Katie Noel - Blood Red (Official Music Video)

katie noel
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 753
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 24 dias atrás
Straight flames but I'm confused about the story of the video
LivingMyLife 3 dias atrás
Blake L I’m glad your old enough to still use emojis. I love bantering with 14 year olds on the internet. Cheer up snowflake and try working for a living maybe you too can afford something nice! Or not I don’t fucking care!
Blake L
Blake L 3 dias atrás
@LivingMyLife Oh no grammar/spelling police coming through. If u can't figure out "murdered" was supposed to be "murderer" maybe your comprehension is off a lil...its one letter, come on don't let one letter get u all confused and questioning the education system. And for all I know she may be as dumb as a box of rocks (though I don't think so) but I guarantee she's more successful than me or you will ever be... So you just keep "Living your life" ...correcting one spelling error at a time. I hope it brings u joy n happiness 😊
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 3 dias atrás
In other words dont fuck with her dummy
Duramaxman0120 N
Duramaxman0120 N 5 dias atrás
katie noel watched the video twice (not that I was complaining). After the second time it clicked in my head. The whole video is based off you taking care of competition no matter who comes after you. For those who’ve followed you since the start. They will understand that. But those whom have only joined in more recently would be a bit lost or confused. On a side note- from your videos from years ago to now. Night and day difference! I’m highly impressed! Keep it up! This song is FIRE!! 🔥
Connor Mahaffey
Connor Mahaffey 14 horas atrás
you just earned my subscription I'm happy that this song was on my recommendations
Kenny Corn
Kenny Corn 18 horas atrás
Love it 💯💯💯
CountryBoy WestVirginia
CountryBoy WestVirginia 18 horas atrás
This song has the Upchurch Vibe to it..Hell yeah skin
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 19 horas atrás
Love it
Jeremy Shaffer
Jeremy Shaffer Dia atrás
Getem Katie
Tracey Saunders
Tracey Saunders Dia atrás
Lynchburg va here...aka PHASE 2... soon as I heard Rose's are red violets are blue my turbo goes SKURT SKURT SKURT SKURT ..I knew it was fire!!!!!
Alissa Beerthuis
Alissa Beerthuis Dia atrás
Keep doing what you're doing🤘🏼💕🤘🏼
Trent Villines
Trent Villines Dia atrás
Not attractive
Trent Villines
Trent Villines Dia atrás
White girl
Chris Bowles
Chris Bowles Dia atrás
This girl is 🔥🔥🔥
Sabrina Frank
Sabrina Frank Dia atrás
How are you 😊☺️😋🌝🌞🌛✨🔥💥✨💫🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌱🌳🌲☘️🍀🍂🍁🌻🌄⚡☔💧🌡️🌈🌍🌕🐴🐱🐶🙈🙉🙊🐍🐮🐈🐎🐖🐆🐄🦋🐞🐛🦠🐾
Jordan Alley
Jordan Alley Dia atrás
I love your songs and video's
Mr Wrath
Mr Wrath Dia atrás
I heard about you from my cousin Kaitlyn and didn't know what to think at first, but damn you're good. Fire!
billy bob
billy bob Dia atrás
Part 2 upchurch and kAtie
Steven Cox
Steven Cox Dia atrás
Katie Noel ur bad ass hell keep it up🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸keep ur head up🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 keep dropping that bad shit🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Christopher Oelrich
best femal singer
Marty Jordan
Marty Jordan 2 dias atrás
I know I said I'd never do it again!!!... but will you marry me
Randall Miller
Randall Miller 2 dias atrás
Katie noel make a rap song about big foot in the swamp lands be kick ass I guarantee it....
Randall Miller
Randall Miller 2 dias atrás
This young lady is very attractive has great voice....So guys let's keep the tongue rolled up and wish her well for more great videos to come....
crazy ass rebel red neck
Another bad ass song by a bad ass country rapper named Katie noel keep it up you and upchurch are my 2 favorite country rappers of all times i alk do is burn yalls songs up all day long at work
operater 84
operater 84 2 dias atrás
I never knew Katie Noel was gay until today. And for the fanbase she has I think she should have been honest about that from the get-go. I'll never listen to her again
operater 84
operater 84 2 dias atrás
And I thought we had a good ol wholesome straight white girl having good morals. Go sing pop music
Jen Hegvet
Jen Hegvet 3 dias atrás
Fellow country girl,Idaho Raised,now 10 yr Texan,my first ride was a lifted truck w 38" s, respect your work girl
Huntwr Davis
Huntwr Davis 3 dias atrás
U did a dang good job at this song
Sir Z
Sir Z 3 dias atrás
Rise... mighty Country Phoenix!
Lion Mentality
Lion Mentality 3 dias atrás
My favorite part is when shes in the truck towards the end head banging lol
johnnjohnjon 3 dias atrás
This is the stupidest shit out there , leave the white rapping to Marshal Mathers and for sure quit rapping about country shit !
