Just Trying To Blend In With My Green Screen

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Comentários 80
bugs Tarek
bugs Tarek 17 horas atrás
She do be vibing tho
Grant Gibbsafirr
Grant Gibbsafirr Dia atrás
Moisturize Me
Nikkoas 12
Nikkoas 12 Dia atrás
moisturize me
Lucifer The Lightbringer
This video is Virgo goals.... Vir-goals. Lmao. I need to do this. Why!?!
slay them all metal
slay them all metal 2 dias atrás
Oh god oh god oh god no please god no what in the actual fuck did just watch
Silver Sebastian Loh
Silver Sebastian Loh 2 dias atrás
Silver Sebastian Loh
Silver Sebastian Loh 2 dias atrás
At about 28 secs to 32 secs, I felt that.
Shuchi Bhadoria
Shuchi Bhadoria 2 dias atrás
Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Jenna looks like shane wit the condom thingy on?
Carly N
Carly N 3 dias atrás
awww this came out on my birthday
Darcy Aldred
Darcy Aldred 3 dias atrás
Jenna needs to make a parody of the song im blue where theres just her being a green screen
Gerardo Espino De La Parra
E.A.V 4 dias atrás
Why didn't you use a green spandex suit
Mattie Weaver
Mattie Weaver 4 dias atrás
papa joonz
Neave Poplawsky
Neave Poplawsky 5 dias atrás
Jenna: Why can't you just wear this out to a nice place Me: cuz no one appreciates such fuckin beauty
-Demøn Playz-
-Demøn Playz- 5 dias atrás
Cermit is proud
EmberDaily AJPW
EmberDaily AJPW 6 dias atrás
Omg ima edit this lol
Amber Zwarthoed
Amber Zwarthoed 7 dias atrás
This should be job
Jonathan Bordi
Jonathan Bordi 7 dias atrás
"the darkness will swallow you whole Kermit" Idk why that made me laugh so fuckin hard but it did. Thank you Jenna
Zalruz 7 dias atrás
I'm green da ba dee da ba die
Application 17
Application 17 7 dias atrás
Calls the video stupid... gets 13 mil. Views
Peachy Hugs
Peachy Hugs 7 dias atrás
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Jenna:👁👅👁
Pewdieboi Playz
Pewdieboi Playz 7 dias atrás
Remember when Jenna marbles played a fake banana on annoying orange?
Lady Luck
Lady Luck 8 dias atrás
Rawr XD for u
mashed potatoes
mashed potatoes 8 dias atrás
i am so sorry but jenna looks like the wizard of oz
Khadij a
Khadij a 8 dias atrás
This is the kind of quality content I signed up for!
T-Swag 98
T-Swag 98 8 dias atrás
You look like the mask
PinkDolphin 8 dias atrás
Greenscreen man irl be like:
hann jonh
hann jonh 9 dias atrás
Like put thing in the green scren
hann jonh
hann jonh 9 dias atrás
How can u make that
Cayden Lodge
Cayden Lodge 9 dias atrás
Yo! The Sam O'Nella music is playing the whole time!
Mackenzie Jones
Mackenzie Jones 9 dias atrás
She looks like the Green Goblin from Spider Man
Arjun Vyavaharkar
Arjun Vyavaharkar 9 dias atrás
I don't know what I've just witnessed.
Arjun Vyavaharkar
Arjun Vyavaharkar 9 dias atrás
And in a sense, I don't want to...
Why Thou?
Why Thou? 9 dias atrás
Are you on pot?
나은김 10 dias atrás
when quarantaine got u like:
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Gummy Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
The internet be looking like 👁👄👁
Camille Boyer
Camille Boyer 10 dias atrás
i thought it was shane dawson in the thumbnail
Crystal Jam
Crystal Jam 10 dias atrás
5:49 this is how annoying orange was made
Mars Battledrum 5000
Mars Battledrum 5000 11 dias atrás
try morphsuits
Loser_ Panda
Loser_ Panda 11 dias atrás
Blue man Group is wet I went to there show in Las Vegas and they rubbed there finger on there head and put paint on my face so yes lol
Gamerocker 11 dias atrás
Why don't you let yourself just be wherever you are!
patryk Nowak
patryk Nowak 11 dias atrás
Spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti. Now I say it randomly for no reason when I'm on autopilot and my friends are like what the hell? Well done Jenna another thing to go along with my autopilot HEE HEE Michael jackson
kawaii Doki
kawaii Doki 12 dias atrás
The blue men wear a suit that makes them blue
Sir Jerkey
Sir Jerkey 12 dias atrás
1:47 the condom I found thirteen years ago:
Gwenny Sheppard
Gwenny Sheppard 12 dias atrás
Moisturize me!!
