Donald J. Trump
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7 Ago 2019



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Samantha Murphy
Samantha Murphy 3 horas atrás
I do not support trashing people I just don’t, however I do understand people telling me to kill myself and I don’t know for sure if he is telling the truth about that. But if he is, I understand and I feel bad for him. It hurts and it does get in your head and it sucks. So if he is in pain I urge him to get help, I very much encourage him to get help if this is serious.
Its iiUnixcorn_bxnnyii
He jelly
Katie Noel
Katie Noel Dia atrás
calling 12 year olds “dumb pieces of shit.” good going josh! this is why everyone stopped watching and paying attention to you. wake up. move on. you have a new wife. stop belittling your new wife and making it seem like she isn’t enough because colleen is happy now
Tara Boii
Tara Boii Dia atrás
The title in my opinion is not fair because off course he's in a bad mental space not because of himself. Don't get me wrong I'm not on his side, neither am I on Colleen's side because you can't know if they're actually telling the truth because you don't know them. So please don't attack neither of these people because probably when they broke up their intentions weren't that their fan bases were going to attack each other.
Jamie Reynolds
Jamie Reynolds Dia atrás
Nothing worse than a bitter ex lol
You can't leave this empty
He did not deserve what Colleen did.
Anna Strickland
Anna Strickland 2 dias atrás
Isn’t he married...? Get over yourself literally half the video is him saying he’s going to say something. Like get. To. The. Point.
Heidi Evans
Heidi Evans 2 dias atrás
IKR he even called us dumb pieces of ****. People just aren’t aloud to do that! It’s common curtesy!!!
Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch 5 dias atrás
Oh dear...
Jaidalyn Kotula
Jaidalyn Kotula 8 dias atrás
Your just mad she divorced you
Kelly Olivia
Kelly Olivia 8 dias atrás
I just wasted 12 mins of my life I’m never gonna get back 😭
rachael harper
rachael harper 9 dias atrás
He never said what actually happened
Abbigail Michelle
Abbigail Michelle 9 dias atrás
we all know what happened literally its life ive been cheated on so many times its just since this is all public it hits him different than other people lol if he calls out anyone he ruins his career even though he was fucked over
Leah Paige
Leah Paige 10 dias atrás
honestly i’m team josh fuck colleen
duh-vee 10 dias atrás
Set the time to 1.5 or 1.75 and time stamp to 4:00 you’re welcome :) Quick little ⚠️spoiler ⚠️the first four minutes he talks about himself the rest is he FINALLY mentions Colleen but it’s litterally nothing and he’s talking so slow
Terra family
Terra family 10 dias atrás
Sorry but I like ErikLeen better
Mercedes Stemm
Mercedes Stemm 10 dias atrás
Shane, Trisha, all them were friends with COLLEEN NOT U LOL
Gina Marie
Gina Marie 11 dias atrás
I’m a little late but I honestly feel so bad for him. He honestly isn’t over her and he 100% doesn’t deserve all the hate he’s getting for the break up and let me tell you the hate he gets is obviously not helping him get over her
Greta Fick-Furlotte
Greta Fick-Furlotte 11 dias atrás
If u don’t care than don’t post the vid
William Houston
William Houston 13 dias atrás
I HATE HIM he called us pieces of shit but sorry he is the one who has blamed Colleen for every bad thing that has happened to him😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. I’m sorry for my bad language but he’s a dick
Yamabear 13 dias atrás
bro half the video was him saying he was gonna say it
Yamabear 13 dias atrás
Frotp Ptorf
Frotp Ptorf 13 dias atrás
Wow youre alive? And again wow you sound so old and washed up
Lexi's Road Of Roblox
Lexi's Road Of Roblox 14 dias atrás
Not to hate but if the video has been deleted then why post it again yourself?! If its deleted he probaly doent want it to be out there.
Alexa Argueta
Alexa Argueta 14 dias atrás
*alexa play I Forgot That You Existed by Taylor Swift*
Alexa Argueta
Alexa Argueta 14 dias atrás
im actually really surprised he hasn’t started this video off with a sigh
Yep Mocha
Yep Mocha 14 dias atrás
He's wants to go on trending on Twitter
Yep Mocha
Yep Mocha 14 dias atrás
Bro, he just said Trisha go fuck yourself and he's sobbing about people telling him to go kill himself seriously
Grace Bingham
Grace Bingham 14 dias atrás
Wow so he saying to f trissa but it's hurtful for someone to say die like wow
Grace Bingham
Grace Bingham 14 dias atrás
Don't kill yourselph
Grace Bingham
Grace Bingham 14 dias atrás
Half way through he only said this is my life my tounge is tied
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen 14 dias atrás
What did Shane do...
