Joe Rogan | Mexico Cartel Power Goes Beyond Drugs w/Ed Calderon

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Comentários 3 027
Mr White
Mr White 6 dias atrás
Scum bags
aj bandaisimo
aj bandaisimo 23 dias atrás
It's not Libya... It La Jolla ... Lmao 😂💀😂
Mason Archer
Mason Archer 25 dias atrás
There’s no rangers in San Diego, joe.
Cisco4kid1990 25 dias atrás
the only thing is that they need to change the boarder agents from time to time like every 2 to 5 years don't allow them to be corrupt put a wall so they can't walk in put cameras on the wall have people watch them like Canada does have different leaders switch ever 5 years to 10 years as well so they can't get corrupt either stopping the drugs would be a billion dollars expense each year but yet Canada does it I mean come on you cant walk into Canada even as Americans they don't allow us in with out going through the board checks so why should we its that's simple you have to spend money to save your people but that's just it the gov doesn't care about its people they collect over a billion a year from the cartels look it up bro
V XXIII 26 dias atrás
Until the US doesn't treat addicts not as criminals but as sick people that need treatment AND make assault weapons either harder to obtain or plain illegal to posses, the drug violence in Mexico is gonna keep spreading. There's people fighting against corruption and poverty (more than before) that are the main reason people join cartels and that's helping the good cause, but the main power of the drug gangs resides in their weapons and money. It's not just Mexican government that has let all of this happen, it's also because the US is full of guns and junkies and the Mexican criminals, being smartasses themselves, see a goldmine of oportunity to make profit out of it.
brrreakurself 27 dias atrás
Casually plucks Karachi and Pakistan out of thin air for being violent when Karachi isn’t even in the top 50. And Pakistan is a country not a city. Bigoted Rogan strikes again.
jc doneright
jc doneright 27 dias atrás
Legalize it all will help tremendously. Definitely would standardize purity which would curtail some od
Chucky34k 28 dias atrás
He was probably talking about valentin elizalde
Bob 28 dias atrás
I've done dmt multiple times. I've broken threw. Hasnt changed the fact that one of the only things i am passionate about is getting away with profitable crimes.
windinhishair10 28 dias atrás
Tijuana is NOWHERE NEAR being the most dangerous city in the world. I miss the days when joe actually formed intelligent sentences.
Gerry Garcia
Gerry Garcia 28 dias atrás
lacuevadelvampiro 29 dias atrás
i can see Azteks cursing the land, or setting up some kind of witch craft parameter in various territories.
Tomas Nofziger
Tomas Nofziger 29 dias atrás
When I lived in Guanajuato during 2013, about 12 musicians in a popular band were stopped on a highway and taken out of their tour bus by a cartel-then assassinated. Not just one singer/songwriter, but the entire band. Then you have the government-using Pegasus Software leased from a company in Zionist Israel-intimidating and killing journalists, spokespersons and political dissenters ...
atotheg1991 29 dias atrás
There are plenty of solutions for this problem if the Mexican government really commits to a change.
Twisted Muffin
Twisted Muffin Mês atrás
Joe Jones
Joe Jones Mês atrás
His nose is almost as shiny as Joe's head.
Mitchell Cumsteen
Mitchell Cumsteen Mês atrás
Jamie, pull up some dmt.
Carlos Vreal
Carlos Vreal Mês atrás
My brother was "secretario de seguridad publica" in Tijuana for a term, I was on leave from armed forces and he got multiple death threats and few bodyguards killed... Don't know who was in more danger me deployed to Iraq or him in Tj...
Madrrrrrrrrrrr Mês atrás
Narco Cultura (2013)
S. Hurd
S. Hurd Mês atrás
A favorite taxi driver here in Oaxaca has a Santa Muerte statue on his dashboard. And we're a long way from the known cartel area.
