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In this video we will talk about JSON, JavaScript object literals and AJAX. Ill show you how to create JSON objects and arrays and also how to make an Ajax request to a .json file
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5 Abr 2017

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Comentários 392
Clark Meyer
Clark Meyer 3 dias atrás
24:10 is a meme!!!
Jacob yt
Jacob yt 9 dias atrás
in 2019 would we use fetch() instead of the XMLHTTPRequest?
Juan2003gtr 9 dias atrás
great tutorial!
Visualmodo 12 dias atrás
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Visualmodo 12 dias atrás
Edge WordPress Theme - Build an amazing site design without coding. Use our awesome drag & drop page builder and the fastest theme on the market 👔📈📊💼 Build better websites with Visualmodo and grow your business!
D Delgado
D Delgado 12 dias atrás
This video clarifies many of the basic questions around AJAX, JSON, XML, and NodeJS. Thank you for putting things in layman's terms. Just one question: Was there any AJAX used here? I felt like the usage of XML was contradictory to the comments made about AJAX substituting XML with JSON but I probably missed something. Thanks!
Naveen Sodipilli
Naveen Sodipilli 13 dias atrás
Sir I want to send a data in a text file which is getting updated every moment, to an another location wirelessly.. can u pls help in achieving the same...
Jarod Morris
Jarod Morris 13 dias atrás
I've watched a few videos and what seems to be left unsaid is that if you're making your own website and want to pass info easily to a page with AJAX, you can call a PHP file (or any file that creates output) but to use it with JSON.parse() you would need to ensure that PHP outputs a properly formatted JSON text string for use as responseText
Slobodan Lazić
Slobodan Lazić 14 dias atrás
This tutorial is awesome!!!Very helpful information,you are an excelent teacher.
Thiago Lorente
Thiago Lorente 18 dias atrás
Dayum man, thanks, Brazilian student here, you helped me a lot...
HIMANSHU THAKUR 22 dias atrás have just clear my object and array concept
Haritha G
Haritha G 28 dias atrás
what is the html editor he used in the video ?
gamerspastSP 28 dias atrás
Tony Nosov
Tony Nosov 29 dias atrás
hi! how can I get all the info from .json file, but not only name?
Sasha Louis
Sasha Louis 29 dias atrás
Best Teacher I've seen online, simple clear and concise. I also appreciate how you explain everything we need to understand what exactly is going on
C S Mês atrás
Insanely brilliant explained!
champion lemon lime
man, it was so satisfying to see my json server files load into the console. many thanks!
Chris Choir
Chris Choir Mês atrás
Are you from Boston?
Rob Wozniak
Rob Wozniak Mês atrás
Great tutorial, really lucid.
Jury Mês atrás
Your videos are always so easy to understand. Thank you for getting a well paid job!!!!
Gowrisankar reddy Penumallu
Excellent Video ! An explanation like this makes coding easy !! Good on you Traversy
Daulton B
Daulton B Mês atrás
I didn't expect to be taught JSON by Mark Wahlberg! Thanks Mark, you're the best!
RedstonierTES // TES Network
ShawnB Mês atrás
With the most sincere level of appreciation... THANK YOU!!! WELL DONE!!!
clayp72 Mês atrás
Why do I suddenly have two JSON files in my download folder??
Jason O
Jason O Mês atrás
Great video as always, thank you.
MickHornbak Mês atrás
Excellent crash course on JSON. Thank you!
Neelanjan Sen
Neelanjan Sen Mês atrás
You could've used the fetch api.
Nabil Fannane
Nabil Fannane 2 meses atrás
go bless Nicholas & Brianna ;)
Abhirup Bardhan
Abhirup Bardhan 2 meses atrás
Thank you so much! This was extremely concise and helpful!
Bartholomew Danger
Bartholomew Danger 2 meses atrás
Json Derulo
W0lfbane Shika
W0lfbane Shika 2 meses atrás
16:35 Actual JSON tutorial minus the long winded explanation of what AJAX, JSON and colorful expressions that you'll already know. Pretty annoying.
