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In the season final of #EatTheMenu, our boy ups the cost and raises the stakes by trying every cut of beef at a steakhouse. What would you order?
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Chef Travis Strickland
Hughie Stonefish and his goddaughters Jacqueline, Jada and Jordan
Rob Seidel
Director of Photography - Alonso Homs
Skyler Okey, White Oak Communications

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Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
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Editor - Devlin McCluskey
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25 Mar 2019

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Comentários 12 003
Ryname Otaku Gaming
Ryname Otaku Gaming 15 horas atrás
I felt like I've been hugged, inside of my mouth? I'm dead😂😂😂
dimi terzov
dimi terzov Dia atrás
fucking season 2 now please
John Choi
John Choi Dia atrás
Ink!sans ,
Ink!sans , Dia atrás
Next Keith eats the fucking store Keith: Mm drywall is supriseing wet
Davina Artega
Davina Artega 2 dias atrás
16:22 -16:35 I laughed so hard 😂😂
Ashley Raymer
Ashley Raymer 2 dias atrás
I'm going to go eat a slice of bread and pretend it's meat now.
Lexington Randall
Lexington Randall 2 dias atrás
Give the extra food to the homeless!!!!
EGP 3 dias atrás
He should eat at Pizza Hut next
timidlittlescrewup 3 dias atrás
this dude acting like a straight psycho. i dont think he was always like this. Its a mixture of flamboyant Disney villain + Lele Pons + the Joker . Can we fucking chill for a second!
David 3 dias atrás
What do you mean season final?
MeOw Myth
MeOw Myth 3 dias atrás
me: 1am my mouth watering im biting my arm starving
Evelyn Xie
Evelyn Xie 4 dias atrás
August Wilder
August Wilder 4 dias atrás
I relate strongly to the part when he steals ned's wine... LOL
Brooks2beautyxo XoXo
Brooks2beautyxo XoXo 4 dias atrás
Keith gets drunk off eating too much 😭😂
Destini 4 dias atrás
i appreciate keith eating these steaks “for the ladies” on national woman’s day 🤝🖤 an ally
Charles James
Charles James 4 dias atrás
Why does Keith seem drunk?
Charles James
Charles James 4 dias atrás
I mean... Aaaaaaargh I can’t stop thinking that they r eating with their mouths open
TheLifeofJevins 4 dias atrás
18:29 Ohhhhhh fucccckkk
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 4 dias atrás
Koos Koos??? Its cous cous lmao
jenna sanchez
jenna sanchez 4 dias atrás
Also hi let’s talk about how stunning all of those young women were? Genuinely so stunning I can’t.
jenna sanchez
jenna sanchez 4 dias atrás
Fuck it I’m not a vegetarian anymore.
Yeet with Jeets
Yeet with Jeets 5 dias atrás
Do BWW next on eat the menu
Shannon Nickels
Shannon Nickels 5 dias atrás
OMG!!! Those steaks look soooooo good
King Of The Rascals
King Of The Rascals 5 dias atrás
If you make it right the bone-in ribeye is one of the best cuts ( for me personaly )
ThegamerbrosGames 5 dias atrás
“How are you enjoying the day” *”Yes”*
That weird Girl
That weird Girl 5 dias atrás
Baby cow?!?? Forget the turtles save the cows?!?!!?!!?!!?!!!?? 🐄
Rainier Acojido
Rainier Acojido 6 dias atrás
eat everything at in n out
Kelly T
Kelly T 6 dias atrás
My pregnant self can't handle this. The craving is so real now.
JAY DESIGNS 6 dias atrás
did you just eat raw meat
Hanne Kirkebø
Hanne Kirkebø 6 dias atrás
Keith drinks every flavor of Starbucks Keith eats everything at Wendys Keith eats everything at Subway
Ben Rodrequez
Ben Rodrequez 6 dias atrás
Eat everything at whataburger
bip bop
bip bop 6 dias atrás
Jaclyn and Jada look like the twins from trolls😂
Daniel Henninger
Daniel Henninger 6 dias atrás
How did it go from illegally loitering in the parking lot of Olive Garden to special guest in a fancy steakhouse in one episode?
Huzaifah Din
Huzaifah Din 7 dias atrás
this guy is fkin weird. worth it is so much better
nuggets 7 dias atrás
the vegans are crying
Ziggurat Tempest
Ziggurat Tempest 7 dias atrás
Do Keith eats everything at Salt Bae’s restaurant
A Hubscher
A Hubscher 7 dias atrás
I need a season 2 🤣
Jordan the Shitlord
Jordan the Shitlord 8 dias atrás
can we talk about how beautiful the color is in all the girls' hair !!!!!!!! especially against their skin and in those braids !!!!!!!!!!!!
fizz bitch
fizz bitch 8 dias atrás
Those women are gorgeous
Trickyy 8 dias atrás
I feel like he’s baked af when doing these
Starbie Sensei
Starbie Sensei 8 dias atrás
Why do I torture myself by watching these videos when I cannot eat bruh moment
O comentador
O comentador 12 dias atrás
This episode should be called "eat the meat"
Zavier Samaniego
Zavier Samaniego 12 dias atrás
Imagine Eugene there and the wine bar will be gone
Mister Random
Mister Random 12 dias atrás
“A proud erection in the middle of the plate” That’s what I call... A gastronomic erection
Grace Franklin
Grace Franklin 12 dias atrás
The temperature that they eat their steak at gives me anxiety
fay xoxo
fay xoxo 13 dias atrás
Keith stop talking with food in your mouth the sound made bite my cheek
fay xoxo
fay xoxo 13 dias atrás
Vegans are quacking 😂😂😂😂😂😂
dexter redd
dexter redd 13 dias atrás
Nobody: Dark potatoes: 15:00
sadie miller
sadie miller 13 dias atrás
he looks soooooo high during the last stake😂I was laughing so hard! Also, my fav episode!!!!!
