Kanye West - Runaway (Full-length Film)

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Music video by Kanye West performing Runaway (Full-length Film). © 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


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25 Out 2010



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Comentários 100
Aroun Deen
Aroun Deen 16 minutos atrás
Kanye Krazy anyone?
Daniel R
Daniel R Hora atrás
Who ever mixed this shit should be hanged and made an example of. Love the music no lie but the cutting?! Wtf I'm at 7.21, Ya shit storm.
Ahmad Isaac
Ahmad Isaac 14 horas atrás
Շгครђ є๔เՇร
don’t mind me just here to enjoy one of the greatest short films ever made.
Mukwevho-Kieee Dia atrás
Kanye is ALIVE When he is gone they will call him a legend...
Christian Ambrose
5:56-7:13 are we not going to talk about this?
Assata Fields
Assata Fields Dia atrás
I miss this film so much. My mom watched it all the time when I was a child and I watched with her. It’s great to be back
Ramosoeu Sekati
Ramosoeu Sekati 2 dias atrás
Anyone else wondering how he managed to run in those shoes?
Troy Mcghee
Troy Mcghee 2 dias atrás
so is this what type of women kanye like
Chesco 2 dias atrás
*Kanye needs to be protected at all costs!*
Hatchet 2 dias atrás
Now thats my president
zee does stuff
zee does stuff 2 dias atrás
1st rule baby; don’t pay any attention to what you see on the news.
KEEZY B 2 dias atrás
Michael Yeboah
Michael Yeboah 3 dias atrás
Cant believe these visuals are 10 years ago. Still best amongst currents
samman350 3 dias atrás
Bad plot, dumb story can be made to look alright with an infinite budget.
Dyshell Kimble
Dyshell Kimble 3 dias atrás
arturo molina macias
arturo molina macias 3 dias atrás
Wow. You just that Kanye exists and it's so popular and etc. But once you really know his work... god, the man is a genius.
Carla Morello
Carla Morello 3 dias atrás
piscina simone vitale cerca
G T 4 dias atrás
hugo valencia
hugo valencia 4 dias atrás
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 4 dias atrás
the champ is here
Skate Board
Skate Board 4 dias atrás
Angela Reeree
Angela Reeree 4 dias atrás
Kanye predicted his future. Kim Kardashian was the chicken head
Angela Reeree
Angela Reeree 4 dias atrás
Talent unmatched
AON JACk 4 dias atrás
Yo Ye F*** Thesse laamez lets get it now"s the the time to burn it up Day 1 since Highschool and you was spitting out mixtape thru a broken jaw thank you my brotha LUV U #reign
Jasmine Session
Jasmine Session 4 dias atrás
He is phenomenal... it’s deeper than you think 💭 When he said statues are from artists long ago and she said no the Phoenix wings were cut and they were turned to stone... y’all ain’t catch that. Y’all gotta look up the mountains are crying and catch up on tartarian and mudfloods. 💪🏾 Knowledge is power.
Ethan Patrick
Ethan Patrick 4 dias atrás
Came here from hangover 3 ending
charlie hancock
charlie hancock 5 dias atrás
kanye running form 👀
I only watch this in parts over the years, now watch the whole video and i can say this is one off the greatest video i have ever seen, i personally thinks it beats triller, thats my point of view , despite all off his personal drama KAYNE IS A GENIUS , to me its Jay Z, Kayne then Tupac and Biggie
Шамиль Тагиров
This feathery attire on her is pretty creative and amazing!
joseph campbell
joseph campbell 5 dias atrás
phenomenal, and i always be replaying this spassing here 5:56
Lisa Corum
Lisa Corum 5 dias atrás
This has always inspired me
Empress Awaken
Empress Awaken 5 dias atrás
This is the most phenomenal video I've ever seen for any rapper it is a Biblical message to the Aboriginal people of this land America the world of indigenous people time to rise and come together wake up like he said who will survive America the Aboriginal Indians Will Survive America we will be like the Phoenix Sun. The greatest video I've ever seen in my life at 60 never seen that can touch Mr. West I love him and his spirit I see u Kanye
Sagittarius bee queen channel
Nicki minaj voice fo me ☺️
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore 5 dias atrás
If I watched this a couple of I years ago I wouldn’t understand what’s going on but now that I’m older I can truly understand this masterpiece, Kanye is so creative.