Bob Patino
Bob Patino 29 dias atrás
Its a como religión in México to worship death Like heathens back in the day
GoldenBoy Mês atrás
Visited northern Mexico in 2017. I once got arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, and Possession of coke. I was facing some real time, i was friends with the local cartel Leader and as soon as I mentioned his name all charges were changed to assault on a police officer which was a 500 peso (25 dollar ) fine. I paid it and I was out in like 1 hour
Will Mcdade
Will Mcdade Mês atrás
20 k cash for his head message me for details no bullshit
Will Mcdade
Will Mcdade Mês atrás
this maggot doesn't know shit 80% of Mexico supports amlo. he is attacking the root of the problem. this faggo* doesn't know shit.
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan Mês atrás
Bro Karachi and Pakistan is not that bad 😂😂😂😂 I'm from Pakistan and compared to Mexico there's nothing happening there. Honestly I think Compton is worse than most of Pakistan 😂😂
Anthony S
Anthony S Mês atrás
Fn steel a dime these days
Anthony S
Anthony S Mês atrás
Some these murders people steel 10k or more of drugs from the cartels
Anthony S
Anthony S Mês atrás
I'm not dealer
Anthony S
Anthony S Mês atrás
I serve food, l can do well specialaly at the beaches
Anthony S
Anthony S Mês atrás
Kimbo slice didnt listen, lifted weights etc. I use my jetski as my weight set
Anthony S
Anthony S Mês atrás
Jesus dudes your a billion dollars cartel Wtf
ValentinoE88 Mês atrás
As someone from the 'inside', that lives in San Diego with ties to TJ, Sinaloa, Zacatecas, and Guadalajara, doesnt have a pocho ass accent, i can tell you this Ed character is full of shit. Probably too late and all of probably ate all he fed you but this is not at all accurate.
Carl Douglas
Carl Douglas Mês atrás
drop in iraq
Cody Borak
Cody Borak Mês atrás
Underage sex trafficking is worse in mexico.
MarcOh Mês atrás
I have family in Mexico City, el DF, so I’ve visited 3 times. Longest I’ve stayed was an entire summer so 2 months. Never once felt safe. A lot of police work side by side with cartels. If you’re a tourist, especially white, don’t leave your resort. Be safe
562fella Mês atrás
Tijuanas no joke . When i go to my grandmas house i dress bummy . Youll get stabbed for your shoes and by the time the cops get there youve bled out to death .
Stevenjweber Mês atrás
Fucking legalizing drugs removes the profitability
le m
le m Mês atrás
Drug cartels are businesses in an impoverished country who cater to an under-served need..... The need for Americans to consume profuse amounts of drugs and rot their fucking brains away!!! If it wasn't for shithead druggies like Joe Rogan, they wouldn't be murdering each other trying to make a buck selling Joe and his buddies drugs. America is responsible for the violence in Mexico. America created cartels in Columbia with their coke addiction in the 80's. The Mexican cartels became distributors who share a border with us after the Columbians couldn't smuggle in the drugs by sea or air easily. America created MS-13 and 18th Street (in L.A.) and other street gangs who distribute illicit drugs and fight/kill over territory. Remove the profit motive of drugs and Mexico's and America's death rates and crime rates plummet. So in summary, if you want to clean up America AND Mexico at once, go give some fentanyl to your local drug addicts and MAGA! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hey, Joe try this fentanyl, err happy dragon powder! It'll get you so high you'll commune with God bro!
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal Mês atrás
I think they should declare mexico as independent existence of 8-9 cartel. Dealing it as Mexico is putting a blanket. Recognizing them individually will put on the international attention it deserves
Maria Love
Maria Love Mês atrás
Joe Rogan the patron saint of podcast send us glory in a tahoe
I want that cat
I want that cat Mês atrás
you can euthanize cartel members like there animals
Angel Mês atrás
at 3:45 he's talking about Valetine Elizalde R.I.P
miguelkream Mês atrás
joe “wow” rogan
Glenda Graham
Glenda Graham Mês atrás
Glenda Graham
Glenda Graham Mês atrás
Brad Butcher
Brad Butcher Mês atrás
Me: Joe are you still down for no wall or borders? Joe: they got good DMT Bro..
