Katie Noel - Blood Red (Official Music Video)

katie noel
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 11 meses atrás
Straight flames but I'm confused about the story of the video
@katie noel hai katie love ur music!
Ghost Wolf
Ghost Wolf Dia atrás
Crash and burn...
Wyatts Mechanic and four wheeling channel
katie noel u suck
Marshall Benson
Marshall Benson 4 dias atrás
Not of been a bad song if she wouldn't of copied othor song lyrics
britnee baglin
britnee baglin 12 dias atrás
@Hunter Wilson Wait, are you saying your girlfriend dumped you cause you defended your life?!
Jeff Ring
Jeff Ring 2 horas atrás
I don't care about the drama, I just dig Katie shit..Fuck it I'm bumping this shit!
Aimee Nelson
Aimee Nelson 2 horas atrás
I don’t get it, she does not sound good at all..... sounds like her voice is altered and she does not have a pretty or unique voice she sounds more like a little boy.
Kimberly Poole
Kimberly Poole 3 horas atrás
Too bad Katie wasn't stopped, before she pulled her shit on Upchurch
joey bumgardner
joey bumgardner 4 horas atrás
You suck. RHEC
william lohrman
william lohrman 10 horas atrás
The head banging looked ugly go for a Bonnie vibe lethal but sexy and classy not Rachet and wild
Commander Doom
Commander Doom 11 horas atrás
I wonder who she all is sleeping with in order to make this garbage?
juan nunez
juan nunez 14 horas atrás
Katie Noel, I made a comment on your give em' hell video. You were singing about chasing tail? That's not a female lyric. I saw the video of dexter dissing you and then the one less than 12 hrs of dexter and adam. The dexter chick is definitely using your name to make hers. I am no one important, I'm using someone else account to put this here, hope you read it. My name is Jen 💫, you remind me of me when I was younger- is why I said what I did in comments of give me hell. I have been social distancing for 4 years solid, I have been an eccentric hermit for like 10 years so really I am no one and you need not listen to anything I say. But you saying chasing tail in the woods and a cabin with big ol' red necky rebel gangster? I was personally chewed up and spit back out and keep living but know how things can go. If you were raped even if you were given substance and taken advantage of, that sucks but suffer through and keep your head up. I wouldn't bother responding to dexter and adam. Make music that suits you, for you. I maybe no one important but I have an ear for a good voice or hit song, rather a one hit wonder or the next big thing. You could hide this comment? I'm older than all you people on this screen singing and rapping and regret commenting to you at all. Dont let the social media ruin you. I feel dumb putting this here, I'm sure you have friends or people on your side. O I see you did have a response, I didn't watch it and am not going to. I'm due in like 2 weeks so. Best wishes to you young girl. I dont agree with mis directed hate maybe it is all public hype to draw attention to music? You can delete this or I will. I dont need to concern myself with any of this drama. I like good music controversy is entertaining but it's your life. Good bye. 🌬✌ My name is jen 💫
Auto Man Dan
Auto Man Dan 20 horas atrás
This is one of the few good songs that Katie made that didn't sound like she was gargling marbles. The rest of her songs sound like she gargling marbles. She should quit while she's ahead before Savannah monkey stomps her ass.
Jag Girl
Jag Girl 21 hora atrás
Should we hate on a girl who pretended to be straight? Who used a good guy for clout and then accused him of molesting her?? Yeah, she's a cow....
Leonard Kozick
Leonard Kozick Dia atrás
Jamie Marcyniuk
Jamie Marcyniuk Dia atrás
She's cute but not liking the song but maybe she has some other songs that are better
Tamela Locklear
Tamela Locklear Dia atrás
She's gonna be around awhile..and people who are hating will be embarrassed by her game.
bandosa channel
bandosa channel Dia atrás
this is a garbage but has 4,5m views somehow
Mrs. Walter White
Nope you sound like shit and have made an ass out of yourself. Gross
Love Nuggets
Love Nuggets Dia atrás
Brabo cant save you all the time
Love Nuggets
Love Nuggets Dia atrás
I wanted to listen to good music
Love Nuggets
Love Nuggets Dia atrás
Good thing you say nothing or we would miss something
Mando Garcia
Mando Garcia 2 dias atrás
That Savannah video chick stole ur beat and rythim. U fuck up shit happens . Just own up to it.tell them all SO Fucking What. U have a good thing going.