Alejandra Cabeza
Alejandra Cabeza 2 meses atrás
Loving that chrome extension. It gives you the illusion of productivity. :D
Ram Piyaket
Ram Piyaket 2 meses atrás
Simply brilliant! Thanks so much!
Die Hypotenuse
Die Hypotenuse 2 meses atrás
Simple-Logical-Awesome Thank you!
Viralplace 2 meses atrás
Hi, I did that, but now how could I write inside .json file directly from the script? For example tu insert another user or update the name?
Justin Dyer
Justin Dyer 2 meses atrás
Although you are teaching beyond my scripting level, the way you explain why the way it wont work is great. I need to check out your earlier videos. Thanks! -Juice-
JCSMOOTH345 2 meses atrás
can it be call from an external JSON like javascript?
Ammar Hassan
Ammar Hassan 3 meses atrás
"Dislike it if u dont like", seriously? Brad ur the best teacher out there. Thanks, I always come back to ur video before refreshers.
Peter Loader
Peter Loader 3 meses atrás
I was wondering if anyone knows how to include data in a JSON file that needs to appear as a bulleted list when rendered in HTML. Here is a section of my JSON file. The items 1 through 8 have to appear as a bulleted list in the HTML. Any help would be much appreciated. { "id": "DP-8010", "category": "Adhesives / EPX / Epoxy", "name": "3M DP-8010 Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive Translucent", "description": "3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive DP-8010 is a two-part acrylic-based adhesive (10:1 ratio by volume) that can bond many low surface energy plastics, including many grades of Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and TPO’s without special surface preparation. DP-8010 can replace screws, rivets, plastic welding, and two-step processes which include chemical etchants, priming or surface treatments in many applications. Ability to Bond Dissimilar Substrates (Priming to Metal Surfaces May be Necessary).", "1": "Ability to Structurally Bond Polyolefins.", "2": "Room Temperature Cure.", "3": "Excellent Water and Humidity Resistance.", "4": "Very Good Chemical Resistance. ", "5": "Scotch-Weld Adhesive DP-8010NS Has High Viscosity for Sag Resistance.", "6": "One Step Process - No Pre-Treatment of the Polyolefin Substrates Needed.", "7": "Solvent-free Adhesive System.", "8": "Convenient Hand-Held Applicator System.", "size": "45ml / 490ml", "photo": "" }, Note: The numbers are not meant to appear, just the content behind each.
yello 3 meses atrás
Thank you for starting from the bottom up and using basic terms, handy for easing poeple into new things :)
Suvojit Dhole
Suvojit Dhole 3 meses atrás
I just have one thing to say "AWESOME"This 90 minute video is equivalent to a few weeks of study as offered by many famous online training courses. Is there anything on Express?
Zee F
Zee F 3 meses atrás
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You are truly a great teacher and I appreciate you taking the time and uploading these videos!! Much love and luck to you!!
Marvs Sesenem
Marvs Sesenem 3 meses atrás
I love your tutorials man.. I've watched a lot of complicated tutorials and yours just shed some light when I'm lost.. thank you so much!!!
Wilfred Bancairen
Wilfred Bancairen 3 meses atrás
thanks so much brad!
Rachmad Hidayat
Rachmad Hidayat 3 meses atrás
Great video, it easy to understand and thank you very much
Travez Ripley
Travez Ripley 3 meses atrás
Brad, kills it again!!! (Thank you for being such a great, clear and concise instructor!)
James Huang
James Huang 3 meses atrás
Tq for the great presentation. Now even my dogs can understand it. :-)
Alex Becerra
Alex Becerra 3 meses atrás
Muy bien explicado, muchas gracias!
Prashant Salla
Prashant Salla 4 meses atrás
You are amazing!!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.
Avadhut #
Avadhut # 4 meses atrás
Brad the great
Rigel Selmani
Rigel Selmani 4 meses atrás
Very easy to understad , this video was very helpful to me. thanks
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 4 meses atrás
It is a really good and quick reference, got to know about live-server too, thanks
Anoma Abeykoon
Anoma Abeykoon 4 meses atrás
Your explanations are so clear! Keep up the good work! Comprehensive content Thanks
Kevin Schwartz
Kevin Schwartz 4 meses atrás
Fantastic video, thank you so much.
