Jorge Masvidal Nearly Passes Out Losing 20lbs In 6 Days For UFC Fight Island

Jorge Masvidal
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It's weigh in day, the day before UFC 251 Jorge Masvidal vs. Kamaru Usman. Jorge starts the day off with 6 pounds left of the 20 he had to lose in order to compete. The final 2 pounds turned out to be the hardest to lose of them all.
"Fulltime Fighter"
A Documentary series consisting of 8 half hour episodes following UFC B.M.F champion Jorge Masvidal's life in and outside of the octagon. From Miami, Las Vegas, Australia and Abu Dhabi. Experience the full training camp and go behind the scenes at the first ever UFC on Fight Island in the first season of Fulltime Fighter.
Filmed and Edited By:
Isaac Kesington
Produced By:
Genghis Con Films
The Jorge Masvidal Network
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3 Ago 2020



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Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal Mês atrás
WATCH THE REST OF THIS 30 MINUTE EPISODE & THE FIRST SEASON NOW AT: (The Season Finale: Episode 10 Drops Next Monday)
melissa zevallos
melissa zevallos 2 dias atrás
ya me inscribi jefecito
The Rock
The Rock 27 dias atrás
never do it but you could cut hair n beard for a shitty cut lol
German Valdes27
German Valdes27 Mês atrás
Subtitulo de esta mano te lo agradeceríamos los fans de chile saludos 💪
anthony manzano
anthony manzano Mês atrás
Mi hermano te amiró mucho ..Las cosas que tu a pasado son muchas ..eres in Gran campeón y nadie prodra aser lo que tu as te queire por estos lados. New York City ..bx bklyn .. u surprised me with what u have been threw for that fight..didn't thought it was that hard. Now I see that it wasnt easy ..bro u almost past out cutting weight..people are seeing now how hard you been working to be were u are right ..I wish nothing but the best for u and ur kids.... You're the King of ur throne..
l homme juste
l homme juste Mês atrás
Like khamzat vs gorge
Fit Madadi
Fit Madadi 33 minutos atrás
Love from Kenya champ,love from Kenya (Kawangware ghetto)
SEVENTEN 3 horas atrás
Fight Colby 👊🏽 You both need to handle that already 👺 He says he finna expose you
cmon now
cmon now 5 horas atrás
cmon now
cmon now 5 horas atrás
cmon now
cmon now 5 horas atrás
Aaron Robert
Aaron Robert 6 horas atrás
Dight ur actual weight and you wouldnt have to go through this shit. I dont feel bad for these guys always trying to get the upper hand, fight ur weight period
B Stephens
B Stephens 7 horas atrás
Respect you looked very drained after that weight cut and still went for a title shoot
Vick F
Vick F 7 horas atrás
Man! I dont think you force self to lose weigth that's bad for health
Gentleman 9 horas atrás
I'd live to learn how to lose weight like you did
ok boomer
ok boomer 11 horas atrás
Epic jumpscare at 0:58
sorin srn
sorin srn 12 horas atrás
The f..king rematch must take place...sooner or later...
Jonathan Leonard
Jonathan Leonard 12 horas atrás
Im assuming hes just trying to sweat out water weight???
Samy Sevraj
Samy Sevraj 18 horas atrás
Weight cutting is unhealthy af
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez 18 horas atrás
Going to subscribe to our channel much respect bro
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez 19 horas atrás
Respect bro hard work much love
Zachary Travers
Zachary Travers Dia atrás
Yoo brotha. I'm glad that you're making these vids so people can see what the hell fighters go through. Like this shit. Bro no one should have to put themselves through this days.... Before a freaking fight especially talented professional athletes like yourself this shit has to change man the rules with weight classes and weight cutting I mean 🤷 bro few pounds like can't it be within a 20 pound range or whatever idk man. So hard for me to watch one of my idols go through this shit b. Respect always my dude 🤙
Ernesto Alberto Bonet Moncada
Hey Jorge, cómo pierdo 20 pounds in 6 days?
Astro Figgy
Astro Figgy Dia atrás
they got to add some more weight classes that weight cut look horrible
sid robles
sid robles Dia atrás
Looking like an episode of intervention.
壮良ProShqipeZ Dia atrás
0:57 they awaked the demon inside
壮良ProShqipeZ Dia atrás
You should have cutten your hair lol.
壮良ProShqipeZ Dia atrás
i wonder how much he ate that night
Shu Pak
Shu Pak Dia atrás
Street Jesus is a warrior breed
Allheart8705 Dia atrás
He’s the fucking man. Serio
Andrea Cessna
Andrea Cessna 2 dias atrás
Omg 😳 that was so crazy and sad to watch! Can’t imagine how you felt doing that! You don’t need to go through all that to fight, you’re a true badass! ❤️ you Jorge Masvidal! Street Jesus 😉
CoCo Boss
CoCo Boss 2 dias atrás
Masvidal your strong brother! I lost 10lbs in five days and it almost killed me! To think you went on to do five rounds is incredible!