NoT MuSiC 6 dias atrás
Man I don’t understand why so many comments are recent! How can we put this to number one?
Mzo Gcwabe
Mzo Gcwabe 6 dias atrás
I have watch this video 23 million times
Donwonderss 6 dias atrás
11 years later, still so dope
Matthew LaNasa
Matthew LaNasa 6 dias atrás
Whoever's decision it was to make sure this didn't have a single ad in it, is one of those people who aren't appreciated enough.
Goat Koala
Goat Koala 6 dias atrás
Alex Segura
Alex Segura 6 dias atrás
I redirect people here when people ask me what my religion is.
Philly Really
Philly Really 6 dias atrás
Give whole new meaning to flippin birds.
offcial jake paul
offcial jake paul 6 dias atrás
ShaY StaR
ShaY StaR 6 dias atrás
11 years later I see the I get it!
Kidz Only
Kidz Only 7 dias atrás
Romeo Mnisi
Romeo Mnisi 7 dias atrás
Stanford Kim
Stanford Kim 7 dias atrás
I present to you the greatest album of all time... My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Francisco Peñaloza Miranda
Obra Maestra !!
111Truth Searcher
111Truth Searcher 7 dias atrás
It’s so many hidden jewels and gems Kanye is a intellectual genius every black American need to pay attention to the table and the representation of all the indigenous families is there but the Angel came to him and she’s a representation of all of them but who was she reveled too 🤔🤔💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥🩸🩸
JoNiBoiShOw2301 7 dias atrás
when you realize how rare that car in the beginning is...pure know how much he probably paid to just have that car driven out.... Tatra MTV V8i sheeeeeeeesh
BentGear 7 dias atrás
Tranter147 7 dias atrás
I Used To Be A Right Wing White Superracist, Until My Mate Played This Album To Me One Night. I Actually Believed No Black Man Could Create Some so Beautiful As This Album. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now I Have The Vinyl Album. This Album Is By Far One Of Greatest Contribution To Mankind.
sands 2 dias atrás
epic character development, kanye is too powerful. so powerful, that he was able to instill the power to change, within you.
A Bathing Grape
A Bathing Grape 2 dias atrás
Solid proof kanye is one of the greatest artists to ever live, man is literally stopping fucking racism with his music
Shaw 7 dias atrás
thats genuinely great man
bigtree 7 dias atrás
you made it to the end of the sphere inside out rabbit hole what a fucking ending to the rabbit hole.
Alix S
Alix S 8 dias atrás
why are the views so low this is amazing ART
Calvin Huynh
Calvin Huynh 8 dias atrás
Shorty is a "bird"
Michelle Buddenberg
Michelle Buddenberg 8 dias atrás
Mikey Dj.Fixie
Mikey Dj.Fixie 8 dias atrás
2021 sex is in on fire to many erckels on fire, we just get higher!!!
Spencer Sexstella
Spencer Sexstella 8 dias atrás
Oh my god the part where kanye says don't pay attention to the news and then the transition into gorgeous gives me chills everytime, love you kanye❤️
NO OИ 8 dias atrás
kanye's very own monster girl waifu :)
Paballo Moorosi
Paballo Moorosi 9 dias atrás
10 years and this masterpiece is only on 28mil views. I’m so appalled
MONEYPRO MUSIC 17 horas atrás
My first time seeing this in 2021
Coaster Craziness
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 6 dias atrás
get a life
Owen toms
Owen toms 8 dias atrás
see what you did there
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it 9 dias atrás
wtf i'm finding about this now.
Roha B.