Saud Asiri
Saud Asiri Mês atrás
You trying to tell me the Cartel isn't a terrorist group? Maybe worst than ISIS and Qadah? And they're neighbors to the US and interfere with the US in a bad way. But yet, the US is not doing a thing about this and coming to the Mid-East to start shit up!
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby Mês atrás
Corridos is not the same as Narco corridos get your shit right
David Haley
David Haley Mês atrás
TONY FERGUSON is the type of guy to write a folk song about how he overcame youtube comments
Saud Asiri
Saud Asiri Mês atrás
If only Mexico had oil as much as Iraq then America would come to give them "liberty"!
Bob Patino
Bob Patino 29 dias atrás
@Saud Asiri its acording to their needs and program for world domination. when its time its time. ps not saying you said bro, just leaving a comment like we all do. hydra dominatus!!
Saud Asiri
Saud Asiri 29 dias atrás
Bob Patino im not even saying i wish the US to come to Mexico and start a war. Im just seeing the condescending way the US is handling the "terror" agenda. And how its always only in the mid-east.
Bob Patino
Bob Patino 29 dias atrás
There is even more then you think. Mexico is the little baby brother so take care of him. You'll never know what. Is going to happen in the future.
Nicole Concepcion
Nicole Concepcion Mês atrás
BRvid took this video off the trending list. Huuummmm I wonder why?
mbolduc Mês atrás
Google loves that El Chapo money
giants323 Mês atrás
When he said they die for messing with girlfriends of cartels he was talking about valentine elizalde like if you knew 🤓
Nitro Boy
Nitro Boy Mês atrás
ISIS the poor mans Mexican cartel?
YouTube Criminal Mastermind
Nitro Boy worse
Frank Fingerman
Frank Fingerman Mês atrás
People should know about the songs since it was shown on Breaking Bad
Aaron Alvarado
Aaron Alvarado Mês atrás
This guy is exaggerating many of these claims and also confusing his historic analysis of the situation in Mexico. I’m at University of California student majoring in peace and reconciliation in Conflict- target analyses: Mexican Organized Crime. I’ve often visit Tijuana and stay their for weeks at a time, I’ve never been to Afghanistan, but I’m pretty sure that I would prefer to work in Tijuana!!! I would enjoy a discussion with this man! He’s fabricating.... I won’t bore anybody here with my thesis, simply just take some time to fact check and you’ll find that mutilation such as beheadings, specifically, those that are recorded for publicity respective to cartel and radical terrorism can be traced back to 2004 when the Taliban terrorized once more with the beheading of Journalist Nick Berg, you won’t find anything of such terrible nature committed by the Cartels until 2007, After Mexican President Felipe Calderon entered office and declared war against the Cartels. The PGR and the military focused on 3 cartels while the law enforcement was tasked with the smaller organizations, however, corruption led to a focus on 1 particular cartel, the Gulf Cartel who’s security force was a gang of former Mexican commandos who called them selves Los Zetas, who in my opinion are narco terrorist, thus this created power vacuums and opportunity’s for the most powerful crime organization in the world to move in on territory that had been dominated by the local cartels. Hence, Los Zetas are in fact the ones who were inspired by radical terrorist mutilations on video, from that a tipping point occurred in which every cartel and even posers from small non-cartel syndicates began using the fear tactic.
YouTube Criminal Mastermind
@Aaron Alvarado You haven't seen the Mexicans killing other Mexicans by peeling their faces off? The face peel video man.. aka funky town. Haven't you seen it??
Aaron Alvarado
Aaron Alvarado Mês atrás
BRvid Censorship Account what does that mean?
Aaron Alvarado
Aaron Alvarado Mês atrás
jghgiroot yea, I would say the same, but he making statements and generalizations.. I’m going to conduct some research when I get out of work... if anyone has some links to his best known published works, please post them. Thanks
jghgiroot Mês atrás
Well he probably knows more than you, given that he was in Mexican law enforcement for decades.
YouTube Criminal Mastermind
Aaron Alvarado face peel
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Mês atrás
Joe "So Taco Bell isn't authentic?" Rogan.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Mês atrás
this guy knows he has to watch what he says.