X-Wing 2 dias atrás
i think this is the worst part of being a professional fighter, cut weight sucks as fuuck.
K B 2 dias atrás
junior 2 dias atrás
Can anyone tell me why they have to cut weight so drastically? Isn't it possible to keep a certain weight or do it in a longer period of time?
HezZaYT 2 dias atrás
Why did he keep washing him self
BroToPro 2 dias atrás
fighters should just stay clost there fight weight all year round and if they plan on moving to another divison then take time to change your weight as it fucks up the organs hard. if your a crusierweight or heavyweight then stay that for a while its not worth the money to lose your life or kidneys. i have done a bad weight cut before and i was pissing blood and this shit aint a joke as i could of lost my kidneys or died and now after that i get frequent UTIs as it damages your urinary tract.
RobloxKid666 2 dias atrás
Weight cuts are fucked man. I remember that Chinese fighter who died because of one.
King Kaine
King Kaine 2 dias atrás
Much respect
Jeff Roze
Jeff Roze 3 dias atrás
Timtimich 777
Timtimich 777 3 dias atrás
0:57 😂😂😂
Saw Nwee La
Saw Nwee La 3 dias atrás
Gotta respect him mate he cut 20lbs in 6 days and he still fight for 5 rounds
michael murillo
michael murillo 4 dias atrás
20 lps? Dude, i get it. You wanna win and all. But come on it isnt worth going into kidney faliure for.
Trey Phillips
Trey Phillips 4 dias atrás
No wonder he almost passed out, you're putting him in 107 degree water and then taking him straight to a cold shower.
MRG Reviews
MRG Reviews 4 dias atrás
I mean I lost 4kgs in 3 days from just not eating
Austin Llamas
Austin Llamas 4 dias atrás
Lion Heart
Bloodsport081 4 dias atrás
Very healthy 😂
Bear7 Bear7
Bear7 Bear7 5 dias atrás
Yup this just not right. It’s insane what these fighters do just to cut weight. Back in the old days, fighter/boxers used to weighin hours before the fight. They were walking around normal weight. Not strangling themselves and dehydrated. This shit dangerous.🤦🏽‍♂️
Wizzykin 5 dias atrás
Weight cutting is so fucking stupid. I wish the UFC or MMA in general would do away with it and find a way to have fighters fight at their "natural" weights.
Rifandy Izyara
Rifandy Izyara 5 dias atrás
theluckyace23 5 dias atrás
Definitely been there before.... the worst pain ever. To anyone who competes, you have my respect.
Pingu Noot
Pingu Noot 5 dias atrás
I wonder how much is hair weighs
Tel Smith
Tel Smith 5 dias atrás
Wow that’s mental! 20lbs in six days!
Ivan 5 dias atrás
I thought he left the UFC?
Relentless 504
Relentless 504 6 dias atrás
Is cutting 13 lbs in 5 hours bad!?
sammy mehari
sammy mehari 6 dias atrás
luke rockhold and - baseball bisping
sammy mehari
sammy mehari 6 dias atrás
buen mez by - peard arch
Zom_B_Stains 7 dias atrás
Just subbed homie sorry it took so long. Your the man
много видео и TV
👈👈👈👈Друзья заходим сюда подписывайтесь,,, 👈👈👈
Biprajit Chakraborty
Biprajit Chakraborty 7 dias atrás
Weight Cut is the toughest part in fighting. Anyone who cuts weight knows the mental pressure they've to face
twizmflow 8 dias atrás
Tasty Gravy
Tasty Gravy 8 dias atrás
Sorry but losing weight so drastically in such a short amount of time is not healthy at all.
Savage Henry
Savage Henry 8 dias atrás
They got to get weight cutting out of fighting
unusual score
unusual score 8 dias atrás
That's hectic man. Hope you're better now In Sha Allah
Audio Destiny
Audio Destiny 9 dias atrás
Air Espenilla
Air Espenilla 10 dias atrás
the last two pounds was his beard and manbun
Ante Dadić
Ante Dadić 10 dias atrás
From all the fighters in UFC I respect u the most, hope u get that belt soon. Respect from Croatia
Joel Muanding
Joel Muanding 10 dias atrás
liked,subscribed and commented😂😂
GARP SENPAİ 10 dias atrás
good work
name change
name change 11 dias atrás
I lost 27 lbs in 6 days once ;)
Robert Dimitrelis
Robert Dimitrelis 11 dias atrás
I admire this guy. Heart of a lion, even though he beat my guy Nate.