Roha B. 9 dias atrás
When people REALIZE Kanye was nt a rapper, hes a MUSICAL ENGINEER AND HIS TALENT IS UNTOUCHED. All the greats that call him outta his name, wouldnt be where they were without his mastery..I SAID WTF I SAID
Nkateko Nkuna
Nkateko Nkuna 9 dias atrás
this is genuis wtf
don duggy
don duggy 9 dias atrás
What is this song really about
CHILDREBEL777 9 dias atrás
Apri Yori
Apri Yori 9 dias atrás
7h30, réveil difficile avant la salle. Bordel sur quoi je viens de tomber ! 💯💯
Samuel Nasta
Samuel Nasta 9 dias atrás
It's just me or every song sounds like temp music?
Captain Kollar
Captain Kollar 9 dias atrás
I waited way to long to watch this gem
Biizziiy 9 dias atrás
Avery Dowell Las Vegas
Horror Movie Lover
Horror Movie Lover 9 dias atrás
Is that nicki in the beginning
Marjolaine 7 dias atrás
Horror Movie Lover
Horror Movie Lover 9 dias atrás
Honestly ...this moved me when I was younger
Elvis kiptoo
Elvis kiptoo 10 dias atrás
pure genius
A A 10 dias atrás
Kanye's a GENIUS!
Ryan Resell
Ryan Resell 10 dias atrás
This video is the dopest dope I ever doped
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 10 dias atrás
Master Piece 💯🌞☀️🇺🇸Or is it Peace ☮️
scotty lane
scotty lane 10 dias atrás
Kanye West, genius. Simple.
Crystal V
Crystal V 10 dias atrás
I remember this album great. Running 2 this album in park helped me a lot..
Average Jay
Average Jay 11 dias atrás
Mad love.
Average Jay
Average Jay 11 dias atrás
That right there might be the greatest most badass shit I have ever heard and the video.. compliments and mad respect big. Lawd a' mercy! Beyond bangin'. Sitting on the porch chillin soaking up the day before work and just came across this and it made my mfn week. Life is beautiful.
Dylan Hill
Dylan Hill 11 dias atrás
all of the haters are gonna shit their pants when they see this
Liz Stroh
Liz Stroh 11 dias atrás
danelle herrera
danelle herrera 11 dias atrás
Your lucky you get to express and get shit out.i feel ya mr.west.
Patricia Ofreka
Patricia Ofreka 11 dias atrás
Niki’s rap though☺️👑
Trevor O'Brien
Trevor O'Brien 11 dias atrás
i like this album or whatever its called....
Andrew Medeiros
Andrew Medeiros 11 dias atrás
Mirabel Lebarim
Mirabel Lebarim 11 dias atrás
Woah ...
SitorDance 12 dias atrás
Brilliant. Honest. Genius. Touches my heart.
Jay T.
Jay T. 12 dias atrás
Why do i love this. Oh i remember. Its art.
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen 12 dias atrás
One of the best videos I have ever seen. This man is a true genius. Thank u mr west
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen 12 dias atrás
One of the best videos I have ever seen. This man is a true genius. Thank u mr west
Mpumelelo Malimela
Mpumelelo Malimela 12 dias atrás
THE GREATEST SHORT FILM EVER. I watch it over and over again. He is a genius when it comes to creating.
Truck Turner
Truck Turner 12 dias atrás
LuWheely 12 dias atrás
Can't believe that this is the first time I finished watching this...
Rainneah Benalli
Rainneah Benalli 13 dias atrás
Beautiful Luv...
Rainneah Benalli
Rainneah Benalli 13 dias atrás
Sweet One Kanye and Director!
JanJanNik 13 dias atrás
29:21 best part of the movie!
jess c
jess c 13 dias atrás
Me too Kanye
ORLANFREY 13 dias atrás
I gonna miss Kanye
london cole
london cole 13 dias atrás
For real social media stuff just like; real BRvid views & likes, are just @ the distance of *Authentic views*
VANSHAL YADAV 13 dias atrás
I think you are a huge Kanye West fan because I have seen your comments in most if Kanye West songs
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