John Boyega George Floyd protest London speech in full: Star Wars actor's powerful Hyde Park message

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Star Wars actor John Boyega has given an emotional speech at a Hyde Park demonstration about the death of George Floyd in the US.
Boyega joined thousands of protestors in Hyde Park in a peaceful demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter.
The actor, who is best known for playing Finn in the recent Star Wars trilogy, referenced two other black Americans who controversially died in the US and the murder of Stephen Lawrence in the UK.
“We are a physical representation of our support for George Floyd," he told the demonstration. "We are a physical representation of our support for Sandra Bland. We are a physical representation of our support for Trayvon Martin. We are a physical representation of our support for Stephen Lawrence.”
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3 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
Miguel Alfonso Cuacho
Miguel Alfonso Cuacho 58 minutos atrás
Good to see an actor but I'm not part of that.
ii curlyyheadmoni ii
ii curlyyheadmoni ii 5 horas atrás
finn : **curses** me : 👁👄👁
ko jak
ko jak 17 horas atrás
Who is he?
Павел Сологубов
"I am now telling from my heart"... swearing...
Рори Адамс
Black wives fatter
Ozzy DUGH 2 dias atrás
kanika Johnson
kanika Johnson 2 dias atrás
Oh yh hes good at acting
BrownSkinGirlTexas 2 dias atrás
Shut UP please!
Paul Ross
Paul Ross 2 dias atrás
Disney finished Star Wars with this woke nonsense too.
peter mcmahon
peter mcmahon 2 dias atrás
He has a lot to say
Random user Name
Random user Name 2 dias atrás
Didn’t this dude say he only hates racism when it’s white on black racism or some sh*t, I saw it on reddit so it could be edited but if so this guy is horrible.
Артур Котов
Артур Котов 3 dias atrás
What a joke. Killing white is a normal now?)
BrownSkinGirlTexas 2 dias atrás
leeds0united 4 dias atrás
It's amazing how the possibly most racist race have managed to paint themselves as the only victims. Rwanda wants a word.
Greg K.
Greg K. 4 dias atrás
Wow, multimillionaire successful actor talking about inequality, hilarious.
Pon Dog
Pon Dog 4 dias atrás
In large parts of inner city urban areas, It's the tax payer taking care of black women. We 'the tax payer' look after many people as well as our own families. Maybe the contributions should start there too. Get a job
Павел Сологубов
He was always a bad actor...
타요Tayo 5 dias atrás
I never knew that some black men don't care about their own black women. It really scared me because we must love our own kind I thank God that he spoke that "we need to take care of our black women"
타요Tayo 5 dias atrás
I wanted to go so badly 😭
Nanu Nanu
Nanu Nanu 6 dias atrás
I guessing his sizeable Disney paychecks make him a damn sight more 'privalaged ' than most.
Jessica 7 dias atrás
who was the girl in orange and a scarf comforting John????
ron smith
ron smith 7 dias atrás
There is greatness in every life. "Peoples of Greater Colors" are just greater! "Lets make America GREATER AGAIN" All humans are "People of color". People who have more melanin just have more. One could say that some are "of greater color" "peoples of greater color" are just greater. Let's make "America Greater Again". THIS IS ONE REASON "WHITENESS/White Supremacy-racism" or "BLACKNESS/Colorism-caste system to define inferiority" is used to divide and control us. Humans "ARE PERFECT BEINGS"
SikeStreak 8 dias atrás
You lost my respect man London needs to screw off they have nothing to do with this
Алексей Ломакин
Бесполезно ссориться с белыми.Езжайте домой и помогите своим.Америка развалится без вас.
Rahman Rafael
Rahman Rafael 8 dias atrás
Hyping asshole
Dope 8 dias atrás
Hate this idiot
Jonathan Elliott
Jonathan Elliott 8 dias atrás
Epitomizing the term culture vulture
god bless
god bless 8 dias atrás
A great actor.i am very proud of you john. Bang on them fam.he has donated nearly a million pounds to blm.thank you john.god bless
Tom E
Tom E 9 dias atrás
He is a waste of life
glenn cook
glenn cook 9 dias atrás
He’s quite intelligent if you watch his interviews. He was co-producer in the second Pacific Rim. You could see his work in it. BUT he needs to tread carefully dealing with a scenario that he is entering into. John Boyega, all power to him, is not American. He is a British citizen.
BrownSkinGirlTexas 2 dias atrás
What difference does it make?
YO YO MOFO 8 dias atrás
Citizen. That's all.
Tdubble 9 dias atrás
He made star wars trash
Radical __noble
Radical __noble 7 dias atrás
James Smith
James Smith 10 dias atrás
Take care of black women by leaving them with there child like most black men
James Smith
James Smith 10 dias atrás
Cry baby
James Smith
James Smith 10 dias atrás
Mark Dugan who had a gun
Liam Live Loop
Liam Live Loop 10 dias atrás
Liam Live Loop
Liam Live Loop 6 dias atrás
@Daddy Hicks HA
Daddy Hicks
Daddy Hicks 6 dias atrás
Get help
Liam Live Loop
Liam Live Loop 10 dias atrás
Mr96706bangah 10 dias atrás
Cringe. You just want attention because you aint making money. This is a US thing, the moment you in europe your black card gets rejected.
