Judge, Didi lead Yanks to comeback win | Rays-Yankees Game Highlights 7/16/19

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Condensed Game: Aaron Judge belted a go-ahead homer in the 8th inning and Didi Gregorius clubbed a grand slam to put the game away
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17 Jul 2019




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Comentários 246
Alissa Coggeshall
Alissa Coggeshall 4 dias atrás
Didi is cool
Amanda D.
Amanda D. 6 dias atrás
I was there
Adam Genez
Adam Genez 28 dias atrás
3:08 how many times do I have to tell fans to not reach out into the field of play!?
sOcs Razor
sOcs Razor 29 dias atrás
2:35 comment didn’t age well...
wynn sace
wynn sace Mês atrás
Undisputed Blackjack
Who said Brett can’t still play? Wow, an awesome catch & huge play! These type of plays and late inning comebacks reminds me of the World Champions in 2009! This team has the IT factor! We need another solid starting pitcher!
Charles Pappas
Charles Pappas Mês atrás
Yankees offense cones through sgain. Sabathia coyld really use a shrink.
Macky Mode
Macky Mode Mês atrás
I love how Didi swings the bat, it's so pure
Matthew Wiley
Matthew Wiley Mês atrás
Going to see a Gleyber Day Parade this weekend ⚾ Hopefully followed by a Gardy Party
Pedro Henríquez
Pedro Henríquez Mês atrás
Yankees-Rays: The new rivalry begins. From a Red Sox fan.
D Me
D Me 29 dias atrás
What added to the Yanks/Sox longtime rivalry, is that both cities are northeast, NY accents & vibe, vs BOS accents & vibes, Fenway vs The (old) Stadium, that Babe Ruth trade that Bos totally blew, bragging rights in the Yanks favor for decades, Bucky Dent heartbreaker (for Bos), the Aaron Boone walkoff to the series, and on & on. Tampa Bay? No rival city vibes, no differing accents, So, while they may get a little intense as players, it's just....Tampa Bay.
juny loko
juny loko Mês atrás
That GRANDSLAM gave me Gusbump!
Lucas Vieira
Lucas Vieira Mês atrás
Venceu o pior, mas acho bom os yankes prepararem o rabinho para os dodgers.
Gene Spight
Gene Spight Mês atrás
We’re looking great Yankees. This is our year let’s go Yankees.
Oroborus Mês atrás
ESPN, MLB won't allow fans to post at their sites anymore. But you expect us to pay for content? Good luck with that.
Jorge The Lleka
Jorge The Lleka Mês atrás
Yankees 🔥
General Luke Productions
I'm visiting NY all the way from Texas this week and was fortunate enough be at this game. I got 4 autographs and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
Michael Blanks
Michael Blanks Mês atrás
marcus thames called Didi's bomb
Steve Burch
Steve Burch Mês atrás
How bout them Yankees!!!! Lets win the World Series this year!!!! Been playing great all season long!!!! Miss the 90s Yankees line up!!!! O'neal miss u man!!!!
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Mês atrás
Hello, Humans. “It would be nice to spend billions on schools and roads, but right now that money is desperately needed for political ads.” - Andy Borowitz TERRANCE OUT
Kevin Sethre
Kevin Sethre Mês atrás
Cash handed the Yankees this one by keeping Poche in
HD Occupation
HD Occupation Mês atrás
You guys should upload this a little earlier
Tom Flores
Tom Flores Mês atrás
Weird watching this with out that Yankees announcer and his funny rhyme names! lol -THEEEEEE YANKEEEES WINNN- Cracks me up every time!
K C Mês atrás
ALL RISE! ! 💣 And what a Slam!!
Plant Maven
Plant Maven Mês atrás
Go Yankees!
JPepper 1990
JPepper 1990 Mês atrás
Man #37 on trending nice job
MrQbenDanny Mês atrás
EMBARRASSING, rays replacing BOSTON as YANKEES rival.