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson 2 dias atrás
Haters will hate just to get attention! Upchurch aside she's a badass woman!
Chad Enright
Chad Enright 2 dias atrás
Go back to the diesel gang, not making it in this gang!!!!!
nexus_ gamer
nexus_ gamer 2 dias atrás
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 👍👍💥💯
Rob Hinyngr
Rob Hinyngr 2 dias atrás
wow straight fucking fire....... a dumpster fire. the only thing blood red is the fluid coming out my ears from hearing this gutter trash.
Scott Schaefer
Scott Schaefer 2 dias atrás
I love this chick. And drake McGuire you got skills man.
Stevie 7878
Stevie 7878 2 dias atrás
You look goofy asf in this video and uncoordinated lmfao
Dark slayer
Dark slayer 3 dias atrás
When you think your songs are good and play church like a video game
joseph breezee
joseph breezee 3 dias atrás
Trent Huffman
Trent Huffman 3 dias atrás
Who else thinks she started a clout war with church
Adam Gay
Adam Gay 3 dias atrás
Funny to watch this girl try to be hard that looks like she is only 100 pounds. Let a cop pop her with a taser. Can you say she drops
Valerie Davis
Valerie Davis 3 dias atrás
Hahahahaha hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha savannah is the queen lil girl lol you are ass and not a nice one either lol you sound like a queef with autotune
Wyatts Mechanic and four wheeling channel
U just need to stop bc u suck
Trae Aplin
Trae Aplin 4 dias atrás
I don't really understand who can listen to this and I listen to everything. I guess when the big dogs want to try and take upchurch out they will push anything and everything lol..
Generation Noise
Generation Noise 4 dias atrás
that was cring lmao
Havanna Nolan
Havanna Nolan 4 dias atrás
Misty Combs
Misty Combs 4 dias atrás
Lol. This is literally the stupidest shit I've ever heard.
GeTTxInGxDirTY 4 dias atrás
Country rap is the worst thing to ever exist
Kat Alves Guyette
Kat Alves Guyette 4 dias atrás
🧐 🤔
Kenzy Rowan
Kenzy Rowan 4 dias atrás
Here for comments not the shitty vid/song CRIIIIINGE
Q.H.i.Q ThePathYouWalk
This song Shows talent Dont sell your soul to the Mechanical money making machine They do not care about you personally Or how you feel . Come on duck what people think Even me ima no one but dont sell your soul Lifes Tough Huh ? If You Scared Go to ... Sorry my bad my bad . I Love yall . Even You
Logan Payne
Logan Payne 4 dias atrás
Jesus man! We know why she’s so stupid now, she gave herself brain damage @ 3:03
Debbie Witt
Debbie Witt 4 dias atrás
She straight up used Church, ain't no other way to call it . Now she tryna ride the 🌈
Torrie Elkins
Torrie Elkins 4 dias atrás
This is just straight up trash. The beat doesn't go with shit.. 🤣
Velisha Rector
Velisha Rector 4 dias atrás
Trash. Wanna be.
Paddle Pirate Fishing
Paddle Pirate Fishing 4 dias atrás
I just came here to say you ain’t shit.
Herd Dynasty
Herd Dynasty 4 dias atrás
Literally a country Iggy Azalea prove me wrong🤦🏼‍♂️
Fred Cook
Fred Cook 5 dias atrás
It's bad when the mechanic and momma come looking for a lesbian LMFAO
taco cat
taco cat 5 dias atrás
She got talent I love how everyone jumps on the relationship band wagon. How bout get a life?
