Joe Rogan on Jorge Masvidal Beating Nate Diaz

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Taken from JRE MMA SHOW #82 w/Israel Adesanya:

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12 Nov 2019



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Comentários 2 149
david hawa
david hawa 9 dias atrás
To be fair on Nate he was a totally different fighter against pettis I believe he was injured
natural mulundu
natural mulundu 10 dias atrás
Masvidal should fight khabib
um me
um me 12 dias atrás
He defeated nate, a dude who has a shit mma record. Big freakin deal. Just as over ninety percent of gracie students have garbage records. All facts.
William Smart
William Smart 15 dias atrás
jorge masvidal retired ben askren
Chandler Morillo
Chandler Morillo 17 dias atrás
I think if Israel fought Nate or Jorge, he’d get obliterated.
Chandler Morillo
Chandler Morillo 14 dias atrás
10ExTwin 10 idk bro.....I think if there’s anyone to challenge Israel. It’s those 2. Also Israel’s dancing celebrations are so fucking cringey
10ExTwin 10
10ExTwin 10 14 dias atrás
Chandler Morillo standing up he would wash both of them. If they took him down that’s another story.
Renzo Fernandez
Renzo Fernandez 17 dias atrás
I appreciate Israel trying to pull a little Spanish flare... but....cAjones=drawers.... cOjones=balls... hopefully he doesn't have them mixed up, might be an awkward furniture shopping experience if he's buying furniture South of the border (American border that is).
Ty 17 dias atrás
Nick Diaz better get in the gym
S V 17 dias atrás
The UFC is a sham....Dana Dick needs to understand you don't need a belt on the line to sell a fight, just make sure the main event has big-name fighters and you'll be all set
Vinni Chiocchi
Vinni Chiocchi 18 dias atrás
Israel has like 5 different accents. It says something about his intelligence l.
10ExTwin 10
10ExTwin 10 14 dias atrás
Vinni Chiocchi how
Kudrat Kurbonov
Kudrat Kurbonov 19 dias atrás
For the sake of Gods of Words, Israel please use however, although, on the others hand transitions instead of But
Alex P
Alex P 19 dias atrás
Nate Diaz was coming back but Jorge Masvidal fucked him up for the first 3 rounds
Jesse Simmons
Jesse Simmons 19 dias atrás
I was the only one of my friend group that supported Jorge masvidal. I was also the only one in my family and friend group that supported the New Orleans saints when they went to the super bowl against the Pittsburgh steelers.
SubmissionGrappling 21 dia atrás
Gama Isora
Gama Isora 22 dias atrás
Nick has been SUMMONED
KEVIN LOPEZ 22 dias atrás
"Cajones, man. Cajones" hahahahahaha
Balti Pie
Balti Pie 22 dias atrás
Masvidal was lucky against Till, 9 times out of 10 Till beats Masvidal
Isidro Esparza
Isidro Esparza 23 dias atrás
Maybe a dumb question but can the UFC have a 5 round fight without a belt on the line? or would it have been a 3 round fight without the BMF belt?
chaba49 23 dias atrás
The more I listen to Israel the more respect him . Would love to see him fuck up Jones /
Levi 23 dias atrás
Shout out to Israel, I still see his family in my hometown. You’re a true inspiration brother, keep striving for greatness.
trumps trigger finger
trumps trigger finger 23 dias atrás
you dont stop a bmf fight
Diaz Diaz
Diaz Diaz 24 dias atrás
Nick vs Mas is more like it
It is what it is!!!
It is what it is!!! 24 dias atrás
Joe rogan holds the DMT belt..
POPS Peppers
POPS Peppers 24 dias atrás
He didnt beat Diaz , it was stopped
Big Don Trump
Big Don Trump 24 dias atrás
He didnt beat Diaz Mfer!
Antonio Santos
Antonio Santos 24 dias atrás
The original BMF belt will always be the first UFC event title holders...all weight classes...all rules. Royce Gracie first, then the world.
Walter V
Walter V 24 dias atrás
This nigga.said cajones man cajones 😂 it means boxes but he meant to said cojones (balls)
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 25 dias atrás
That bmf belt was made cause it was 2 Gs fighting that’s all..
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 25 dias atrás
They’re the only 2 Gs in the UFC
Tom Reid
Tom Reid 25 dias atrás
The reason he didn’t just knock that mfkr out is because he couldn’t. Simple. He’s not Superman. The hype is just on his side right now.
Angry Grizzly
Angry Grizzly 25 dias atrás
7oddy Mcclure
7oddy Mcclure 25 dias atrás
All these Tony Ferguson is the type of guy comments are really cancerous can you all stfu you noobs 🖕!
Habslayer 25 dias atrás
BMF belt is just other version of the WWE hardcore title
Michael Lewis Jones
Michael Lewis Jones 25 dias atrás
I like Joe rogan
MaJ 25 dias atrás
Why havent they been on the show Joe
M A 25 dias atrás
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to pull his pants down wipe his ass pull his pants up then take a shit.
Clay 26 dias atrás
Joes face looks purple
mystic stylez
mystic stylez 26 dias atrás
Lol, Masvidal says on multiple videos that he absolutely LOVED the reality tv show experience... Just watch his youtube series "Diaries of a Street Fighter" he talks about it being one of the best experiences in his life. Might consider accepting an invitation for future seasons by the looks of it. Its called EXATLON, on Telemundo.
D Narentz
D Narentz 26 dias atrás
Just shows how kattywaomp this thug shit is. Someone needs to take that guys knee out then he got nothing.
Dr. Kahouli
Dr. Kahouli 26 dias atrás
Enough with making up these stupid fake belts. UFC has become the WWE. The trash talking has gotten out of control. I like the quiet guys (GSP and Khabib) who just kick ass instead of the Conor Mctappers of the the world who give up when things get tough.
ciaran husband
ciaran husband 26 dias atrás
FilmGuy 26 dias atrás
Tony ferguson is the kind of guy that can actually hear is lawn grow.
barry heeran
barry heeran 26 dias atrás
That might be the best one haha
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