Just Trying To Blend In With My Green Screen

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6 Set 2018



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Aydan Joseph
Aydan Joseph 2 horas atrás
Miss cookiewafflestiger Arroyo
🧸-🎃🏆🥊🏒🥅🎯🥊⛳🎳🎳🥍🎳🎳⛳🎳🏒🎳🏈🥎🥈🥎🥈🥎🏆🏆🥎🏉🥎🥉🏈⚾️🏅😔😡😔😔😡😭😡😭😔😔🐴🐖🐃🦓🐄🐫🐄🐴🦌🦌🐑🦓🐖🐴🦓🤐🤔😑😶😗🙂😉😍😥😥😑😙😑☺️😊😂😄😊😉😄😎 I worked hard on this
FlowerTea 9 horas atrás
She litterly looked like Jim Carrey in the mask.
Esmee van Houten
Esmee van Houten 11 horas atrás
i love the shane part
Cynthiaaaxyooj 21 hora atrás
H o w c o m e y a l l d o n t f u c k i n g i n v i t e m e
XxMiaRaexX Dia atrás
Nobody: Google Jenna: 'hEy! UnSrEaRcH tHaT RiGhT nOw"
The walking Dead
The walking Dead Dia atrás
I cried a lot hahahhahahhahahahhah
The Grinch had evolved.
Gas mask Gaming Inc.
Gas mask Gaming Inc. 2 dias atrás
👁 👁 👅
Bh 2
Bh 2 2 dias atrás
Francesco Turotti
Francesco Turotti 2 dias atrás
I hate how she just made the equivalent of blackface for reptilians. Rude, beech
Brother Bonding
Brother Bonding 2 dias atrás
At 5:30 she looks like the dude from The Mask
Olivia Price
Olivia Price 3 dias atrás
👀 👄
Crippling Anxiety
Crippling Anxiety 3 dias atrás
You should've made her into Sofia the robot
art and gaming
art and gaming 3 dias atrás
Me at 2am 3:49
Dan Madalena
Dan Madalena 3 dias atrás
Rosie _Playz
Rosie _Playz 4 dias atrás
7:50 omg I swear to got that sounds like James Charles 😯😂
Zeek Birdground
Zeek Birdground 4 dias atrás
Kyle Wells
Kyle Wells 4 dias atrás
10:27 Salad Fingers
Bryan Bushby
Bryan Bushby 5 dias atrás
👁 👁 👅
Bryan Bushby
Bryan Bushby 5 dias atrás
👁 👁 👄
Wilma Playz
Wilma Playz 5 dias atrás
Wow you look boutful as a green screen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dr Deli
Dr Deli 5 dias atrás
How has it already been a year I want a sequel
Eduardo Mata
Eduardo Mata 5 dias atrás
She is an AVACADO! 😂😂😂. 👁 👅 👁
Kauany Ramos
Kauany Ramos 6 dias atrás
👁 👁 👄 Braziiiiil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
It's Lula
It's Lula 6 dias atrás
Magna Verpa
Magna Verpa 6 dias atrás
Jenna: Why isnt there a green man group? Aliens: How much more do we have to do for you to notice us?!
Jungkook BTS
Jungkook BTS 6 dias atrás
👁👄 👁
Jungkook BTS
Jungkook BTS 6 dias atrás
Nice comment
pumpkin puppy139
pumpkin puppy139 7 dias atrás
Do another one with green contacts plaza,
ʙᴀsɪᴄ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɢɪʀʟ
*It's Aries season MLEH EHH*
Xll-RandomCookie- llX
Xll-RandomCookie- llX 7 dias atrás
_ - 👀 👄 Uhhhhhhh
taerium 7 dias atrás
your eyes perfectly matched jeffree’s eye-
Mega Faggot
Mega Faggot 7 dias atrás
So that's how lenarr does it
psychoscorpio 8 dias atrás
It’s about time I watch this video that’s been on my recommended for a year
Crypto 8 dias atrás
The mask...
Jo and Cam' s Life
Jo and Cam' s Life 9 dias atrás
Pause on 7:55 ur welcome but tbh I'm wheezing currently
Meme Mouse
Meme Mouse 9 dias atrás
Jenna when she is completely green: Juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan (5:36)
Dinogirl Dawn
Dinogirl Dawn 9 dias atrás
👁 👁 . . 👄
Kim SeokJin김석진
Kim SeokJin김석진 9 dias atrás
I still love this video and I'm seriously gonna do this when I'm older and no one can stop me
Moongazer owo
Moongazer owo 9 dias atrás
Hi welcome to me time! get out...
KristianPlayz 10 dias atrás
Jakob Parker
Jakob Parker 10 dias atrás
👂 👁 👁 👂 👃 👄
Samuel Meerovitsch
Samuel Meerovitsch 10 dias atrás
👁 👄 👁
karla ramirez
karla ramirez 10 dias atrás
Her : omg is that the pinkyty drinkty
Carter 31
Carter 31 11 dias atrás
There’s a costume the green for that
cheyenne martin
cheyenne martin 11 dias atrás
Jenna:why isn't their a green group Shreck:hahaha boi am I a joke
Motion Memer
Motion Memer 11 dias atrás
hah fuckin gay just kidding joe mama
Camxi 77
Camxi 77 11 dias atrás
5:35 I’m dead😂🤣
Ash Ash
Ash Ash 11 dias atrás
Logan Bluestone
Logan Bluestone 12 dias atrás
9:03 are u playing *pup* G
NATHAN PATRICK 12 dias atrás
Wolfejustice 12 dias atrás
👁. 👁. 👄
Sig Mar
Sig Mar 12 dias atrás
I laughed so hard I scared my dog
Mikeman 88
Mikeman 88 13 dias atrás
I searched up blend w to find a snoop dogg parody and found this master piece
OlyGirl08 Smith
OlyGirl08 Smith 13 dias atrás
OlyGirl08 Smith
OlyGirl08 Smith 13 dias atrás
Chloe Wang
Chloe Wang 13 dias atrás
put your face on kermit
Dayton Vinz
Dayton Vinz 13 dias atrás
Jenna you will never see this but your videos make me smile without realizing it. And I only realize it when my cheeks start to hurt. I was very sad and fell down the BRvid hole of your videos and it always helps. So. Thank you. Even if you never see this it had to be said.
Evelynn Jones
Evelynn Jones 14 dias atrás
Julian: (laughs) Jenna: *w h a t*
Claudia Burns
Claudia Burns 14 dias atrás
Is that the same backgroubd music from Behind the Meme?
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