G. B.
G. B. 5 dias atrás
So just tell us? Gay, strait or just don’t know what’s love is? Daddy issues
lifeorsomething134 5 dias atrás
Katie, I actually think you're rapping is fire. If you didn't hold a country image, I think you'd be a lot bigger than you are. Sadly people are judgemental and aren't ready for this type of music style.
Bowman Forbes
Bowman Forbes 5 dias atrás
Sounds like some lame. Just not my thing personally.
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers 5 dias atrás
She actually copied Upchurch. But this acting is horrible!!!!!!!
James Allen
James Allen 6 dias atrás
I cant hate when I see 4.4 million views. And that's just some real shit being honest
Steven Upton
Steven Upton 6 dias atrás
You suck only reason I know your name is because of Church and Adam go do them Democrats task in China .
thatoneguybrian 6 dias atrás
the first 56 seconds of this vid is katie's new life lol
Craig Duncan
Craig Duncan 6 dias atrás
Jerry Wilt
Jerry Wilt 6 dias atrás
I came to see how she was as a singer and it sounded like Upchurch and Adam mixed and went into a female voice
Nahh Bob
Nahh Bob 6 dias atrás
Sooooo I herd you got fired
Shawn Nancarrow
Shawn Nancarrow 6 dias atrás
This is garbage...... reminds of Pink's pop trash
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 6 dias atrás
Wow! This gal has an amazing voice. I dig it.
Sheri Malinowski
Sheri Malinowski 6 dias atrás
Zewa Wisch&Weg
Zewa Wisch&Weg 6 dias atrás
Waiting in Florida
Zewa Wisch&Weg
Zewa Wisch&Weg 6 dias atrás
Revcsno 6 dias atrás
shiiiiit she prolly falsely accuse us too except my alibi is i live in the west coast lmao
Tiona QueenB
Tiona QueenB 7 dias atrás
For someone who thinks they "still" have a career in music, this is truly sad. Ryan Upchurch, who helped her to come up in the 1st place, who helped her to become more known, she lied on, tried to run his Name down, and failed miserably at. He genuinely cared, and ppl like that should be admired and respected, but some ppl just aren't genuine and real as they should be, but like I said, he cared until you showed him along with the world what you're really about. Then you lost followers, you definitely lost respect from ppl around you! You were shown to be trash, and not because someone didn't like you, but only because of your own actions. You allowed your true colors to shine and ppl got to see just how ugly you really are, and no, I don't mean how you look on the outside, but how ugly you are as a human being. Then, to put some icing on that shit cake you made of your career, you go after one of the best reactors on BRvid, AOK, and he is kind to everyone! This girl must really want all the clout she can get....lmao True country ppl that are raised in the south are taught to be honest, respectful, thoughtful, kind, real... and this girl has none of those qualities. Southern raised ain't about having a lifted truck, it's about tradition, character, and being true to who you are and where you're from. This girl is just lost, and not real about shit, it's sad that she has no loyalty, shitty character, no morals, and no career worth mentioning. Wish her the best tho. UPCHURCH and AOK fan for life. Keepin it real!
ubsmacked 7 dias atrás
Huh ,slow and hard
David Swimm
David Swimm 7 dias atrás
Terrence Hamilton
Terrence Hamilton 7 dias atrás
I regret giving her this view
Robert Lenz
Robert Lenz 7 dias atrás
Love Katie Noel fuck savannah and upchurch
Marco. Piraz
Marco. Piraz 7 dias atrás
Chris Curtis
Chris Curtis 7 dias atrás
It must suck savannah killed this beat better than your worthless ass. Hope you have another skill other than being a weak artist. You're going to need it!!
Deirdre Ward
Deirdre Ward 7 dias atrás
You still suck!
Shar Jobe
Shar Jobe 8 dias atrás
William Morris
William Morris 8 dias atrás
Completely sucked. Watch Upchurch and learn.
