L 16 horas atrás
Best audience reactions - Khalid so genuinely smiling and dancing in his seat, and BTS grooving in their chairs and then just automatic standing ovation. So fun to watch. Kelly is a queen
Morgan Barfield
I love Kelly. Not only is she MEGA talented and been in the game and still going strong & straight killin’ it for 20 years, she is hilarious and has the BEST personality. Just the best ❤️‍🔥
Oh My anGe
This right here is what an American Idol is. Kelly Clarkson will forever be an amazing performer
Sam Siman
Sam Siman Anos atrás
Unbelievable vocal range, flexibility, tremendous talent, pro vocalist with a ability for different styles. I loved the way she dose hip hop.
kenthusiastic_ Anos atrás
Khalid and Taylor should teach people how to react to amazing performances like this.
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