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 3 dias atrás
Just blossoming like a beautifull rose!!!
Lapis Manalis
Lapis Manalis 3 dias atrás
Your flow and your rhyme schemes are improving Katie. Keep working at it and I think you will blow eventually.
Matthew Freeman
Matthew Freeman 3 dias atrás
Being a car guy I couldn't help but notice the check engine light at the end.
Ironwolf El Diablo
Ironwolf El Diablo 3 dias atrás
Your trying to hard quit rap it's not for everyone really raps for people who cant sing and sound like shit between boots and ground church can sing pretty good but he ain't got a voice like yours really that voice is angel like I'd bet my hide if you'd sing country music you'd be the next biggest lady of country please consider it dont waste a million dollar voice like that I really mean no disrespect and before you call me a aszhole yes I am I know but I know talent I know music and your gifted very gifted best ive heard in years have you tried sending your music to people like Trace Adkins I have a friend that does security for his concerts guy could help you out and I'd put money on him saying the same thing I did just saying appreciate the music mam have a good one
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 3 dias atrás
you think she cares about a retard like you's opinion haha
Love it!! you go girl and keep the haters jealous....Remember they will make you famous..
Bruce Wright
Bruce Wright 4 dias atrás
Hell yeah straight flame
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 4 dias atrás
Whoa 🔥!
drewcrow2000 4 dias atrás
I gave this a 👎🏼. I feel like Katie Noel is trying to be like Chanel west coast. The country version.
drewcrow2000 Dia atrás
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Dia atrás
@drewcrow2000 all in good fun bro i really dont care one way or other just having some fun :)
drewcrow2000 Dia atrás
Haha. That’s good to know. I didn’t know we all have asshole. That’s news to me. Haha. Ur right. My opinion. Not everyone will like her music. She a pretty young lady. Country and rap should never go together.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 3 dias atrás
@drewcrow2000 opinions are like assholes, you just forgot to wipe hoe!
drewcrow2000 3 dias atrás
Katie is another white girl trying to rap like a black rapper. No talent for either girl. Haha
White7Fang 4 dias atrás
Sweetheart this is 100% fire
mikes channel
mikes channel 4 dias atrás
Still dig the tattoo 😜
Calum Ridenour
Calum Ridenour 4 dias atrás
Dude this is my favorite song like damn it’s good
Ronald Legg
Ronald Legg 4 dias atrás
I like it needs more like it
Charolette Benoit
Charolette Benoit 4 dias atrás
I love u your music Katie Noel
Edwin Curry
Edwin Curry 4 dias atrás
Mrs. Noel you are a very attractive southern Belle! You sing a good jam and you have a hell of a voice! Git it girl!
deb muthafucka
deb muthafucka 4 dias atrás
You are so sick! In the best way possible. California Gang ❤😎🐴
Jason Hilder
Jason Hilder 4 dias atrás
I think Sarah Ross and Katie Noel should make a video together or Sarah Ross Katie Noel the lacs moonshine bandits upchurch and Adam calouns should do a video together
billy bob
billy bob 4 dias atrás
Need a part 2..I like this bring some more hits like this
Jason anthony Saunders
"good job katie, done well on blood red, msg me."
Jennifer Bachman
Jennifer Bachman 4 dias atrás
I’m in love with this songggg
Kayla rowland
Kayla rowland 5 dias atrás
Katie Noel is one of my many favorites
Christian Yates
Christian Yates 5 dias atrás
Do ranger gang
slartibartfast85 5 dias atrás
Fuck, this chick is smoking hot. I bet her asshole tastes like strawberries.
Robert Van Buren
Robert Van Buren 5 dias atrás
Wow straight flame... Colorado wants you here...
Justin Doss
Justin Doss 5 dias atrás
This reminds me of boondox. I haven’t listened to him in forever.
TIL73DAGENT 6 dias atrás
Damn bro she just to fine 🥴❤️💯
chuck wick
chuck wick 4 dias atrás
My tongue , her asshole !
Mike Key
Mike Key 6 dias atrás
Epic as always Katie and I'm a death metal guy 🤘🤘
Katyana MacLean
Katyana MacLean 6 dias atrás
I absolutely love her so much, shes got some kick ass music frfr
Jamesdallas Primeaux
Jamesdallas Primeaux 6 dias atrás
You launched this on my birth day
mayhem Carclub
mayhem Carclub 6 dias atrás
When can I use one of your songs in one of my videos skin
James Leschinski
James Leschinski 6 dias atrás
Badazz music vid
Grizzly 6 dias atrás
My Dad got me to listen to this song and it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❤❤❤ Keep it up ❤❤❤❤
mike harris
mike harris 6 dias atrás
Wen BRvid Recommended this to me to listen to I clicked on it and it is brilliant and I’ve been listening to other raps you done tow and just to put it out there you are Gorgeous good luck in your future and keep up the good work
Du5ty R34p3r Original
Du5ty R34p3r Original 6 dias atrás
Damn that chick is fire 🤠
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