F A 7 dias atrás
Has it really
Nikki Landwehr
Nikki Landwehr 10 dias atrás
such a powerful speech!!
Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke 10 dias atrás
I wouldn't piss on a black woman if she was on fire. Black women are very feminist and they don't allways look after there kids.
RR PLAN C 10 dias atrás
RR PLAN C 10 dias atrás
Davey Reynolds
Davey Reynolds 11 dias atrás
Daniel 11 dias atrás
David Lucas
David Lucas 4 dias atrás
Yuno Deluxe Nothin but the truth my brother ✊
Yuno Deluxe
Yuno Deluxe 5 dias atrás
David Lucas speak facts💯
David Lucas
David Lucas 5 dias atrás
Absolute Longplay Says the man who barely has any views and subscribers on his channel and looks like 30 year old guy who lives in his mom’s basement. You’re just jealous that he actually matters and has made an impact in the world and you’ve done nothing.
Yuno Deluxe
Yuno Deluxe 5 dias atrás
Absolute Longplay nah that’s what u are, I can tell by ur channel💀
bonwright78 6 dias atrás
He isn’t losing anything. Trust me.
Wolfe Fumblepaw
Wolfe Fumblepaw 11 dias atrás
Half that effort in the star wars movies and Finn wouldn't have sucked so badly.
John Merrick
John Merrick 11 dias atrás
All these idiots have done is probably set racism back 20 years and destroyed innocent people’s businesses n looted the scumbags
santana 11 dias atrás
если чёрный полицейский задушил белого парня, то чёрному ничего не будет???
Алексей Фамильев
золотой глобус вручат
mame cheikh mbaye
mame cheikh mbaye 12 dias atrás
i've never been to the states, but this is so sad...i love you my brother....i"m crying....I love my people from all over the world....a brother from SENEGAL '( west Africa
Ro Bo
Ro Bo 12 dias atrás
Much better acting than he did in Star Wars.
Josh R.
Josh R. 13 dias atrás
You know, I feel for the guy, I really do. But, he hasn’t been heard of since, why so quite?
xxhalerxx 13 dias atrás
Proper cringe
Focus 1
Focus 1 13 dias atrás
RSG Real Strategy Gaming
Its good to see not all celebs are the same and that there are some willing to give up their career for the greater good. John Boyega i know how hard this is for you and how much you are putting at stake, youre a hero!
F A 7 dias atrás
@RSG Real Strategy Gaming his tears were fake
RSG Real Strategy Gaming
@Absolute Longplay Why?
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay 9 dias atrás
He is a loser!
Ever Osvalld
Ever Osvalld 14 dias atrás
All these protesters should just move to the U.S ugh there English is kinda annoying
xX0DON0Xx Gaming
xX0DON0Xx Gaming 14 dias atrás
Haha black life matters that's funny and so racist what about the other racis out there that's get shot killed where are the out rage blm nowhere because there not BLACK 🖤
George taki
George taki 14 dias atrás
You homeland if Africa ! Go
al gonzález
al gonzález 14 dias atrás
Oh no he's gonna get fired by the jewish producers that agree with him
F A 14 dias atrás
What do you mean? George soros paid him
Boris Notbadenov2
Boris Notbadenov2 15 dias atrás
Of course this ignorant POS will have a career after this. Nothing in the world could benefit his career more than getting "woke" street cred by spouting idiocy in public like this.
2Rich VLOGS 15 dias atrás
m m
m m 15 dias atrás
Talking s*** while black youth killing each other's of a postcode what a f****** joke
chloe 15 dias atrás
pigsrcool626 15 dias atrás
This dude needs some help
STARSCREAM 15 dias atrás
The Cass
The Cass 15 dias atrás
As an african american, I appreciate this performance, but I still don't understand how a British person can be so passionate about an american issue that has absolutely nothing to do with England what so ever. We are the ones getting killed on camera over and over again over HERE. We are the ones that were taken from our homeland against our will. We are the ones who endured 400 years of slavery, a civil war for our freedom and segregation. Did I blink and miss all of those things happening in the UK or something?
African Logic
African Logic 8 dias atrás
White racism is everywhere
F A 12 dias atrás
@The Cass ok I'll you to win the oppression Olympics
The Cass
The Cass 12 dias atrás
​@F A Haha. That's cute. But it's not a civil rights movement and it certainly isn't a matter of live and death. Why don't you look Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, Black Wallstreet being burned to the ground, Black people in America being hosed down in the street by police and then you can tell me about some silly bus crew boycott. Those were real threats to our freedom. Enjoy your tea, Sir. Whinny British actors can't help us.
F A 13 dias atrás
@The Cass ok no slaves were taken to England. But we did have something similar to a civil rights movement, look up the Bristol bus boycott. At the same time you african americans want allies, and at the same time, you tell ppl to mind their business
BrownSkinGirlTexas 14 dias atrás
You blinked and missed.
tmgriffiths20 16 dias atrás
He’s a far better actor than I thought!