Louis Ward
Louis Ward 8 dias atrás
This girl needs to give it up
Chris Newman
Chris Newman 8 dias atrás
Meh, I just came for the number. You said call ya well this Texas man got ya.
Your fav country boy Dustin Yee yee
Ur stealing upchurchs flow and what u did to him is stupid ohh he touched me no the fuck he didn’t stop masking music bc ur shit and ur not a part of it and u wouldn’t have that truck if upchurch didint buy it for ur spoiled ass
Your fav country boy Dustin Yee yee
This song is shit
Joseph Veal
Joseph Veal 8 dias atrás
Everyone unsubscribe to her oof
justdont Getit
justdont Getit 8 dias atrás
Auto tune much? You suck big ones
James Dunkin
James Dunkin 8 dias atrás
Black lives matter
David Garcia
David Garcia 8 dias atrás
4 minutes of video for 30 seconds of track
Cody Reynolds
Cody Reynolds 8 dias atrás
Well this shit fell flat on its face. Nobody likes this shit. Please stop.
THABOSSHOGG 9 dias atrás
your rubbish
Trumps Army
Trumps Army 9 dias atrás
This girl still singing after she lied about church and getting bodied by that Dexter girl and I mean Katie got trashed in that dis track dam I can’t believe she’s not in hiding or on oxygen or something and since you said unfollow you....well I can’t unfollow you cuz I’m not following you and there’s that!!
Cleanex Official
Cleanex Official 9 dias atrás
The vid is actually quite good... when it’s muted
Danny Moore
Danny Moore 10 horas atrás
@Cleanex Official whatever
Cleanex Official
Cleanex Official 10 horas atrás
Danny Moore look, it is a good vid. But the voice just gives me creeps true the song. I don’t hate the vid.
smolpeterplays 10 horas atrás
@Danny Moore damn three comments two of which are all caps and the other is just emojis, you must be really heated about this maybe you just need to listen to the song again and think to yourself, man i think he is right this song is dogshit
Danny Moore
Danny Moore 10 horas atrás
@Cleanex Official an error has occurred
Danny Moore
Danny Moore 10 horas atrás
Sandy Parker
Sandy Parker 9 dias atrás
Give it up, no future here, you suck girl.
LukesBrokenLegacy 10 dias atrás
Omg this is horrendous.
Logan McConnell
Logan McConnell 10 dias atrás
For what it's worth she is way prettier than that ragity bitch she beefin with
Lennie Gilmore
Lennie Gilmore 10 dias atrás
I thought this was an anti meth commercial....
Mystery Queen
Mystery Queen 4 dias atrás
Lennie Gilmore 🤣🤣🤣
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson 10 dias atrás
Where can I buy your c.d
Michael Lundy
Michael Lundy 10 dias atrás
Just saw your Twitter feed trashing other YTers. Fuck you bitch. You are a trash individual.
NolliD KoolA
NolliD KoolA 11 dias atrás
this shit is wack as hell, this bitch need to get the fuck off youtube lmao! Savannah buried this clown.
Jamma Arts
Jamma Arts 11 dias atrás
If you were supposedly “ molested” you sure don’t make a video about it. I was traumatized I didn’t even report my boss. I just never went back to work!
The Wondering Angler
The Wondering Angler 11 dias atrás
Hot garbage
Singapore May Fun
Singapore May Fun 11 dias atrás
Country girls don't wear plastic eye lashes from Vegas in the woods.
Captain Mooney
Captain Mooney 11 dias atrás
How is this country??? This is so stupid
Lord anubis _ 97
Lord anubis _ 97 11 dias atrás
This is awesome your awesome Katie
carol vazquez
carol vazquez 11 dias atrás
Stupid. Worst thing I've ever watched
Anthony Hangbers
Anthony Hangbers 11 dias atrás
Horror horror horror horror horror horror horror horror show you rap is about as good as generic cling wrap
Anthony Hangbers
Anthony Hangbers 11 dias atrás
At least Savannah look hot as f***
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