Italian Inked
Italian Inked Mês atrás
Tampa is not going away I think Yankees need another starter and 1 quality reliever.
Dodgers VS Yankees World Series 2019
coolgamer17 27 dias atrás
SAVAGE308SNIPER 28 dias atrás
@coolgamer17 Oh! Dodgers!
coolgamer17 28 dias atrás
General Luke Productions
@Jonah Mosher Who do you think would win?
Matthew Mês atrás
mlb on trending yeet
Edwin Zakrzewski Jr
Luke go back to triple aaa find your swing
Darek Travis
Darek Travis Mês atrás
Did one of the announcers speak through a PVC pipe the whole time??
Taft Gardner
Taft Gardner Mês atrás
You best not be referring to Chris Carrino filling in for John Sterling. He did an exceptional job on those eighth inning Yankee home run calls.
Asomugha24xPro Mês atrás
Anna Konstantinidis
So happy the Yankees won and the Red Sox lost!
Hall_of_ Danger
Hall_of_ Danger Mês atrás
Let's goo Yankees!
GodlyGamer _
GodlyGamer _ Mês atrás
Brett Garners catch that was amazing
Victor Bogen
Victor Bogen Mês atrás
Yessssss their u go big man hr✊✊✊✊✊✊
Victor Bogen
Victor Bogen Mês atrás
Wow the big man stroke out! Was not his night
June Ortiz
June Ortiz Mês atrás
Victor Bogen
Victor Bogen Mês atrás
I can believe that fast ball cc throw right in the pocket was a ball 🤔
Sir Salty
Sir Salty Mês atrás
Grand slam comeback 👌🏻.
Tampabayrays#1Fan Mês atrás
Poche: throws nothing but fastballs Judge: Destroys a ball but just foul cause he is amazing against fastballs Poche: throws another fastball Judge: homers Poche: :0
Kamyrien Gillies
Kamyrien Gillies Mês atrás
Tie series
Kamyrien Gillies
Kamyrien Gillies Mês atrás
Good game last night your did beat us Monday night
Kamyrien Gillies
Kamyrien Gillies Mês atrás
Last night bff
Kamyrien Gillies
Kamyrien Gillies Mês atrás
Good game
José Alcaraz
José Alcaraz Mês atrás
The thing about LeMahieu is something very serious, that cold blood, what a beast
Shane Etter
Shane Etter Mês atrás
CC is an all time Yankee
Jacob potatoes
Jacob potatoes Mês atrás
I was at the game it was LITTT
brett Mês atrás
judge is just built for NY hes cut from a different fabric most likely silk or wool
kev127 Mês atrás
He's cut from Steel
Brendan Villafane
Brendan Villafane Mês atrás
DDDAAA RAYS LOSE 6 games back.
MLWB Wiffle Ball
MLWB Wiffle Ball Mês atrás
I got up and felt like i was in the yankees dugout when did i hit that moonshot, CC was probably lovin’ it
MLWB Wiffle Ball
MLWB Wiffle Ball Mês atrás
Metra BNSF Rails
Metra BNSF Rails Mês atrás
Great win in a big way with another quality start from CC Sabathia and firing the team up but I don’t know what Avisail Garcia was thinking but great comeback When Encarnacion is going back on track and a huge explosive offense in 8th.
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan Mês atrás
Boone is getting the hang of it now stay away from Larry R,his bullpen selections are more appropriate,bases loaded by Cortez could have cost us the game!! Hale saved and won the game yesterday , but Britton forces more ground balls better choice at that time!! 28 gonna be great!!
David Ellis
David Ellis Mês atrás
Yankees with no love for the Rays. Nice late rally to get back game lost Monday. Di Di !
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan Mês atrás
Our Defense is fantastic,last night Judges throw ,tonight Gardner's catch we are so blessed to have DJ he plays all infield positions at all Star rate!! GO YANKEES
mike troyanovsky
mike troyanovsky Mês atrás
Great catch by Gardner, with fan almost interfering.