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen 14 dias atrás
this man.
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen 14 dias atrás
...he looks kinda like a old man...
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen 14 dias atrás
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen 14 dias atrás
Flynn about to hit you with his dar dar...
Alison Richie
Alison Richie 14 dias atrás
did anyone else choke when he like called at trisha lmao what did she do
Ainslea Colgan
Ainslea Colgan 15 dias atrás
any one notice that he’s still wearing his wedding ring?
Ainslea Colgan
Ainslea Colgan 15 dias atrás
wtf is he still stuck on her if he’s remarried?
Ainslea Colgan
Ainslea Colgan 15 dias atrás
so update, i read the comments and found that he got remarried
Sarah orozco
Sarah orozco 15 dias atrás
“And look at you, you go out of your way to talk shit” he said.
Delaney Kay
Delaney Kay 16 dias atrás
it’s crazy how i just wasted 12 minutes of my life watching a video that didn’t provide me with any knowledge
Maddy.paigeee 16 dias atrás
People are out here saying stuff about Colleen. But she has moved on and has a family and is doing something with her life. He’s on his couch rambling about his ex when he has a WIFE. I couldn’t be married to someone who was only caught up on his ex
ellie george
ellie george 16 dias atrás
Get over it !!! She is happy now u have a gf or wife or who ever she is so going back in the past trying to drag her back to you stop trying to ruining stuff your a grown man acting like a baby
Rebeca De La Garza
Rebeca De La Garza 17 dias atrás
It appears that he never had a proper closure. After all their relationship was 'public'. It will never be easy to go to a regular divorce, I can't imagine how he feels that everyone knew about it.
• Birdie •
• Birdie • 18 dias atrás
Stop being salty because your life turned upside-down.
• Birdie •
• Birdie • 18 dias atrás
this guy should REALLY be aware of the language that he uses he should know that kids may be watching this. And he's calling them all dumb piece of you know what.
• Birdie •
• Birdie • 18 dias atrás
Uhm..don't call me dumb but, it this the actual Donald Trump?? 😂😂
Louis Garcia
Louis Garcia 18 dias atrás
Based on the vlogs that I have watched when they were together, I don't really saw Colleen grow with Joshua. It's like he's an accessory for Colleen which she didn't even needed.
Skye Ketchup
Skye Ketchup 18 dias atrás
I feel like he definitely made this during a breakdown because he just isnt making much sense. Poor guy.
Erin Legends
Erin Legends 18 dias atrás
I feel bad for him, he seems very clouded now. I think he just needs to get over the internet and be done with it. It seems like he’s still stuck in his past where the internet only loved him with Colleen.
Cassie Dyers
Cassie Dyers 19 dias atrás
“Trisha, you can go fuck yourself.”
Jaden Vedder
Jaden Vedder 19 dias atrás
Colleen moved on why can’t he
Gabbie Logan
Gabbie Logan 20 dias atrás
He isn't still stuck on her. He got ALL of the hate from that fucking divorce. People telling him to kill himself. That NEVER feels good. He got that for 4 STRAIGHT YEARS and is STILL getting comments like that. Try looking on both sides of the story instead of bashing someone that didn't do everything bad that happened in that relationship. Think of Colleen and Erik. When haters was rolling, Colleen and Josh were together. Don't y'all think that's sus
Chloe Sheler
Chloe Sheler 20 dias atrás
Okay, I get that he needs to let his ex go for the sake of his current wife but oh my god. Why would you tell someone to go kill themself?! That’s not humane and is absolutely sick
Rachael Termunde
Rachael Termunde 20 dias atrás
You've been through so much. You're hurting and it is wrong that people are saying such nasty things about you. They don't know you and what happened. Wishing you the best.
S S 21 dia atrás
Guys he was going through a rough time. Watch his new videos on his REAL channel
Saysay 414
Saysay 414 21 dia atrás
Wow he’s long winded about nothing can’t even get through this.
Jose Zuniga
Jose Zuniga 21 dia atrás
It’s so sad that he can’t let go. He literally is a failed singer who found someone that got really famous and he rode the wave as of he was doing it. He isn’t “nothing” without Colleen, but what did he do? He disappeared because he wasn’t entertaining enough on his own. And all of those people were HER friends not his. My friends aren’t going to keep keep being my ex’s friends and my friend too.