Jack Green
Jack Green 16 dias atrás
China cut him from the Star Wars movie but he doesn’t make speeches against them. Also, 59 million child slaves still exist in Africa and many black people like David Dorn died in the riots but BLM do not care
wmhayes220 16 dias atrás
If you say something stupid, you sound stupid. If you yell into a microphone something stupid, you sound REALLY, REALLY stupid
Pulsar X
Pulsar X 16 dias atrás
Duval Onepiece
Duval Onepiece 16 dias atrás
wakanda forever
spido hamodi
spido hamodi 16 dias atrás
Im white but black live matters
Nymfia Nymi
Nymfia Nymi 16 dias atrás
I am confused where is this war against blacks? I cant see it? He seems extremely emotional... my guess he lost someone? Could be miles wrong... I just feel like yall fighting an invisable war that isnt happening...
Joseph Hutchinson
Joseph Hutchinson 16 dias atrás
He’s just acting.
Duval Onepiece
Duval Onepiece 16 dias atrás
but it's make them happy fighting those imaginary enemies
Alexey Savinov
Alexey Savinov 17 dias atrás
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear 17 dias atrás
What an idiot
Hayden Winfield
Hayden Winfield 17 dias atrás
I Hope John Boyega Gets Put In Jail For Starting These Protests And For Starting A War With Us White People When We Have Done Nothing Wrong To Them These Evil Protests Are Making Pandemic Continue They Are Breaking Pandemic Law That They Continue To Break And They Are Destroying Statues & Burning Uk Flags While Killing White Policemen Every Day These People Are Criminals That Need To Stop This War Before Anyone Else Gets Hurt I Have watched At The Protest Vids While Being Safe At Home Beth J Crowley songwriter Has Quit Her music Carrer Because She Is Getting Targeted Ad Madonna Is In Croutches For The Rest Of Her Life Because the Protesters Attacked Her
Niles Peter Clemens
Niles Peter Clemens 17 dias atrás
Yet another reason starwars is dead
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee 17 dias atrás
when he talked about black women, my heart broke.
Ciara Princess
Ciara Princess 10 dias atrás
Tracey M Smith he is lol I’m not falling for it 😂🤣
Ciara Princess
Ciara Princess 10 dias atrás
Dominic Clarke yeah some of us waking up best believe! that we don’t need to fight for you fight for yourself as George Floyd fiancé said ‘give grace’ 😂🤣
Tracey M Smith
Tracey M Smith 10 dias atrás
He is pandering. 😂
Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke 11 dias atrás
@Ciara Princess so what black women date other cultures to you don't own us we don't own you do your ting.
Ciara Princess
Ciara Princess 12 dias atrás
Lol black men date other women so if now is the time 🤷🏽‍♀️
JJ's Corner
JJ's Corner 17 dias atrás
Prism Puppy
Prism Puppy 17 dias atrás
Did anyone hear the guys yelling "Black power!" in the background? Cause that will go well.
BrownSkinGirlTexas 14 dias atrás
You should be wise enough to know what Black Power means. If not, read up. It's completely different from White Power. Completely.
F A 14 dias atrás
And why should that make you insecure?
Prism Puppy
Prism Puppy 17 dias atrás
@Genesis I really do hope so.
Genesis 17 dias atrás
I doubt they meant it for superiority. They meant it for equality, they don’t want to be abused by us whites anymore
Jason Zickefoose
Jason Zickefoose 18 dias atrás
100% Hollywood fake
IHopegood 18 dias atrás
John is an inspiration
Craig Hudson
Craig Hudson 18 dias atrás
Blm will fizzle out when they get bored of smashing everything up or
Craig Hudson
Craig Hudson 8 dias atrás
@African Logic .western civilisation will eventually crush the evil communist Marxists political movement BLM . The honest true well intentioned good movement for racial equality will spread the world over .But history will look down in distain at the hard left and their racially divisive lies . And who knows the west might also end political corruption in all the African nations As well. Finally putting an end to the still very privilent slave trade that is in a lot of African nations.
African Logic
African Logic 8 dias atrás
not really, BLM been here for 5 to 6 years, not going anywhere
Craig Hudson
Craig Hudson 8 dias atrás
@The Squiggy Dog that's what I just said .
Craig Hudson
Craig Hudson 8 dias atrás
@The Squiggy Dog of course it did .for thousands of years .but you said African Americans. There were African slaves , Who were sold by African slave traders since time began .there has always been slaves, every race from nearly every country has been involved with buying, selling or actually been slaves though out history. Even today there are still slaves .in the middle east, parts of Africa ,Asia and south America.
The Squiggy Dog
The Squiggy Dog 9 dias atrás
Craig Hudson Maybe because slavery started before modern America was founded
Шот Даньян
Шот Даньян 18 dias atrás
Go back in africa! What are you doing in Uk? And take all cucolds with you
Caragh Moore
Caragh Moore 5 dias atrás
South Park
South Park 18 dias atrás
So after ruining the Star Wars franchise, he wants to ruin the whole entire uk
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