Guillermo Salazar
Guillermo Salazar 4 meses atrás
Terrific explanation! Thanks so much.
Surya Pratap
Surya Pratap 4 meses atrás
how are you using ls command in windows
Shivam 73
Shivam 73 4 meses atrás
What is that console ? Where are you getting that output of the program ? Please reply.
Bhagawati Kishore
Bhagawati Kishore 3 meses atrás
That is the console of chrome. Just hit f12 after opening your chrome browser you will be able to see that.
Vipinraj Kt
Vipinraj Kt 4 meses atrás
Thankyou :)
Patakarla Mahesh TV
Patakarla Mahesh TV 4 meses atrás
Excellent bro.
Juhayer Al Tausif
Juhayer Al Tausif 4 meses atrás
How to get the value of 3h in JavaScript ? "rain":{ "3h":0.255 }
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar 4 meses atrás
Use gson library In java, Map<String, String> rain; Or just create rain object.
xXTurnerLP 4 meses atrás
The funny thing is i already know maybe 70% of JSON just from MINECRAFT WTF DUDEEEE
Serge Maunda
Serge Maunda 4 meses atrás
This has been really helpful. Thank you.
Peter Wallström
Peter Wallström 5 meses atrás
As always we learn so much from you! This helped me so much in my studies.
Idrissa Thiam
Idrissa Thiam 5 meses atrás
BASONN = Booleans, Arrays, Strings, Object, Numbers, Null (Thanks, @squibbles)
buka bidzina
buka bidzina 5 meses atrás
why i am studing at university, when Traversy Media is here ?
therealnightwriter 5 meses atrás
In this video we will be typing a lot of INVALID JSON and talk about javascript a lot.
Abdullah Raihan Bhuiyan
thank you!
Hatim Lagzar
Hatim Lagzar 5 meses atrás
That's all ? lol I planned 1 week to learn JSON haha. Thank you so much Brad.
ClassicCartoons 5 meses atrás
Love your videos. They are very straight to the point. Good job, Brad! :)
RH Ayon
RH Ayon 5 meses atrás
Great Video. Thanks. Here you are using node.js and accessing the file from cmd. Is there a simpler way so that I can double click on the index.html file and see the output like an average user on chrome/firefox rather than accessing from cmd. If anybody could mention it would be a big help...
[][] 5 meses atrás
i get this until the part you went to json file. other than that it really is a great crashcourse. thanks
Bryan Seigneur
Bryan Seigneur 6 meses atrás
Let's say I'm using JSON files as a read-only data store of sorts. I have several MB of data that I don't want to pass over the wire all at once unless needed. I have it parsed into ~100 subdivisions of a few KB to a MB. I can have a one-page .js app pull data from these files (actually pull all the data from one whole file at a time, as demanded) based on query string and a few short look-up structures in the one page to translate the request. Bottom line, I've got a bunch of json files. I want them to be as short as possible. I like that I can address the data when I read it in with names for the indices, like file1.person.lastname, say. But, I sure as hell don't want to write "lastname": "Smith" 500 times in the file. That wastes bandwidth. Is there a way to define a type, then instantiate it 1000 times (like in an array of that type) in the same json file *without* the label, but simply by order, so I can save potentially tens of KB of transmission while still using the intuitive class member naming scheme in my one page (instead of using numeric indices as I fear I might have to)? I hope this is an intuitive question and I just don't know something I should but that is never covered in tutorials.
john claude Maghanoy
john claude Maghanoy 6 meses atrás
Your video is very helpful and easy to understand. Thank you please keep share your knowledge!
wwwaimiecapricecom 6 meses atrás
Well done. I still not clear on how the ul tag gets appended with an Id of person.