Dumb How
Dumb How 21 dia atrás
Shyanne Emory
Shyanne Emory 18 dias atrás
Mason Yoo
Mason Yoo 21 dia atrás
U dumb piece of shit u care about comments not even the biggest celebs care about haters they just ignore it the more haters the more views the more subs u dumb piece of shit u care that much about comments that much and dislikes wtf
Taylor s
Taylor s 22 dias atrás
He reminds me of a family member who has abused drugs. It’s so weird and scary because josh was/is an alcoholic 😳
jelizbiz13 22 dias atrás
just saying colleen and erik are WAY cuter
Respect X
Respect X 8 dias atrás
jelizbiz13 ikr they are way cuter than josh and Pamela
Νίκη Νικ
Νίκη Νικ 22 dias atrás
Dude just stop. You won't get any more famous or rich by doing this. People were hurting you then? IMAGINE NOW THAT YOU "EXPOSE" HER. you are sooo canceled.
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth Gould 22 dias atrás
5:21 and he still hasn’t said 1 thing about anything...
Brooke Lexi
Brooke Lexi 22 dias atrás
5:56 yes they might have been you’re friends but they were colleens friends first and if they were gonna pick anyone to stick with it would be colleen
Brooke Lexi
Brooke Lexi 22 dias atrás
I really hope as Flynn gets older he never sees the wedding video and the divorce and all drama like this ! he doesn’t need it but this is the Internet and we can’t do anything about it if he sees it
Brooke Lexi
Brooke Lexi 22 dias atrás
What was the need for this
Melodee Michelle
Melodee Michelle 22 dias atrás
All he says is “Im just gonna tell the truth” “In the next videos is where I’m gonna get into it” “I’m telling the truth about all of it!” “I know what colleen did” “I’m focusing all my family rn” “I’m angry about all this hate and I need to tell the truth on what really happened” “This is bullshit!”
Grace Anastasia
Grace Anastasia 22 dias atrás
hes kinda scary
Grace Anastasia
Grace Anastasia 22 dias atrás
trisha : *hears him say f u to her* also trisha : “time for a mukbang” (just a joke)
Lindsey Graves
Lindsey Graves 23 dias atrás
the Trisha comment .. LOL 😂
Guinea Pigs Are People, Too and Bird
He never even says anything except he’s going to tell everything. Over and over. Without having anything to say. “I’m about to tell you.” Yeah, right.
Haylee Mae
Haylee Mae 23 dias atrás
Way. To. Go. Josh. These people get offended because nobody on BRvid speaks like a real person anymore. It's all trying not to offend anybody and being fake. Josh actually says something that has some truth to it and everybody loses their cool. I think it's awesome. I also think josh was never meant for L.A and that look at me society. He's too real for that.
Keeley Maynez
Keeley Maynez 23 dias atrás
Colleen fans are so hateful...
The Real Game Master Network
I will hit you with Flynn’s dar Dar’s
Adele Preston
Adele Preston 23 dias atrás
I think you were the one that chose to be on the internet and ur in the public eye so you will have haters
Adele Preston
Adele Preston 23 dias atrás
and i hope that you know you and colleens relation ship and what you say she did is OLD news so get a life
Adele Preston
Adele Preston 23 dias atrás
when you said you were doing it to survive girl ur attitude is worse than the CARONA VIRUS
Tarleah Jade
Tarleah Jade 23 dias atrás
I feel for him actually. Its true as soon as Colleen asked for a divorce it totally broke him . I think he just needed to get it off his chest. BRvid is a numbers game. You tube is a sad place now. Controversy all the time. Why people tell people to go kill themselves, dont wake up is absolutely disgusting. Trisha paytas is totally fucked up. Jeffrey star is crazy. Thats just 2. We have a deadly virus attacking us. Thats questionable. This BRvid needs to be deleted and start again.
xVlone 23 dias atrás
Why he look like the incredibles dude
Lily Peperson
Lily Peperson 23 dias atrás
Dave Phillips
Dave Phillips 24 dias atrás
He has lost it Colleen got over it get over it move on
mo Mo
mo Mo 24 dias atrás
Who is this guy? A new tea spill channel?
JennySilvertonx 23 dias atrás
Colleen's ex husband.
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