Fat American
Fat American Mês atrás
His name should be Jose rogan
Erik Stronghold
Erik Stronghold Mês atrás
Do what Duterte did! He target the money! In all corners! After that he went after their factories and the politicians to protect them! Not arresting them but straight capping their ass! But Duterte focused more on drug lords money, by disrupting its supply chain, seizing it and doing the press conference in front of the military standing on tanks.. it worked..
Fresh Orange
Fresh Orange Mês atrás
No amount of drug legalization will fix the problems that are broken families, violence glorification, greed, anti-education mentallity, ghetto mentallity. Mexico got in this mess because their cultural sucks. There, I said it!
Michael Wobbe
Michael Wobbe Mês atrás
Build the wall!
marco polo
marco polo Mês atrás
Build a wall
Erik Hernandez
Erik Hernandez Mês atrás
Hablas mucho cabron
gohstdog23 Mês atrás
'Ed's manifesto '☝️👑🔥
J Mês atrás
guys Joe rogan on trending page?
Speed Racer
Speed Racer Mês atrás
Typical white man has to talk about colored people when he can’t admit white domestic terror is one of the biggest threats facing our country
Leslie Horwinkle
Leslie Horwinkle Mês atrás
Heisenberg had a great corrido.
Wcoast408 Mês atrás
“For messing with a cartel members girlfriend or singing the wrong song in the wrong place” first guy he’s talking about was the lead singer of K Paz de la Sierra they found him dead with many many bruises indicating he got tortured , second guy was my favorite man he was coming up... Valentin Elizalde... he got killed for singing a song , they told him not to and he still did... they shot up him and his entourage ... like 300 bullets or some
Chrystal June
Chrystal June Mês atrás
Yeah, let's let them in America no questions asked 🤨🤔
T St
T St Mês atrás
The Cartal will curse the drugs making them even more deadly
Zlatan Mês atrás
Why is mexico such a shithole, don't they want to be a normal country?...
Mr. G
Mr. G Mês atrás
Shits gonna spill with trump stirring the pot
julio1c1saga Mês atrás
This guy is disgusting. He presents a lot of facts, the problem is that he does it in a way that gives the impression that ALL Mexico and MOST IF NOT ALL of the mexican society is roten and twisted. THAT IS COMPLETELY FALSE. The santa muerte cult is just a twisted perverted derivative of the original cult for remembering and respecting the dead on the day of the dead in Mexico. The day of the dead is a honorable lovely tradition in Mexico and has nothing to do with adoring the death so the death protects you to do crime and fuck your enemies, the dark cult of the Santa Muerte is about adoring the death for dark pourposes. There is also that stupid saying this guy called "if you give me your hand I will cut your feet" that is bull shit!!! In Mexico there are more than a hundred million decent people that would never ever say that, that bullshit may be could be a saying in the smallest circle of the worst scumbags of narcos and even them make aliances and societies that have to respect just to not provoque internal wars. And then the stupid guy says that México es THE backward country, seriously, comon, a lot of things in México are backwards indeed but that happens in a lot of countries, even in first world countries like the USA. And definitely NOT ALL of Mexico is like that, not every aspect and person. We could spend all day talking about everything that is perverted, fucked, twisted, roten and backwards in the USA alone and that does not mean that all the american society and culture is like that, well the same happens with Mexico.
Yuri Mês atrás
Sounds a lot like the brazilian crime cluster fuck
Kellen Ober
Kellen Ober Mês atrás
@6:35 His point about the violent culture probably being traced back to the Aztecs is an interesting theory that I've thought of for years ever since taking an ancient MesoAmerican art class in college. It's refreshing to hear someone who is actually part of the culture agree with this theory. I only stated this idea to a few close friends of mine for fear of being chased down by the PC police lol.
Adam Peake
Adam Peake Mês atrás
Mexico is rough...