田中太郎 Mês atrás
Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel
I dont wanna hear anything else about cheap Yankee Stadium homeruns because they've already proved they hit HR's in any ballpark
ChrisKing 2K
ChrisKing 2K Mês atrás
Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel that grand slam was a bomb
Jared Williams
Jared Williams Mês atrás
Didi’s grand slam was amazing.
Metra BNSF Rails
Metra BNSF Rails Mês atrás
Jared Williams yep and CC firing the team up did the trick and remember don’t mess with him.
moboutmen Mês atrás
Joe Di Maggio would have hit 600 homers in today's Stadium.
Oroborus Mês atrás
Joe D. never had to hit a split-finger fastball or face relief specialists. Today there are dozens of guys who throw 95+ gas. Back then it was just a few.
Pay My Student Loans
moboutmen both of you are illiterate idiots.
moboutmen Mês atrás
A valid point. I lean to the notion that the great disparity in the distance in the left center power alley (399 vs 457) compensates for shots down the line. Joe D hit many 430 foot outs. Vin Scully called it "the place where home runs go to die." Maybe they cancel each other out.
Skdesteban 82th
Skdesteban 82th Mês atrás
moboutmen actually joe would hit more in the old stadium as the dimensions was 295 to right field
MLWB Wiffle Ball
MLWB Wiffle Ball Mês atrás
moboutmen a little random but i agree
Josh Clark Guillén
Excelente vamos por más somos insuperable Yankees yes
Tommy D
Tommy D Mês atrás
whoever that coach was in the dugout reacting to didi's slam 100% called that shot
Eric Smith
Eric Smith Mês atrás
Boooo c'mon rays
Sgt. Mike 2002
Sgt. Mike 2002 Mês atrás
YEAH DIDI.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar Mês atrás
I hope CC tries to pitch next year too...Yanks need his presence in the locker room.
BaconFootball Mês atrás
He can become anistainat pitching coach
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar Mês atrás
@Kathleen Field He can still pitch...but he's injury prone and that affects his ability to get into a groove. He does need to retire though.
Kathleen Field
Kathleen Field Mês atrás
Yes, he is a great presence in the clubhouse but he needs to retire after this season. He can't really pitch anymore
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar Mês atrás
@Jared Williams Yeah I know...but one can hope...he may not be an elite pitcher anymore but he's a great teammate and his presence has been nothing but positive for this team.
Jared Williams
Jared Williams Mês atrás
Gurvinder Parmar It’s CC’s last season, he’s actually gonna retire.
Robert Heck
Robert Heck Mês atrás
Payback's a B**ch! Reverse fortune!
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Mês atrás
I love baseball...
Lilygraham Cakes
Lilygraham Cakes Mês atrás
GREAT Job Bronx Bombers !! Also, jerk behind plate for the last pitch... Video with FLASH on ?
KSG Mês atrás
Somebody say Brett is old and bad. But he is actually the most clutch player due to his experience and the desire to win.
joe carino
joe carino Mês atrás
That's a fact.
Jori Mês atrás
KSG Mês atrás
@José Alcaraz yea, I think lots of people think he is ageing really severely because of his batting average is dropping in past few years. But his ability to run the bases, tengle with opponent's pitchers in clutch at bats and the range of fielding are all what making he a regular OF starters for more then ten years in Yanks. This kind of player wouldn't just out of shape because of his age problem.
José Alcaraz
José Alcaraz Mês atrás
To be honest ... at the beginning of the season I thought about it, I respect him, but I thought that his time had passed. Now I realize that I opened my mouth before time
Caleb Ortiz
Caleb Ortiz Mês atrás
I’m almost starting to hate Tampa as much as Boston lol
Oroborus Mês atrás
Tampa has played dirty against the Yankees since spring training in 2008. It was surely orchestrated by their manager at the time.
NYC Construction Updates
They’re annoying af
Electro Ball
Electro Ball Mês atrás
Caleb Ortiz I miss Yankees Red Sox tbh
Bolbi Mês atrás
Wow I surprised that Rays are actually good
wsmokr Mês atrás
Why?? Since 08 they have been very competitive.
