Junk Food

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Are you an MMMM Candy bar, because you're so sweet 💖💖💖
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26 Jan 2020



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Comentários 45 015
CleverWhatever 9 horas atrás
I got to get one box of lucky charms every summer
Za ambulancu da
Za ambulancu da 9 horas atrás
7:16 oh does he not know
Cukoo Coco
Cukoo Coco 9 horas atrás
Random Fact time~ People who are left handed are more likely to finish exams and tests than people with no hands........😮💥✨ Yes......question my sanity.
Thatrick Star
Thatrick Star 9 horas atrás
This reminds me of when I was little and i couldn't eat junk food, the wheat bread think didn't happen though because I was so picky I didn't like bread
Anthony gaming Rosa
Anthony gaming Rosa 9 horas atrás
In 7:01 near the bottom right screen u can see the puffed fish with a carrot In it
Lola Faulhaber
Lola Faulhaber 9 horas atrás
You only have one body... So take CARROT it... While he hold a carrot sandwich lol
Blueberry UwU
Blueberry UwU 9 horas atrás
My favorite candy is now mmms
Popato Chisps
Popato Chisps 9 horas atrás
Anyone tried a lettuce sandwich? It's the saddest "healthiest" empty nutrients I ever ate Literally: washed lettuce in whole wheat (unsalted) bagel and grated cheese. *no sauce, no butter, just the liquid from the lettuce and my t e a r s*
Ape Bape
Ape Bape 9 horas atrás
I’m 10
dylano. cover's
dylano. cover's 9 horas atrás
The pufferfish 😂
sweet animation
sweet animation 9 horas atrás
From the middle of the video is to hear James as he says: "mmms"
Beat Man
Beat Man 9 horas atrás
Imanii Bankx
Imanii Bankx 9 horas atrás
1:53 ...that wheat bread lookin' real good doe not gonna lie😂
GamerFreak 9 horas atrás
the skittles part was in the book please don't reply saying no it totally wasn't from the book
Ape Bape
Ape Bape 9 horas atrás
I got diabetes type 1 on Friday and got out Sunday I can’t eat sugar anything especially cereal
Spirit Guns
Spirit Guns 9 horas atrás
R.i.p Kobe Bryant 🙏🏼😤
NBplayz 9 horas atrás
Rip Kobe
Dexter Harrington
Dexter Harrington 9 horas atrás
Me: Mmmmmm MM's are delicous!!! My friends: die.
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 9 horas atrás
So you guys arent going to talk about Yung Cash Register aka Lil' Broomstick making a cameo?
Rosey Butterfly
Rosey Butterfly 9 horas atrás
Take a shot every time he says MM
DerpDerp3001 9 horas atrás
@TheOdds1sOut will you do a colab with Sam O’Nella Academy?
Royal Tek
Royal Tek 9 horas atrás
phish chilling
braddeicide 9 horas atrás
Your parents were health nuts
David Silos
David Silos 9 horas atrás
I just saw the puffer fish eat carrot meme in James fridge
SnoLizorD 9 horas atrás
Okay James what is it with u in nail salons I’m not assuming I’m just curious
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez 9 horas atrás
At 7:01 does anyone realize that at the bottom left corner that fish with a carrot stick in its mouth that’s a meme is there.🤣
SqueakerPlays 9 horas atrás
1:54 “JeSuS Is tHe BrEaD”
Maria C
Maria C 9 horas atrás
When I was watching this video I was eating cap'n crunch
Silly animations 1234
Silly animations 1234 9 horas atrás
Hey james I got you some *"MMMS"* candybar!
Charrage 9 horas atrás
7:00 *aæûgh*
Tam and Bazz Us
Tam and Bazz Us 9 horas atrás
Sofiah Hanami
Sofiah Hanami 9 horas atrás
What's your favourite candy bar? James: *Aggressive Nezuko sounds*
SM TheBoomer
SM TheBoomer 9 horas atrás
Grayson Dunn
Grayson Dunn 9 horas atrás
Yep and still do
BBG Kloves
BBG Kloves 9 horas atrás
1:08 did she just kiss his tongue🤣
Empty ON THE INSIDE 9 horas atrás
Honey wheat helps to transition into full wheat
Tam Alpaio
Tam Alpaio 9 horas atrás
“And ... money” 😂
ThatOnePianist 817
ThatOnePianist 817 9 horas atrás
James: Talk about healthy eating for part of the video. Me: PPFFFFFTTTTTT I’m always healthy!!! Also me: Now, where are those rainbow sprinkles my mom hid.....
Čåñdÿ Fłûff
Čåñdÿ Fłûff 9 horas atrás
“Perks of being the younger brother” Me and older sibling: hmmmm,mmmmmmm time to learn some tactics
Sascha Gelfand
Sascha Gelfand 9 horas atrás
A new video!This is the best day of my life! A new video from the best youtuber the world has ever seen,thanks G-d
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 9 horas atrás
Random Unicorn sparkle :3
Live, laugh, *pumpernickle*
Independent Potato
Independent Potato 9 horas atrás
Maneplix YT
Maneplix YT 9 horas atrás
Any one else think that *Microwave noises* taste good
tocic abaYT
tocic abaYT 9 horas atrás
AdamDaDump 9 horas atrás
I have gasoline edimas...
Archer Kurokami
Archer Kurokami 9 horas atrás
You only have one body, so you should take CARROT it
keisha daza
keisha daza 9 horas atrás
Video Game Dude
Video Game Dude 9 horas atrás
Those cereal mascots are tippity-top notch artwork
Hobo Dood
Hobo Dood 9 horas atrás
3:44 i made a pixel art based on that M&M (the had to do it to em meme basically)
Kangabee 9 horas atrás
Did anyone else see the puffer fish eating the carrot in the fridge at 6:48
Blind Hyper
Blind Hyper 9 horas atrás
Me: *eating junk food while watching this*
ChickenTofuOfficial 9 horas atrás
Who watched this when it was called Junk Food V2?... not me...
SonScape Images
SonScape Images 9 horas atrás
what if i buy another body
MasterPunchThe1 9 horas atrás
(╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻ I WANT SKITTLES
Gen M.
Gen M. 9 horas atrás
5:37 Pause the video and stare a Adams face...BOOTIFUL
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 9 horas atrás
Huh... two videos about carrots in my feed.. straange.... Have you seen the carrot lady?
Jack Mears
Jack Mears 9 horas atrás
1 gallon of gasoline actually has about 31000 calories
cookies 9 horas atrás
Krishiv’s World
Krishiv’s World 9 horas atrás
Rose are red, Violets are blue, Pin this comment, Or I shall eat your shoe.
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