Faq Q
Faq Q Mês atrás
He shouldve went into more detail about the mexican singers whove gotten killed by cartels like the one who got found with his balls cut off
el cuartito 1
el cuartito 1 Mês atrás
JRE, If you can, try to see information from the new president in Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, (AMLO). Some Mexican have a new hope. I have been seeing his news every morning at 5am. I hope you can inform something from this🙏. Because the news on TV are not telling the truth about him.🙏
Lucky S
Lucky S Mês atrás
But the Democrats told me that there is no problem on the southern border..... At least that's what they're saying now, I mean a couple years back they were saying there was a problem but I guess it's magically solved itself now that Trumps president..... Because I know there is no way the Democrats are lying to me just for political gain.....
Precious moments
Precious moments Mês atrás
Mexico is NOT BAD, lack of money, makes good ppl do anything4money
rick jay
rick jay Mês atrás
Brown pride!! 🇲🇽
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Mês atrás
How is this on trending but been Shapiro getting dunked on the BBC didn't make trending.
Ramiro Ramirez Jr
Ramiro Ramirez Jr Mês atrás
I like how they are quick to point out how "bad" these people are and yet leave out how corrupt the government is before this new president the retired government officials were bringing in 300k a month how can anyone making that kind of money live with themselves knowing people are starving?
Desean I’m back at home Jackson
This guy’s an idiot. Majority of Mexican have zero Aztec dna. There was and still are over 300 tribes moron
Hairy Pooter
Hairy Pooter Mês atrás
Look at the police, they already have to gear up like they are going into a insurgency situation.
Ryan Ambrose
Ryan Ambrose Mês atrás
Annex Mexico, begin immediate drone strikes.
kingcam0775 Mês atrás
Mexico is fucked
Smiles Mês atrás
The Cartel is the Yakuza on a DMT drip 💧
Marat North
Marat North 26 dias atrás
Meesh Elle
Meesh Elle Mês atrás
yet nobody wants to believe there's occultism in Hollywood lmao
Sick Of It All
Sick Of It All Mês atrás
Your better off in Afghanistan than San Diego or Tijuana???? Get serious you dipshit. No doubt the cartels are real and don't think twice about chopping you into pieces. But, if you think fuken insane Afghanistan, which can be carved into like 4 counties, with parts so remote, no effective standing army, and oh yeah, one last thing about that shit hole, EVERYONE either hates you or wants to kill you. Get serious with what the fuk you talk about, shit head ex border patrol
necro nomicon
necro nomicon Mês atrás is your friend if you want to see and learn about how corrupt this place is. People rag on Donald Trump for not wanting them in America. Be he knows what is going on down there. Mexico is a shithole. 99% of the libtards in the world still think unicorns exist so they are all for open borders.. fuckin idiots.
red w0lf
red w0lf Mês atrás
I would rather watch JRE than my local or national news. Atleast you are getting much more pure information instead of propaganda. Let us now forget this.
Animated Tigress
Animated Tigress Mês atrás
What could be done to dry your sweaty shiny faces so it doesn't look like men ejacd on you....
Jared Luchtenburg
Jared Luchtenburg Mês atrás
And the trump supporter still claims ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION rather than accepting the fact that those people are REFUGEES.
Bryan Affinito
Bryan Affinito Mês atrás
the description given by this guy could be easily used to describe to situation in some areas of Italy, specially in the south.
Salvadore Andretti
Salvadore Andretti 29 dias atrás
Bryan Affinito without question. The cartel can be much more ruthless because the ieuropeans seem wise enough to not record everything😆if south of the border ever gets forensic labs half the population is gonna get locked up💀
Victor Hewett
Victor Hewett Mês atrás
Mexico should hire us the U.S to deliver the Cartels some freedom
John Bruce
John Bruce Mês atrás
And Democrats say Mexico is not a threat.
The Dudeman
The Dudeman Mês atrás
Aslam Kingtube
Aslam Kingtube Mês atrás
Humans are dumb as f*@k
1984sFinest Mês atrás
There's an easy solution to the problem. The government knows where all these drug lords live... Forget the justice system and take them out with the military! Shoot a missile down onto their mansion... Make the eradication of the drug cartels the governments #1 priority. The problem can be solved in less than week.
Chema Lanto
Chema Lanto Mês atrás
Cartel ain't nothing to play with
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