Mickey Judge
Mickey Judge Mês atrás
Thank you CC!! Kept us in the game until the bats came around. Fired us up when you needed to. So glad you came back for 1 more year! Part of the great chemistry of this team. A great teammate-- showing the young guys what it takes to be a champion.
Owen Mendelaar
Owen Mendelaar Mês atrás
@Michael Lee They actually ended up giving him the bonus regardless of the fact that he didn't make 7 innings due to being thrown out of the game.
Robert Heck
Robert Heck Mês atrás
Shows how much CC will be missed.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Mês atrás
That highlight from last year with the Rays.....was that the incident where CC lost a $500,000 bonus by hitting the batter in retaliation for a Yankee being hit by a pitch earlier? CC is the real deal. A true believer. Hope we can get him a World Series Championship as a retirement present for him.
Lexus Marie
Lexus Marie Mês atrás
E Leo
E Leo Mês atrás
Looks like all the homers came off fastballs. Meanwhile, some of the K's were on breaking pitches. Yankees should expect to see a lot more breaking pitches tonight.
ORONA ARCE Mês atrás
Go yanks!
Sawyer Michaelson
Sawyer Michaelson Mês atrás
Yankees-Rays is starting to get REALLY intense
Caesar Fiorini
Caesar Fiorini Mês atrás
Just like my necking sessions with my girl ......
Sawyer Michaelson
Sawyer Michaelson Mês atrás
1k subs With no vids cool, enjoy the wild card game
1k subs With no vids
I’m a rays fan
Federal Republic of Yugoslovenia
@Sawyer Michaelson Yup.
Sawyer Michaelson
Sawyer Michaelson Mês atrás
The Incredibly Awsome Reich of Zimbabtogostan if they don’t make the playoffs, yeah
Robi York
Robi York Mês atrás
Chris Carrino needs the job. His voice adds a new level of excitement to the radio.
Robi York
Robi York Mês atrás
KFC Goku between him and Ryan Ruocco..they give Kay a run for his $.
realSpiderman15 Mês atrás
Okay that’s who that was. I knew it wasn’t Ryan but had no clue who else it could’ve been
liттlelosiто Mês atrás
Should of won the first 2
wsmokr Mês atrás
This is only the 2nd game of the series.
Jon Coiro
Jon Coiro Mês atrás
Who is that new radioguy
folddpd1 Mês atrás
Chris Corrino who does the Brooklyn nets
楊琦登 Mês atrás
洋基隊 18號全壘打 勝利
Rick SC
Rick SC Mês atrás
Really good game. Go Yankees.
楊琦登 Mês atrás
洋基隊 強力全壘打太好了勝利
Chris Collier
Chris Collier Mês atrás
Love the DD dance, "If I Were A Happy Man"
Uptown NYC
Uptown NYC Mês atrás
Glad they won... but the Yankees just seem like they're in a funk lately, ever since the series right before the All star game against Tampa. They've lost 4 out of last 7, Luke Voit looks lost at the plate 3for16 in July, so does Sanchez 4for37 in July😱. Hopefully the bats pick up, cause the pitching has been pretty good thankfully.
coolgamer17 28 dias atrás
Gurvinder Parmar they will be fine
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar Mês atrás
@Ed Tunz Ruff Ryders Latino maybe actually pay attention to how they've been playing recently...they're definitely in a small slump... several players haven't been batting well last 4-5 games...but they're a deep team so they still pull out victories.
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar Mês atrás
Sanchez is definitely in a slump...Voit, even though he's not hitting, will bounce back soon. They were worried about an early season slump with Voit and he literally responded the very next game with like 4 hits.
Ed Tunz Ruff Ryders Latino
Your baseball IQ is in a funk . FOH . 60-33 yeah wooww what a funk.
Caesar Fiorini
Caesar Fiorini Mês atrás
All 4 losses by one run
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