Graupel Spiller
Graupel Spiller 12 dias atrás
She looks so GrEEn
emo_duck 12 dias atrás
No one: Not a soul: Jenna as a lion: *rAwR xD*
rex _9
rex _9 13 dias atrás
7:40 perfectly cut scream
Raven Knight
Raven Knight 13 dias atrás
Sharky Naomi
Sharky Naomi 13 dias atrás
sometimes you just wanna disappear but you can’t so, green screen
Isabella Fenhoff
Isabella Fenhoff 13 dias atrás
Shreck who
Zaara Nazir
Zaara Nazir 13 dias atrás
2 years ago this was the first video I saw of Jenna. I’m so glad it was
Kate Wislowe
Kate Wislowe 14 dias atrás
7:18 better ingredients better pizza, papa jooons xD
Bluewolf 9
Bluewolf 9 14 dias atrás
Damien Kelly
Damien Kelly 14 dias atrás
I miss 2018 and 2019 a lot..
Die Hähnchenbrust
Die Hähnchenbrust 15 dias atrás
that looks scary
A Doctor
A Doctor 15 dias atrás
You look like the mask Nvm Julian has got me covered
Dana Zahabi
Dana Zahabi 16 dias atrás
This is me time
Jazzyxking 17 dias atrás
Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton 17 dias atrás
I thought you were Shane Dawson in the thumbnail. I am clearly broken
Abby A
Abby A 17 dias atrás
I love this video waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much
Allie McLaren
Allie McLaren 17 dias atrás
Yaaaaaassss fellow Virgo
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez 17 dias atrás
7:35 lol
taylormarie 18 dias atrás
anyone else binge watching Jenna Marbles videos while in quarantine?
Samaya Rose
Samaya Rose 18 dias atrás
7:09 it’s 12:00 in the morning and i laughed so hard i cried
Medusa Asudem
Medusa Asudem 18 dias atrás
Lemon Dude
Lemon Dude 19 dias atrás
Aries gangg
Avery Belloff
Avery Belloff 19 dias atrás
Why the f**k does this freakin girl have 20 mill subs
Isabela Teixeira
Isabela Teixeira 20 dias atrás
Só eu que sou br e vim pelo que diabos?
J.J. Horn
J.J. Horn 20 dias atrás
I would like a mouth screaming in horror. I can not find any
John Secret Spirit
John Secret Spirit 20 dias atrás
Happy st Patrick day 2020☘💚❤
ᅵᄇ ᅲᅭᄃᄎᄆ
ᅵᄇ ᅲᅭᄃᄎᄆ 20 dias atrás
Wtf whit his eyes ma nigga
Tiziana S.
Tiziana S. 21 dia atrás
rawr xd
Sofia Costello
Sofia Costello 21 dia atrás
“rawr XD”
嘎呱 21 dia atrás
A Sick Girl's Guide To Everything
How did they not keep messing around with the green screen once she took off the bold cap. They could have replaced her face with anybody!
Victorious Tim
Victorious Tim 21 dia atrás
The Sam o nails music
Victorious Tim
Victorious Tim 21 dia atrás
Mr. Shiny Pikachu
Mr. Shiny Pikachu 21 dia atrás
the darkness swallowing kermit whole is so cursed
Devil-angel Within
Devil-angel Within 21 dia atrás
How to protect yourself from St. Patrick’s day:
Simply Weird
Simply Weird 21 dia atrás
im here in 2020 , GrEeN VoLdAmOrT
chibiwho 21 dia atrás
green man group is just wicked
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