Jaden Foreman
Jaden Foreman 12 dias atrás
Clickbait tf outta me
Mustseenow!!! 12 dias atrás
that is 9kgs in 6 days. I can lose 1.5kg a day easliy .
Byronsito 504
Byronsito 504 12 dias atrás
But then they come in weighing ten lbs over their weigh in weight
James Tony
James Tony 12 dias atrás
Where did you get their Polo from🙏
Ayuso 12 dias atrás
Yo soy boxeador y mi entrenador siempre a dicho que estar en peso es lo primero. En off-season tratar de no subir más de 15 libras del peso de pelea. Hay que tener disciplina, no es fácil pero se puede. Mis respetos Masdival eres una maquina, de la calle al Octagono. Saludos desde PR 🇵🇷
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 12 dias atrás
All they see is the glamour and glitz they don't see the hustle and grind
All life Joke
All life Joke 13 dias atrás
They should give um a 5 pound limit that would help so much it would be more interesting to bc the power
Bergy 1311
Bergy 1311 13 dias atrás
Jorge is really pro man ;)
Mikaele Manua
Mikaele Manua 13 dias atrás
Cut the hair and the beard maybe make weight
I.Am. Abd
I.Am. Abd 13 dias atrás
And people have the audacity to slate him for losing to a man who didn't want to put on an entertaining fight because he knew he'd lose the standup.. I like Usman but I'm sorry his fans are delusional and that performance was appalling.
Lz EDITION 14 dias atrás
Brutalidad mis respetos eres una bestia no se como le aguantarte a aquella bestia 5 asaltos
Ojie Ordonez
Ojie Ordonez 14 dias atrás
A true legend of a the sport 17 years damn for me jorge is one of the best to do it like the slogan of the ufc "as real as it gets"
sS3riouz 14 dias atrás
Much respect for this! Never would’ve thought it’s that intense
KamaSutra King
KamaSutra King 15 dias atrás
20lbs in 4 days!?!?!? Thats fuqn intensw . I lost 40lbs in 11 months here in my home country after ditching canada. But 4 days and half the weight is not human bruh
Zero One *
Zero One * 15 dias atrás
20lb weight cut and he looks soft as hell
Boxing Physique
Boxing Physique 15 dias atrás
Jesus Christ!
Kevin Yin
Kevin Yin 15 dias atrás
that cough was so loud it made me flinch
Papussas 15 dias atrás
Why not ban weight cuts, implement hidration tests and make the fighters work at natural weight? This is brutal and unecessary. No doubt it takes something from the performance. Huge respect to the athelets who have to go through this charade just to be able to compete o/
Carlos joaquin Cabezas salgado
Grande mi hermano
Humberto Alanis
Humberto Alanis 16 dias atrás
why not just diet to 170 and not weight cut?
Eric Hearst
Eric Hearst 16 dias atrás
8:37 "Jorge are you peeing in the bathtub again..? JORGE!"
Jack Dulin
Jack Dulin 12 dias atrás
At least that helps with the weight cut
Duck Brown
Duck Brown 16 dias atrás
It takes a warrior to do what they do but that is alil dangerous 20lbs should of never did that hope it doesnt happen to often it's a fight on your body without the fight. Don't damage yourself
The Dalton
The Dalton 16 dias atrás
Bro the music made me feel this 1000x times more
Alonso Gomez
Alonso Gomez 16 dias atrás
Wow es impresionante el trabajo que lleva llegar al peso, mis respetos para tu equipo y para ti, eres un grande ya eres el orgullo de Latinoamérica tenlo por seguro, éxito Master
tframebyframe 16 dias atrás
Mr Chippy
Mr Chippy 16 dias atrás
Should have just shaved off that barnet lad!
Spooky Kitten
Spooky Kitten 17 dias atrás
i wanna see what happens to paulo costa when he does the 40lbs weight cut he needs to do to fight izreal
JayHam 17 dias atrás
This man is too smart and motivated. God bless him.
Santto 17 dias atrás
0:56 tenia los auriculares al tope y me rre cague todo JAJAJAJJA
tamer sayyad
tamer sayyad 17 dias atrás
man the music makes this video lol
DeZ Nutz
DeZ Nutz 17 dias atrás
All that just to lose and get animated 4 out of 5 rounds. Hahah what a joke
Alondra Hernandez
Alondra Hernandez 17 dias atrás
Mucho Respeto y Amor, Hermano. Eres un orgullo Hispano.💪💪
what’s up 124
what’s up 124 18 dias atrás
Khabib once said that he felt like he was about to die whilst cutting weight. this is the ugly side of the sport that no one see and also take in to consideration that even after all this, some fighters still don’t make the weight 😢 so it all goes to waste
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 18 dias atrás
0:56 when you go too deep in her throat
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