Alex 14 dias atrás
that was beautiful (crying emoji) don’t judge me I’m using a laptop
Kayla Rotondi
Kayla Rotondi 14 dias atrás
daddy ned😂
Jdj alex
Jdj alex 15 dias atrás
Calvin Vu
Calvin Vu 16 dias atrás
Eat all of Applebee’s menu
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 16 dias atrás
It's better the food of my own home
Awesomecraft 360
Awesomecraft 360 17 dias atrás
Keith just had several organisation at once
ArtsyOtaku23 17 dias atrás
now I wan't to go to this resturaunt to propose to my significant other
Jay Eff Ess
Jay Eff Ess 17 dias atrás
I love this guy
Nihaal Sandim
Nihaal Sandim 18 dias atrás
I want ramsay to taste this
Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller 18 dias atrás
i can’t watch this it makes me too hungry
Jess Newman
Jess Newman 19 dias atrás
Mia Moreno
Mia Moreno 20 dias atrás
Keith should do red lobster
DyzMonstar 20 dias atrás
I literally drooled watching this video. And now I want steak. Rare bloody steak.
honey bear
honey bear 20 dias atrás
i have seen a lot of disturbing stuff in my day, but this, this is beyond what ive seen.
Crystal Boyle
Crystal Boyle 20 dias atrás
when the camera panned to ned, i was like “why does he look like ted bundy?”
Brian Hom
Brian Hom 20 dias atrás
now do cheesecake factory and never have a solid poop again
Richard Elizabeth III
Richard Elizabeth III 20 dias atrás
The Middle School Llama
I’m ready for a “Keith eats everything from Dairy Queen’s Food Menu" (no ice cream just the actual food)
Jiminsjamminjams Aj
Jiminsjamminjams Aj 20 dias atrás
That little girl is eating more expensive food than I am and I’m like twice her age 😂😂
bhavya garg
bhavya garg 21 dia atrás
Season 2 plz
Shiro Adi
Shiro Adi 21 dia atrás
That ASMR......🤤🤤🤤
That One Shipper
That One Shipper 21 dia atrás
Eat everything at Rita’s
Sarah Chambers
Sarah Chambers 21 dia atrás
Watched this episode while thinking where to take my husband on his 30th birthday... now It's gonna be the most expensive steak I can find 😂😂
Local Nctzen
Local Nctzen 21 dia atrás
Next episode: *keith eats everything at lush*
pxchu art
pxchu art 22 dias atrás
keith and ned: all dressed up hughie: looks like he had a long night zach: at a family barbeque trying not to talk to anyone
NickTom 22 dias atrás
How about eating everything in culvers.
Mystery Geek Dude
Mystery Geek Dude 22 dias atrás
No offence but no 8 year old deserves this
cactus juice
cactus juice 22 dias atrás
keith, wait til you try kobe beef
XpertEnergyGaming 23 dias atrás
At 7:32 My head: DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT Me: Keith really likes talking about blowing dicks
Junior Meza
Junior Meza 23 dias atrás
How was she doing😂😂😂😂😂
gemlikestardust 23 dias atrás
Wow... Daddy Ned is a whole Snack.
Victor Aguirre
Victor Aguirre 24 dias atrás
This was great! Hope to see more of this series.
Hello Katie
Hello Katie 24 dias atrás
Zach licking his fingers each time he moves the steak sauce dish.
HANSGABRIEL IBAY 25 dias atrás
Asian Kid Here... I Want Rice It All Lmao
HANSGABRIEL IBAY 25 dias atrás
* I Want Rice On It All Lmao*
Gisselle Aguirre
Gisselle Aguirre 26 dias atrás
I love Keith so much 😂
Gisselle Aguirre
Gisselle Aguirre 26 dias atrás
By 12:43 you can tell that Keith is tipsy 😂😂
David Baranski
David Baranski 26 dias atrás
13:18 What he's thinking: "I'm gonna run my fork and knife over this so no one else will want it. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha."
nina // bluemoonamjoon
nina // bluemoonamjoon 26 dias atrás
for the next season, you should come to Texas and do Whataburger !! it's something not many people do but it's still insanely popular
ana Ramirez
ana Ramirez 26 dias atrás
Do Keith eats everything at in and out fast food place
sera rose
sera rose 27 dias atrás
Ok why does that guy have his shirt unbuttoned. His chest hair is making me real uncomfortable
Daniel P
Daniel P 27 dias atrás
Keith is scary
Gamer64 Games
Gamer64 Games 27 dias atrás
The whole menu at "little Ceasars" up next?
Matt Nobrega
Matt Nobrega 27 dias atrás
Bison is the best
Jess Conover
Jess Conover 28 dias atrás
please eat the menu at chili’s
Lindsey Person
Lindsey Person 28 dias atrás
I don’t really like this one as much. I like it more when nobody explained what anything was and he just has to guess.
Amy Sutton
Amy Sutton 28 dias atrás
Meat drunk?
orphcnqueen 28 dias atrás
i have IBS and just a generally sensitive baby stomach and this series is so hard for me to watch but i love it
Skai and Me
Skai and Me 28 dias atrás
... I want to eat it... but one... I'm broke... two... I need my stuff well done😅🤢 I know a lot of people say that takes all the flavor or it gets too hard... but I dont care. No red please
Cesar Olivares
Cesar Olivares 28 dias atrás
Keith's "jokes" with the little ones
Wingsandboobs 29 dias atrás
should be vegan
CT 29 dias atrás
I’m so hungry rn. The descriptions making my stomach say “it’s dinner time” when it’s 2 am.
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