Joe Rogan Talks to Dan Crenshaw About the SNL Joke Controversy

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Taken from JRE #1337 w/Dan Crenshaw:

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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 813
chubb chubbs
chubb chubbs Dia atrás
Joe just interviewed Vegeta with a Scouter on.
Chris Lehman
Chris Lehman Dia atrás
D CHAR Dia atrás
snl has sucked for many years
zekiel Cinq-Mars
zekiel Cinq-Mars Dia atrás
The whole only we can make fun of our selfs thing makes him sound like a little bitch
M0JBK Dia atrás
i cant believe they got big boss in for an interview.
Lazerus2008 Dia atrás
He looks like a pirate who has just been to court for non payment of fines.
Ravie 2 dias atrás
"We should try to give some people some space and try not to assume that they are the evil that we assume they are"..... FFS he made fun of you, if you assume someone is evil because they don't like you that's just pathetic. It's like he doesn't understand the concept of an insult. If he thinks "or whatever" is evil he's fucking stupid.
Pope Mcgrope
Pope Mcgrope 2 dias atrás
Fuckin stepper.
Herm Wanderer
Herm Wanderer 3 dias atrás
Pete was just being offensive because that what he does, ever hear him talk about his dad? I don't think he was actually trying to be truthfully hurtful.
Slick Smoke
Slick Smoke 2 dias atrás
He is a leftist snowflake who hates his guts...what are you talking about lol
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma 5 dias atrás
Meh, it was a joke. Dave Chapelle was not at fault and so wasn't Pete Davidson
Alex Flockhart
Alex Flockhart 4 dias atrás
I agree. Dave Chappelle is funny though.
Google User Account
Google User Account 6 dias atrás
So Joe thinks these SNL clowns don't hold any ill will towards conservatives??? Hmmm... Yep. Sounds right Joe.
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 6 dias atrás
His eyepatch looks like it will fall off any second.
Ed Devlin
Ed Devlin 8 dias atrás
He wasn’t bothered but he was bothered
WT Actual. . .
WT Actual. . . 8 dias atrás
The camera's on the wrong side. It's still unclear what if anything was holding up that eye patch, lol.
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue 9 dias atrás
"stop being babies you left wingers, jokes can be made about anyone and anything!!!" "WAAAAAAAAAHHHH DON'T MAKE JOKES ABOUT SOLDIERS WHO MURDER BROWN WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!! WAAAAH!!!!!!"
political bull shittery
You're a fucking idiot. Go fuck yourself to death
chasm of sar
chasm of sar 10 dias atrás
Come on Joe; if you don't think SNL has an agenda, you're out of your mind.
Emiliano Brooks-Luna
Emiliano Brooks-Luna 9 dias atrás
chasm of sar it’s for the best though, it’s funny people act like taking sides is tangible
Rain Stand
Rain Stand 10 dias atrás
I did like what he said, something can be offensive but not be offended, sounds like “dude that’s not cool” not flipping out or even being offended even tho I dislike Crenshaw I can respect this
SoapBox X
SoapBox X 9 dias atrás
Rain Stand can I ask why you dislike him because tbf im a center right rep and I know his voting record isn’t perfect but as people go he’s quite good
felix tannenbaum
felix tannenbaum 10 dias atrás
The joke 'lost it in the war , or whatever' is a joke about the people telling it, about how removed we are from real ramifications, and the real world. It wasnt about the soldiers, wasn't about the war- its about the drifting floating ungrounded world we all live in too much of the time.
bjh 10 dias atrás
The guy looks like Snake Pliskin or the guy from Metal Gear Game franchise.
hughtubecube 10 dias atrás
I thought we were supposed to be against snowflakes getting offended by jokes? This guy needs a fucking safe space, Jesus...
Sir CaptainTM
Sir CaptainTM 11 dias atrás
Hey, pussy-ass Dan Crenshaw - try not to cry your other eye out about this bulimic turd who called you a cyclops!
Jordan Zlotolow
Jordan Zlotolow 12 dias atrás
Those SNL toads aren't worthy to lick the slime from his shoe.
SWizz871 13 dias atrás
Saying "Lost it in the war or whatever" is that type of humour where the statement is so ignorant or insensitive that everyone has to realise it's not serious. Like Dave Chapelle telling jokes about African American crack heads (of course he knows in reality it's serious, but him as a performer pretending not to care and playing it dumb is what makes it funny). The same applies here...I guess Pete Davis was just too convincing haha
Jarw W.
Jarw W. 13 dias atrás
Snake? ...snake?!? ...snaaaakkkeeeee!!!!!!!!!
Matilda Flodin
Matilda Flodin 13 dias atrás
People were offended? Only in America.
bspktube l
bspktube l 13 dias atrás
What a pussy 😂
ba55letmysoulfly 15 dias atrás
Should have talked more about when Dan went one... his part was so funny! the Ariana Grande Ringtone! Hilarious!