Trupti Gaonkar
Trupti Gaonkar 6 meses atrás
let renderOrderedList = ["Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma", "Delta", "Epsilon"]; let output = ' '; for (let i = 0; i < renderOrderedList.length; i++) { output += '' + '' + renderOrderedList[i] + '' + ''; } document.querySelector('main').innerHTML = output; I have above code which is working properly but when I try to use the function it wont work. Can anyone help me to solve the below code if possible? function renderOrderedList(){ let output = ' '; for (let i = 0; i < renderOrderedList.length; i++) { output += '' + '' + renderOrderedList[i] + '' + ''; } document.querySelector('main').innerHTML = output; } renderOrderedList(["Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma", "Delta", "Epsilon"]);
KARL k 6 meses atrás
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips 6 meses atrás
Excellent crash course! With this, I went from no web development experience to seeing a whole world of possibility.
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 6 meses atrás
One of the best JSON Tutorial and one of the best JSON Parser I found is
Green is Beautiful
Green is Beautiful 6 meses atrás
One of the best tutorial videos I've had a chance to watch and learn from. Thanks man! This 25 Minutes was really useful.
ewhayeb -
ewhayeb - 6 meses atrás
Your videos always are awesome and easy to follow up .. thank you so much bro.
Prabhu CP
Prabhu CP 6 meses atrás
This is amazing, this crash course is what i needed. Very simple and very easy
Nicholas Fernandes
Nicholas Fernandes 6 meses atrás
Awesome!!!!! Thank You Very Much
Sridhar Pattar
Sridhar Pattar 6 meses atrás
Great Video - very nicely explained and easy to understand.
Anonymous Everywhere
Anonymous Everywhere 6 meses atrás
After NewBoston("Bucky"){ Here comes: "Brad" }
pooja rwt
pooja rwt 6 meses atrás
You are a savior. Thank you so much for the tutorial. :D :D
Nova i love you
Nova i love you 7 meses atrás
Thank you
enduringpromise 7 meses atrás
Sebastien Laurore
Sebastien Laurore 7 meses atrás
Dude I wish most tutorials were as easy to understand as this was. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing
Purple Haze
Purple Haze 7 meses atrás
16:21: What's the difference between doing it the way you do: var output = ""; for(var i = 0;i < people.length;i++){ //console.log(people[i].name); output += ''+people[i].name+'' } document.getElementById("people").innerHTML = output; ..and the regular way where the element is the variable and the innerHTML is attached to the variable like this: var output = document.getElementById("people"); for(var i = 0;i < people.length;i++){ //console.log(people[i].name); output.innerHTML += ''+people[i].name+'' }
loszhor 7 meses atrás
Thank you for the information.
Vito Npg
Vito Npg 7 meses atrás
The best tutorial i ever see
Ryan 7 meses atrás
huh...never realized JSON was so simple at its core
Saroj Padhan
Saroj Padhan 7 meses atrás
Thanks Sir
Annette Maza
Annette Maza 7 meses atrás
I love your tutorials! I'm pretty sure I've taken a course from you on Udemy. As a brand new developer, these are SO helpful. Thank you!
BlueIceAce 7 meses atrás
How is this legal? It's so GOOD!
Emerson-Shea April
Emerson-Shea April 7 meses atrás
oh thank you! there is surprisingly little easy to understand material on this.
Stu Seem
Stu Seem 7 meses atrás
Like everyone is saying, thanks for these videos. This video really demonstrates JSON well. Helped me a lot! Couple of questions: 1) I'm working on MacOS and I didnt need to install node.js to display to the responseText of the XHR. It just displayed it easily either in a console.log() or by adding the responseText to DOM. Why did I not need node.js ? 2) Also I am getting a error in my console saying "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed" and directing me to my .json file. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.
Vladislav Metnev
Vladislav Metnev 7 meses atrás
Brad, thank you for this quick and valuable insight into JSON. I agree, please keep making these great videos!
Harold Guzman
Harold Guzman 8 meses atrás
great tutorial, tnx
Yasser Khalil
Yasser Khalil 8 meses atrás
Thank you very much for awesome video as for the EDUONIX COURSES link is not found .. Can you provide with a valid link?
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