Sean Owens
Sean Owens 16 dias atrás
SNL was never funny.
B P 16 dias atrás
Man scale from 0-100 (100 = being a man) Dan Crenshaw: 99 Joe Rogan: 67 pete davidson: 0
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 16 dias atrás
Dans anti gun. Traitor
Charlie Ricottone
Charlie Ricottone 16 dias atrás
War hero? The other side is only fighting because the Americans came in to dominate their heroin trade.
over opinionated
over opinionated 16 dias atrás
I Like This Guy,,, I'll Keep An Eye Out For What He Does Next. But,,, I Cant Tell If He Is Winking Or Blinking
mr bungle
mr bungle 17 dias atrás
My local radio station said pete has butthole eyes ever since than i cant unsee that. LoL
Frenchy Ball
Frenchy Ball 17 dias atrás
It’s been 2 years and he’s already apologized this guy’s milking it.
rdmo83 17 dias atrás
I see him going far in politics. I'm a Democrat, and even I consider him presidential and one of the few politicians who has the skills to bring people from the left and right together.
Big Mo
Big Mo 17 dias atrás
No shit lefty joe! Your hate for Trump is ample! Dipshit!
Dutch Bishop
Dutch Bishop 17 dias atrás
How does that patch stay on?
skirbyr 17 dias atrás
That dude from snl is the ugliest coward I’ve ever seen. One ugly dude. This guy is a hero. USA USA
Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander 17 dias atrás
A controversy? Take a joke as a joke or fuck off. No time to cater to America's marshmallows.
Fannie K
Fannie K 17 dias atrás
Dan is a FOX
Rob T
Rob T 17 dias atrás
SNL is creepy as fuck now, genX is creepy as all can be...
Chris Rubino
Chris Rubino 17 dias atrás
Fuck the military, exploting people with no other options training them to kill people. We're all humans its the leaders that are evil.
Darren Cohen
Darren Cohen 17 dias atrás
Dan Crenshaw is a douche for wearing an eye patch in this day and age. He should be made fun of for it. How he got hurt doesn't make his pirate getup any less dorky.
Jack Taryon
Jack Taryon 17 dias atrás
Saturday Night Live lost sight a long time ago of a basic comedic truth: It's funny when you make fun of yourself, it's funny when you make fun of your friends and people you like. It's just mean and uncomfortable when you make fun of people you hate.
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner 17 dias atrás
“when that happened... it was a Saturday Night..” 😂😂😂😂
Nevr CM3
Nevr CM3 17 dias atrás
"you handled it well"...yea. Compared to combat or training with SEALS...a pathetic celebrity is hardly a threat in comparison
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt 18 dias atrás
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson 18 dias atrás
But he does look like a bodyguard in a porno....
abe lincoln
abe lincoln 18 dias atrás
Joe defending left wing comics again. Yea they care it's funny but you can make all kinds of things funny, there's a reason so many of them choose to make fun of right wing people, including soldiers. Because they do harbor resentment, lets not deny the obvious here. Liberal scum permeate most forms of entertainment including comedy.
HARKIRAT SINGH 18 dias atrás
So ppl still exist who make fun of others vth disabilities....just one thing to say shame on u all
Twulfbynight 14 dias atrás
HARKIRAT SINGH party pooper. No cake for you
Steve Shane
Steve Shane 18 dias atrás
I dont understand why ''w.e'' is so offensive....I'm a patriot through and through but I dont see that as offensive...the guy is clearly ignorant to circumstances but I dont think that warrants a podcast over it....thank you for your sacrifice but your a citizen too and that means in the public sphere anything speech....just like the left....they dont have to like my views or my speech.....they can stop it though....and I cant stop theirs.....toughen up buttercup.....bullets can bounce off you but not a bad joke?
Willy Wilson
Willy Wilson 18 dias atrás
Snake was gay!! I knew it!!
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 18 dias atrás
If kano had a sense of style. And hair.
rick o,shay
rick o,shay 18 dias atrás
Pete davidson= always "trying" to be funny..
Boats 18 dias atrás
Had the tables been turned, the dems would have not let it go. They would still be harping on it.
josh bancroft
josh bancroft 18 dias atrás
Easy to miss, yet profound. Try not to be offensive and try not to be offended! We'd all get along better if we did just these two things in society in general!
Ironclad Stranger
Ironclad Stranger 18 dias atrás
I think of snake from metal gear whenever I see this guy
Viking 1982
Viking 1982 18 dias atrás
Jokes : either they're all okay or none of 'em are !! Sissies !
Aaron B
Aaron B 19 dias atrás
Get Trump on the Popcast now
Habanero Jones
Habanero Jones 19 dias atrás
Joe "What's great is that *I* started paying attention to you" Rogan.
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